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82 /100 939 SE BELMONT
“Its a legendary place, with the live tapped barrel and nice indoor and outdoor seating space. Service was friendly and seemed truly grateful we were there, knew the beers well enough. Selection was impressive, not only all the sours you can possibly think they would have, but also some things you wouldn't expect like lagers and IPAs. Worth a stop, just for the beer history.“
jbruner 124 days ago
78 /100 240 N BROADWAY ST
“Over a stairway and through a cafe, to upright brewing we go. Cool spot once you get down to their subterranean digs, but unfortunately its not super Covid friendly, so they're looking to update. Beer is great, staff is friendly, vibe is cool, worth a spot when you're in Portland.“
jbruner 160 days ago
“This is an awesome place. Located in a shopping area just north of 26. Lots of outdoor seating and a long bar inside. Quite a few to go beers and swag. Didn't eat here. The taplist is incredible as you'd expect from Great Notion. I went with this damn virus situation, and service was absolutely awesome. Lovely place, great add to the Westside.“
douglas88 230 days ago
70 /100 8428 SW 22ND AVENUE
“Moonshrimp's beers are wonderful, highly recommend! The brewery is open sporadically, but it's worth swinging by during their open hours Beer Window Exclusives: Tuesdays Noon-7pm, Fridays 2-7pm, and by appointment. to meet the lead Brewer if you can! You can also find their beer @ World Foods or John's Marketplace. They are only licenced for "off" sales. But hey its worth the trip.“
BierDudeOtto 270 days ago
92 /100 403 SE 79TH AVE.
“Great atmosphere. The team working the brewery was fun, kind, and knowledgeable. It is so refreshing to have servers who are passionate about beer and care. The place is immaculately clean. Great selection of their beer and guest taps. Also have gluten free selections.“
BierDudeOtto 270 days ago
80 /100 1516 SE 10TH AVE
“A gorgeous European inspired brewery with amazing design and delicious beer. Away Days (located in the old Scout Brewery location) is doing something outside the Portland norm, and it’s so refreshing. Their bright, colorful space makes you want to stay awhile. Their beer is solid and the food (weekends only) is worth your time!“
BierDudeOtto 270 days ago
60 /100 5846 NE SANDY BLVD
“Second Profession Brewing and Arrowood are two different things. I’d say their first profession is the restaurant business. Arrowood bartender was awesome but Second Profession Brewing is not a “brewery” that all you beer heads are looking for.“
BierDudeOtto 270 days ago
94 /100 4784 SE 17TH AVE
“The building provides a good atmosphere and a nice industrial vibe. There are periodic food carts. Friendly and knowledgeable staff patiently explained the differences between the beers. One of the best breweries in Portland. They run the spectrum with great farmhouse, sour, lagers, and IPAs. Perfect for relaxing craft beer experience...“
BierDudeOtto 272 days ago
56 /100 14021 NE GLISAN ST.
