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60 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“I know my score may seem to not represent the average here, but I think the rating is fully justified. To start, the ambiance is great. You have the Wallowa Mountains close by, and you have a nice yard with picnic tables sprawled everywhere. The house cat was nice, and the converted house gives this place charm. However, this doesn’t make up for the fact that the service is just plain ol’ bad, and the food is mediocre. The food isn’t good, and it isn’t bad - it’s pub food; this is to be expected. The issue I have is that when 3 waitresses are running around, and there are maybe 12 tables, it shouldn’t take over 20 minutes to get the check. Add on to that we were never asked if we wanted another round of beers, or how our food was. I mean, this is a fucking brewery, right? The object is to sell beer, correct? Maybe I’m confused by the business model, but holy shit, hire some more staff, or do something to beef the service up. The waitresses did seem incredibly busy, for some reason, but given the fact that it wasn’t even close to crowded, I’m a little confused. There was a bus-boy running around, too, so it’s not like they were cleaning up tables, in addition to taking orders. I’m not really into the Terminal Gravity beers as it is, but this was definitely the nail in the coffin for me. Since I don’t buy their beer in Portland, nor do I plan on ever visiting the brew pub again, let’s just say that Terminal Gravity can never expect another damn dime from me. Thank God for business trips, or else this experience would’ve cost me money!“
CheersMate 1795 days ago
82 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“Long time TG fan, and have been a couple times. This time came with Mike and Abby on their first visit here. A sweet physical set up, when the weathers decent--picnic tables, trees, volleyball court--idyllic in spite of the port a potties gathered at the business across the street. Cute little house where it all started. More wonders to observe in the house but lets move on the consumables. About 9 beers on tap including 3 different IPAs (one fresh hop) and the wonderful holiday brew, Festivale. Great meaty sandwiches, with local sourcing for the beer & buffalo burgers & a couple other items. Family atmosphere. Excellent people working here.“
raphael 2025 days ago
72 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“I’m jealous of Enterprise for having a great brewpub. They had a about ten of their brews on tap. We had a lunch, the food was great. The service was good, but there was only one person serving and running the bar. Understandable for a Monday afternoon. I liken the outdoor area to the NW version of a biergarten. Some picnic tables in a little garden with a creek running through it. I made a special stop here driving between Coeur d’Alene and Portland. Well worth it.“
Fatehunter 2400 days ago
88 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“That was a one crazy drive down rt 3 from Washington! This place was a bit hard to find due to lack of cell service. Really nice outside space and I’d stay here all day if I lived in the area. Lots of nice beers and basic food. If for some strange reason you are within range of his place, do it!“
Shep133 3192 days ago
82 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“Located a block on the right off Rt. 82 on the southern edge of town (as you drive to Joseph) w/ a helpful sign pointing the way. Converted house with production brewery/warehouse extension. Kind of an old-school feeling place with the small bar, vintage fridge/cooler and general vibe. Nice view of the Wallowa Mtns. to the right. Friendly staff, local feel with some tables outside on the deck and lawn for soaking up the summer sun. It was a quick stop for me while heading to the mountains, so no food but there was 8 taps I think w/ most of that special and/or brewery only stuff. Favorite was their dank and roasty Cascadian Dark Ale - yumm!!! Two beers + a full growler (inc. glass) for $20 = word“
SuzyGreenberg 3929 days ago
86 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“Finally I have been to Terminal Gravity . This brewery has been on my list for some years now. It took a lot of white knuckle driving but I made it to the old sausage factory turned modern day brewery. Enterprise Oregon an old mill town has gone granola. I am sure the locals along with the tourist seeking liquid refreshment they are here quite often. Terminal Gravity the underground brewery with limited distribution has become very much highly sought after in the big cities. I know that Portland and Seattle can not get enough and the limited bottling make the brews very special for all. I for one always want to try something new from TG. I found the place rustic with the old style refrigerator behind the bar adding to the décor. You can buy hand blown pint glasses. I heard the local artisan make these and then you can either take them with you or have them as your special glass every time you visit the brewery. Do you get more brew - they say they vary and some are bigger but most are the same as a true pint. Great food available and kids are welcome to join you. They have both a small area near the main bar downstairs or you can go upstairs to lounge and enjoy yourself. Be sure to order at the main bar when you arrive. I got there it was slow but as I went to leave it was packed. The service was top notch and they really went out of there way to make you feel welcome. I can not wait to come back in the summer and see the town and the surrounding area. Make it a day of hiking and then a night drinking at Terminal Gravity. “
BrewDad 4076 days ago
90 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“A long, long drive from anything on the way to nowhere. Prestine valley with extensive farmland and beautiful mountains. TG is situated on a dirt road right off the main drag. In the front lawn there’s a stand of aspens with picnic tables, spring daffodils and a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains. Inside is a small cozy pub, very limited seating but very friendly. All locals since this place is so far away from anything. The staff had some big problems with our order. We got a sampler and sat outside right around sunset; very nice. Didn’t try any of the food but the menu looked good. If you can find the time to get away from the Interstate world, come here. The beers are great too!“
BückDich 5815 days ago
80 /100 803 SE SCHOOL ST
“This place is incredible. It’s not just the beer either. Located in an old house, with the brewery out back. You can sit outside and look at the Wollowa Mountains and enjoy TG IPA. The people are friendly, lots of locals. Great layover on a camping trip into Hell’s Canyon. Not much ambiance to the place, but the view and the beer make up for it. Also be sure to check out the hand blown pint glasses, they are amazing!“
batkins 6048 days ago
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