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82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Off Lorain Road which is very busy. Lighting is nice and dim. Classic rock on the speakers. Good bartenders but one was a little pushy. Good crowd for a Friday afternoon. Plenty of parking. Plenty of bar space with table and I know they have a patio also. 15 beers of their own on tap and 24 guest including mead and cask conditioned. Must visit in area! U!“
unclefrito62 779 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“I love how this place looks like a giant, jazzed-up Shoney's from the outside. It's loud, both in volume and decor, but a very fun spot. We all got sandwiches and a couple pints a piece. Everything was very tasty! Well worth a visit!“
Emeister84 1500 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Quick stop in for lunch on road trip. Very large space with plenty of seating and kid friendly. Huge selection of regulars and seasonals. Help was okay, but during lunch so it was fairly busy. If forced to go to Cleveland make sure to stop.“
SHIG 1884 days ago
92 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Great beer selection and they have a good selection of guest Brewers that they will allow you to sample from. They have a good menu and the service is first rate. Overall great ambiance!!“
pablo951 2233 days ago
92 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Came for Festival of the Hop 2015 .... amazing place, great ambiance with tons of seating ... they put on a great event and have an awesome staff .... the selection was great and its hard to not stick with their amazing IPA’s .... the food was off the hook ... the wings were the best I have had in my life and I think about them and salivate all the time ..... they were reasonably priced too .... this place is a home run and should be on every beer lovers bucket list“
italianjohn 2267 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“What a great place! And big too. Some 18 of their own beers on draft, plus lots of bottles. Had the samples, 8 beers. Good beers, good food, definately a recommendation to visit this place. can’t wait to get the rest of the beers samples.“
vipinvelp 2299 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“A great looking large place. Friday night for dinner they told us it would be a 45 minute wait and it was. Had a nice imperial stout while waiting. After seated I got a flight of 5 beers while Erica and Chris shared a flight of 7.(They had mixed drinks made from beer earlier) Patty had a lager and Dan a cider. Dan and I split a large wing order. The wings themselves were not large though, just medium size. Glad we also split a pulled pork fry plate. That was very good and filling. A good time was had by all.“
Ron 2352 days ago
72 /100
Wine Brew And More (Beer Store)
“Nice clean little place. Beer is less than half the store. Lots of the usual craft beer that’s available across the country. A few local ones. He had some singles and he offered to break any 6/4 pack I wanted. After grabbing some singles I did break one six pack and bought a 4 pack. Dan got cider and wine.“
Ron 2352 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Plenty of dedicated parking behind this place. Nice atmosphere, starting to get worn outside beer garden on the side. Service was fantastic. Good selection of Fat Head brews along with some descent others. Reasonable pricing. I would go here regularly if I lived near by.“
weihenweizen 2365 days ago
94 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Wow, really never rated this place, huh? I always make this the final stop on the first day of a trip to Cleveland thanks to the vast food menu and proximity to hotels. Place is huge, but expect to wait if you go around dinner time (probably doesn’t help that I’m always there on Saturdays.) Big tap list that includes mostly Fat Head’s beers with some guest handles as well. All quality stuff. Huge food menu. I recommend the Fat Italian served hot, but hold the rosemary mayo and ask for a side of marinara. It will change your life. And if you’re still hungry after your gigantic meal, they always have interesting daily cheesecake and bread pudding selections. Service is always pretty good. Truly one of my favorite places to go. I wish they’d followed through on their plans to build one in Columbus instead of going to the west coast.“
JaBier 2457 days ago
94 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“good beer, good service, awesome ipa and amazing hogzilla sandwhich“
kaips1 2759 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Solid place large bar area with plenty of dining area surrounding it. Good selection off beers all well done. Large but cozy. We were there in the evening and the bartender ending up coming out to our table to serve us. He was great. Not a place to order sampler if you think you will finish all the beers and sample each beer. 5 oz pours. We ordered some finger food and it was pretty good. You gotta stop here if you are in the area. I will stop in. They had at least 18 beers on tap. sweet place“
decaturstevo 2767 days ago
92 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“The place is huge, witch is good because everyone in Ohio wants to eat ans drink here. Lots of their own beers on tap plus 10 or so guest beers all available in 3 extremely reasonably priced sizes. The food is also awesome. huge portions at reasonable prices. Burgers, whole wings that can be either smokes then fried or just fried, brick oven pizza and their own giant sandwich creations called "Headwiches". My personal favorite is the "South Side Slopes". Just a great place to have great beers and great food.“
OPIE788 2829 days ago
96 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“I thought this place was cool. Huge location, packed with people with an hour wait. Nice tap list, sampler and full pint prices. Food was okay...they seem to be really good at insanely spicy food here.“
