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100 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“If there is a heaven on earth, this might take the cake. With a selection of tasty brews like Prairie Bomb, St. Bernardus Abt 12, and Three Philosophers just to name a few. What is not to love?“
HopHead321 3002 days ago
80 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“This is certainly the best place within a radius of 100 miles or so. About 200 or so for make your own six pack. A few bombers and larger bottles. And a good selection of six pacs of various things not available in Arkansas (where I live). If you’re in Talequah, this place is a must.“
BOSSbrewer 3096 days ago
100 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Mary’s Liquor has beer, beer, beer, and more beer! They have every style to quench your thirst. They even have Brewsday Tuesday where you save 5% on all beer. Also if you are not a beer connoisseur, they have a very knowledgeable staff that will very gladly help you find your style of choice. and not to mention they give away free ice with purchase“
BeerGuru1234 3268 days ago
96 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Best beer selection of all stores in the area. I frequent the river several times a year. I like getting free ice instead of having to pay for it. I even got a free coozie last time I was in.“
Esplin89 3331 days ago
98 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Mary’s Liquor has the best promotions in town! Their sale prices cannot be matched and they offer many different free items with your purchase, such as koozies and ice.“
CT09 3639 days ago
98 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Mary’s has the widest beer variety in town. They also have a special, where you can build your own 6 pack so you aren’t stuck with a beer that you aren’t the biggest fan of.“
awellman8288 3667 days ago
100 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“I am a frequent shopper at this place! With over 250 different kinds of beer it is impossible not to find something that you will like. Friendly staff who know their stuff. Also, FREE ice, that is a plus.“
beerfan222 3716 days ago
100 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Found an old but goodie they have the Piraat beer it was only a 4pack but each beer had 10.5%ABV!!“
Danni 3723 days ago
100 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Had a large inventory of domestic as well as Imported beer. Great service. Awesome staff, and very knowledgeable. They have a great deal where you can pick out a six pack of different beers and you get a 10% discount, that allowed me to try different kinds without having to purchase different cases.“
ilovebrews 3807 days ago
100 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Mary’s Liquor has the best beer selection this side of the Mississippi! They have a great pick six wall that allows you to try different beers without having to be tied down to a 6-pack. Very knowledgeable staff that knows their product.“
Greg_34 3807 days ago
96 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Mary’s Liquor is the place in Tahlequah to get beer. You get free ice with every purchase!“
br0agent 4064 days ago
80 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Knowledgable staff. Solid Beer selection. 4 Lokos!“
Tadd52 4136 days ago
76 /100 902 E. DOWNING STREET
“Had a friend mention this place to me while I was visiting him in Tahlequah. I was not expecting to find a good craft beer location in Oklahoma, but this place blew me away. They have six packs lining the back wall and an entire section dedicated to singles. They let you build your own 6 pack for very reasonable prices. I asked the clerk and he said they had 351 different labels to offer. They had the full line-up of Choc beers as well as many that I had never seen before. Picked up 2 sixers with imports and US crafts. The price altogether was under 30, and I was pleased. This place is a beacon of light in an otherwise beer-forsaken void.“
Cavie 4755 days ago
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