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“Visited Saturday evening for dinner. The place is huge. Large parking lot wraps around the building. The place is split up into several rooms, each focusing on different things such as Wine, Beer, cigars, a bar, and so on. Much of the beer is in refrigerators and most are available as single bottles. They do a pretty good job keeping stock updated, though as Brigadier mentioned, keep an eye out for old stock. They probably just get anything new without worrying about selling what they already have first. I was able to pick up enough new stuff to fill a six pack carrier with beers and meads new to me. On the bar/restaurant side they have several coolers lining one of the walls. The idea is that you can pick anything you want from those coolers to have with your meal and they will just add it to your bill. I had to ask for a glass for the one I did this with. Not sure if that is typical, but would think it would just be standard for a place like this to at least offer. The food here is like a medium upscale restaurant. The prices are a little high for what you get, but they give the appearance of using better ingredients. My food was good, but not mind blowing. My wife’s flatbread pizza was flavorful, but already cooled off when she got it. Service was slow and on the inattentive side. We were with a group of around 10, so that could explain it. I would visit again and likely eat again, but would prefer to do it with a smaller group.“
JStax 1198 days ago
“I thought I had already entered a review for this place but browsing my backlog I must have missed one. Similar to the location in Chesterland, but on a larger scale, this one offers not only a vast selection of beer and wine but a place to get food and a growler station.

The selection encompasses nearly everything possible from a particular brewery’s lineup. Be careful of dates on styles like IPA though - some things can sit on the shelf well past any "best by" date. On the whole though they are reasonably good about stock being fresh if you pay attention. A large wall of singles lets you create a mixed six pack at a slight premium.

Overall I would not go out of my way to stop here with a couple of better options in the area. However if you happen to be nearby it might at least merit sticking your head in to see if they’ve got anything that catches the eye.“
Brigadier 1981 days ago
82 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“This is a little tucked away and hard to find if you are expecting more of an exterior than what looks like just another generic convenient store. Walk inside however and you are greeted by aisles of singles.

The selection is a nice representation of local breweries, regional stuff from New York, Pennsylvania, and the rest of Ohio, and national brands. Also well represented are a variety of Belgian breweries. Almost everything can be purchased as a single so if you want only a single White Rajah that can be arranged.

Prices were fair for the most part compared to Lizardville, Red Wine and Brew, and Warehouse Beverage. Given the location I will definitely be stopping by here every time I head up towards the lake just to see what is in stock. If you checking out Melt or downtown Willoughby put it on your itinerary too.“
Brigadier 2415 days ago
94 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“I love this place. The people are very nice. The growler prices cannot be beat and are always top notch. All beers are available as singles at no additional markup. Excellent selection. They carry pretty much everything. They even carry my beer out to my car (which is really not necessary). This place would really be rated world class were it not that some douchebag probably from World Wines gave a low rating (below) on the only day that person ever logged into ratebeer. I have asked the admins to remove the bogus rating but they did not reply. (I have nothing to do with Save-On. I am only a customer.) I only took off one point for ambiance because sometime the radio is too loud and one point for selection because they didn’t have Bigfoot when everyone else did. This is by far the best store around these parts.“
malrubius 2465 days ago
80 /100 7289 MENTOR AVE
“Compared to other Melt locatiosn this does not have the same character. On the plus side it is much easier to get in and out of around peak times. Located in a strip shopping mall the beer selection here is identical to other Melts. That means a wide range of bottles and drafts that rotate frequently enough you do not have to worry about stale pours.

