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76 /100 106 KARL BROWN WAY
“Visited after work on a Tuesday. Located across the street from Cappys in the town of Loveland. Parking was 2 or 3 spots in front of the building, or along the street. There are also two bigger lots across the street, though it was unclear whether you could park there or not. Cool older building, interior design has brewery in the corner, 8 bar seats and bar seating around brewery and 2 larger picnic type tables. Selection is 9 house beers. Pours are available as Flights, 10 oz or 16 oz. Standard style lineup. No food, though sounded like you could bring it in. Highlight of the place is the backyard patio with a ton of space backing up to the walking trail. More picnic tables, fire pit, etc. I am sure this place is amazing when the weather is nice.

76 = *** (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1538 days ago
88 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Visited after work on a Wednesday. Certainly out of the way, though Loveland seems like a cool little town. Parking is next to the building, or around the corner on the street. Parking did seem somewhat limited. As you walk up, there is a large covered patio in front of the building, for on prem consumption, and they also seemed to be doing a tasting. The selection was probably the best I have seen in Cincinnati in terms of rare or harder to find bottles. They had probably 8 Jackie O’s beers I hadn’t seen elsewhere, for example. The beer was scattered throughout the store, and had kind of a scavenger hunt feel to it. Tap selection was really strong as well - they use Untappd, so check there for current selection. Draft was 4 oz, full pour, 32 and 64 oz growlers for most of the 40 beers on draft. I really wish I would have had more time, this place looked like a great place to hang out.

88 = **** (best in area, a must for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1683 days ago
78 /100 106 KARL BROWN WAY
“Visited here on a hot Saturday afternoon, coming from the street side. You can also enter from the bike trail side, as there’s a patio and a garage door in the back that opens. The place isn’t marked with a sign, so you have to know where you’re going. Not hard to find, though, as it’s just off the main old downtown Loveland strip. The building is painted gray outside and inside, and they’ve done a nice use of space inside, fencing off the brewery operation and lining it with a secondary bar for seating. There are a few tables and an L-shaped bar in the back corner next to the garage door. They had about 8 beers on tap when we visited, and all had kind of a twist - key lime Kolsch, vanilla cream, and so forth. Prices are in line with the rest of the area. There were 3 friendly bartenders working. The beer is good overall, nothing special but good. Given its location - and proximity to Cappy’s - this makes for a worthy 1-2 punch of a visit a little over a half hour from downtown Cincinnati. But the real draw would be to ride your bike out here and back, using Fifty West as the other end of the journey. Good, easy 10+ mile ride. I’m sure I’ll be back in that context.“
phaleslu 1760 days ago
80 /100 106 KARL BROWN WAY
“Visited on a Friday early evening. I lucked into the last parking spot in their small parking lot. The building is located just off the main drag of Loveland, and is near the bike path that goes through town. Inside is sort of small, but they make good use of their space, as well as have a patio behind the building. The brewhouse takes up a lot of the space and is actually touchable if you really want to reach across the ropes. They had around 8 beers on tap during my visit, and offer flights of 4. I enjoyed my four beers and moved along. Service was friendly and helpful. I would check this place out again next time I am in the area.“
JStax 1801 days ago
78 /100 106 KARL BROWN WAY
“This is a new place on the bike trail near downtown in Loveland. During the winter this may not be that much fun, but in nicer weather, the large back area and the open brewery floor plan make for a great space. All the Narrow Path beers I tried were well made and tasty. They do not have any food but do have table tents from other food places that do deliver. Very worth the effort if you are touring Cincinnati brewers.“
jsquire 1858 days ago
62 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Modern and clean space, good to grab a drink at. Beer selection was a bit limited and nothing different than you can get at Cappy’s. They did have a very nice draft list with a good flight deal. I’d come back to tick some beers.“
chibuck 1967 days ago
66 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Dedicated parking right in front. Typical medium sized alcohol store. A guy helped me break up a couple six-packs. Beer selection was better than River just down the road. Prices seemed pretty good. I would go back.“
weihenweizen 1968 days ago
88 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Nice bottle shop in downtown Loveland. You have to want to get there, but once you do there is a solid selection of bottles and drafts, you can drink while shopping, they get some very obscure draft items and hold regular tastings/tap takeovers, worth a stop.“
alexsdad06 2127 days ago
