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76 /100 979 YORK ST.
“The latest addition to Hanover PA's suddenly burgeoning brewery scene, SOTH seems to be hitting on all cylinders at the outset. On our first visit, our group tried 4 different beers, all were good to great. The staff was friendly. The space was unexpectedly inviting, despite the sparse streetfront presentation. Maybe my new favorite in the SCPA area. We'll see ... Brewery #898.“
Braudog 466 days ago
82 /100
Bob's Beer and Soda (Beer Store)
“Been here many times when in town visiting family. But just went back for first time since Pennsylvania modified their (still) crazy beer sales laws. Formerly only allowed to sell beer by the case, Bob's can now sell singles, 4- and 6-packs and any other packaging sizes. And, especially for this area, they have an awesome selection to choose from, at pretty good prices. Local grocery stores now offer singles, too, but at the grocery stores you're limited to 96 oz. per purchase. Not here. Shop like a normal American. This will be my new required stop in town.“
Braudog 566 days ago
64 /100
The Staub's Landing (Restaurant)
“Striving to be a gastro-pub in semi-urban south-central PA, the Landing isn't a bad place to seek out some good beer in the Hanover area. Maybe not as good as they think they are, but sturdy enough food and beer offerings for the traveling beer geek ... worth a visit if you're hungry.“
Braudog 676 days ago
72 /100 5 E WALNUT ST
“This is a semi-historic dive bar that's made a recent transformation into an interesting beer bar. With just 8 taps, they're all dedicated to very high quality, unusual offerings. Top that off with an amazing bottle list, and this place is now the new premier beer bar in the area. But it still retains an odd layout and bits of the old, dive-bar - slash - rural night club feel, too. That said, it's a definite stop for the traveling beer geek if passing through the area. They even offer some surprisingly interesting live music events from time to time. Interesting.“
Braudog 861 days ago
64 /100 34 BROADWAY
“Bravo to SWBC for taking on such an unusual space and trying to rejuvenate it into a neat beer space. But it turned out a bit odd .. enter from either side, and you have to navigate some odd hallways to get to a rather small bar space. Some folks might actually like this because it provides for some unique private alcoves, which they’ve positioned with some nice couches and such, but it also feels a bit odd. The small bar are also isn’t a grand slam because the "devil’s in the details." I was put off by the three huge screens behind the bar, not because they were there, but because only one of them had a TV signal on them (college football). The other two were occupied by a beer list (um ... chalk board?), and a pay-as-you-go electronic juke box thing (tacky). They have a limited food offering, but the "kitchen" amounts to a fancy toaster over and a microwave, and the resultant, overly-priced pretzel we got wasn’t very inviting. Ultimately, the beers were good here, and the staff was great. But I left with the feeling that they’re trying way too hard, and it didn’t sink it. Miscreation, right around the corner, suffers from the same blight. Anyway ... weary beer traveler, visit and enjoy, but know what to expect. #3 or 4 of 4 in the current Hanover brewery scene. Brewery #777 (where’s my slot machine!?)“
Braudog 1595 days ago
“Located right in the "historic" (Europeans will laugh) center square area of Hanover, this is a great spot for a brewery, and a well-crafted remake of an older location. But then again, it doesn’t quite fit the Hanover vibe, trying to be more Minneapolis than south central PA, but kinda limited by the all-glass front they have to deal with (which offers some nice natural light). The staff was amazingly awesome, and the beers we tried were all above par. We didn’t sample any of their limited menu, but it looked good. #2 of 4 on my Hanover beer list. Brewery #776.“
Braudog 1595 days ago
86 /100 555 CENTENNIAL AVE
“Very odd location for a brewery, but then again Hanover is a bit of an oddity in and of itself. It’s like going back in time, in a good way. Apparently this is an old Snyder’s of Hanover production facility, but until you’re right on top of it you’d never know you’re approaching a business area, because this is buried inside a middle-America suburban neighborhood. Once inside, it’s a well done space, if a bit sparse. But we found the staff uber-friendly, and beer-savvy-enough. The beers we tried were all at least in the "good" category, if not better. They offer some food, which they don’t have to ... it’s all very basic, but actually pretty good for the venue, and fairly priced. All of a sudden there’s a bunch of breweries in this area, and so far this is my new favorite ... and a new reason to want to go see the in-laws! Brewery #775.“
Braudog 1595 days ago
70 /100
Weis Markets (Grocery Store)