“A very nice looking establishment and next to a golf course/club. Though the feel inside is as follows: restaurant, a spot for golfers and brewery last. So isn't the exact atmosphere you expect? The server's are nice and attentive. Inside is a standard brewpub type place and they have two patio's. Worth popping in if you are in the area.“
BierDudeOtto 272 days ago
90 /100 4336 SE WOODSTOCK
“A great spot on the corner with a large dining room and bar area, wooden interior gives it a warm, open atmosphere that is cosy, comfortable and eclectic, definitely feels like the Northwest with high ceilings and plenty of windows. Quite a few of their brews on tap (~15) of decent variety. The menu is short but everything is quite good, the Buffy pizza is perfect. The service is excellent, all the bartenders are very courteous and attentive.“
BierDudeOtto 272 days ago
64 /100 5224 SE 26TH AVE
“went there last summer with friends for a drink. A couple of food trucks, which we did not try. Sat outside under a tent on picnic tables. Inside seating is limited. Decent“
coasternut 375 days ago
82 /100 1411 N.W. FLANDERS ST
“Had been to the original in Bend a few years ago, 1st time to Portland's. Yes they're owned by In-Bev but they do quality work, with some experimentation. Around 18 taps, with a nicely selected 10 beer sampler. But more than the beer--there's the rooftop patio with a 360 degrees view (yeah couple big condos block some of those degrees) and downstairs is high ceilinged, well-windowed and a view of the brewing operations.“
raphael 397 days ago
58 /100 1516 SE 10TH AVE
“Charming little place and close to many other breweries in the area. They claim to blend English and West Coast styles together, and do a decent job. They had 10 taps, 7 or so of which were their house beers. They had three IPAs, a nice Elijah Craig BA (non-imperial) stout, an infected pils (which they took off after I pointed it out -- props to them), a bitter, and one other. Flights of 4 available for $8. Very friendly service. Nowhere close to a highlight in this city, but it was a fun, chill stop.“
mcberko 415 days ago
78 /100 2006 NE ALBERTA ST
“Another location of this great bottle shop and taproom, close to Great Notion. The bottle selection is nearly as good as the SE Division location, and the taplist seems more expansive. Flights of 4 available. Otherwise, 6 oz pours available, priced per beer. Great spot to chill at with some beers.“
mcberko 416 days ago
“Large bottle shop located in downtown Portland. Good selection of bottles with some growlers available. Staff is pretty knowledgeable and prices are fair. Parking is available in the surrounding streets. The name of the shop make it sound a bit gimmicky but still worth the stop.“
Boutip 517 days ago
68 /100 1403 SE STARK STREET
“Interesting spot. Had quite a few of their beers on tap, 15 or so. Clean, modern design. A sort of odd feel though, like a European book store or boutique. The beers were OK, I'll try more someday. Good service. I didn't eat, but looked like mostly vegan food.“
douglas88 525 days ago
78 /100 2204 NE ALBERTA #101
“Called in after this was recommended to me by a Thai beer importer I sat next to in Cloudburst Brewing, Seattle. His top tip for Portland. So after a day in Hood River, I made a detour here. Alberta seems to be a hip and happening neighbourhood, fully gentrified with all sorts of eateries, bars etc... Great Notion is located along the main drag, medium-sized with a modest outdoor seating area. Large tap-list with all bases covered, I tried a very good fresh, light hazy IPA and a decadent caramel fudge stout that hit the spot well. Pretty busy but quick service. Wish I could've spent the evening here.“
minutemat 538 days ago
66 /100 2326 N FLINT AVE
“First Portland brewery stop, as was a couple of blocks from our apartment. Busy on this late Summer Friday evening, around 6 benches outside full, and inside pretty bustling. A girl was taking reservations at a table on entry, and it seemed this place was being used as a restaurant as much as a brewery bar. Waiting list was long, and we didn't want to eat so we grabbed a seat at the bar. Large tap-list, no guests. Nice range of styles, had to get the Piccadilly bitter of course. Beers were all decent, reasonably priced I guess. It's a smart, professional-looking place, with good branding.. got the feeling these guys have lofty ambitions, and will probably succeed. I'd get there before that happens.“
minutemat 542 days ago
