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82 /100 348 HIGHWAY 101 N
“Stumbled on this place after a quick stop wandering about the town during a slow drive up the coast. Didn't expect much, so was pleasantly surprised to see such a good variety of beer on offer, lots of mixed ferm barrel-aging and Belgian-inspired sour beers such as Flanders Red, bretty saisons, even an old stock ale and barley wine alongside the standard IPAs etc... Cheap flights, and if I wasn't driving I'd have definitely dug into a lot more besides the two tasters. Some freshly canned 22oz crowlers available, plus some bottles, though at $16 for a 500ml (or thereabouts) it seemed a little pricey. The town of Yachats seems to have a bit of a surfer / hippy feel, and the general vibe of the brewpub fits in well. Worth the stop.“
minutemat 755 days ago
80 /100 348 HIGHWAY 101 N
“Visited at 2:45 PM on a Saturday in March 17. Lot of sidewalk work going on. So parked at the IGA market across the street. Was nor expecting it to be so crowded between lunch and dinner but there was a ,lot people there so we joined the line to order at the bar. Small but nice menu, i think using mainly locally sourced food stiffs..judging by the "Todays farms" on the chalkboard. They have now a wide array of their own beers and a couple of guests. Some cider and wine and probiotic type sodas. I had a pint of the Camp One which was a mellow balanced IPA. and it went well with lunch. At first i thought the food which is mainly sandwiches was over priced, but when our order arrived the sandwiches were enormous, and packed with ingredients. Very good indeed. Service was fine and the atmosphere very pleasing. This place is a roaring success by the looks of it and i can see why. Will return often in the Summer.“
Reid 1677 days ago
74 /100 348 HIGHWAY 101 N
“A hippie co-op that includes groceries, beer, wine and cider along with fresh food. They only have a few taps of their own but about a dozen guest taps and ciders. They do a cheap flight and the food looked good. Service was decent, but nothing special. A nice stop on the way from somewhere to somewhere else.“
Ferris 2258 days ago
76 /100
Drift Inn (Restaurant)
124 HWY 101 N
“A Pacific Northwest local place with umbrellas hanging off the ceiling, nice service, full bar and 8 beers on tap.“
Dea_Latis 4049 days ago
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