90 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“I’ve only been here once, and it was a pain in the ass to get out here, but hands down the best bottle shop I’ve visited in the area yet. Reminds me of Chuck’s in Seattle, minus the ice cream/convenience store vibe. Prices are solid, service is knowledgeable and friendly, selection is great. A little cramped inside, but plenty of tables outside. Also frequent twitter updates if that matters to you.“
Prufrockstar 2131 days ago
86 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Probably one of the better beer stories in Cincinnati. Large tap(40?) list for tastes, pours and growlers(no bullshit beers on tap either). Outdoor deck/patio area. Bottle selection is excellent. Weekly beer events. Liquor & wine also sold(but not consumed). Looks like they serve some food too. Prices are very good on tap stuff, average on the rest. A lot to like here, a must stop if you are anywhere near Loveland. As stated earlier it is a bit hard to find(and yes I’m very familar with Loveland).“
JCW 2185 days ago
76 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Coming from Cincy as soon as you cross the bridge turn right into their parking lot. Older place with patio out front. Service is better than average. Pricing was going rate for most bottles and high on some. The place has quite a bit of taps at checkout with big electronic board to see what is available with a pretty good selection. Place had some gems and is not that picked over, but is pretty far from Cincy. Has some older stock.“
weihenweizen 2187 days ago
88 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Cappy’s is located in downtown old Loveland, tucked off the main drag just next to the river - you might not see it from the street. The store is small, like a crammed convenience store. But beer is everywhere. They have some liquor and wint, too, but this is really a beer store. There’s a long checkout counter, and behind it are 40 taps, almost all of which are offered in 4, 16, 32, and 64-ounce pours - the latter two as growlers, obviously. Prices are good, for taps and bottles. There’s nowhere inside to sit and enjoy a pour, but they have an all-weather patio outside. Surprisingly large staff, and attentive and knowledgeable, too. The selection is great; I found a few things that I haven’t seen in the city. They also are the only Cincy-area store getting Hoof Hearted, although my chances of making it out on a Monday to grab some are slim to nil. That’s the biggest drawback to me- way out on the suburban fringe means it’s a 30+ minute drive for me. But it’s gotta be the best beer store in this part of the area.“
phaleslu 2244 days ago
86 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“This place is a good stopping point if you want to pick up some local Cincinnati ticks w/o visiting the brewers themselves. They seem to be focused on local selection--which is a good thing--and have a smattering of other craft beer as well. They have a small selection available as singles and do growler/half growler fills on a eight or a dozen taps. It does not seem to be the place to go if you are looking to stock up on rare bottles but the selection is solid and it’s always been fresh in my experience. My only small complaint is you have to wait in separate lines for growler fills and bottles and cans. I presume that is some sort of state law but it is still kinda a pain. In any case, aside from that, this gives me pretty much exactly what I want in a beer store which is a fresh, locally focused selection so I dig it.“
Frank 2333 days ago
80 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Small place in the middle of nowhere with a huge selection of local and nationally harder to find stuff. I found some real gems here. 16 taps as well to drink while you shop. This is a top notch beer store.“
chibuck 2370 days ago
92 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Small shop in Loveland. Super friendly staff and owners. Solid selection and some things I don’t see at Jungle Jim’s. Lots of taps as well for fills or hanging out.“
drfabulous 2460 days ago
88 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Awesome place ! Knowledgeable staff , great selection !“
sweethophitter 2540 days ago
100 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“O’Bryan’s Wine is the best place to go for all your needs. They have a huge selection of spirits, wines, and beers. They just got growlers and have 16 beers always on tap. The beers on tap are wonderful and are reasonably priced. Their O-to-Go growlers are so clever and unique! If you stop in and get beer to fill a growler make sure you fill their O-to Go! The staff is so welcoming, helpful, and knowledgable. They are always willing to help out and 110% of the time provide excellent costumer service. O’Bryan’s is definitely the place to come...even if you live closer to another store. There is no place that will give you the selection AND customer service like O’Bryan’s does!“
BethO 2548 days ago
86 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“A great selection of domestic 6 and 12 packs including some I have never seen any place else, and they will have a growler station with 14 taps in the near future. Light on the imports and singles. Unfortunately, their rating got really messed by some idiot who goes by robben.“
midwestbeerguy 2616 days ago