52 /100 670 N RUSSELL ST
“Smart, modern, affluent hipstery - almost cocktail bar - feel about this place. Lots of greenery, though that could've been from the restaurant next door that I initially, genuinely, thought was a florist. Small selection of 8 beers, the names basically the beer style (2-hop, 3-hop, cloudy ipa, vienna lager), nothing adventurous. I chose the cloudy IPA which was nothing more than a standard shelf-filler IPA. Bit pricey. Didn't really like the feel of this place, compared to other bars / brewpubs in the area, so left after the one beer. Disappointing given the glowing reviews by others.“
minutemat 556 days ago
72 /100 1813 NE 2ND AVE
“Visited on a sunny Friday evening, and had a busy lively atmosphere with the outside shutters up and live band playing. A couple dozen people stood around tall tables outside. It's a modest sized warehouse, probably room for no more than 40 people. Live music involved a foul-mouthed female latino rapper, with songs about shooting ex-partners. Soured the evening somewhat for us, and didn't seem to fit with the friendly vibe of the place. Good selection of 12 Rev Nats ciders, some one-offs / rarities, no guests, no food. We got a flight of 6 and sat outside praying to God this woman would stop. Cosy place.“
minutemat 556 days ago
76 /100 930 SE 10TH AVE
“Nice modern new-build place with 50 cider taps, which is the largest tap-list I'm aware of that's devoted to cider, not sure why there's so many given that it's a not a huge place. Unsurprisingly the majority of these taps were devoted to sweet fruited ciders (watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, pine colada etc..), mostly from WA / OR with a smattering of pure apple ciders, a few perries, one or two from Germany, France and Spain plus a couple from the UK. Got a flight of 8, most were clean, sweet, light and quite similar in taste, only the Olivers / Anxo possessed comforting characterful tannins severely lacking in US cider currently. That said, there's a nice-looking bottle fridge boasting a more specialist range, all quite fairly priced. Helpful chap behind the bar, willing to answer any queries. Also has a kitchen serving a nice range of food, snacks etc.. though didn't pay much attention to it. Personally if I went back I'd head straight for the fridge. And then to Cascade directly over the road.“
minutemat 558 days ago
82 /100 939 SE BELMONT
“One of the standout places during our visit to Portland and Oregon in general. Huge tap-list of complex barrel-aged sour rarities that takes some time to read through, affordable 2oz pours. No guests, apart from a cider. Lively, busy atmosphere for an early Monday evening. Server very attentive, perhaps too much at times. Don't quite understand why most bars here only have two toilet cubicles for the entire place, expect to stand in line and wait, but you'll be used to that. Overall a must-visit for the sour-minded drinker.“
minutemat 558 days ago
78 /100 61 SE YAMHILL ST
“old school everything. a meeting place for geek vets. lots of vintage bottles. unique barleywine style or influenced.“
Sammy 599 days ago
78 /100 210 NW 11TH AVE.
“very nicely done for a big place. carvings, service. good beers mostly hoppy and sesdionable. good bottles to go selection.“
Sammy 599 days ago
68 /100 4534 SE BELMONT
“decent selection of what they can get. selection of micros that cannot break the scene, in a uk type bar.“
Sammy 600 days ago
72 /100 4500 SE STARK ST
“top notch bar and beer store. its got the nsme. 36 taps. some great and unique and many fillers.“
Sammy 600 days ago
78 /100 630 SE BELMONT ST
“as good as the san diego.locations. the coffee and the beers, the latter as good or better than in sd.“
Sammy 600 days ago
78 /100
APEX (Bar)
“a destination. lots of great west coast taps including st. adairus and firestone.“
Sammy 600 days ago
76 /100 820 NE DEKUM ST
“well run but with a bit of edge. worth going for some dank west coast ipa that defy hazy.“
Sammy 600 days ago
80 /100 2204 NE ALBERTA #101
“efficiently run. good service. most of many taps hop forward.“
Sammy 600 days ago
70 /100 240 N BROADWAY ST
“several very good mixed fermentation on today. severely bottle choices a good place to shop though basement treck cuts ambiance.“
Sammy 601 days ago
84 /100 939 SE BELMONT
“i can see why this is a must destination for sours. two ounce pours of everything a charmer. great list of cellared gems by bottle and by barrel.“
Sammy 601 days ago
66 /100 5716 SE 92ND AVE.
