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78 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“Parking was somewhat challenging here. Service was good. Medium size selection of beer in the back right. Growler bar front right. Good selection, but nothing super rare. It was worth the trip across town for me. Most pricing seemed reasonable. Pricing on some Schramms meads seemed high.“
weihenweizen 52 days ago
100 /100
Simone’s Beverage (Beer Store)
“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good selection for both liquor and beer. I’d defiantly recommend this place to someone.“
SampleAromas29 754 days ago
100 /100
Simone’s Beverage (Beer Store)
“Would definitely recommend for all beer lovers!! They have one of the best selections of beers in the area and the employees are knowledgeable and helpful. If you don’t want to buy a whole six or twelve pack of beer you can try individual bottles by mixing your six pack.“
KegPupil33 811 days ago
76 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Interesting. Yeah its decent and all, but it has a chainy feel to it. Lots of outside and inside seating; large bar. Taplist on screens, "powered by untappd." Extensive bar menu available, loads of burger choices. Beers all available in multiple sizes starting at 4 oz taster pours. Service friendly, not hugely efficient. Only three Buckeye beers on tap, but the 27 guest beers kept things moving along. Well worth a visit.“
bytemesis 1324 days ago
82 /100 15012 DETROIT AVE
“Visited on 4-1-17. This place is great if you love video games and craft beer. We went on a Saturday afternoon before the place started to fill up. All of the video games are free, pinball is 50 cents a game. They have a great selection if the gamed going back to the classics like PacMan, Ms Pacman, Tron, Mario Bros, Tapper, etc. Beer selection was decent with 40 taps and a nice array of cans, bottles and mixed drinks. No, you’re not gonna slay whales but they did have a decent collection, especially mixing in the local flavors too. Fun place, Decent beer, reasonable prices pints...definitely my jam. Have your ID and don’t bring your kids.“
merc7186 1486 days ago
92 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“LOVED this place! Comfy ambiance. Large bar, small tables, wood paneling, beer swag everywhere. It’s like your neighbor’s basement bar you’re envious of. Not a huge draft list, but what is there is quality. Six house beers, generally very well executed (one was kinda meh, which is its name, in fact). 20ish guest taps. Some regulars anyone can appreciate, lots of locals, several rarities. All beers available in sample size pours. Food was tasty. Ryan C the bartender was exceptional. Prices good. If I were a local, this would be my regular hangout. Highly recommended.“
Drake 1584 days ago
78 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Typical bar atmosphere. Good looked good and prices were ok but I didn’t eat. Bartender was fantastic. Only 5 beers of their own but the rest of the tap list was fantastic with a good selection of rare and interesting beers. Great place.“
FROTHINGSLOSH 1676 days ago
72 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“I stopped in on July 4th, it was the only place i could find open and it was packed. Not sure if it always is, but seemed like a popular place, lots of nice things to be tried.“
dresden 1772 days ago
80 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Stopped in at lunch time midweek just to sample their own beers, which were pretty good. There was s nice selection of other beers on tap snd in bottles. Food looked good too.“
Iphonephan 1779 days ago
92 /100
Simone’s Beverage (Beer Store)
“Great shop with helpful staff. When they get good/rare beer offerings in they keep it to one per person to give everybody a chance to try things. Ridiculous selection of styles - you’ll definitely find something nice to take home.“
CoopBen 2083 days ago
74 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“This is a nice shop in Lakewood with taps so you can drink and shop at the same time. They had a Clown Shoes take over when I was there. They have lots of singles to make your own six pack. I didn’t see a lot of really rare stuff, but they had the usual craft beers along with some nice meads and ciders. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jsquire 2406 days ago
86 /100 15012 DETROIT AVE
“Walking out of Rozi’s the sign for 16-Bit Bar + Arcade caught the corner of my eye. Curiousity getting the better of me, I walked a few doors down to discover a large bar full of vintage arcade cabinets from the early 1980s all the way through to the mid 1990s. From Frogger and Burger Time to Simpsons to four pinball machines there is something for everyone. Better yet all are set to free play (except the pins which cost 0.50).

More than just a trip down memory lane, the 16-Bit Bar is also an excellent place to grab a beer or two. At $6.00 a pint prices are fair considering you also get to play unlimited games for free. The selection ranges from locals (in this case Platform) to regional options and a couple of national brands. In addition a couple of bottles provide other options. Should that not be enough there is a nominal selection of bourbons and cocktails to choose from.

