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64 /100
Kroger (Madeira) (Grocery Store)
“Sandwiched between three busy streets, this supermarket has a parking lot that is relatively small for a Kroger. The place was extremely crowded on a weekday afternoon, and getting in and out of the parking lot was somewhat chaotic. I suggest not going during peak hours. Once inside. the aisles are easy to navigate. The beer selection was perhaps a cut above most local Krogers, with a good number of local brewers well represented in the BOY six pack display, something I always appreciate. Worth stopping in if you happen to be in the immediate vicinity.“
Drjohnrock 49 days ago
84 /100 8150 MONTGOMERY ROAD
“Busy location off of Montgomery Road in Kenwood. A good sized L shaped bar with plenty of tables both inside and outside. Parking can be the bigger problem because spaces are shared with other businesses. 40 taps with a solid, diverse selection of craft beer and cider. A good mix of locals and out of town beers. The have a rotating dedicated tap from Streetside. Delicio Pizza has a location inside the building for food. Duck pin bowling on one side. There is a little something for everyone.“
alexsdad06 482 days ago
74 /100
Kroger (Madeira) (Grocery Store)
“You could do a lot worse than this Kroger location! A nice mix of six’ers, talls, singles; local, regional, and national distribution. Prices are probably at lowest state minimum.“
matthewjk 2455 days ago