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86 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Big bar here. Couple bartenders. Medium size ding area. Dim lights and playing Christmas songs. 8 beers of their own on tap and 7 guest beers. Ample parking off a busy road. Wood work inside building is very nice. This seems to be a warm, nice place. I would come here again. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 492 days ago
78 /100 19304 DETROIT RD
“We had an early dinner here on a brisk Saturday afternoon, so we skipped the beloved patio for a table in the back. The place has a warm, cozy feel despite being a good size. The staff is really friendly and attentive; it probably didn’t hurt that we were with people who knew the waiter. The tap list of 24 handles had about 6 things I’d never tried before. I opted for a new local from Portside. Good regional and national craft representation, and a good mix of styles, too. Something for everyone. The food was tasty and hearty. I was really impressed with this place. Really nice option for food and beers in Rocky River.“
phaleslu 2365 days ago
70 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Another mega busy place in Cleveland. Fortunately it is pretty big with tons of seating, including a patio area. I sat at the bar which had lots of empty seats. Service was exceptional and friendly. They had 7 of their own beers on tap, plus a couple of guest brews running. Flights were like 13$ with tax I did not order food. Beers were mostly pretty Meh, but the IPA was solid as was the Hef. Clearly running in fifth place in the cleveland craft brew scent, but still worth a stop.

Update September 2017. Whoah, nobody has reviewed since me? Odd. At least 8 of their brews plus some guest taps. Food was solid, beer was as I remember it.“
bytemesis 2455 days ago
64 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Visited on 2.17.2013. Cool brewpub vibe. Beers aren’t very good. Flights available - 8 house taps.“
BVery 2975 days ago
80 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“I visited here on a Friday night around 7pm and waited no more than a half hour, with some friends so that was nice. I was very skeptical as the Rocky River beers i’ve had to date were subpar.. but let me be frank, the beers are still average, but the food was FANTASTIC... absolutely great food.. price was fair, and they have 8 taps of their beer and 5 or 6 guest taps, which included DFH 60min and Bear Republic Racer 5, (And Mojo Risin’ too) got the Reisch burger.. man it was good.“
jmikolich 3324 days ago
8 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“I’ve NEVER been more insulted when visiting a restaurant than I was when I visited RRBC this past Friday night. After waiting longer than expected for our table the hostess ADMITTED to me that because she could not read her own writing she had been seating tables of guests who had arrived after us with the same number of people in their party. After being seated finally, we asked the hostess admit her error to the manager and would it be possible for them to send over a complimentary drink. We were then greeted by GARY the OWNER who informed us that NO ONE walks into his bar and asks for free drinks, that it wasnt his policy. Furthermore after we explained our situation, he returned to us with the hostess sign in sheet arguing that the guests who were seated before us were only seated several minutes earlier. I’ve never in my life been so rudely spoken to by a server let alone the OWNER of a restaurant. Needless to say we left immediately with GARY rudely shouting after us "GO AHEAD, LEAVE". For those of you out there in search of a great independently owned restaurant and/or local brewerey, look elsewhere. There are plenty of other restaurants out there with owners who appreciate and respect their customers.“
MollyH 3387 days ago
76 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“(Visited 09/2010): Rocky River is located on Center Ridge Road not too far off I-90. There is a private lot on the side and rear of the building. The inside is a mustard yellow and brick motif. The bar is immediately past the host stand/merch cabinet and is partial wrap-around. Dining areas are on either side of the bar, which offers a view of brewing equipment behind glass, as well as a chalkboard listing what beers are on tap. They also have beer menus at the bar. As for the beers, Rocky River carries 8 house brews plus 4 guest taps. The RR beers range include a Light, Kolsch, Blueberry, Amber, Oktoberfest, Brown, Stout and Pale. Guest brewers include Left Hand, North Coast and Dogfish Head. The beers are available in a sampler too. All in all they were average to above average, with nothing really standing out. Service on a weekday afternoon was good. The bartender was friendly and somewhat knowledgeable about the beer. I did not try any food on this visit. Overall this place is a worthwhile stop for anyone visiting the area or passing by on the freeway.“
Dogbrick 3602 days ago
76 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Family oriented clean brewpub. It was on Derby day and it was crowded a with famililes and their children. Good food with excellent service. We had mussels the best of our trip. Many TV screeens for the derby. Good selecton of beers. The amber ale was out of stock.“
Foxbush 3627 days ago
62 /100 19500 CENTER RIDGE RD
“The reason I am adding this place is because I thought it was a unique concept - it is bar + barbershop. You walk in, get a beer, and get your haircut. It is also family friendly, with a separate play area for kids. My son was with me, and while I had a beer, he played. We both got our haircuts, and for the record, we got two really terrific haircuts (he’s almost 5 - his haircut was easily the best he’s had in his entire life). This is a cool an old house with the bar connected by a door to the hair cutting (but with beer going back and forth). Sean the barber is from Ireland and has been cutting hair a long time. His shop is an homage to Ireland, complete with soccer on the TV’s, etc. Selection is a bit of a weakness...they have 2 taps, but that is 2 more than any other barber shop I’ve been to. He had Smithwick’s and Guinness on tap, and a few BMC/boring imports in the cooler. Still, Smithwick’s or Guinness with your haircut is a good deal. The place isn’t cheap, but I thought it worth it.“
BeerBelcher 3638 days ago
80 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Swung by here around lunch time. A decent sized crowd was eating lunch here, but there was plenty of room at the bar. I didn’t eat during this visit, but I’ve eaten here a couple times in the past and always enjoyed the food. I remember liking the cajun blue cheese burger. The sampler of beers was like $10 for eight 6 oz ? beers. bigger than normal samples fo sho. Worth a visit.“
SrSilliGose 4128 days ago
72 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Pretty nice brewpub. Around 6 house made beers on tap. Food is usually pretty good too.“
ZiggyDaMoe 4295 days ago
70 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Noce brewpub. Usually has around 5 to 8 house made beers on tap. Food is always really good. The Pad Thai and fish tacos are awesome. Beers are good to really good. The Oompa Loompa Chocolate Stout is awesome. Decent decor, lots of wood. Overall a really nice place.“
Cliff 4297 days ago
64 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“I stopped here near a dead time between lunch and dinner. Finding it can be tricky if you do not know where it is. Plenty of parking is available in back so the hardest issue will be getting in and out.