Looking over the events calendar there are plenty of happy hour specials that make this an even better deal. From $2 Off Before 7:00 PM to Mortal Kombat tournaments and more it looks like this place is active every night.

It’s hard to gauge how crowded it gets at night but I can easily imagine it becoming bustling. With plenty of places to set a drink this should not pose a problem. If the weather is nice there is even a small patio outside on the sidewalk.

Having been to a few other places in Lakewood this fills a nice niche compared to more typical bars like Buckeye Beer Engine and Melt. If you stop by Rozi’s give yourself time to amble down the block and check it out. Plenty of parking sits behind the buildlng if no street parking is available.“
Brigadier 2420 days ago
82 /100
Melt Bar & Grilled (Restaurant)
“Restaurant with a really good beer selection. They have an awesome draft selection and some weird bottles (things you don’t normally see in a restaurant). The menu is all about grilled cheese. Killer food and great beer. Gets really crowded around meal time so you can have beer while you wait or walk a block to Rozi’s and look at more beer.“
OPIE788 2451 days ago
84 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Went here based on a recommendation from a friend. Not a very big place, but nice. Basically a burger joint. They have killer burgers and the specials were awesome. The beer list was impressive. Lots of local stuff mixed with a few things I haven’t seen anywhere else. Defiantly check it out.“
OPIE788 2451 days ago
90 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“mix of house and guest taps. both were good. had a bunch of 5oz samplers and some yummy food. highly recommended for the area.“
rumproasts 2468 days ago
84 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“WiFi, TV’s, 30 taps, 6 house taps. Large semi circlular bar with several tables and a nice patio area out front. Reserved parking. Knowledgable server. Very nice selection. Food available though I didn’t try any. I would certainly go back.“
decaturstevo 2526 days ago
84 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“If you’ve been to the other Lizardville locations this is very similar. Tucked away beneath a Winking Lizard it has a slightly better parking situation than the one in Bedford Heights. Selection and prices, not too surprisingly, are comparable although there may be some differences on which store gets very limited stuff (or manages to hold out the longest).

I am guessing based on the looks that this one does not offer food service like the one across town but with a Winking Lizard right upstairs there is no need. The combination of hundreds of fresh bottles and a quality line of drafts means that you should never walk out of here empty handed. Staff are very knowledgeable for the most part even if they haven’t had a chance to sample everything on the shelves (and to be fair who has the time to do that without the consumption itself becoming a full time job).

Ideally situated near a couple of other stops this is worth visited if you live on the West Side near Lakewood. Just a few blocks from the interstate and easily accessible from main roads it joins Fat Heads and Rozi’s as Must Stop Destinations when traveling through the area.“
Brigadier 2537 days ago
78 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“The atmosphere is good, a large room defined by a large half-circle shaped bar. They have raised tables with stools in an area adjacent to the bar. There is also a separate area with tables and I think a few booths. The beer selection is very good. They have about 30 beers on tap, with 3 or 4 Buckeye beers available at and a very large selection of bottled beer. A beer engine was also running. Most beers are served in pint glasses with the ”big beers” offered in 12 ounce brandy snifters. Prices are reasonable, mostly $4 to $6 per glass. I particularly appreciate the fact that they had a large variety of beer styles both on tap and in bottles. The staff are knowledgeable about their beers and are happy to discuss and recommend their favorites. Four ounce beer samples are available on a sliding scale price which varies from $1.25 to around $3.50 per sample. Burgers, sandwiches and dogs were on the menu and ok. I like this place and stop there whenever I am in the neighborhood. Beers sampled: Buckeye Red Head Irish Ale, Victory Hop Devil, Bell’s Expedition Stout, Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA, Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye “
brew4health 2537 days ago
76 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“Big store though it’s mostly wine. The beer is in the back corner. They have a decent selection of singles and bombers. I usually find some limited stuff. The prices are fair and they are very friendly and helpful. They put in a beer bar with 6 or 8 taps not too long ago. They usually have a few local beers on along with a few bigger names. They fill growlers and half growlers. Worth a stop.“
OPIE788 2611 days ago
90 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“I have only been here twice and both times I have been greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member. You can get growler fills here and you can also sample beer. It is really nice because they update their facebook and twitter pages very often with new arrivals. They don’t have thousands of beers like some stores around the country, but they have beers that are harder to find in the area. It is just a great overall place to buy beer.“