The biggest advantage to this location is that it sits just off of I-90. If passing through Cleveland that makes it easy to stop by for a great meal and a beer or two before getting back on the road. If you have more time then detour to the location in Lakewood or in Cleveland Heights for a better atmosphere.“
Brigadier 2508 days ago
70 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“Visited: 8-16-11 When I pulled up to it, my first impression was ’What a dump’. But upon entering you soon realize that you can’t judge a book by its cover. The place is all focused around Good Beer, Some Liquor and Smokes. The atmosphere is decent, not a total beer snobs haven, but okay. The quality of beers are decent, they get some heavy hitters on their shelves but lacks in any rarities or extreme rarities. The service is average, there were two people working who knew what they kinda had but couldn’t really help you. The quality of their selection is decent, they draw a lot of brewers from Ohio and surrounding states but that’s about it. I think the locals scored this place so high because they havent seen better but this place is the 4th best beer retailer I’ve been inside the past 7 days. (Beers of the World, Rochester NY...Half Time in Poughkepsie NY...Premier Gourmet, Kenmore NY) To quote Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds...Its good, here why.“
merc7186 2568 days ago
90 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“This is a small dump looking store next to a gas station and I never would have stopped here if not for the reviews here on RB. I will definitely be back the next time I am in the area! Great selection, many singles, and decent pricing.“
beernoevil 2670 days ago
34 /100 8760 MENTOR AVE.
“This store has improved their beer selection over the past few months. Growler fill station always has good selection of beers available. I am a fan of buying single bottles and that is one area they were lacking in selection before the expansion. Biggest negative and cause of lower rating from me is their decision to require $30 minimum purchases when using a debit card. This is not allowed by visa/mc and is very frustrating when I only want to purchase a few beers after shopping at other beer stores.“
eastside151 2916 days ago
98 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“Stopped in here one day on a recommendation with a friend. The store has a large selection of domestic brew with a smaller selection of imports. A large selection of beers are available cold with the majority being warm. Every time I have been here the people working have been extremely friendly and helpful. The singles are offered with no mark up which makes this the go to shopping destination for my beers. Highly recommended. **Update** Growler fills are now available here.“
eastside151 3023 days ago
84 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“I’ve been to this place several times even though I live about an hour and 15 minutes away. They have a lot of beer that I can’t get in Erie, Pa. Lots of beer to chose from. Mostly warm, but plenty cold as well. As far as the quality goes, there are some beers that are past their "enjoy before" and "best if enjoyed by" dates, but you’ll have that with such a big selection. Run by an Indian woman, her mother, and her cousin with decent beer knowledge, and they’re certainly friendly enough. Here’s some of what you can find... Smuttynose Stoudts Weyerbacher Dogfish Heavy Seas Lagunitas Avery Victory Troegs Bells Ommegang Founders Pyramid Sixpoint Arcadia Abita Alesmith Hoppin’ Frog Great Lakes Southern Tier Boulder Breckenridge Epic Bluepoint Ithica and a lot more. I’m not used to the tax being that I’m from Pa, but it about evens things out to what I would pay here in Erie.“
Morey 3180 days ago
72 /100 9570 MENTOR AVENUE
“This was my first time at any Winking Lizard besides the one in Cleveland Heights and the one downtown. This Winking Lizard is located in a stip mall in Mentor just off Mentor Ave (US-20). The resturant was large and had alot of open space, they were busy but it felt empty. Crowd was mixed age, the typical sports bar scene. My wife and I sat at the bar. Selection was good, which is par for any Winking Lizard location. We did not eat during our visit but I would assume that it is equal to the other Lizards I have been at; good. The bar tenders were propt. They even put the Phillies vs. Giants game on for us. Overall, a decent place to go to, and may be a better location for East Side Clevelanders as apposed to the Cleveland Heights local. “
UDBeernut 3194 days ago
64 /100 8760 MENTOR AVE.
“(Visited 12/2009): World Wines is located in Mentor on Mentor Ave not too far off I-90. There is ample parking in the strip mall lot out front. The store is largely devoted to wine and liquor and the beer section is in the rear. There are several coolers and shelves for beer, roughly divided geographically. Domestically they stock beers from Bell’s, Stone, Rogue, Great Lakes, Victory and many others. There are also imports from the UK, Germany, Belgium and others. Service was decent on my visit. I was offered assistance and the cashier was friendly, which was really all I was looking for. Overall this store is worth checking out to anyone visiting the Mentor area.“
Dogbrick 3536 days ago
72 /100 8760 MENTOR AVE.
“This location now has growler service, with 10 taps.“
alebrewer 3632 days ago
90 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“I’ve been going to this place since it opened. The owner and sister are the most polite people I’ve met. Clearly the review below is purposely trying to debase the place for other reasons. Their selection is fantastic. If you want a special order, they gladly take them. The mix your own 6pack is a great deal as they don’t mark up the individual bottles, same price per bottle if you buy one or 4/6. I highly recommend this place.“
alebrewer 3632 days ago
86 /100 9570 MENTOR AVENUE
“We keep wanting to try other places to eat (and drink) when when we make our once every 3 month Beer run to Mentor. But we keep coming back. If not for the HUGE selection of beer (and some hard to find beer too) The food is Great, Ambiance is second to none. Not too dark, It’s roomy, and an outdoors patio, with TV’s everywhere, So I can Watch my Buckeye’s on a Sat. afternoon. Not sure about the WiFi. I have been to 3 and Mentor seems to be the best one. IMO“
beergodd1 3701 days ago
42 /100 8760 MENTOR AVE.
“Large store, but not much beer selection. Nothing that you would not expect to find, standard imports and crafts. Good for stop if you are nearby but a little out of the way for me. I was not really that impressed.“
ewestern 3823 days ago
44 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“The only thing good about this place was it’s selection. I met who I think was the owner while in there and he was extremely rude to me and disrespectful. I will never walk step into this store again because of the owner and will continue to do my business at World Wines & Liquor. It’s ashame the owner of the store is the reason people don’t go back there.“
babv 3826 days ago
94 /100 7411 MENTOR AVENUE
“Thanks to Adamette for telling me about this place. For starters, It’s clean and organized, and you can mix your own six pack with almost any sixer they have, and for a very reasonable price. The owner was very knowledgeable and helpful even though he was very busy. Just the selection of Seasonal "winter ales and Lagers" was better than any place I seen that day...I went to 5 different places. This is definitely my new Go-To spot when I go to Mentor. Can’t wait to go there in the spring for the next wave of Seasonal’s. Best place.Period.“
beergodd1 3899 days ago
80 /100 8760 MENTOR AVE.
“Re-Rated 2/18/12: The selection of Beer has doubled, and single 12 0z. bottles available, service has been better, and has 10 beers on tap for growlers, and 1 on tap to buy a glass to drink there. This place really stepped up it’s game, with other local bottle shops already there. /:/.>>>Not 1 of my favorite places to buy beer, but it’s worth a stop. Sometimes they will have something left that my other choices have ran out of. Decent selection, very spacious. But just not as big a selection as others in the area. mostly focused on Wines. Service was a little slow, people didn’t seem to care I was there for 30 min, finally I asked, and they said "someone will be with you shortly" I was the only 1 in the store. I walked out. Now to be fair, I did go back a month later, they were pretty busy, and someone helped me right away, but everyone there seems to be too busy to take questions or suggestions for beer.“
beergodd1 3975 days ago
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