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62 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Of course its not just the pub its the whole complex--distillery, golf course, fine dining, 4 other pubs. The brewpub here could be most any other McMenamins, nicer older building than some of the mall based ones. Consistency. Burger and fries always good. Beer-wise I refer to them as Mc Minimum’s, doing just enough to distinguish one beer from the other. Service is steady, but seldom exceptional.“
raphael 1962 days ago
84 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“What a place. It’s huge. A hotel, a golf course, a winery, a glass blowing shop, a spa, a distillery and brewery. And a bunch of bars and restaurants. The food is good and mostly simple. Loads of beer on tap. Quite a variety too for a McMenamins. Solid beers. The grounds are very beautiful and well kept. Cool art in the hotel. But most of all I love the outdoor spaces and small little bars you can drink in. Tiny little hovels with a few taps and your own private bar. Very few things are underrated these days with the internet and social media.But McMenamins is and a few of their locations are just so cool they are hard to believe. It’s not gonna be a crazy beer place, but it is cool and has good beer.“
douglas88 2180 days ago
70 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Went to the Pub Course. Four beer taps with their own brews: Terminator, Hammerhead, Ruby and Pirate Latitude. McMenamins always has interesting and unique atmosphere. Had the Terminator and Hammerhead; my brother had the Latitude, which he enjoyed. Always worth visiting any of their establishments.“
Fatehunter 3034 days ago
“Nice little bottle shop in Troutdale. They have a couple picnic tables outside. Between the ~10 taps and 75 or so bottles they have good variety of beers to choose from. They have hot dogs and burgers for food. It’s a chill place to grab a beer.“
Fatehunter 3036 days ago
90 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“There are few places like Edgefield. This is a distillery, a brewery, there is a hotel, great international music guests, and golf. It is a great atmosphere with good beer.“
Syzzer 3308 days ago
78 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Great place with tons to do - need to improve the food and service. Review/Tour of the distillery @“
TheWhiskeyInt 3540 days ago
62 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Like the forest grove grand lodge, this place has great ambiance, and it is fun to spend time in the outdorr areas in summer with a cold brew and a cigar“
authenticmead 3560 days ago
80 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Unlike the last review, McMenamins Edgefield is my personal favorite McMenamins. My understanding of Edgefield is that it’s an old juvenile jail that was closed down and converted into a McMenamins location. The old housing unit is now a hotel (with shared bathrooms) and there are multiple other buildings, trails and gardens to explore while drinking your choice beverage. Their selection of beer is nothing to brag about, but it is unique and very well brewed. The one drawback is during the summer / spring months, it can get very busy with concerts (at it’s amphitheater) and weddings. I highly recommend making a trip to McMenamins Edgefield.“
Title_10 3789 days ago
22 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“This is the worst of the McMenamins. The workers in the Power Station seem stoned. I have been there several times. The first was a first date with my future wife. At the fancy White Rabbit restaurant, they brought my wife’s meal and I waited another 45 minutes for mine. Went to a movie once where I had to go out THREE times to check on my order. It never came, and they lost all record of my transaction. I gave them my receipt and demanded a refund. On one Saturday, my group was told five times that it would be 20 minutes for a table. The last time we asked, they said they could seat us but the kitchen was backed up an hour. On my last visit, I stood in line in the pool hall for 20 minutes before leaving. There had been two concerts and three weddings and for some reason there was only ONE bartender, who was totally stressed out and couldn’t spare even two minutes to pour my friend and I a pint. There is simply no incentive to provide good service as all the servers pool tips. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER return to Edgefield again as long as I live. YOU CAN’T EAT OR DRINK AMBIANCE!“
giantsequoia 3893 days ago
66 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Overall, sort of a corporate environment and service feel throughout. Beer was run of the mill and food was basic pub fare, nothing spectacular. Okay place if you want that sort of thing. Wait is usually long with service being ok.“
bearlybrewed 3937 days ago
76 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“If you’ve ever been to a McMenamin’s establishment, you know what you’re going to get with the beers, though I’ll admit I’ve had a lifelong appreciation of Terminator Stout, which was one of my first beers. The service here is excellent, and there is the absolute glory of the pitch and putt course on the property. Even in the hail and rain, this is a ton of fun. Also gotta love the two booze shacks on the course. Great place to visit.“
Beardface 4359 days ago
86 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“The grounds are amazing. I would never really come here just to drink beer, there is a distillery and winery on site too. But between the spa, hotel, and movie theater, what a wonderful place for a date.“
stchloe 4647 days ago
56 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“The Edgefield location of McMenamins is fantastic - not so much for the beer, which is about the same as all the other spots including a brewpub, maybe a few of the beers can only be had here. But the place is fantastic for the 9 small bars scattered around the grounds, which include a 9 hole golfcourse and a vineyard, so the property also include a winery, a destillery, and a hotel, seemed like a great place to kick back. The food was decent pubgrub. I had 5 new beers in the brewpub.“
Ungstrup 4696 days ago