“Yeah! Pennsylvania finally allowed grocery stores to sell beer! And this Weis Markets location has a pretty solid lineup, with a good presence of local options, and a whole aisle of singles you can buy individually or in very nicely priced 6- or 7-packs. For an out-of-town visitor, like me, it’s a good option. But PA’s goofy beer laws linger -- you can only purchase in increments up to 192 total ounces. So on my visit, I had to make three trips out to the car and three separate purchases. Silly.“
Braudog 1599 days ago
78 /100 555 CENTENNIAL AVE
“Stop #7 on the great Mason-Dixon brewpub crawl. This is the old Snyder pretzel factory. Nice conversion, L-shaped bar in the taproom. Lively local crowd. Inexperienced staff but very friendly, helpful, enthusiastic. Nine beers on offer, tasty and creative. Flights of four five ounce pours were eight bucks. Free Snyders pretzels of course. So the Prince of Puntland ordered "a cup of cheese and eight beers please." Hot dogs were another popular snack, and they had pizza too. As far as we could tell, beer cheese come on everything, even the "plain" hot dog. Fun place, well worth a stop.“
Travlr 1693 days ago
“Nice location in what looks like one of Hanover’s main commercial areas. Interestingly, we discovered that another brewery, Something Wicked, will soon be opening just around the corner. The brewpub’s split over two levels. Games and most of the sitting space is downstairs, the bar’s upstairs. The beer was unfortunately not that great. I didn’t take it as a good sign that they were still selling their pumpkin porter in mid-May. A quick peek in the brewing area revealed they’re using plastic fermenters. Food was limited to simple things like paninis etc. Service was decent, as were prices. Overall, a pretty ho-hum experience. I won’t rush back.“
jackl 2154 days ago
“Cozy place with the dining area on the main floor and bar area upstairs. Small bar and some tables scattered around, some pew-style benches. Friendly staff all around and sitting at one of the tables the bartender was attentive without needing to go up to the bar. Solid selection of 8 house brewed beers on draft, Firkin Friday includes a special cask at 5 PM. All of the food is made in-house including the little things like sauces/dressings. Chicken salad sandwich was tasty and well-portioned, blue cheese in the cole slaw was an interesting and nice touch. Good prices on beer and food. Worth a stop if you’re in/near Hanover.“
GenDV138 2163 days ago
“Quick stop just after Warehouse brewery, less than a ten minute walk away. Clean, modern interior on two levels. Downstairs has a few tables in a bright and sunny front room, then a dark game space with two dart boards. The small bar is upstairs, as well as a few more tables. Seven or eight beers on, flights offer four of them. All were OK, with an above average pumpkin porter (in May, oddly enough, but it worked). Didn’t try the food since we ate at Warehouse. OK stop, but I wouldn’t go out of the way for this one on its own. Soon there will be a third brewpub opening in town, though, which makes the detour more attractive.“
Travlr 2163 days ago
“This sort of looks like it was a private house once. Plenty of parking right outside. The more formal-ish restauranty part downstairs was pretty crowded when we visited on a Friday lunchtime, so we opted for the pub upstairs. There’s a bar and a handful of tables, plus a small roof deck. Small brewhouse is upstairs, really a large homebrew set-up; just ask and they’ll show it off. Barman was very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Eight beers on, available as flights of five, if I remember correctly. They varied quite a bit, but most were tasty enough. The food was nicely done, fresh ingredients, with large portions. Definitely worth the detour.“
Travlr 2163 days ago
“Checked out this new brewpub in downtown Hanover on Sunday afternoon. Street parking and some small lots scattered around including one in front of the brewpub. Free parking on Sunday. Nice somewhat hip atmosphere, dining tables on the main and top floors, small bar with 10-15 seats on the top floor. Restrooms and an area to play darts on the bottom floor down the ramp.

Friendly service. 8 drafts available, 7 of their house beers and a Big Hill cider guest tap. Flight of four 5 oz pours for $7. Beers were mostly average with a couple solid beers.

Food was good, selection of small appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and such. Friend’s chili smelled good and another friend and I got paninis which were tasty but a bit pricey for the portion. Hopefully they can improve some of the beers, seems like a solid place.“
GenDV138 2176 days ago
“November 2013 - I have to admit I was skeptical that this place would be worth visiting, but I was most wrong. This is a quaint little bistro in a very cool, well-renovated old factory space. It’s a bit cozy, and I didn’t care for the atmosphere in the upstairs "brewpub" bar (you can get the beer downstairs in the nicer dining area). Not only was the food excellent, particularly for this area, but the beer was very, very good. All I tried were in the above average category. The service was friendly and accommodating, and the price was right for the product delivered. Will definitely return. Brewery #633.“
Braudog 2683 days ago
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