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54 /100
Fresh Foods Cannon Beach (Grocery Store)
“mostly beers from small and unknowns. looked like lots of shelf sitters. the 8 taps to go were not cheap and i was concerned in freshness and not up to sampling by 10 oz.“
Sammy 518 days ago
“you can get a decent beer here to drink. big restaurant is the prioritym“
Sammy 518 days ago
“Gran bel posto, locale enorme con cucina a vista e fermentatori. su tre birre tre centri pieni. Tutte ottime. Servizio cortese ma la birra di punta del locale (export stout) servita ghiacciata... Peccato, per il resto ottima esperienza. Cucina buona, prezzi alti“
fiammanghilla 819 days ago
92 /100 264 THIRD STREET
“Public Coast ended up being perhaps my favorite brewery in town. The space is large and expansive with a patio as well. The food menu is brief but well executed. Solid beer list too with some high quality sessionable American ales, perfect for the beach. The blonde really impressed me. Yea, it's a boring style, blah blah, but this one is so crisp and clean and still had something to it. They had a dozen or so taps going. There weren't any outlandish or super experimental offerings but they covered their bases well. Based on what I had, just solid and dialed in beers. Unfortunately we were in Cannon Beach Tuesday-Thursday and they are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. We would have been more than once for sure.“
NachlamSie 828 days ago
84 /100
Fresh Foods Cannon Beach (Grocery Store)
“There is a walk in beer cooler in the middle of the store. Good selection here with plenty of local stuff and a few imports. They've got a growler fill station too which featured some stuff less likely to be seen elsewhere in Cannon Beach.“
NachlamSie 828 days ago
“We stopped in here several times during our stay in Cannon Beach. The very close proximity to our rental home brought us in, the great service and quality beer made us return. The space is large and well put together with a wrap around patio outside as well. Food is quite good and features the use of their beer. I'm impressed with the very large selection of beer. They had well over a dozen offerings and from the several I had, they're quite good. You can buy six packs, bombers, growlers, and crowlers which made stocking our cooler easy. I'm not sure about all the low scores on this site. It does feel like a big chain which may turn folks off, but the breadth of great beer on tap in such a small, touristy town makes this a great stop.“
NachlamSie 829 days ago
82 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Bills is a scruffy, old brewpub in the downtown part of Cannon Beach near most of the shops and eateries and the beach. The beer selection is small and typical of what you may find in brewpubs across the country. The interior is worn and charming. I had some really good clam chowder here with my hefeweizen. It's a cozy place to have some local beer, but I think Public Coast and Pelican both cater more to the beer enthusiast.“
NachlamSie 829 days ago
68 /100 264 THIRD STREET
“Made a quick stop here on our way north out of town (just after the opened for the day). Tried a few of their beers, which has a quality ranging from mediocre to pretty tasty. Food was solid as well. Nice looking place with pretty good set-up. Feels new and like they were still working out the kinks, but they've been open for a while. Decent spot.“
ben4321 834 days ago
56 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Has kind of a dive feel to it (dark, lots of wood). Right on the main drag of town, so there's probably a lot of foot traffic. Small beer selection. Typical looking bar food (thought we didn't eat here). Small outdoor seating area. Beers I had were fine. Bartender was pretty nice. Okay spot.“
ben4321 834 days ago
“Big spot, nice looking, right across the street from the beach. Corporate feel and service (not in a bad way). Beers were probably slightly above average, food was fine as well. Not a destination by any means, but a solid spot if you are looking for beers in Cannon Beach.“
ben4321 834 days ago
74 /100
Fresh Foods Cannon Beach (Grocery Store)
“This is a pretty solid little grocery store that was located really close to where we were staying. Nice, larger cooler room with plenty of beer inside + they have growler fills as well. Smaller store, okay prices, clean and new looking. Friendly service. As far as these little beach town groceries go, this is probably one of the better ones I can recall. “
ben4321 889 days ago
“Stopped in for lunch on a weekday afternoon. Nice interior, lots of windows and wood, but also a corporate feeling here. OK prices, I had the sampler priced about $7 or so. I enjoyed the seafood chowder. This is good option for the area, there is not a lot of beer in Cannon Beach.“
JK 1262 days ago
62 /100 264 THIRD STREET
“Expansive, modern-feeling tap room in pretty much central Cannon Beach, just off the waterfront. A dozen house taps, plus a few more guest taps. Most of the beers I felt were overly well-dialed in -- let’s hope those are growing pains. A flight of 12 was very cheap (about $12), so I can’t fault the pricing. Friendly staff and good service. Perhaps worth checking out in a year when they’ve hopefully figured things out a bit more.“
mcberko 1337 days ago
