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68 /100 5280 CHICAGO ST SE
“This is a convenient market. There are approximately 12 (microbrew) singles to choose from. The market is well lit, very clean and bright. There are varieties such as Pacifico, Deschutes, all macro brews“
Syzzer 3485 days ago
80 /100 1 SIDE STREET
“Gilgamesh brewing is an excellent microbrewery/nanobrewery. They are operating out of their converted garage in a home environment with no food/beer for sale at brewery location. HOWEVER their beer is very good and distributed around Salem metro and parts of Portland metro. The people running it are very friendly and excited about their craft. You can find it at the Salem Public Market off of 12th street and Church Street Pizza in Salem.“
Syzzer 3593 days ago
80 /100 1 SIDE STREET
“booth at the Salem Public Market, *not* the Salem Saturday Market downtown near the capitol building. it’s a small barn with a handful of booths inside, including the Gilgamesh guys with up to 8 taps, depending on what’s not kicked. beer quality is surprisingly good and the brother that I talked to seemed well-aware of many of the water treatment and mash techniques required to recreate the german and czech soft water character. the beers excel because of this: rigid and frothy malt without ever being too sweet or syrupy. nearly all beer seemed to balance acid, bitterness and sweetness well, and they’ve shown themselves successful creating experimental beer, in the sense of evaluating different bittering and flavoring agents, not in the sense of ’let’s make if 15% and throw some vegetable in it".“
3fourths 3789 days ago
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