“As a spoiled Portlander I could whine that the closest brewery to me was 2 and a half miles away, then Zoiglhaus opened 1 mile away. A big place, with a parking lot! (rare here.) Not much decoration here, blonde wood, kinda sterile in an ikea way. German beers not my faves but they do them well. Though my faves are the two IPAs, I also like their dopplebock. they do a delicious south German variety of pizza, fine spaetzle and a tasty burger. Also couple times a year they brew up a batch of wort that home brewers, like myself, can purchase and take home.“
raphael 611 days ago
86 /100 2444 NW 28TH AVE
“Their second location and yet another worthy addition to this crazy city’s craft beer scene. Smaller, but similar feel to the NE location, with plenty of bar seating. 24 beers on tap, with flights of 5 for $15. The beer selection differs a bit from the other location, with maybe half the taps in common. Super friendly service and world-class, adjunct-ridden beers. It’s a bit out of the way, but if you’re driving, this is worth a stop. Great place.“
mcberko 630 days ago
72 /100 412 NW 5TH AVE
“Same location as where Pints Brewing used to be, now under different branding. Street pay parking nearby during certain hours. They had about 10 beers on tap when I visited, with flights of 5 x 5 oz pours for $10. Beers were solid, though nothing mind-blowing. Super friendly service. Worth a stop if you’re staying on the west side, but perhaps not worth a visit if you’re only doing a couple places in town.“
mcberko 630 days ago
56 /100 1306 E BURNSIDE ST
“I'd had their beers before, but never visited until today. Cool spot right on Burnside. Tons of beers on tap, with a bunch of the taps taken up by different vintages of their "Cease and Desist" and "Irish Water" beers. I had a flight of 6, and unfortunately, the beer quality ranged from average to poor -- I was pretty let down, and don't really understand how a place like this survives in this city. Friendly service and a comfortable, relaxed place make this a pleasant stop at least. Not recommended.“
mcberko 630 days ago
68 /100 1403 SE STARK STREET
“About a year old at the time of my visit. Beautiful space, with bar seating, tables, and some cushiony areas. Over a dozen on tap, with custom flights of 6 for $12. Nothing strong on tap, but a decent array of beers. Fairly straight-forward beers, with no real highlights. Exceptionally friendly service. It's a fun spot, but not a beer highlight.“
mcberko 630 days ago
84 /100 3412 SE DIVISION ST
“An absolutely gorgeous place. Feels like a converted house, with a beautiful patio / garden out front, with scattered seating. When you get inside, there’s a long bar and a half-dozen other tables. 15 taps, with 3 oz pours of everything, or flights of 4, priced per beer. The beer quality was honestly fantastic, with their fruited sours really leaving a good impression on me. Efficient but nonchalant service. This is now a top-tier place in PDX for me. A must-visit.“
mcberko 631 days ago
68 /100 6112 SE FOSTER RD.
“New place a little off the beaten path, but only 15 mins driving from the centre of town without traffic. Spacious, modern place, with plenty of bar seating. 7-8 beers on tap, with flights of 4 for $5, a steal. They specialize in Detroit-style pizzas, and they have vegan options. Beers aren’t anything special, but they’re dialed in and clean. Extremely friendly service. Not a top-spot and difficult to recommend in PDX, but if you’re stuck on this side of town, it’s a fun spot.“
mcberko 631 days ago
78 /100 701 E BURNSIDE ST
“Odd place. I hope that they do this right and update everything. Right now it is odd, hanging plants, everything sort of half done. The beer list was pretty good, about 20 taps, some big stouts. Was busy, lots of outside stuff going on in the former parking lot. The food looked good. Furikake on fries? Sort of like cocoa pebbles on fries. But whatever. A good place, worth visiting. Gonna need much more to keep it up.“
douglas88 631 days ago
“Downtown Whole Foods. Of course, grocery store, quite upscale. Lots of bottles, if you time it right, some really good ones. A great beer supply for a grocery store. Better than most beer stores in any other place.“
douglas88 631 days ago
76 /100 701 E BURNSIDE ST
“Cool place right next to Burnside Brewing -- let's see how long this lasts, as it's technically a pop-up right now until the end of 2019. Nicely set-up, with a full meat-centric kitchen (yuck). About 20 beers on tap, mostly Mikkeller San Diego beers, with flights of 4-6 available (priced according to the beer) -- must be the only Mikkeller I've visited that does flights! Very good taplist, but the ones I tried weren't anything special. Friendly, quick service. Recommended even in this ever-increasingly saturated beer market.“
mcberko 631 days ago
54 /100 7805 SE STARK STREET
“A block from Threshold, and now open for 4 hours. More than a dozen taps, with flights of 6 for $10. Beer quality isn’t great, with nothing ambitious on tap - clearly they aren’t trying to compete with the better breweries. Forgettable place.“
mcberko 631 days ago