AdamChandler 2974 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Had a chance to meet jmikolich and Cliff at this establishment. Got to say this brewery covers nearly every style under the sun plus they have about 14 other craft beer taps. I like the fact that they endorse craft beer outside of their own brewery. The waitress we had was very nice and did a great job on a REAL busy night ( Wednesday before Thanksgiving) As far as food, my BBQ pulled pork wrap was above average and priced at the right level. If I lived anywhere in this area I would be a regular here.“
AirForceHops 2974 days ago
88 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Visited: 8-17-11 This place is great, it has a very wide open dining area and a huge bar suitable to fit 100 people easily. The atmosphere is very upbeat, the staff are very friendly, the place is well lit, and the beer list is very easy to see. The quality of the beers are very good, even their mediocre beer is decent. The service is great, the staff were very attentive and knowledgeable about the beers on tap and food. The selection is very good, they carry 8 house taps and another 20 guest taps that covered much of the US and different styles of beers. The food was decent, nothing that blew me away but decent. Overall, I like taking the drive to Fat Heads for their beer but the food is decent too.“
merc7186 2989 days ago
90 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Stopped in early Saturday around 11 for lunch and a few samples. The place has a pretty large parking lot, so that wasn’t an issue. When I walked in, I was one of only a few people there outside of the staff. I was fairly blown away by the amount of stuff they had on draft. They had about 20 of their own and maybe 15 others on draft with 2 casks. I don’t think the casks were on while I was in, but I saw that they had them. All the drafts they had were top notch quality and there was a huge variety. Much more than the Pittsburgh location. The food menu was the same as best as I could recall. I ordered they Bay of Pigs and it was delicious. It was spicier than I anticipated, but still fantastic. The bartender was knowledgeable and came back to check on me every time my samples ran dry. I would love to come back to this place again.“
JStax 3005 days ago
88 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Large, busy (early Fri afternoon) and noisy. Great selection of beers. 13 of their own on draft plus at least as many more micros - mostly from the US, including some unique local brews. Food was also quite good.“
Iphonephan 3180 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“great selection of there own beer and guests taps. love the pictures of people around the world with fat head shirts. massive orders of food.“
mikem409 3273 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Had a nice lunch here on a recent trip to cleveland. Very generous portions and tasty. Beer was very good and they had nice guest taps. Awesome service and a pretty cool bar to hang out. Enjoyed it...would visit again.“
reggiedunlop 3287 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“This is a pretty big place with plenty of parking. Not only do they have a wide variety of their own beers, but they have a very well thought out guest tap list that highlights seasonals and beers that I haven’t seen other places. Nice bar style food. The waitress was attentive and the staff seemed knowledgable. Worth seeking out.“
jsquire 3333 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Ambiance is a lot better than the Pittsburgh location, very large building, looks like an old hosses, with lots of eating area and a huge well spaced bar. Service was solid, but nothing special. Between Fat Head’s great beers they brew and their guest brew selection, you really cant go wrong with selecting a beer. Food is some of the best i’ve ever had as for as burgers/sandwhiches/wings go. Beer is priced fairly and food is priced really nicely considering how good it is and how much food you get. Overall, worth going out of your way to go here for sure, whether is be just for drinks, or dinner as well.“
Beerman6686 3366 days ago
90 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Stopped in for a quick bite and a drink. A large restaurant style building that contained a nice bar area with a few TVs. Bartenders were nice and knowledgeable about the house beers. Food was good and had large portions. Selection was top class with great house beers plus guest taps. Another amazing stop in the Cleveland area.“
deyholla 3408 days ago
90 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Stopped in to this place for lunch on a recent trip to Ohio, I loved it. The site was surprisingly big with a large bar and seating area, really clean, well lit, and inviting. I was starved and the menu looked great, standard American pub fare, I had the fried Perch sandwich and it was great. I drank only their beer while I was there and it was all extremely solid, I tried the Caveman Keller, Goggle Fogger, Head Hunter, their Summer Ale, and the Sorcerer, all were first rate. Great place, I would definitely return.“
HOPSHUNTER 3440 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Great place - close to the airport but out of the way from the city. {Prompt service, 12 Fat Heads beers on tap including Headhunter (awesome) and about 20 guest taps - DFH, Breckenridge, etc. Fairly good bottle selection. Large menu - Wings were very good but the soups were excellent. Sandwiches are BIG. No room for Dessert. Meals for 4 people including 8 samplers and 3 pints came to under 80 bucks. Highly recommended.“
Johnsense 3448 days ago
94 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Great location that is easy to find with parking lot in back. Good service. Great beer. Good bar food.“
Tmoney99 3496 days ago
88 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“This is a great brewpub - of course you cannot beat Head Hunter as an IPA, and their smoked wings are to die for. I will go back every time I make it to the Cleveland area.

