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72 /100
Swig (Restaurant)
“On the street parking. Small U-shaped bar and over a dozen tables. Service was pretty good. My Jamaican Breeze was great and the fries are okay. They had an Odd Sides tap take over during my visit. They also have bottles you can buy to go. Pricing seemed going rate. I would come back for sure.“
weihenweizen 1325 days ago
76 /100
Swig (Restaurant)
“Visited on a Friday evening around 8 PM for dinner with the wife and another couple. There is metered street parking around, but if you go just past the restaurant there is some free parking on a side street. They weren’t too busy when we got there and we were able to get a table easily. The place was probably 80% full. Unfortunately they had a band setting up to put on a show and we were sat pretty much right beside their speaker. The back legs of my chair were right up against it, actually. Thankfully, they did not play all that loudly and we could still maintain a table conversation without having to yell. The food here is higher end pub food. I ordered the Duck Reuben for my main course and had the Hot Feta Dip for the table. Both were great. The other items ordered at the table were received well. All food looked good for what it’s worth. Prices were decent. Two meals, an appetizer, and three beers for around $60 pre-tip. Beer selection was diverse with the majority being Ohio brewed. Styles were diverse, but nothing in the sour realm. Plenty of tasty beers, though. I enjoyed myself here and would gladly pop back in for a meal.“
JStax 1983 days ago
80 /100
Swig (Restaurant)
“Swig is one of the coolest place in the area. It’s an awesome charcuterie as well as having a great selection of only quality craft beers on draft along with a good bottle selection.“
Brenden 3022 days ago
58 /100
Swig (Restaurant)
“I visited here yesterday around 6:00 PM for dinner. There are some areas to this place I liked and others I didn’t like. So its a bar located in downtown Perrysburg. There are about 12-15 tables, small bar area, and an outdoor patio. I went because they claim to have a great draft and bottle selection with homemade meats. Sounds great.

Half their draft list was BMC dominated and the other half was craft. I asked for a bottle list and they didn’t have one. I could go up and look into the cooler to see what they stocked. There were maybe around 40 or so bottles.

Ok, so the upside. They do carry some craft in an otherwise BMC dominated town. Plead the 5th on tap with a couple other nice tap gems. The downside was no bottle list and half the draft list was BMC dominated.

The food was fantastic. Service got slow once it got busier, but I wasn’t annoyed by it. Only other thing I didn’t like was the singer. Look, I get its a bar and so you will have live entertainment. But at 6:00? Its freaking dinner time. So I had to yell the whole time so others could hear me. I HATE that. I like live entertainment after 8 or 9:00 when its time. Not at dinner.

I recommend this place with reservations if you have nothing else nearby to try.“
fiver29 3483 days ago
96 /100
Swig (Restaurant)
“A must for any beer geek in or visitng the greater Toledo OH area. This quaint joint in Perrysburg specializes in Homemade Sausages and Smoked Meats for eats. Maybe more importantly is the ever changing tap handles filled with the best craft and import beers they can get their hands on, along with a bottle cooler in which they do the same. Before I forget to mention, they also have a BEER ENGINE serving cask ales. Great Beer, Great Food, Great People & Live Music. Need I say more?“
ReneeReif 3554 days ago
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