98 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“You aren’t a craft beer lover in Cincinnati if you don’t know about Cappy’s. Their packaged beer selection is astounding considering the store size. After the installation of the Pegas system for growlers and pints, Cappy’s has hard to find beers on tap as well. Ben and the crew have superb, if not the best, customer service in town. Frequent tweets about new arrivals always gather replies to hold said beer, which Cappy’s is happy to do. I can’t wait for the patio!“
kuhldip 2658 days ago
98 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“It took all of one visit to convince me that this is the single best place on the Ohio side of the Greater Cincinnati Area to purchase beer, period. While fairly small, this store has a staggering amount of good beers, including beers I was told never made it to Ohio by other shops in the area (Boulevard BBQ, ahem). Their selection of amazing, more-rare-than-common beers from US brewers is outstanding, and their import section, while small, is well-curated. Slap on the sizeable PEGAS growler station (from which they will serve you pints while you shop, if you are so inclined), and what else might one look for? Oh, right, service. Well, I was greeted warmly as I came in the door, given a mini-tour of the place, and had at last two other employees (including the owner) come up to me as I was browsing to make sure I was finding everything all right, and to just shoot the breeze for a second. All in all, I was quite impressed, and this place has a significant portion of my business for as long as I remain in the Cincy area, and on any trips back to visit family once I’m gone!“
UrbanCaveman 2659 days ago
100 /100 309 W LOVELAND AVE
“Fantastic Craft Beer store with an excellent selection and great customer service!“
nicgep 2871 days ago
80 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“I had heard that this place in Loveland had a good beer and wine selection, and after stopping in, I’d agree. They’ve got a pretty extensive selection (although nothing rare), and as a plus, almost every beer is cold. It’s a nice, clean spot with friendly staff and decent prices. Definitely the best beer spot in Loveland that I’m aware of.“
b3shine 3248 days ago
76 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Update 4-16-13 Much expanded beer selection-interesting selections. Small but well worth the stop if you are in the area. Better selection can be had near Montgomery Rd in either direction - Riversbend Wine & Spirits North Root Cellar south. O’Bryan’s selection isn’t bad though. They have Bells, Great Lakes, Flying Dog, etc and a few Belgians including several of the Trappist. If I lived close to them I go there a lot, but I won’t go out of my way to make a trip there. Traffic is terrible in and around that area.“
JCW 3319 days ago
70 /100
Bucks Tavern (Restaurant)
3299 U.S. 22
“A decent restaurant/bar in Loveland with an alright (albeit limited) beer selection. Service is good, as is the food. Nothing will blow your mind in terms of their offerings, but it’s a solid spot to stop in for a beer.“
b3shine 3352 days ago
100 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Best damn pumpkin beer selection!“
swedig21 3511 days ago
78 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“A friend of mine took me here and I was surprised. They had the normal DFH, Stone, and other big names you would expect, but they also had 3 floyds, TBK, nd some other small gems I have not seen at smaller liquor stores. Normally just the specialized bottle shoppes or the big guys (party source, deps, party town) carry it.“
AndyReynolds 3594 days ago
82 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“If they don’t have a beer that you want , they will order for you if they can get it in Ohio. That’s a good thing if you live close by. Nice selection of beers from all around the world. And they carry all of the Cincinnati local brands.“
anchorsteamfan 4291 days ago
8 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Wow what a wonderful spirits, wine, & beer shop. The Customer Service is wonderful with carryout to the car for my large purchase. I haven’t seen that since I was a kid. Their selection of beer is great, the employees are warm & friendly. If you are looking for a store that accomodates all your needs, look no further!“
robben 4791 days ago
42 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Neighborhood liquor store. Nice, clean and new looking. Selection is decent for a what it is. If you live in the area and need something fast, then this is nice. Nothing worth battling the traffic in the area for though. I stopped in here on my way back from Rivers Bend Wine and Spirits and with it close by, I don’t see the need for a return visit to O’Bryans.“
AllAboutStout 5217 days ago
86 /100 8972 COLUMBIA RD
“Beer, Wine, and Liquor under one roof. Large selection of imports and microbrews, as well as the usual macros. Very pleasant and well laid out store. Macros across back wall and in the cave. Mircos and Imports in a LARGE cooler across the left side of the store. Pleasant staff, some fairly knowledgeable beer folks. Parking is in store lot, and the store is just off Montgomery on Columbia Rd, next to the Twenty Mile House. A great experience!“
djw3798 5774 days ago
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