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78 /100 3001 SW HIGHWAY 101
“Fantastic new place in LC. Modern casual style place. Has maybe 20 taps and a large selection of bottles/cans. As well as cider and mead. Service great. Very nice Dancing people. Nice friendly crowd. Visit if you are on the Central coast. “
Reid 1307 days ago
68 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“Visited March ’17. Old school, 90s-style brewpub located over two levels in a strip mall on the edge of Lincoln City. Easy access from the 101 and plenty of parking available. I sat at the bar and received very kind service. Roughly 10 house beers were available. The beers were fairly well made but quite conservative and boring. It seems like McMenamins pumps out a lot of new beers, so tickers will certainly be able to do some work. Prices were excellent, and taster sizes were available.“
jackl 1431 days ago
68 /100 4649 SW HIGHWAY 101
“Down at the coast saying at Best Western Landmark Hotel..on a very rainy windy night. Bored to visit this place across 101..i had been here years ago..before Rusty Truck and was not impressed. This time the place looked cleaner and the barkeep was wonderful..unfortunately they only had 4 of their beers on tap. The IPA was was good enough bar was empty on this out of season rainy evening..just a few people. OK place probably better in the summer.“
Reid 1979 days ago
62 /100 4649 SW HIGHWAY 101
“What you would expect when you hear the words roadhouse. Big and Woody with a level of tacky that takes years to bring out. Service was not great, slow and not really beer friendly. Lots to choose from and well priced flights. Beer was very average. We didn’t eat, but it is a full restaraunt.“
Ferris 2071 days ago
70 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“Big old place in a shopping center right off 101. Good service. The beer was quite good, the had a BW that was superb. I think the brewers here are quite good for McMenamins. The clam chowder I had was very good. So a better than average McMenamins over all.“
douglas88 2383 days ago
40 /100 4649 SW HIGHWAY 101
“A total dive bar right off Hwy 101 with very weird interior decor (such as $1 bills hanging from the ceiling). Beer quality is pretty haphazard - some of them are quite decent (like the IPA and cherry chocolate porter); others are bland and lifeless. Food was pretty bad - standard burgers and pizzas - typical American unhealthy fair. Not recommended by any means unless you want to tick some beers.“
mcberko 2672 days ago
60 /100 4649 SW HIGHWAY 101
“Located along 101 on the southern edge of Lincoln City, Rusty Truck becomes the first brewery in Lincoln City other than a McMenamins chain. The ambiance is guady roadhouse / BBQ joint brick-a-brack / Country Western bar. 9 different house beers on tap, all American styles, the pale ale and IPA being the most palatable with many others (smoked hemp seed weizen, amber ale, toffee porter and berry wheat) being throw-away beers. Friendly and helpful staff made my visit fun, but I can not stand the ugly decorations and the beer quality wasn’t good enough to bring me back.“
3fourths 2837 days ago
80 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“This is a really nice looking brewpub. Clean and inviting both on the inside and outside. Nice woodwork throughout. Bar and dining downstairs with additional dining upstairs. Caters to families during the day but also has a nice bar to just sit and enjoy a brew. 20 plus taps with an assortment of McMenamins brew and some domestic as well. Full spirits bar. We had some tasty clam chowder with our beer. Nice place.“
BK7 2971 days ago
76 /100 4649 SW HIGHWAY 101
“Stopped in on the way home from a job site mid-afternoon on a Monday. Pretty empty, but to be expected. Easy to find and plenty of parking. Only their own beer on tap: IPA, APA, wheat beer, lager, porter and a smoked. Full selection of spirits. Bar tender was very freindly and attentive. A big place with a long bar and lots of seating inside and outside. A full restaurant that serves a large menue. I will come back for the dinner and live bands on the weekends.“
BK7 3356 days ago
46 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“Pretty nice place with a bar and seating area downstairs and a bigger upstairs area. Service was horrible, the server took our order, then completely forgot about us and forgot to put our order in, ended up asking another employee after ½ hour and they realized she never put in the order. She never offered anything to make up for it and didn’t really even apologize. Selection and quality of beer was not impressive. Food was just ok. Overall, the service here completely sucked and will avoid this place in the future, even without the bad service there isn’t much to see here.“
savnac 3543 days ago
56 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“I live less than 1 mile away from this BrewPub. I have had mixed feelings about this place. It is a great place to go and have a brew, by yourself, and read the paper or whatnot. The service during the day is excellent, as the day wears on it starts to go down hill. My wife and I were there the other day and she ordered a non-beer drink and the bartender made a mistake, so the waitress politely took it back and we both saw the bartender throw a hissy fit about it...quite childish indeed. There beer is ok and the Annual Lighthouse Brewfest was great as I tasted The Groundkeepers Revenge...( see my review here on RB ) I like the food, but I think that the service is poor...due to the lack of waitstaff...not bad service.“
RasputinsBeard 4958 days ago
68 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“This place I have passed a dozen or so times and never thought to stop. A great little bar with a great atmosphere. Can’t see squat but hey this is a bar and the beer was awesome the food even better. Might be our new Lincoln City stop. They do allow kids and they had quite a beer selection. The brewery is very small 3bbl system. Great Brew and food. Location sucks but beer makes up for it. If your lucky be there when they are brewing and tour was awesome.“
BrewDad 5434 days ago
66 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“Was in Lincoln City for an hour or so, so thought I would op in for a couple of pints. The brewpub, is a modern building , in a new shopping center on the northern end of Lincoln City. It comprises of two levels ,on the ground level is the pub ( no minors) and the actual brewery and on the upper florr is the restaurant area. I liked the cosy atmosphere of the bar area,,its small and is made up of nice dark woods and old style tables and booths, longish bar, can see the kitchen. Could also see the brewery behind a glass window , apparently when I was in thie IPA was in the open fermenter. The service was Ok, kinda slow,but then that is expected in Mcmenamins. Selection was the usual Mcmenamins..not bad they always have a good selection of beer styles. I did not try the food,but plenty folk were eating and it looked good. “
Reid 5865 days ago
70 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“Located in a strip mall next to a barber shop and baseball card store I think. Not a bad part of town, but also not a great pub location. Inside it’s the usual McMenamins - wood tables, chair and bars, lots of brewania scattered about on the walls. Very friendly staff, and a decent beer selection... got a chance to sit and talk to the brewer a bit, and they know what they’re doing here. One of the better McMenamins beer-wise, but not location-wise.“
3fourths 6013 days ago
68 /100 4157 N. HIGHWAY 101
“Nice looking pub at the entrance to Lincoln City. 2 story pub. The food was good, seafood was fresh. They only carry the standard McMenamins beers though. Nice view of the beach and a friendly atmosphere.“
BückDich 6023 days ago
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