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40 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“nice looking place - very touristy being on the main street in Put-in-Bay near where most of the ferries arrive; I did not try any food. The beer selection was not great- usually I get a flight and sample as many as I can, but this place only really had a couple that seemed appealing (I can’t get into a watermelon wheat or a strawberry basil wheat). One of the two beers we tried was horribly skunked - it smelled like a sewer and (I ventured a tiny sip) tasted pretty much the same. I cant see how something this horribly skunked can actually make it to a customer - someone should have noticed this when they put it on tap - even if they didn’t taste it, the smell was pretty obvious that something went wrong. Seemed liek some major contamination issues. The other beer I tried was ok. Service was actually pretty good.“
BeerdedDave 1025 days ago
56 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“This is a neat pair of rooms, one small bar side and a larger dining room/bar side. The beers that they brew are not great, but they had a few good guest taps. Decent bar food. Nothing on Put in Bay is cheap. If you bother to go to South Bass Island you might as well stop by for a beer.“
jsquire 2571 days ago
46 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“Sort of an Any Bar USA kind of feel. Went on a weekday afternoon and June and was mostly populated by Put In Bay residents which is a strange thing to see on Catawba ave. Honestly, the beer here is pretty bad. It is made w/ extract and pretty much tastes like a bad homebrew kit. They were thin in texture and I believe fermented too warm. Didn’t stay for the food but it was a pretty much identical menu to about eight other restaurants in the area which is to say burgers and fish and chips. You are better off just getting a Great Lakes at whatever other Put In Bay location you might find yourself at if you are after good beer.“
Frank 3642 days ago
40 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“Decent atmosphere. Two of their own beers on tap, summer & oatmeal stout. Menu & food were ok. Burgers only cooked medium well & well. Not good. Chix sand was decent. Summer beer was horrible. Four tried to send it back for a Great Lakes, but were still charged for it. "well you ordered it was her reply". Food OK beer sucks“
swoopjones 3923 days ago
72 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“I should have rated this sooner. I was there early august. Excelent food and decent selection of beer. They had 7 or 8 different beers availible of their own beer on tap. Beer is pretty good, but the food is better. I ate there a couple times. We took a couple growlers home out of there. I’m definately going back.“
jimmack34 4100 days ago
48 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“Small pub feel to it with wood decor everywhere and brewing equipment right when you walk in. I did not get upstairs since it’s only open on Friday’s and Saturday’s. The reuben sandwich was very good and the perch sandwich probably should’ve been bought at a more seafood type of place but wasn’t bad. The beer, man I want to be nice but the beer sucked and the big containers of extract laying next to the brewing equipment confirmed my suspicions of basically being a larger stove top weekend brewer setup. It seems with 1 fermentor they can’t really crank out a whole lot but maybe when they actually do they could at least try all-grain. Major off flavors, thin, watery and just not even close to the style were all 3 of the beers I had. So bad that rating there beers would be a waste of time and would be summed up by using the word shit to describe every part of it. Service was great but really I can never see myself going back.“
crizay 4320 days ago
56 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“Well. I went in with very low expectations based on previous ratings. Right off the bat, i will agree. The beer was very bad. I mean, non drinkable bad...It tasted to me like it was almost contaminated in a way. Non of the three I tried tasted anything like they should. The ambviance was GREAT...The food and service was outstanding. We got the wings and honestly, they were some of the best wings I have ever had. They added new in 2007 THE WINE ATTIC upstairs. So the waiter, upon hearing I was a "Beer gal" took me up there. They do have 110 macro brews in the coolers. So that was rather impressive when I was otherwise surrounded by an island of bud light...I would go back for the food and the macros...But I would skip their brews.“
BeerVirgin72 4681 days ago
46 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“Dashed in here for a quick beer. Damn, I wanted it to be good because everywhere else on this island had the normal macro crap. The two beers that I had, the Nut Brown Ale and the Amber, were pretty much undrinkable. These beers were the worst beers I’ve EVER TRIED to drink. I didn’t finish either one(more than two sips and I was gagging), which is a rare experience for me. After trying all the beers they had on tap I honestly can’t think of beer(macros & homebrews included) that taste worse than any that I tried here. I liked the ambiance, small pub feel. I hope they learn how to brew, it would be a shame that one of the few places (possibly the only one if you don’t count the few that serve a Great Lakes beer or two) on PIB that serves craft beer goes under sending the message that craft beer can’t make it on the island, when I’m sure a brewpub could be a real winner here with a quality product. Until somebody who knows how to brew starts working here, have anything but one of their beers.“
JCW 4715 days ago
52 /100 441 CATAWBA RD
“Meant to add this when I got back from vacation but apparently I forgot. This is a brew-pub out on the islands in Lake Erie. Old world pub feel to it. Food was average. Pizza seems to be the specialty. Beer selection was pretty limited as well. 3 of their own on tap when I was there. Amber, Summer Wheat, and Stout. Beers were pretty average as well. Service was friendly.“
OhioDad 5070 days ago
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