Revisit on 07/22/14; Not so high on the smoked wings this time, but the HH still rocks. Majorly busy even on a Tuesday night.

Revisit on 09/27/17 - food still grate, beer selection impressive and quality high. This is clearly a destination brewery.“
bytemesis 3496 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“This place is absolutely worthy! Lots of good brews and a huge menu. I had the "Fat Italian" sandwich and it was an absolute MONSTER! It took me two days to finish it. Beers by the pint or you can get samples for $1.25 to $1.50 each.“
fiveacestx 3503 days ago
76 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Great place to go and visit, try to get there early cause it gets kinda packed later“
tcanimal987 3511 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“This was a cool place. We didn’t have food, but we tried all of the beers they had on tap at the time and loved them. There wasn’t a single beer that I didn’t enjoy. The atmosphere is pretty cool and the service is good too. I like how they have the brewery set up (highly visible) and I like how the serving tanks are behind the bar. Overall, a cool place to get great beer.“
NigeltheBold 3537 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“This place rocks. So glad I finally got to try their beers and they have a great guest tap list, as well. Food was great and easily the best wings I’ve had in months. Lot’s of tvs. Great place to hit if you’re in Cleveland.“
Guyute_Pig 3539 days ago
78 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Had lunch here, Sampled the pub brews which were good solid beers. Decent selection of commercials as well. Well worth a visit.“
KPD 3556 days ago
76 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Visited on 2.26.2012. Fun vibe but definitely a bit commercial. Brisket sandwich is very good, wings were stupid good. 8 house taps with sample sizes available. About 20 guest beers as well. Very solid spot.“
BVery 3619 days ago
90 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“I’ve been here quite often, so I’ve got a pretty good feel for the place. I’m glad I live close, because their draft beer selection is one of the best in the area. They turn them over quickly, so freshness is never an issue. Their house beers are solid to excellent, especially anything hoppy. The food is really good, albeit not that healthy for you, but you get a lot of food for the money. If you leave hungry, it’s not their fault. The service is usually pretty good and very friendly, but there can be a wait on weekends around the normal dinner time running through about 10:00 on some evenings. The holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year is quite busy almost every day of the week, so if you go then, you might expect a bit of a wait. Decor is hand painted beer signs/labels on the red brick walls with pictures of patrons in Fat Heads "gear" popping up throughout the entire place. It can be quite loud during busy times, so if you’re taking small children or don’t like noise, you might be better off visiting during off peak times (dinner hours). I would recommend Fat Heads to any out of towners if you’re looking for good food and good beer.“
kujo9 3625 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“well the food here is out of this world, their beer is really darn good too, however they completely pay favor to the regulars to the point it is a hindrance to the occasional guest... I’ve waited 10 minutes before IPAfest for a table and over 1.5 hours on a saturday night.. however the wait staff is excellent and the food... oh the food, its spectacular. The onion rings will light a fire in your gut in a good way. GET THEM! beyond that they have atleast 10 taps of their beer, and a constant rotating guest taps.. can’t wait until they start to bottle their beer so I don’t have to wait so long to enjoy. an hour and a half is a bit much, especially when I saw every joe-schmoe walk in and give the secret handshake to the manager and get seated prior to me.“
jmikolich 3686 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Kind of an odd, divey-looking diner from the outside. Inside, it was festively decorated, garish bordering on a little cheesy, but altogether welcoming. Very long bar, made of stone or some other odd material. Nice long list of 12 house brews and around 15 guest beers. Service was horrible at first; there was only bartender, and he had his hands full with a group of chumps trying to split their bill and pay with cash and multiple cards. It was settled after about 10 minutes, he apologized and gave us 2 beers on the house, and everything was straight after that. We ordered nachos which were pretty tasty, heavily adorned with meat and cheese. I have to dock a point for serving them on house potato chips rather than tortilla chips. Prices were pretty much on par. Had we paid for the first two beers, it would have been about $28 for 4 beers and the nachos. Overall a pretty cool spot with lots of interesting brews on tap. Would definitely recommend.“