“Big new building, looks nice and well appointed, but also too-big and anonymous. Feels like a chain (which, it basically is). Tons of Pelican taps, and a fantastic deal for their tasting tray - 7 beers (5 mainstays + 2 seasonals) for $7. Prices for larger pours were fair, not great. Plenty of their bottles available to go, most at a very good price ($4 for a 22). Young and efficient staff, big kitchen/menu. Doesn’t feel like a great craft beer place, but it is nice to find in this small town. Fine, I’ll probably be back, but I’m not too excited about the place.“
luttonm 1377 days ago
70 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“If you’re in Cannon Beach, this is a must visit spot. Warm and cozy, really old school Pacific Northwest brewpub feel. Good happy hour ($4 pints and a few food items for cheap). Beer is middling to average, but with great character. It consistently surprised me. (the nitro, roasty-dark barleywine was very cool). Maybe it is just nostalgia, but I really enjoyed it here. I can imagine my father hanging here decades ago at the start of the PNW brewing scene. Friendly enough staff, ok cheap food menu, $1 tasters. I’ll be back to hang out whenever I’m in town.“
luttonm 1377 days ago
70 /100 264 THIRD STREET
“Pretty nice space at the edge of Cannon Beach on the way in/out of town. Nice building, solid buildout, obviously some money behind the project. Beer was a little hit or miss, but overall fairly solid and boring. Caters to be a moderately fancy ’gastropub’ that is family friendly. Food is fine, with a lot of Gluten Free options, but overpriced even by Cannon Beach standards. I could see stopping in for ticks next time I’m in town, but it isn’t a place I’m dying to return to. I wouldn’t eat here again. Friendly staff, who told me that a more interesting barrel and aging program is in motion.“
luttonm 1377 days ago
“Nice new restaurant/brew-pub. Typical brew-pub ambiance and service. Good selection of beers on tap. Food was very good the first time I ate here, but not as good the next time--they had just opened, so I assume they didn’t quite have things sorted out then. I’d go back again the next time I’m in town.“
Hanuta06 1536 days ago
46 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Nice little brewpub in this quaint town a couple blocks from the ocean (though with no views of it). 9 house beers on tap at our visit, ranging from below average to average more or less. Reasonable prices and competent service. Can’t really recommend this place, but if you find yourself in Cannon Beach, may as well stop here.“
mcberko 2220 days ago
80 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“The timber interior give this place a homely feel. Not as large a range of beers as many other brewers but they are good. Well worth visting this centrally located bar.“
roundhouse 2356 days ago
74 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Small area with the brewery in the middle of the bar and restaurant. Small patio with a few tables outside. It was packed on a Sunday afternoon. Good solid, clean beers. Food and service was great.“
Sledutah 2430 days ago
72 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Fairly nice interior. Warm and rustic. Good service, they brought out the food quick. The food was typical pub grub, fairly expensive. The beer is hit and miss. They did have a BA Stout that was great. Certainly worth the trip. The best part was they had 10 beers on tap. I always appreciate that.“
douglas88 2706 days ago
74 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Finally made it tot his place. Nice beers good pub food and most of all your in Cannon Beach. The beers are average at best and some well they needed some work. But it is nice to have a fresh brew on the beach. Parking can be hard too many people in town at times. Watch for the crowds this can be a buys busy place.“
BrewDad 3476 days ago
70 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Heading to spend some time on the beach? While in town, this is a nice little stop for the beer lover. Simple, family-style setup, with a decent little bar if you simply want to grab a pint. Service was laid back, but spot on. Food was pretty good pub fare, and decently priced. Really odd music rotation, jumping from salsa to classic rock, while throwing in some 80’s synth pop and Sinatra (songs often getting cut off mid-way). It made for an interesting visit. Ha! I had their porter and their stout, and it went pretty well with their oyster burger. There are, undoubtedly, ’better’ restaurants in town; but if I ever find myself in the area again, I’ll definitely stop by to sample some more of their brews.“
brewolf 3922 days ago
70 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Neat little brewery in on one of the most beautiful coastlines that i have ever seen. Service was very good, the guys there were really knowledgable. Food was a bit above average, though not by much. Beer was better than i expected, though i was kindof upset they were out of the beer that took a medal in the GABF.“
inkubus27 4656 days ago
