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100 /100 21678 S. LATOURETTE ROAD
“I'm a local here. This place is well worth the drive out from Portland! This is the brew pub that the locals in Estacada go to. BTW, you have their old address, new address is 20179 S Springwater Rd, Estacada, OR 97023“
YeastSensei58 33 days ago
76 /100 21678 S. LATOURETTE ROAD
“Was coming back from hiking etc in the Hood National Forest and came back thru Estacada , then i remembered hearing about this place in the tiny vilage of Barton..across the river around the bendy road..then look carefully to your right for a sign saying Brewery Open I got there just 45 monutes before they closed on Saturday night ( 8 pm)..there were half a dozen or so mixed age people out on the tables and having a nice relaxed time. The brewery and bar is in am old converted barn..looks awesome..with the hops draping the enterance. Lady behind the bar ( owners wife) was very kind. And helpful. Had only a vienna and got another beer to go in a crowler..yes they have crowlers. A very nice easy place..to forget the hussle and bussle of the world Will be back.“
Reid 975 days ago
68 /100 14214 FIR STREET, SUITE H
“Visited as our first stop for Zwickelmania 2017. 11 taps, with a variety of styles (lager, amber, saison, CDA, etc.). 16oz pint for $5 / 12oz. for $3.50 / flight of 10 tasters for $12./ 32oz. crowler for $7. Seats for 7 at the bar and maybe 12-15 at small tables. No food available, but there were baskets of beer snacks set out on the table (perhaps only for this event day). Quick efficient service. Beers are rather hit or miss. Nothing really wowed me, but they were all competently made. I’ll look for improvement next time I visit.“
maekchu 1513 days ago
“Easy to find off 99E..its in an old ramshackle industrial area right on the railroad tracks..and you can feel those engines! like Douglas says its a very weird vibe yet welcoming inside. They have a bar area and behind that down some steps an area to sit and listen to music . Bar person was very good indeed. Lots and lots of beers to choose from.. The reason being that three different breweries share this building and some of the equipment.( not the fermenters). Feckin, Shattered Oak and Batch 1. Good place would like to return when they got some live music..i bet its a fun place.“
Reid 1521 days ago
70 /100 14214 FIR STREET, SUITE H
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon. This little brewery is very hard to find. Tucked away around the very back of a industrial/retail area...right at the end next t a vacuum store! The place itself is actually nicely laid out ( bar) and has a nice feeling to it. Goodish selection of beers and the bar person was friendly. A few locals straggled in as i drank my pint. I enjoyed it here and would return.“
Reid 1521 days ago
70 /100 102 NINTH ST.
“Visited here today. A church into a brewpub; the Germans would be proud. Pretty standard for a McMenamins otherwise. The food is pretty good, though -- the pulled pork with jalapenos had quite a bit of heat and was a well-composed dish. They also seemed to have a sweeter Terminator, and it made think they’ve really picked up the game in this part of town. Service was pretty good, and it’s family friendly. Nice.“
Sarlacc83 1559 days ago
“VIsited by myself on a Monday as, when I previously tried to go here, found out that it was 21 only. So, finally got to it. Place is really nice. Good outside seating area with a comfortable interior. Lots of taps - which is great because there is a lot of beer from all over, but bad, because most of it is better than the OCB ales/lagers. Service was pretty good, but it’s definitely a place that feels out of the loop by design. I might stop back in eventually, but it didn’t really thrill me.“
Sarlacc83 1690 days ago
“What a crazy place. Awesome. A sort of warehouse feel, open, a fire pit, the back opens to a bunch of RVs! Hard to describe. Eclectic. Very good place to chat and enjoy the craic. Solid beer. Had 4 or 5 taps. No food. Very cool local place.“
douglas88 2013 days ago
“Very cool place. Inside, a lot of seats, a big TV, some food options. Had tons of taps, over forty. Great guest taps and about 12 of their own beers. Excellent service. What a surprise!“
douglas88 2016 days ago
60 /100 102 NINTH ST.
“Nice place. Right in downtown...Oregon City. Smallish, lots of outdoor seating. Usual taps and pub fare for Mcmenamins. A cool rustic hipster interior. Good service.“
douglas88 2393 days ago
100 /100 334 WARNER MILNE RD
“It’s that good here :)“
Kday77 2869 days ago
82 /100 201 SECOND STREET
“Excellent beer, very relaxing and fun place to drink beer and have a bite o eat“
beertiltheend 3618 days ago
70 /100
Haggen (Beer Store)
19701 HIGHWAY 213
“Occasional beer and wine tasting days. Not bad for a grocery store. Good selection of local and imported beers. Large selection of single bottles.“
bocefus 3638 days ago
60 /100 102 NINTH ST.
“Typical McMenamins out in Oregon City. Great old look with a huge patio you can sit on for those hot days. This was an old Church and the McMenamins did a great job keeping there theme of craziness going. The beer selection was a tad light. Nothing new for me but nerveless we had a great time. The service was sucky as usual they have no clue whom to hire other than slow dumpy hippies who hate to serve people. We go because we love the food and the beer. We also go due to you can have fun even when the hippies are slow. Check it out and tick away on this one.“
BrewDad 3742 days ago
96 /100 201 SECOND STREET
“Probably my favorite place to drink beer outside the Portland city limits. Not a huge beer selection(maybe 10-15 taps) but what they have is always first rate! Service is usually good. Sometimes when you sit outside they can be a little forgetful. Although sitting outside is the only way you can enjoy a beer and a pipe.
On top of the great food, beer and English atmosphere they have close to 250 whisk(e)ys to chose from. 180 of those being Scotch!“
rthbass 3970 days ago
66 /100 201 SECOND STREET
“This place was good, and I’d like to give it another try, but the service we experienced was slightly below par. Our server acted annoyed whenever we ordered anything. They had a great list of brews, but nearly everything I wanted was out, and you could tell she was getting annoyed that I kept ordering beers that were out. It’s not my fault they don’t update their beer list. Food was good, we had some great, baked mac-n-cheese and these really good pretzels. Patio seating outside was wonderful and it was a quaint pub aesthetic inside. This place has great potential, and besides our waitress, I’d like to give it another try someday.“
boFNjackson 4718 days ago
86 /100 201 SECOND STREET
“Since moving to Oregon City this place has become our favorite dinner and beer establishment. Very friendly staff, relaxed setting, and always good beers on tap. They have a mix of scottish/english/US beers in bottles and 8-10 seasonal NW beers on tap. Their scotch menu is the size of the dinner menu. The food is amazing, the owner is very nice and has chatted with us a few times. It gets a bit crowded in the winter months, but when the weather is nice the patio is the place to be.“
beerinmarch 4826 days ago
58 /100 102 NINTH ST.
“This is a really small mcmenamins, cool restaurant set up with the bar in the middle. Another old building that gives this place some cool atmosphere. Beers and food are typical mcmenamins.“
beerinmarch 5858 days ago
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