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68 /100
The Vine ’n Hop Shop (Homebrew Shop)
“This is a homebrew/wine making store front in a strip mall. Great homebrew store with lots of kits, ingredients and equipment. They do brew their own beers. They had 5 on tap when i was there and the stout was solid. Very helpful staff, but i was the only one in there.“
jsquire 1041 days ago
72 /100 2832 ABBEYVILLE ROAD
“The Lager Heads Smokehouse is a few miles outside of Medina on Abbeyville Road, and might technically be closer to Abbeyville. It has a roadhouse kind of vibe, albeit not as dingy, with a big main room with a bar and some neons and TVs, and a couple smaller side rooms with more seating. The options are more limited here than at the production brewery, with 8 taps and one of them devoted to Miller Lite. They have about 5 standards and maybe a couple seasonals. Everything is served in pint glasses, except for higher gravity stuff in goblets. The food menu is huge, but I had already eaten a big dinner. But they seem to have all the BBQ meat sandwich possibilities covered here. I’ll have to eat next time. Service is fine, friendly enough, but you’re not going to get beer expertise. Good place. I’ll be back to eat.“
phaleslu 1352 days ago
74 /100 325 W. SMITH RD
“Lager Heads’ production facility is just outside the heart of downtown Medina on Smith Road, between the street and the railroad tracks. The windows are tinted dark enough to where it always looks closed. The tap room is cozy, with a bar on the far side and counter and chairs along the windows. There are more tables on a ’patio’ in the production half of the facility, which is cool. Darts, TVs, popcorn - just a low-key place. There was one bartender, who was very friendly. There appeared to be 10 or so taps, if memory serves, and 8 beers and 1 root beer were available. Flights of 5 are available along with full pints and growlers. They do the occasional bottle release, too. Worth a visit if you’re in the area, and there aren’t many other beer options nearby.“
phaleslu 1352 days ago
76 /100 2832 ABBEYVILLE ROAD
“If you like barbecue and smoked pork, this is a place to seek out. I had the basic smoked pork sandwich and it was a damn fine smoked pork sandwich. They have their own beers and a few other bottles available. They have the standard brewpub lineup with a few seasonals. The IPA was solid and my mom liked the lighter beer. Worth a stop if you are in rural Medina County, but not really a beer destination.“
jsquire 2080 days ago
84 /100 2832 ABBEYVILLE ROAD
“Some very solid BBQ. Few taps, mostly their own beers, but enough to stop by and check out. Really nice little brewpub.“
pottygok 2129 days ago
92 /100 2832 ABBEYVILLE ROAD
“The food is as about as good of barbque as you get in Ohio. They started brewing beer about 5 years is now in multiple retail locations! I love this place when I’m traveling through Medina!!!“
BiggunsBeer 2297 days ago
76 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“Closest beer store to me that I never knew about, went to visit on a Monday night and was quite surprised by what I saw.. Bunch of hillbilly folk buying cheap booze and a large aisle of beer, some good treats some very obviously old stuff still on shelves (SN celebration) had good stuff like 3F Boogoop 3F Brian boru founders imperial stout etc.. Beer lady is there on Wednesdays FYI cool place if you’re in a bind to stop for some beers... Note I saw no lambics at all“
jmikolich 2997 days ago
76 /100 2832 ABBEYVILLE ROAD
“(Visited 11/2011): Lagerheads is located in Medina on Abbeyville Road which is right off Hwy 75 and a few miles off I-71. They have a relatively large parking lot to the right of the building. The interior is rustic with a lot of wood and outdoorsy decor. There is restaurant seating to the left and the bar is on the right side and has a few TVs. Lagerheads has around 12 taps, 5 of which are house beers (the others being mostly macros). On my visit these included their standard offerings like Barnburner Lager and Bed Head Red plus Winter Mischief, Imperial Stout and the Brewzilla Styrian Celeia single hop. All of the beers are decent to above average. Service on a Saturday late lunch at the bar was good. The server was attentive and had a decent knowledge of the beers. The food at Lagerheads is barbecue-oriented. My pulled pork sandwich was tasty. Overall this place is a little out of the way but I enjoyed the visit and would go again.“
Dogbrick 3001 days ago
76 /100 2832 ABBEYVILLE ROAD
“I live about 10 mins. from there. Took the kids to dinner up there about a month ago. Beers were pretty uninteresting. Yeah, they were boring. Food was good. I had the sampler and the best item on the menu is the ribs. Pulled pork was average and the brisket was below average. Next time I go I plan on ordering just ribs, a sampler of beer, and I’ll definitely get the baked beans. They were far and away better than the pulled pork and brisket combined. But those ribs are delicious, too. I would go early. Its a small place and fills up quickly. Get there by 5:00 or expect to wait. Oh yeah, and I enjoyed the joke in the bathroom.“
fiver29 3328 days ago
96 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“North Court has a very extensive beer selection -singles, six packs, 22 ouncers. They stock seasonals (Nosferatu, from Great Lakes Brewing Co) when in season. The staff is friendlly, knowledgeable and very helpful. For this small, provincial suburb of Cleveland, this is a real unexpected gem.“
limbiclady 4450 days ago
72 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“I’ve heard nothing but great things about this place. I helped my friend move into a new house about 12 miles north of Medina so I stopped by on my way back home. The selection is incredible, sixers and singles galore. Best beer selection I have ever seen in one store. The staff is extremely friendly and willing to help, the lady that was working wasn’t a big beer drinker but she knew a lot about their inventory. Relaxing atmosphere I didn’t feel pressured to buy and get out. The prices are as cheap as you are going to find, it’s a liquor store and the nice lady informed me that all items are marked at state minimum. This is what’s nice since you can buy singles that aren’t marked up. I had to make myself check out and leave and I can’t wait to get back up there.“
cking 4745 days ago
82 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“The staff at NCB has always been extremely helpful and friendly, even going so far as to let me know what’s new when I walk in the door! The selection is GREAT, and growing. Single bottles galore, with many moderately hard to find 6 packs and bombers. Management will also be upgrading and improving their homebrew supply section, which is an added bonus. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area, because you won’t find the beers you’re looking for anywhere else in the area.“
JMFS 4810 days ago
46 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“Grocery store style in the outskirts of Medina. Hint, take 42 north out of town for about a mile. The address is North Court Street. Fairly good selection for the middle of Ohio. I spoke with the checkout clerk only. Store was split into beer/wine on one side and, separated by a partition, liquor on the other. Most patrons seemed to be hard alcohol drinkers. I agree with 21iceman40 about the prices. No bargains here. But, I did find several top 50 beers here. I paid through the nose though.“
dkoonce 4956 days ago
80 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“this store was pretty damn large and full of good stuff including alesmith and three floyds even though you need to take out a loan to buy the three floyds stuff.“
21iceman40 5267 days ago
92 /100 998 NORTH COURT ST.
“This was a very impressive find in my small hometown... They had everything from Belgians to New Glarus to Alesmith to swill to Unibroue to imports from tons of countries. They had deals on make-your-own 6 packs out of single bottles, of which there were literally hundreds lining the shelf. They had a homebrew section and the staff knew what they were talking about. A gem in the middle of nowhere Ohio. :)“
LilKem 5479 days ago
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