34 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“I would never go there a second time. I was really surprised they didn’t have an IPA in their own brew list, they had a guest tap IPA which I had. So I didn’t sample any of the Bills’ brews, and I thought it was dumb they would charge for a sample being a brewpub and all. Waitress was horrible. We all ordered soups to have before our sandwiches for lunch. They didn’t come out until our sandwiches. How hard is it to pour chili in a cup and bring it right out. Waitress was snotty. The menu said to refer to beer list on table, there was none so I asked what their selection was and with an attitude she pointed up n the wall for their list. Whatever. There were other rude comments along the time. Here tip was 10% so whatever. Anyway, go there for beer, but don’t expect the best service. Maybe that’s their style, but it wont get them far when you’re working in customer service for tips.“
boFNjackson 4818 days ago
36 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Beer selection was limited but some were decent bevvies. Service was ABYSMAL!! On a slow day the wait staff were too busy chatting with each other to do that service thing. Went back next day to see if it was just one lazy crew....nope, service still sucked.“
bullmoose62 4988 days ago
72 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Nice little place for lunch. They have a patio with a few benches out front that is nice if you are bringing your dog to the beach. Food was fairly inexpensive and good for the price. Beer was ok, some were decent some were subpar. Staff was very friendly. Nice place in a great location, one block from the beach can’t beat that, well unless you are pelican.“
beerinmarch 5160 days ago
78 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Stop in for Lunch with the Fam. Had some good local Brew and some good But Over Priced food. A nice selection of there own stuff and a few others on tap. O YA I almost forgot sorry pinkzambia for kicking you off of the top raters for Bills Tavern and Brewhouse “
BuckeyeBoy 5241 days ago
72 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“This is a great place to come all year round. A cozy little atmosphere, with some decent beers to try when they have them all on tap, they run out of stuff alot. Warm in the wintertime, to grab a beer and sit in front of the old stove fire place, or great to watch people passing by when it is nice outside.“
harlequinn 5352 days ago
72 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“This place has an awesome environment picking up on the seaside location. They have painted the walls a sea and sky theme as well as in the bathrooms. It is well done. Lots f B&W photos. Comfortable seating ana booths with real wood tables. Pine wainscoating on the walls which contrast with the dark blues of the paint. The A-frame exposed roof beams and ceiling slats provided atmosphere. A good menu of sandwiches, burgers, salads, special soups and seafood. I had the cod fish and chips and my wife had the halibut - both were well done and fresh. The dessert choices change daily - we chose the Chocolate seduction cake over the Key Lime cheesecake. On the left side of the reataurant you could view 5 small stainless steel tanks and I guess they also brew upstairs. They had 12 beers on tap including a hard cider. Also included was Budwieser (token macro), one guest beer (Widmer IPA when I was there), and the rest are Bill’s brews. I got the Bill’s sampler which they only had five going (normally 9), so I got a nice discount. Definitely worth a visit when you are hanging out at Haystack rock.“
pinkzambia 5636 days ago
62 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Small, bright and clean. Lots of wood beams and trim. Service was pretty good. The place is divided into two portions, one on the left for the underage and another on the right for the 21 and over crowd. Beer is mediocre at best. Didn’t have any food, but the place is busy, with lots of locals, so maybe it’s ok.“
batkins 5750 days ago
68 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Unlike mjames, I thought this place seemed rather pretentious and yuppieish. Not too many tourists, yes, but it seemed like a snooty ski resort town but with beach dwellers. Inside they had a cool sign that said hippies use side door when their was no side door. lol. Ran out of Ragsdale Porter, g’damnit! That was one of my main points on this trip, to drink a beer worthy of my name. Anyways, they had on a murky oyster stout which was fairly good and oceanic. Didn’t have any food (really didn’t try food many places since Sham and I were eating out of the cooler in the car). I’m not sure if it was worth the stop or not. Very cute waitresses thoguh.“
BückDich 5793 days ago
60 /100 188 N. HEMLOCK
“Located on the main street of Cannon Beach, this is a small place, sitting among all of the tourist stores and other things, though not flashy because Cannon Beach likes to keep things low-key... this isn’t Seaside, this is a place where people have summer homes, and they would rather not have the touristy riff-raff, so when we came into town we felt like outsiders. Which is reallt funny because while growing up in Portland we would visit Cannon Beach a couple of times each summer, and it WAS a tourist trap, but apparently in the last few years people wanted their city back from the clutches of weekend tourists.... anyway, Bills is a nice, small brewpub, well-lit, with a few bar stools located in a small bar area. This place was overcrowded with local beach yuppies and their kids. The beer selection wasn’t too bad, and their spruce ale was interesting. Worth a visit on the way from Newport to Astoria.“
3fourths 5927 days ago
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