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“OK, I stopped here today for beer lunch. I have no complaints; it is nice, it is new, it is well thought out, it is open to the outside air with garage doors facing the main street of merchant. Everybody walking by is coolly interested in what's happening. This place is professionally done and I think it will have a long life in ambridge. Friendly help and clean. An interesting place to stop by and try some brews. On a saturday lunch noon it was fairly quiet and I like that, thank you. A beer tasting delight. Easy to find and lots of parking. If you are on 65 passing by ambridge, its a righty off the main drag of 65 at the red light. Sometimes the service is a little less than expedited, but so what? This is a great beer tasting venue. Since hollywood gardens closed up its brewery, this has got to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Add this to Petrucci bros and beaver brewing, you got a great trio in beaver county. Bah, bah, buh beaver and there is lots of eye candy at this place. But hey, is ambridge n beaver or Allegheny county or both? Just asking. Good overall beer tasting experience, even tho the prices are a little high: Almost 4$ for each 'taster' WTF. But, if you get to know your server, you may just get tasters for free! Yeah baby. Has quiet good music in the background and if you like that blasted TV monitor, they got a couple of big ones of those too.“
cheap 62 days ago
“Interesting new place in small town on Ambridge. Cozy interior and there is some covered outdoor seating as well. Definitely a "locals vibe" here, although there were out-of-towners at the bar as well. The beer was pretty good (peach chipotle saison, fudgy coffee stout). Small food menu but I very much enjoyed a bowl of chili and lobster (?!) tacos (expensive but delicious). A good place to stop, will look forward to seeing what other beers they will put out.“
LilBeerDoctor 164 days ago
“OK, so I hit this new place at 3 on merchant street, main drag of ambridge. Its at the east end of town. Lots of parking on the street. Good initial impressions inside. I'm always glad to have another brewpub in bah bah beaver county - so be it. It's clean and new inside, friendly waiter people. Nicely rejuvenated rust belt steel town abode. Its the covid scare, so I had to buy a $10 burgher to have the privilege of tasting their brews. Oh well, it aint their fault, stupid straight up ass wolf in a sheep's clothing governor wolfy. I must admit tho, it was a giant burger, must have been a pound of high quality beef on that baby! Anyway, this place is easy to find and its a little gem in beaver county. This is the fourth new fangled brewery in beaver county, my locol homie home. Cool main street place that is fun to hang in. Except for the food costing more than the beer, due to a covid conspiracy for power, this is a pretty cool hangout for tasting beers, lots of different stuff on tap and none of it is a cheap pale lager.“
cheap 632 days ago