sturmthis 2666 days ago
78 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“Visited: 10-22-13 Ambiance: This location is similar to Bedford Heights with the half store/half bar feel to it, but for some reason, this one seemed more open to the bar footprint. Service: Bartenders were attentive and knowledgeable Selection: Between the 10 taps and the bottles for sale, you can always find something to consume (On or off premises) Value: Beers were reasonably priced, went during a Tap Takeover and still felt that the beers were decent priced. Overall, I could see myself coming here very often if I lived close by.“
merc7186 2733 days ago
74 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“Pretty decent selection. If you are from Illinois like me, I was happy to find some things I can’t find in my home state. Guy working was friendly. I was able to find 6 12oz bottles of things I can’t find at home.“
dinkle50 2769 days ago
88 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Great pub with cool taps and bottles to go! nice burgers too“
devman171 2822 days ago
78 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“I have been here several times - where oh where did my review go. Last night’s visit proves this as a long time premiere destination, arguably the best in cleveland. Sizable friendly bar, astute service, reasonable bottles to have or bring home. Good sized patio. Very decent brews of their own. Good sometimes great guest taps.“
Sammy 2843 days ago
76 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“Very well designed and run place. I buy into Lizardville. Beers organized by style, prices decent. Inside and outside (smoking cigars) bar with small tulips for a 5 ounce tasting pour-they had on FOUR JACKIE O hoppy beers.“
Sammy 2843 days ago
96 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Awesome beer bar in Lakewood. One of the best taplists in the city, when there are so many other good bars to choose from. The food is delicious. They also have 2 cask ales on tap all the time. The bottle list is like 10 pages long and they have stuff that I have not found anywhere else in Northeast Ohio.“
Rmill216 2877 days ago
86 /100
Barrio - Lakewood (Restaurant)
“fun place. checklist of taco toppings to choose from is neat. nice tap list- went with the founders all day IPA. food was reasonably priced @ about $3 for a huge taco. neat arted walls. like it.“
SrSilliGose 2888 days ago
84 /100
Melt Bar & Grilled (Restaurant)
“Came here for the Food, featured on food network, great sandwiches! beer list surprised me, cool taps and great service!“
devman171 2891 days ago
70 /100 16719 DETROIT AVENUE
“In a world where every bar is a craft beer bar it takes something to set you apart and while they have a good selection of draft beer it is just a ho hum place. Nothing about styles listed private parties occupying the bar, still a perfectly worthwhile place to have a beer“
jmikolich 2924 days ago
84 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Stopped by on a wednesday early and found an attentive staff, a great tap list, and fancy bar food. They had six of their own beers on tap plus dozens of other taps most of which were not common. It is a small place that I can see filling up. It has its own parking lot and is worth the stop of only for their own beers.“
jsquire 2927 days ago
94 /100
Caps and Corks (Beer Store)
“I love this store. They compete for the best selection in town (they always have every ’specialty item) and their service is way better than the places down the street!“
HoppyCamper 2989 days ago
90 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“This is absolutely one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. Taps with sample size pricing. Walls of bottled beer for either on site consumption or to go. Comfy sitting room, dark beer bar vibe. I love this place!“
BVery 3007 days ago
48 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Not the place it used to be. Bottle selection is still outstanding but tap selection while large has become somewhat boring. Food remains the only reason to visit if you in the neighborhood but I wouldn’t make a special trip“
raj201 3030 days ago
100 /100
Simone’s Beverage (Beer Store)
“Love this place, always have the biggest and best selection on the west side in Lakewood. They get rare bottles in and have an awesome selection of seasonals and even sell kegs. They will answer all your questions and even talk beer with you if they are not super busy. Family owned local business that does it right.“
awlcordell 3049 days ago
86 /100
Melt Bar & Grilled (Restaurant)
“Excellent menu and food. Prices were very reasonable. When I saw the total I had to check and make sure everything was added to the check. The service was not the best. We had to wait for beers and asked for some additional items that were not brought to the table. The beer list was not huge but had a nice selection and I was able to find great beers with no problem. I will definately return to this establishment.“
pghbeerlover 3072 days ago
78 /100
Deagan’s Kitchen (Restaurant)
“Came in on a Wed. afternoon so it was pretty slow. Big, open space with a large bar. Service was good, food was average and nothing I would go back for. The tap list was nice and had a few from Fat Head’s, Three Floyds and Ballast Point. Decent pub and I would like to hit it again.“