88 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“McMenamin’s Edgefield is an experience. We stayed overnight in the hotel and just spent an evening walked around to all of the bars and exploring grounds. It reminds me of Disneyland for adults but somehow you can bring your kids too. With a handful of different bars on premises there seems to be something for everybody’s taste when it comes to ambiance. Each bar has a different selection of their beer, most of which are session beers, but these are still good beers. Very reflexing setting near the Columbia river complete with its own distillery and winery. I highly recommend this place for a weekend getaway and after having sampled 50 beers over the last couple of days, it was nice to sit back and just sip one of their stouts.“
Feinschmecker 4766 days ago
66 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“You can read other reviews for a complete review of the whole Edgefield compound, this is mostly for the Powerhouse Pub, which seemed to be the biggest pub there. The atmosphere is nice because it is different, has the old brick farmhouse look, which I guess fits in with the theme of the place. The whole place has a theme-park type of feel to it, a bit surreal and a bit hokey. Lots of families, kids but also some older frat-type kids there on this day (friday aftnoon) as well. Yay. Still the best part about the place though. The food is good, but nothing spectacular and since the prices aren’t too high its a pretty decent value. The waitress wasn’t particularly knowledgeable, but was attentive and personable. Beers were average, but they have lots of styles to choose from, including multiple seasonals and a rotating nitro tap. Something I do want to review is the Terminator Stout Mustard they have on the tables- this stuff is lame tastes more like liquid smoke than the Terminator Stout.“
BeerZack 4776 days ago
74 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“My favorate place to enjoy a beer. Park like setting with lots of locations to enjoy an adult beverage. The hobbit style hut is my favorate. Try is on a cold winter night. Ordinary selection of food, which is good. Say in the hotel. Enjoy live music, concerts, Enjoy a beer with a move. Awesome!“
Dreves 4913 days ago
48 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Place is amazing. Fortunately the barmen in the Red Shed and the Ice House are usually the friendliest staff members at the Edge. Everyone else working there is too cool to be bothered actually working. Having a cigar and a dram on a cold winter night is nice, but the beer is still McBeer.“
bullmoose62 5076 days ago
82 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“The best McMenamins i’ve been to, just a beautiful place down to every detail. They have a great St. Pattys day celebration, outstanding scenery, great buildings, good service, and a good selection of McBeers on tap.“
beerinmarch 5142 days ago
92 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Poperinge called it a theme park for booze. Had a pint at the Ice House, home to the memory of the Grateful Dead. Had lunch and a couple of pints at the Black Rabbit bar. Very helpful friendly staff. Different beers on tap at different locations in the park. 3 par golf course. Lots to do. Lots of families. Rooms.“
presario 5432 days ago
84 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Had our wedding reception here and had a great time. The beer was awesome and the service was also just as good. The whole place used to be the Oregon Farm which was for the older retired people who could not afford anything else to live they would live there. We partied all night in the upstairs of the Electric house and it was a great time. The golf course when you have time is fun and the little corner bars are also very fun. A great time by all and kids can come in certain areas and they will love the grounds. The beer is freshly brewed right there so it can not get any better. Worth the trip to Troutdale.“
BrewDad 5542 days ago
62 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Incredibly unique place with an on-site hotel, brewery and distillery. Kind of swanky for a brewpub environment, but we sat in they tiny bar area and enjoyed a couple of McMenamin’s awesome beers. Neat location.“
Braudog 5740 days ago
84 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“A really unbelieveable spread at the old poor farm. I remember driving by this old property when I was a kid and the McMenamin brothers did quite a nice job fixing the place up. The question is what don’t they have here. Brewery, movies, golf, distillery, coffee, glassblowing and a brothel. Well, no brothel that is listed. Beers are standard issue McMenamins food follows suit. Damn nice place to visit though, good place to take a non-beer enthusiast.“
11026 5745 days ago
66 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“The beer here was average, the food here was average but the place is fucking amazing. They brought this place for a dollar it was a poverity work camp not an insane asylum ( MJames) and turned it into a stunning family orienated party place with a winery, brewery,hotel,golf course ( par 3) and a distilerary and the list goes on. DEAD HEADS will feel at home.“
Hoser 5746 days ago
76 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“The grounds are beautiful, with vineyards and a par 3 golf course ouside. The beer and food selections are standard McMenamin’s fare, but the addition of the vineyard makes for some change of pace moments. A nice place, especially to take an entire weekend and just see it all.“
Tom Servo 5781 days ago
78 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Found it bizarre in the most exhilarating way that I went here ten years ago and then just stumbled upon it again while driving w/ my gf. She was even more aggressive than I was in getting samples of EVERYTHING there, which they had no problem serving her. Made selecting the pints a hell of a lot easier. They even let her sample the brandy they made. Great place w/ excellent setting.“
fly 6007 days ago
70 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Too much to say about this’s an old insane asylum. Lots of trees, different buildings, outside courtyard seating, on and on and on, it’s an experience, you have to visit sometime.“
3fourths 6015 days ago
84 /100 2126 S.W. HALSEY ST.
“Very cool place to visit. Lots of things to see. Theatre, Winery, Distillery, Cidery, Coffee....ery. Anyways, it’s a bit of a drive from central Portland but worth the drive (go to Liberator too!!). Nice selection of McMen’s beers and better food than most McMen’s places. Rachael Ray did some good coverage of this place on $40 a day on the Portland episode.“
BückDich 6025 days ago
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