Steeeve 3701 days ago
58 /100 23555 LORAIN RD
“It’s a Convenient, so don’t expect too much. However, for an open late stop, this has a larger selection than most. There are lots of microbrews, and even a few odd Belgians in the mix. Not outstanding, but better than most.“
pottygok 3703 days ago
94 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“The decor in this place is first class. Great hand painted brewery logos on the interior brick walls add to the brewpub feel of this place. Great place to take the whole family for lunch or dinner. LARGE sandwiches with unique combination of ingredients that make their sandwiches outstanding. Great selection of guest taps and house brews from Matt Cole. Amazing, award winning beers! Try the Hop Ju Ju for Imperial IPA for a hop heads delight. Watch out for the onion rings though...they are VERY spicy!“
herchick 3711 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Nice big place. Lots of flat-screens and lots of wood. Not noisy. Bar, table or booth seating available. It was brewing day, so the place smelled great. Also contributing to the wonderful aroma and ambiance was the decadent selection of sandwiches, soups, deserts and other entrees. I could go on, but whatever. The place is really cool. The beers were well above average. Just a joy to visit. Save up some calories before you hit the place up, because I’m pretty sure every item on the menu comes with a complimentary heart massage if necessary.“
hopscotch 3755 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Stopped in this afternoon for lunch and a few brews on our way between Virginia and Grand Rapids. Was really looking forward to trying the Head Hunter IPA and it did not disappoint. Walked in and, as would be expected at most locations, it was not terribly crowded on a Thursday afternoon at 11:30 AM. Off to the left when you walk in is a nice gift-shop-type area. We walked ahead to the bar and grabbed a seat. The bar is very, very large with multiple tap areas. We had the choice of seven different Fat Head’s beers on tap plus a single cask offering. (It looked like they have the capacity for two casks.) We selected the sample tray. In addition to their own beers, there were 10-15 other nice craft brews available. Props for this, first of all. Second, good job having a sample tray, which should be a requirement for any brewpub. I’d like something other than the generic sample glasses, though not many places have mini snifters for their sample trays, so I’ll certainly give them a pass on that. The vibe of the place is really cool. They’ve got brick walls with all sorts of Fat Head’s logos and accomplishments. As you go into the dining area, they have all sorts of brewery logos painted on the walls--mostly those from the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The service was pretty good, though not fantastic. The bartenders were quite friendly, though not the fastest. Still, we never sat for long when we were interested in something else. The food menu had plenty of offerings and the sandwiches were as advertised: very, very large. Mine was quite good. Altogether, a very nice selection of house and outside craft beers at a good value. I’ll definitely return for a sandwich and a Head Hunter the next time we’re on our way through.“
Thorpe429 3797 days ago
76 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Oddly enough based on the iconography of the logo and the slickness if the presentation I assumed it was a chain. It’s not. They had 6 of their own on tap and 20 other craft brews on tap and, oddly enough, miller lite. The beers were all solid. They have a massive dining room and a very long bar and even an hour before closing time on a Tuesday it was really loud. I’d go back if I was in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 3826 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“We stopped here on the way home and it was GREAT. We went during the week and it was dead, so my review may be a bit off compared to peak hours. The food was great and the selection of their own beers was great. They had a somewhat good selection of other brewery items as well. Would recommend going here if you are in the area.“
m0sf3t 3843 days ago
66 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“ Loud and boisterous place, you have to shout over the others. Large and buzy,the staff were mostly bossy and harried, although ours was a peach. Very working class, decent guest taps with ane ye out for the new and different. Their own beers are fairly good, although i havehad the standouts in Buffalo before. They fill growlers, including the guest taps. They make the best root beer in the state, and one of the 5 best I have had in the USA, and a growler of that for the family was only $6. ear the main airport, and come with your own group.“
