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70 /100 81 MILL ST.
“Located in a neat little creekside area with several restaurants and bars in a neighborhood near the Columbus airport. The place has a neat 80's theme and 80s music playing. Decent selection and decent beer.“
BeerdedDave 767 days ago
74 /100 101 MILL STREET #100
“(Visited 12/2015 and a couple times since): The Gahanna Local Cantina is located on Mill Street in the Creekside plaza. There is a parking garage as well as street parking nearby.

There is a patio in front of the restaurant. Inside there are tables around the perimeter and center of the space, and the bar is in the back. There is a self service chips/salsa bar, and the walls are red, hanging strings of lights, and there is a lot of kitch on the walls like license plates and porcelain religious dolls. Red cushioned stools line the bar.

Local Cantina has around 20 taps, and they regularly feature Ohio breweries like Fat Head's, Jackie O's, GLBC, CBC, and Seventh Son as well as other domestic craft breweries like Lagunitas, Ballast Point, Oskar Blues and Sweetwater. Imports like Unibroue show up as well. The bottled selection is fairly limited with just a few of the more common craft brewers.

Service at the bar on my visits has been good. The bartenders are friendly and familiar with the beers available. Local Cantina occasionally does tap takeovers and other events as well.

Food at Local Cantina is consistently good. The tacos are very good.

Overall the Creekside area of Gahanna has a couple good beer spots including Local Cantina and Pigskin, so it is definitely a nice area to check out.“
Dogbrick 2123 days ago
“I love this place. My wife and I are regulars here. The staff is friendly, knowledgable and helpful. The food is great. They change out a large portion of the food menu seasonally. I’m into Belgian and German beer rather than American craft beer and they have a decent selection of bottles for me to choose from. Occasionally, they’ll get a good Belgian on tap (e.g. Straffe Hendrik Quad). I highly recommend this place.“
safphoto 2466 days ago
“Visited around noon on a Sunday. The place is located in a strip mall area, so there is plenty of parking around. Inside, there is a bit of a Dinner feel to it, but with a nicer Italian restaurant vibe as well. Fine Diner sums it up, I think. The service is good here, and the menu is diverse. The beer is 85% craft beer and 2 of the 3 tap handles were craft beers. The other was Yuengling, so I guess they are hitting the major categories. A dark beer (Rhinegeist Panther Porter), a pale ale (Bells Midwestern Pale Ale), and a lager (Yuengling) were their drafts. The bottles and cans were a decent assortment of craft beers with standouts being Rhinegeist, Bells, Founders, and Oscar Blues. For food, I had a Shrimp Bahn Mi wrap and my wife had a Philly Cheese Steak. Both were excellent. Prices were fair and the quality of the food was better than expected. I would come here again, for sure. If you want to hit a couple places at the same time, 101 Beer Kitchen is just across the parking lot and has a great beer selection as well.“
JStax 2875 days ago
“Visited early in the afternoon on a Saturday. The place is located on the corner of a strip mall type establishment. There is a huge parking lot, which should provide sufficient parking. This time of day, there weren’t all that many people in here, so grabbing a seat at the bar was easy. Pretty quick service, with a knowledgeable bartender that knew her taps and her bottle selection. I ordered the Walleye sandwich with the house made potato chips. My wife had the pretzels and beer cheese. Both were excellent. The food prices were pretty good, but the beer prices seemed steep. All beers were $6+ per pour. Some were worth it, most weren’t. All things considered, this is a nice little place with a decent beer selection and great food. I would go back, just wouldn’t drink much while I am here.“
JStax 2897 days ago
52 /100 63 MILL ST.
“Columbus pub chain located in trendy, downtown Gahanna. This place is your typical British pub knock off. Ambiance is nothing special - looks pretty much like a Chilis inside. Service was horrible the night we were there. Beer selection is not inspiring. They most just have the standard fair you come to expect from chain pubs. No legitimate craft brews. Food was the one hallmark though - the fish and chips is the best in the area. Overall however you can find much better places in Columbus to drink beer.“
kjc51478 4569 days ago
58 /100 63 MILL ST.
“Not too impressive. Only a few drafts, nothing too exciting. There are better places in columbus.“
MikeF 4942 days ago
60 /100 63 MILL ST.
“(Visited 09/2008): My tour of Old Bags continues. Visited the Gahanna location after the 2008 Walk For Wishes. The pub is on the corner of Granville and Mill. There are some nearby public lots and street parking. The place looks like an old house on the outside. The interior is segmented into rooms with tables and booths, and the bar is near the entrance. They definitely get dinged on atmosphere for the number of flies that were buzzing around. The beer selection is pretty standard for pretty much any Old Bag aside from the one in Worthington (in other words, pretty weak). There are around 8 taps with the standard Guinness, Bass etc. One GLBC tap was a saving grace. The bottled list is nothing spectacular either, with about 25 selections. Again mostly macros and larger micros like Sierra Nevada. Service was good on a weekend early lunch. The server didn’t really know much about beer but there wasn’t much to know about anyway. Fish and Chips at the Gahanna location is more or less on par with the rest of the chain, which is to say it’s yummy. Overall I would still recommend to Worthington location as the best Old Bag in town, but there are probably not many better options for beer and pub grub in Gahanna. “
Dogbrick 5216 days ago