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76 /100 115 TOWN CENTER AVE.
“This is an easy to find place out in the farmland of eastern ohio. A definite stop. Its brand new. Yes they only had 3 of their own beers there but this place is anything alcoholic. Finest whiskies, bourbons and wines too, and its all quite affordable. Lets bring the best of big city into the farmland without any of the negative ill effects. Very nice, clean and quite sterile. Friendly let me give you a taste place. Great atmosphere and attendees. Big glass wall on the right when you walk in and behind that is all the brand new brewing equipment and tanks. This place is loaded with all kinds of fun alky-wise. Will be back a few times fer-sher.“
cheap 459 days ago
70 /100 164 CARRIAGE DRIVE
“This is an easy to find place if you happen to be enjoying God's creation and taking that scenic back-road of ohio and western PA. So much real country to see out there. I saw 2 corn mazes! People havin fun all over. I stopped over at the actual sundog cidery, in downtown Columbiana's roundabout, after birdfish, but it wasn't open till later. So, I trekked over to their tasting room, a little east & down the road. It's a brand new place in a decent strip mall. Kindah high class if you know whattah I mean. Its a small classy strip mall; It has to be, its to the left of Firestone farms on the corner of route 7 and 14 (46). I must tell you tho bro, nothing in Ohio is high priced! Hey, even the parking is quite civilized and its FREE. I got there at 2pm but she didn't open till 2:10. Stood in the hot sun for a while, didn't kill me, but it was hot, and luckily, I like sun, so be it. Once inside, its small but awesome, well laid out place in a small area with a warehouse ceiling and a balcony; they make good use of their space. I immediately want to climb the stairs to the balcony, heheh. Also, it didn't cost me a fortune while I was there sampling and drinking. Lots of eye candy to keep you interested in wines and ciders. They had 3 of their ciders on sample their today. I got to have all of them. She was very helpful and the everything was easy on the eyes, techie, but acceptable. Had a decent time here. I was told they'll have more samples st this location in the future and down the street to the west in downtown, they had twice as many ciders ready for drinking.“
cheap 494 days ago
90 /100 140 E. PARK AVE.
“Nice place, easy to find. Opened at 12 noon on saturday and there was a line waiting to get in. Flights of 5 for $8. 12 beers on tap. Large area compared to their original place down the street and lots of pinball machines, old & new. Overall very good beer tasting experience. Good eye candy as well. Also, you can check out the brewing equipment and barrels thru the big windows on the other side of the room. Will return.“
cheap 668 days ago
84 /100 16 S. MAIN STREET
“Sunday afternoon and the place is jammed Parking on the road. Six taps of their own beer flowing. This is in downtown Columbiana. They do have shirts and hats for sale here. This is a very nice place and worth a visit. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 906 days ago
74 /100 16 S. MAIN STREET
“This is a really neat down town store front. Cool interior with a clear view of the small brewing facilities. Five of their own beers on tap when i visited, and most of them solid. Five beer flight for $8. As i sat there, there were lots of locals and growler fills, which i always take as a good sign. Neat place in a tiny town.“
jsquire 1299 days ago
82 /100 16 S. MAIN STREET
“If you are into craft beer and live in middle eastern Ohio, you better check out this ’on the round a bout’ place, it’s truly on the round about, just like old England! It was jammed from the time it opened. No hint from the outside of how popular it was on a sat afternoon! Yes, at first a quite quiet little town then POW: it was packed but upon entering I was asked what I wanted straight away. I said a taste of every beer yah got and I got it. The beers mostly were on the high alky side so I guess that’s why everybody was having a good time. Packed but not unresponsive. everybody knew what was going on all the time. I got served immediately. Had a tray of 5 for $8. This place was boppin. So many people inside a small place, wew. Very nice wall painting makes this the inside of this place appealing to the eyes. Parking on a side street and even the local cops were glad to see outsiders commen round. DUDE! Really livens up the laid back old town of Columbiana!“
cheap 1824 days ago