Sammy 3851 days ago
86 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“(Visited 07/2010 and a couple times since): Fat Head’s is located in North Olmsted which is southwest of Cleveland. The brewpub is on Lorain Ave a couple miles off I-480. There is a pretty good-sized lot behind the building that is partially shared by a strip mall. The interior is spacious with the bar near the entrance and a large table seating area past that. The walls are brick with many of Fat Head’s beer logos painted on here and there. The bar allows a view of some of the brewing equipment behind glass, as well as a board listing all of the beers available. As for the beers, there are over 30, with 10 being Fat Head’s and the rest guest brewers such as Thirsty Dog, Victory and others (including a collaboration beer with Bear Republic), plus a house root beer. There are samplers available as well. The beers are all above average, especially the award winning Head Hunter IPA, and several stray from the typical formula such as a Heller Bock, a Smoked and the aforementioned collaboration Rye beer. Service on an early weekday afternoon was good. The bartender was knowledgeable about the beers (both Fat Head’s and guests) and was helpful with samples, etc. The food at Fat Head’s is good. I strayed a little from my usual pub grub and hat a Salmon burger and it was good. I have heard their burgers go toe to toe with Beer Engine so I will definitely try one of those next time. Overall this place is a must stop in the northeastern part of Ohio.“
Dogbrick 3890 days ago
84 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“This was our third brwwpup of the day. We had heard of Matt Cole the brewmaster her. The Head Hnter IPA was special. This IPA had won the 2010 National IPA Challenge. It is a good one. The place was packed we had to wait for a table at 8 PM. This is serious beer lover saloon. Great selection of beers and ales and all beers were in stock. They also offered other craft beers: Stone, Bells, Great Lakes and Stone. This is truly a beer lovers paradise.“
Foxbush 3914 days ago
78 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Great local large brewery and restaurant. Has a good selection of non Fat Heads brews. The Fat Heads brews are what makes it stand apart. Never had a bad Fat Heads brew. Great selection and beer from Fat Heads. Prices are good for drafts and growlers. Food is great bar/brewery fair. Sandwiches are huge and very tasty. Not healthy food at all but delicious none the less.“
beerjeff 3918 days ago
56 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“It is a nice place to visit since my family is from North Olmsted. I like the large variety of beers on taps.. always gives me something new to try. The service can be slow at time, but as long as there is a beer in front of me.. who really cares :)“
vinobmo 3992 days ago
26 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“Keep going back. Keep trying to like this place because it’s close to me on the West side. Keep being disappointed. Think of Applebee’s with so so craft beer. Service is always slow, 50/50 if your server in the dining area will know anything about the beer. Always a good chance that what you’d like will have "just run out". I leave half the time wondering why I bother.“
raj201 4001 days ago
82 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“It’s a pretty roomy and well lit brew pub with a serving staff that knows their stuff, but can occasionally be absent or carousing with the regulars. The Beer selection, draft wise, is pretty impressive with almost 30 different handles, including some Belgians and rare high ABV craft brews. The food selection is expensive, but you get a lot for your money, and they occasionally offer specials. They also feature a "mug club" which includes a year’s worth of beer specials and your own engraved mug, so that’s cool. Overall, it’s not the best brewpub in Cleveland, but it’s certainly one that’s worth visiting if you’re in town.“
pottygok 4008 days ago
78 /100 24581 LORAIN ROAD
“a great place with a lot of personality. The beer selection was awesome with over 50 taps including cask ales. The food is crazy, huge portions and very original. I could hang out at this place all day, the music is good and the beer is great. The only thing lacking was the service. I was at the bar for at least 2 hours and not once did a bartender come up to ask me if I needed another drink when mine was empty. It got annoying constantly having to flag them down, and it wasn’t even a busy time of day, i think it was between 3-4pm. Besides the service, the place was great.“
gormanb 4152 days ago