The food was solid for a brewpub. More upscale than your typical fare it offered tasty choices including a gouda pizza which was a reasonable value at $8.50.
Pints are $3.75 each and the sampler runs $11.50. Looking over the tap list I was not overly impressed; four of the seven offerings were pale ales or lighter styles and all seven were below 5% ABV. My irish ale was decent but nothing special. For a neighborhood brewpub it would make a nice stop. However I would not recommend going out of your way to visit.“
Brigadier 4401 days ago
74 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“A solid but unspectacular place. Big place, plenty of seating and outdoor seating. Decent variety on tap, but none of the beers really jumped out at me. Owner was a nice guy, food was above average. i wouldnt make a speacial trip for this palce, but if you are in the neighborhood, it is worth a stop“
Thprovider 4483 days ago
68 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Not as well known to the beer geeks I have met in Cleveland, perhaps because of its due West location. They are missing something indeed. The two brewers’ products were fresh and tasty. The owner is right there as a coach to the people, motivating them in a can-do attitude. Very nice place, this would be upscale even for the chains for a very well-lit location, patio and an enormous long bar. Only criticism is that there was a limited selection and I did not notice guest taps nor real ale (something lacking in Cleveland altogether). However if you are nearby, its worth going out of the way for and its not too far from the Buckeye Beer Engine. “
Sammy 4584 days ago
74 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“I was expecting this to be an out of the way type of place, but it’s actually huge. Nice patio, very spacious dining room and area, and a VERY large bar area that seems as though it would accommodate a busy night rather well. The beer is nothing to go BACK for, but there seem to be one or two on tap that are worth drinking a pint of. I did not have the food personally, but everyone I was with seemed to enjoy their food. I heard the Asian Nachos are definitely the appetizer to get.“
Rogueone 4701 days ago
80 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Nice place with lots of wood and a very large bar. The beer selection was pretty good and reasonably priced with cheap growlers to go. I was very happy with the food and service, very fast and very friendly. The only problem I had with the place was seeing a guy who was either the owner or manager park in the only open handicap accessible spot available while he ran inside to take care of some business, NOT COOL.“
dankman 4858 days ago
68 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“The food was good with some nice choices. The beer was good, but not great. The hefe was not good on my visit with a smell of sulfur. Overall it’s a nice place, but I wouldn’t say it’s great.“
jgood22 5046 days ago
74 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“I’ve been here a couple of times and it does have the big wooden bar and exposed brewing equipment that gives a brewpub its distinct personality. The selection of beers were all on the lighter side the last time I was there, with an IPA being the biggest thing on tap. All very well made and tastey. The food is better than the average pub grub. Well worth the trip if in Cleveland area.“
jsquire 5069 days ago
76 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Big wooden bar, good amount of seating inside and a big patio on the back for the summer. Got a sampler which came in the biggest sampler sizes I’ve ever had all were pretty good. The food was very good and I left having spent less than $20, I’ll be back.“
crizay 5164 days ago
88 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Stopped in around 2:00pm, and it was pretty slow. Got the sampler tray of their beer, and the presentation on that was quite nice. The food was excellent, the Asian Nachos were just awesome. And the pizza was also quite good. Brewing equipment right when you walk in, they were doing something with coffee when we were leaving. Big wooden bar, and just a nice warm feel to it. Good service. I’ll definitely be back here, very nice place.“
sliffy 5183 days ago
86 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Go here fairly frequently. Very nice atmosphere inside, wooden walls divide the various sections but don’t go all the way to the ceiling, allowing a nice dull roar of conversation to get through. 8 beers are usually on tap, however they seem to often run out of one or two. Staff is very friendly and prompt, and food is very good. Well worth visiting if you are in cleveland.“
ExSpectator 5224 days ago
94 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Stopped here in route from Sandusy to Cleveland on vacation with the family and I was quite impressed. This is a delightful brewpub! Nice wooden look on the outside and you pass the brewing equipment as you walk through the door to the big wooden and marble bar that wraps around to the sides. Tables are divided well by wooden walls and there is a nice dull roar from conversation throughout. There were 8 beers on tap the night we stopped but they had run out of one. Service was excellent. I was astounded at how fast the wait staff was back when a glass was empty. It seemed we had 3 or 4 waitresses. The One Potato 2 Potato Grouper was very very tasty. Very nice place that I want to visit again when they have their best brews on.“
