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72 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Small place. Totally a local bar, which makes for a great atmosphere. The beer selection was solid and the wings were fantastic. I will be there again soon!“
infamouscarpe 3863 days ago
68 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“UJ’s is a dive, but it has a great selection of brews at reasonable prices. You’re not going to find too many bars in the area that regularly stock Russian River sours. The wings are also pretty good. If you’re looking to impress a date, go somewhere else. This is where you go with your buddies after work to try some serious beer.“
pilgrimoutlaw 4195 days ago
72 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Excellent wings, and that comes from an Anchor Bar veteran. Nice neighbourhood pub, good service with a smile, and I was happy to stay with my Fuller’s extra special for the evening. Jeepers, look at all that fancy stuff listed as Available. I’ll just have to go back, that’s all there is to it! Visited on May 17, 2010.“
Mooncattie 4394 days ago
66 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Local yocal with taps. Food is good but selection is limited. Beer selection is ok, value is ok. Bathroom is a bit shady. Not a bad place.“
Scouser 4433 days ago
68 /100 2709 MOUNT CARMEL AVE
“So this place is slightly upscale for a locals bar. It’s new and clean, food is decent, and they accept credit cards unlike the other bars around the corner. Monday night is college night ($1 drafts, 25 cent wings), Tuesday texas holdem’, wednesday night Quizzo, thursaday live music, Friday DJ, Saturday live music, and happy hour is 4 to 6 same deal as college night. They do give aways, celebrate sports events, birthday parties even. Pretty nice mix of young and old patrons, everyone is friendly, and the service is usually great. The only problem is not enough beer, but tend to say that even about some breweries so make your own decision.“
Jsawyer 4902 days ago
54 /100
Easton Beverage (Beer Store)
“Nothing overly special, but occasionally they have a diamond in the rough. Victory, Brooklyn, River Horse, Troegs, Leffe, Chimay, some Rogue, and Stone are always there but they definitely make their bread selling macros in the drive though. The proprietors are friendly guys and always helpful. Overall kind of like a beer convenience store.“
Jsawyer 4910 days ago
76 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Have been here several times. The tap list is ever changing but certain staples remain like franziskaner, and numerous victory brews. Everything else usually changes. Six packs are steady but bottles generally reflect the season (lost abbey, russian river, rogue) which is great as there is nowhere else in the area for such variety. The regulars aren’t obnoxious, the music and televisions are never overwhelming, and the food is great. Easily the best wings in the area. They occasionally have some pretty nice events, give aways, promos etc. Worth a visit.“
Jsawyer 5000 days ago
82 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“First time at this place. Pretty bumpin’ little local joint. The tap list was decent, but the bottles were impressive. Port, Abbey, and Russian River. Hell yeah! I like that the music wasn’t up too loud. The staff was friendly and very helpful, willing to shoot the shit. Didn’t eat anything but the food smelled great. The locals were a bit brash, but once we got settled it was fine. The prices were decent for a bar, for sure. Definitely worth checking out.“
santos999 5012 days ago
84 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“A nice British pub if there ever was one this side of the pond. Excellent food, daily specials, and unquestionably the best wings for miles around. Barkeepers are knowledgeable and amicable and will be your best friend if you have any taste for good beers. Without a doubt the best selection of beers in the area on tap or bottled French, Belgian, English, and a plethora of local brews to choose from. Can’t beat happy hour either which regularly features great prize giveaways just for drinking a good beer. Awesome Pub overall.“
sawyej26 5218 days ago
90 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Very nice atmosphere with a very personable staff. Food is stellar and always complimented by a solid deal. Bartenders are very knowledgeable about their extensive beer selection which changes regularly with select steady beers. Very British in the way of sports and atmosphere. Prices are acceptable due to the service, cleanliness and beer selection. Regulars are typically nice and amicable. Also, wide selection of bottled beer.“
gallac30 5220 days ago
86 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Been going here for years. Good selection of tap beers with a slant towards English ales, though you can usually find a good IPA on tap. Last saturday they had a Double IPA fest with 12 BIG IPAs on tap. Quick tap rotation. Excellent bottle selection - not huge, but some very nice selections. Food is standard pub food but is very good pub food - especially the wings. Note that it’s in Montgomery County, so it can be smokey compared to the Manayunk Union Jack’s.“
chronictonic 5335 days ago
74 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Definitely a locals hang-out, which means even on a weeknight UJ’s may be crowded. Beer selection is impressive, local, regional and national micro’s, plus English, German and even French beer on draft. Bottle line-up was diverse as well. Beer prices were a little high but affordable. Bar service was above average and the bar itself was clean and well staffed. There is an outdoor deck, plenty of English football scarves hanging behind the bar (I’m guessing you can watch soccer there), booths, and tables inside. Two warnings, the bar is cash only, and some of the locals came off to me as knuckleheads. Damn surburbanite hipster-doofuses won’t keep me out of there though!“
JFGrind 5447 days ago
74 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“Don’t let the local bar feel fool you - a good selection of taps and bottles hide here. Bottles are available for take out, but are slightly pricey. RR, Port Brewing, Sly Fox and many others to choose from. Service was pretty good; did not try the food. Other than that, brickpit’s rating has it all covered.“
Immy 5464 days ago
68 /100 2750 LIMEKILN PIKE
“ATMOSPHERE Fairly small, long & rectangular. Long bar left wall. 5-6 booths along the right wall. Round tables in the middle of the room. Back wall theres a dartboard, golf game, juke, & ATM. Theres also a passage leading back to the bathroom, and to an outside deck. The bar can get very crowded after work and some evenings. As of May 2007, it can also get very smokey. (There’s talk of passing a non-smoking law by end of summer.) Football on the telly during World Cup. BEER SELECTION Above average. Around 20ish taps. There are some "standards" (Guinness, Yuengling Lager, Miller Lite, Boddingtons, New Castle, Hacker-Pschorr), but many taps rotate frequently with different microbeers or imports. They also have a very good bottle selection. They usually have 50-60 different bottles in the fridge. The main con about the beer is price. Most micro\imports are around 5.00-->6.00 a pint. I know of some other places within a 10 mile radius where you can get some of the same beers for about a buck less. They also don’t have any happy hour specials most days, which is disappointing. FOOD A few things are pretty good (wings, fish n chips, turkey\beef burgers), but most food is average at best. SERVICE OK\Good. They have at least one bartender (co-owner Andy) who is very knowledgable about beer. Most of the bartenders are friendly and on top of things.“
brickpit 5506 days ago
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