miketd 3094 days ago
78 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“OK, but the selection is pretty standard. I have heard there is more in the back but you to ask. But if you really like beer just drive to Lizardville or Red, Wine & Brew.“
midwestbeerguy 3099 days ago
86 /100
Melt Bar & Grilled (Restaurant)
“Ambiance is just awesome, lots of sports memorabilia, as well as all kinds of tacky holiday decorations. Service, was ok but nothing special. Selection is not huge, but big enoguh tap and bottle list, and have a decent amount of solid stuff. Food is just amazing period. The monte cristo and lasagna grilled cheese are both the best grilled cheeses ive ever had. Food and beer also very cheap. Overall, certainly worth the trip and the wait. Go here!“
Beerman6686 3111 days ago
56 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“Ambiance is to be what is expected, for the great rating, I woudl have expected the beer section to be bigger/more organized. Service was subpar, not asking if we need help, constantly reminding us they were closing soon. Selection was OK, some harder to find stuff, but not very large ingeneral. Beers were however reasonably priced to go and on tap. Overall worth it if you are in lakewood going to melt, but not really otherwise.“
Beerman6686 3111 days ago
62 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Seemed like I had a different expereicne here than most people. Ambiance was really crowded and cramped square bar with dining around it. Service was not great, but acceptable given how busy it was. Selection was pretty nice bettween their beers and other they had in bottle and taps. Decently priced, but nothing too special.“
Beerman6686 3111 days ago
62 /100 15524 DETROIT AVE
“THey’ve recently installed a big orange sign stating over 400 beers, then below it it says over 200 craft beers... so thats cool for them I guess, staff offered no help no "are you looking for something" which is perfect by me, I walked in and walked out with nothing in my hands, selection has your basics, Hoppin Frog Great Lakes, Buckeye etc.. basically anything normal distro in Ohio. The occasional odd ball thing, would be worth peaking in if you’re in the area or making the detroit beer crawl. Prices were about 2 bucks higher than Lizardville down in Rocky River FYI“
jmikolich 3130 days ago
78 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“Great Service, Fun and knowledgable staff. I would recommend to my beer loving friends.“
SudzySally 3145 days ago
84 /100 14900 DETROIT AVENUE
“A nice store with large wooden shelving and a few containers with all different kinds of beer. Set up a touch confusing at first but figured it out quickly. Employee on had was helpful and knowledgeable about the beers on hand. A very strong selection with a good number of local beers. Prices were a touch high, but well worth it for the selection. A great beer store.“
deyholla 3153 days ago
88 /100 15315 MADISON AVENUE
“Doesn’t look like the building was originally for a brewery but a nice large bar with a few TVs. Service was good and bartender was quite friendly. Selection is top notch for both bottles and taps with a number of nice taps available. Didn’t try the food on my visit but the prices were very competitive. A great stop IMO.“
deyholla 3153 days ago
72 /100
Melt Bar & Grilled (Restaurant)
“I visited this place on a recent trip to Ohio. I showed up at 3pm on a Tuesday and waited about 45 min for a table, which wasn’t bad, the place is understandably busy and it is a pretty small place. The menu is very extensive and imaginative, the portions are very large, and the food was excellent. I had the Rising Sun which was delicious as was the cole slaw that came with it. The beer selection was decent, I’ve seen a lot better but, I was easily able to find something to drink. Great place overall.“
HOPSHUNTER 3185 days ago
90 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“Located in the old Donatos pizza building by home depot and McDonald’s. So there is no easy way to get here. With traffic it will take you at least 10-15 minutes from any freeway. Setup is just like its east side sister location. Low lighting on all the bottles and they are divided by style. A bar with taps and small plates of food if you are hungry. As far as selection this place gets every limited release and then some. Each bottle is sold as singles so you have to make your own 6 pack if you want one. They up charge up to a dollar or two on everything which is really annoying. Overall, I love the concept of this place. I don’t like it’s not off any freeway. I don’t like the up charges. But I really like the selection and the service is top notch. Keep in mind it’s a bar for 21 and over. If you walk in the door with kids you will be asked to leave.“
fiver29 3196 days ago
90 /100 14018 DETROIT RD
“Stopped on a Wednesday night? had no wait to snag a table, walked in and sat down.. took a bit for a server to appear but when he did Jason was awesome, willing to chat on beer and whiskey, attended nicely to our pregnant friend even offered a bottle he saved in the back for himself for us. Food was good, I had the egg and pancetta pizza and everyone seemed to enjoy their meals, they will chill any bottle in store for you, but takes 10 to 20 minutes.. still they get more beer than any other store in NE Ohio. Will be back again for sure.“
jmikolich 3201 days ago
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