OhioDad 5398 days ago
70 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Typical brewpub in layout, plus a big patio section. Friendly staff provided good service. Good beers, though sadly they didn’t have any of their Belgians on tap. Definitely recommend.“
argo0 5417 days ago
86 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Rocky River Brewing is one of my favorite places to go for an excellent microbrew. They make some outstanding beers including there coffee and umpa lumpa stout. The food is excellent and their new years party is an excellent value.“
Rc70Duster 5674 days ago
74 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“I’ve been here a couple of times and the place looks like an old family steak house from the outside. The outside, however doesn’t. The bar takes up most of the space and is a huge dark wood thing that looks antique. The beers don’t hold up to the quality of some of the other bars in the Cleveland area, but the stuff isn’t bad either.“
aracauna 5732 days ago
80 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Not an easy location to locate, but well worth the effort. Nice location with large bar and food area. I ordered the sampler and was lucky again to meet the brewmaster. The sampler was eight beers with a written list and description of each brew. Solid brews. Well worth the time to find and beers are very good.“
Tmoney99 5740 days ago
76 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Solid place. Food was better than most standard pub grub. got the draught sampler of whatever was currently on tap - they said it was 7 four oz. samples for $7. Ended up with 8 six oz. samples for the $7 - great deal! Beer was quite nice overall too.“
beerhugger 5856 days ago
76 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“HOT!! literally. turn down the thermostat. while waiting for call-ahead table, TRIED to get beer from bar. bartenders seem to be auditioning for Cocktail 2. too much attitude for Rocky River. "manager" was too busy cruising for girls behind bar to notice guys trying to get a beer. service at the table was good, food was great for price, selection diverse, good specials. service during dinner was great.“
liquidcrack 5864 days ago
82 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Visited on the Cleveland micro tour 1/15/05: Typical brew pub setting, large dark wood bar, no booths, all tables w/ chairs mixed between high tables & chairs in the smoking section and normal height tables & chairs in the non smoking section. 8 beers on tap normally ranging from the Pirate light to seasonals. One draw back is that they also have Bud Light. I’ve eaten here a handful of times, awesome food, good friendly service, and Matt Cole the brewer is always happy to talk shop unless he’s trying to get to see his beloved Steelers playoff game(one more draw back, but it’s minor).“
kujo9 5919 days ago
66 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Just an average brewpub, good service and the hefeweizen was a surprise.“
BBB63 6158 days ago
68 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Nice place. Friendly staff.“
michael-pollack 6219 days ago
74 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Cool layout. Dark wood and exposed brick. The medals that brewer Matt Cole has won are proudly on display just inside the front door overlooking his Mash Tun. Matt is a great guy and great brewer who can usually be found hanging around later on and is always ready to talk beer. Beers are consistantly excellent. Great German and Belgian brews. English beers are gaining on them in quality lately. Only gripe about the beer is that ithe list of what's on at any given time can vary. Sometimes you have 8 or 9 beers including a few of the really great stuff like Saison, Zeus Juice, or Subchaser. Other times, the have 4 beers, including a light and a raspberry wheat. If traveling from a distance, call ahead to scope out the tap list.Sunday night $1.50 pints has my calandar booked from now till I'm in the box. The staff is, in general, beautiful. Service can be sketchy at times. Food is quite tasty and can be pretty healthy if you make the right selections. Overall, a pretty fun place with great beer and good food.“
NVBeer232 6250 days ago
80 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“The beer is very good here. They always seem to have an interesting seasonal beer on tap.“
mike3 6263 days ago
62 /100 21290 CENTER RIDGE ROAD
“Brew Matt Cole comes up with some unique and flavorful beers - OompaLoompa Chocolate Stout, Wits Doctor and a nice variety of seasonals. Your best bet is to stop by when it's not busy, sit at the bar and start by ordering the sampler. In all of our experiences at the pub, service has been sub-par - waitstaff not knowing anything about the beers, Owner/manager answering a complaint with an "oh well, it's Friday, what are ya gonna do?" and two samplers served to us with the beers lined up in totally different orders! Great beer, food is pretty tasty, poor service.“
Drew 6270 days ago
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