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60 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“I really enjoyed my visit to Kelleys Island, and I am glad it is equipped with a brewpub. It is across the street from what I believe is the only hotel on Kelleys, and my wife (who’s visited Kelleys more than I) informed me that the brewpub makes a pretty good breakfast (she recommends the pancakes). It is also a nice place to hang out, with an outdoor bar, patio, and seating on the lawn. All that said, this is hardly a craft beer lovers nirvana. I stopped in, had one beer, enjoyed the place but didn’t especially enjoy the beer, so my wife and I hopped back on the backs and headed elsewhere. No one was inside when we visited. The outdoor bartendress described the two house-brewed beers they had as Belgian, and went on to compare the second of these (which I surmise was the Kelley’s Gold) to GLBC Dortmunder Gold…which made sense later, but not with the “Belgian style” descriptor added. I got the former (the Island Devil), which wasn’t all that great. That said, this is your one craft beer option on Kelleys Island. And the ambience, like that of most of Kelleys Island, is nice – relaxing, sunny, pleasant. In the context of this site, not sure how that makes this place stack up to others reviewed. To summarize – a pleasant experience, but not a great beer experience. “
BeerBelcher 5454 days ago
72 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“The walleye sandwich is my favorite and my wife enjoyed the burger and hand cut fries. This is a unique brewpub and a funt place to visit.“
ZiggyDaMoe 5489 days ago
72 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“A very good place to take freinds and family. I was served a very good dubbel ale and a beer called dog biscut. I ended up buying a growler of both. Good food and great service. I have to give a shout out to the brewmaster Doug. Talked to us for a while and was very nice. I hope to go back soon.“
jimmack34 5750 days ago
64 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“A little stop in an island near Sandusky this is not worth going out of your way for since it does take some commitment to reach. On the other the reward is an interesting experience worth visiting if you are going to the Lake Erie islands. The interior reminds me of a family diner. When I was there a humane society fundraiser meant the walls were covered in paw prints. Quiet at 12:30 the Friday of Labor Day weekend we had to wait a while for service. Both the food and beer are solid considering the circumstances. While it is not going to win many awards the beer here was above average for a brewpub. Prices are fair - $5 for a flight of four 2 oz glasses or $4.50 for a pint. If you are planning a day trip to Kelley Island be sure to stop by. It’s easy to find from the ferry docks - turn right and walk about a mile.“
Brigadier 5802 days ago
74 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“This place rocked we got there at 9:30am and had breakfast with our beers (they open at 8am). Right across the street from the lake about 1/2 mile west of the Jet Express. All 4 beers on were very solid and I got seconds of a few of them. Breakfast was good and service was very smooth. It looks like someone’s house from the outside and feels the same on the inside just very cozy and casual. Outside had a bar and plenty of tables to take in the view. Very easy to take the Jet Express here for just a few hours since there isn’t much on the island and then head over to Put-In-Bay. Actually went here twice within a few hours since the winery didn’t open until 1.“
crizay 5803 days ago
72 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“Absolutely loved this place. Did not eat, only tried their brews. Service was casual, very island like, and extremly friendly. Bartender talked to us for over 45 minutes. Let us try all the beers. We hung out outside on the patio to enjoy the beautiful day. The beers were actually quite good and refreshing for a warm morning. Did not try any food, but I would be back. Very unassuming building located far away from the downtown hub-bub. We walked it, and it was quite a pleasant diversion.“
BeerVirgin72 6185 days ago
68 /100 504 W. LAKESHORE DRIVE
“Visited on 6/26/06 on a tour of the islands in Lake Erie. From the outside this really looks like an ice cream shack. Small white cottage where you can park a few cars and golf carts around. It turns out that it was an ice cream shack before becoming brewery. Inside there is a bar with seating for about 10 and about 8 tables. A white board on the wall tells you what brews are on tap. We sat out back on the patio with a nice view of Lake Erie since our kids were restless. Our waitress was very knowledgable about the brews and gave me all the info I needed. The walleye sammich was fantastic and my kids enjoyed the burgers and hand cut fries. This was a unique brewpub and a neat place to visit.“
OhioDad 6592 days ago
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