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80 /100 1225 N. PERKINS RD
“They have a very broad selection of beer which is categorized by region. Tons of stuff is available as singles though they are room temperature and many things are old. Check date codes. The beer cave has a great selection of six packs and things seemed to be moving a little more in there. Oklahoma has a sneakily impressive brewery scene and most of them are represented in the inventory here. Not many bombers are on the shelf. Prices are quite good, certainly in line for Oklahoma.“
NachlamSie 551 days ago
82 /100 519 S. HUSBAND STREET
“Brand new, lots of seating, comfortable bar, nice views of brewery, just needs live music and maybe some dartboards.“
gururyan 2437 days ago
68 /100 319 S WASHINGTON
“One of the best bars for beer, but they are one of the few places left that allow smoking. So you and your clothes will reek of smoke before you even make it up to the bar.“
gururyan 3413 days ago
90 /100 128 N MAIN
“Good selection for Stillwater, likely the best. Great pick six wall but pricey at 11.79. If you know what you’re doing though, you can beat the house.“
gururyan 4003 days ago
84 /100 3954 WEST 6TH AVE
“Decent selection for what's available here, lots of local okie brewers represented. Bombers are priced a bit high though. Decent 6 wall too. Very friendly and helpful staff. Liquor and wine selections and prices also good.“
gururyan 4009 days ago
60 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“Let’s be honest--no one is going here for the good beer. There’s Bud Light. There’s Coors Light. There’s Shiner Bock. And maybe a handful of bottles like Hoegaarden, Red Stripe, etc. So let’s not pretend this is a craft beer haven. That said, the food is always good. The service is usually as well. It’s a great atmosphere and a good college bar. I wouldn’t recommend it on a game day, unless you’re just dying to wait a long time. But otherwise, it’s definitely a good place to check out for some fun if you’re in the area.“
WesKBob 4286 days ago
88 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“Great place for students, alumni, fans, and visitors. A must stop for game days, part of life for students, great live music, retractable roof, multiple bars, unbeatable grub...really just hard to top.“
gururyan 4307 days ago
48 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“Went there back in college (76-79) when the only reason to go was to eat the free chips and salsa during happy hour. Other than that, the Fox was down the street and EVERYBODY went to the Fox. Went from funky independent place to a more mainstream place in the early ’90s. Now, everybody and their brother wants to go there on game days - STAY AWAY THEN!“
m2swim 5197 days ago
58 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“I visited on spring break, so the atmosphere wasn’t insane (steadily busy) and the service was fairly decent. The selection wasn’t excellent, but within the town it was probably as good as it gets and acceptable. Didn’t eat any food, so I can’t comment on that. Don’t go to Stillwater for beer, but if you’re there and this place isn’t crazy busy, it’s worth a stop.“
User37895 5273 days ago
50 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“I like the food, but I have been there a lot. If you dont know the menue, you wont know what to order. Everything is pretty good, but nothing to write home about. The pool tables suck, but they have nice TV’s. Dont even try to get a table on game day/night. I have to say, the only beer I have had there is Bud Light, so I dont know what else they have.“
tikimann 5821 days ago
20 /100 319 S WASHINGTON
“I used to like this bar when it was named "Mikes College Bar", but when the name changed, so did the feel. It is often filled with "clicks" and if people dont know you, they treat you like dirt.“
tikimann 5821 days ago
60 /100 319 S WASHINGTON
“Eeehhh... I was pretty underwhelmed. I mean, sure, they have almost every beer available in the state - in bottles - but overall the place was pretty much a dive. If you look at their website it appears as though it’s some big, happening, always-busy college bar... not the case. It’s small, dirty, empty, and the tables and chairs (and booths?!?) seemed to be all broken. Beer-wise it’s pretty good, though they only had about 6 things on tap, and only one of them was decent (SNPA), but for a scene this place sucks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it folds sometime. 10pm on a Friday night and we’re the only ones there?!? Oh yeah, the beer list on their website is probably 5 years old!!.“
3fourths 6061 days ago
42 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“Overall, a college sports bar/restuarant that goes from family to pick up joint around 9pm. Service depends on the night. If it’s busy, forget about it. It’s noisy. It’s turned from a cool bar (15 yrs ago) to a corporate type of place.“
quarterUltra 6122 days ago
30 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“Not a lot of decent beer. The food used to be great but now it’s a tourist trap... the burgers used to be world class but now they are just like everywhere else.“
3fourths 6467 days ago
44 /100
Eskimo Joe’s (Restaurant)
501 W. ELM
“Good food, great atmosphere. The beer choices are extremely limited, (the only beers that might be of interest are Boulevard Wheat, Shiner Bock, and Red Stripe). But, if you’re ever in Stillwater and want a burger and don’t mind a place that doesn’t focus on the beer, then you’re in for a treat.“
sethdude 6579 days ago
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