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80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“rating from December 2022. Hard to miss this place, highway signage and all. Huge facility with a nice publc area with a taproom, reaturant and merch (of course). Really captures the industrial vibe of whats going on behind the wall. taplist was well curated featuring a little something for everyone, including their barrel aged stuff. Food was ordinary, beer was great. Plenty of parking too.“
stevoj 4 days ago
74 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“I had been to the old brewery in Harrisburg years ago, the new place in Hershey is huge. They have a really large taproom, self guided brewery tours, a gift shop, and a "snack bar". They had a large selection of beer - many not available in the mainstream. I had a couple of flights and overall the beers were all quite good. The food at the "snack bar" was really good - definitely elevated snacks. We had a charcuterie plate, a cheese plate, and an order of beef tongue and beets with a horseradish custard.“
BeerdedDave 236 days ago
78 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Went there after a day at Hershey Park. The food was excellent, but a little on the expensive side for the serving size. The beer was decent, nothing special though, had a flight. The crowd was large but not overly loud. Service was decent for the crowd size that day.“
coasternut 283 days ago
84 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“A Mecca sort of place for beer. Took a great tour and got some unique beers and food. Definitely you should stop here. Knowledgeable staff.“
jb 471 days ago
54 /100 325 UNIVERSITY DR
“This is in the Hersey Lodge, where I was staying. Down a long hallway, big open room with tables up front and long bar in the back. Sports bar, I am not feeling the vibe. Service was average. Four Tröegs and five macros on tap. Don’t go out of way for this place.“
weihenweizen 1537 days ago
64 /100 251 W CHOCOLATE AVE
“Parking is somewhat challenging. In a strip mall. Bar with twelve taps, mostly locals. Refrigerated bottle selection in clear coolers on the left. Tap selection matched online listing. Service was average.“
weihenweizen 1537 days ago
64 /100 101 W CHOCOLATE AVE
“Limited parking on the street right in front. Long bar on left toward the back. Nice upscale bar atmosphere. The beers on the chalk boards don’t match the more up to date printed beer list. Service was average. The beers are average at best.“
weihenweizen 1538 days ago
84 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Well, not much to do in this company town, but what is here is of high quality, this place included. Great food (loaded up with brisket, a charcuterie board, and a cheese board) with local strength but overpriced. Beers this day were a disappointment, but the drinking experience itself was quite good and we know Tröegs can get it over the fences. The long-tabled setup does seem to encourage social mingling. Didn't do the free or paid tours, but will try to come back for the exclusive third tour and its samples directly from the foeders! [2019.07.22]“
ganache 1589 days ago
64 /100 101 W CHOCOLATE AVE
“We came here on 26.1.2019. Located next to the Hershey Chocolate Museum in the center of Hershey, this is the newest Iron Hill location. Plenty of parking available on the backside. Was packed on a Saturday afternoon. Luckily we found seats at the long bar. Very large restaurant, several rooms with nice large paintings/photos. Around 20 beers on tap - predominantly West Coast IPA‘s and Stouts. Beer selection could definitely improve. Taste of beers is mediocre, nothing special. Food was really good. Overall, as expected, a very commercial place: food definitely better than beers and solid service.“
Schlenkerla 1771 days ago
82 /100 101 W CHOCOLATE AVE
Ambiance: Brand new brewpub in downtown Hershey, in a newly (re)developing area. Inside is typical modern semi-upscale brewpub. Large space, pretty packed on a Saturday early afternoon. Service: Competent and friendly, what more can you ask for? Selection: About 15 taps, all their own stuff. Tried 9 different beers over the course of the afternoon, and only one of them wasn't at least good; most were very good to excellent. In fact, surprisingly good for a chain brewpub. Gordon Biersch this is not. Food: Typical semi-upscale brewpub fare. Everything was good. The ale french onion soup was a standout. Value: Not bad. Couple flights and pints, couple appetizers, a kids meal, and a takeout 4-pack were under $90. They could probably get away with charging more given it's right down the road from Hershey Park and bound to be loaded with tourists. Overall: Best craft beer option I've found in the area, way better than Funck's in my limited experience. Well worth a visit if you're in town.“
JDBaker11058 1835 days ago
70 /100 251 W CHOCOLATE AVE
“We came here on 4.8.2018. Located in the center of Hershey this beer bar is attached to an Escape room. They have 12 beers on tap, the majority from local breweries as Evergrain and Collusion and some from outside PA. A few fridges full of US craft beers, more than 100 I would guess. The interior is decorated like a Beer garden, not perfect but a nice idea. There are some tables outside, but no ‘real’ beer garden is available. We had Berliner Weiße from Mikkeller in bottles. A positive surprise.“
Schlenkerla 1949 days ago
74 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“I have been wanting to come here for over 18 months, and finally got a chance to bring my wife, grown kids, and their spouses here for a nice lunch after visiting the Hershey Gardens for a winter orchid show. The pictures I have seen show an industrial look to the dining room, it feels warmer than that. Nice location, near many attractions and they have ample parking. We all enjoyed our lunches. I do not think that Troegs makes a bad beer. All of their beers are "finished products". They have a nice retail room - where you can mix or match sixpacks, or just buy individual beers by the bottle. I am glad that the new Pennsylvania state laws are so much more flexible“
Cakes 2098 days ago
88 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Came in to check out the new location as the previous location in Harrisburg was just a brewery and counter to buy bottles, from what I recall. This place is very spacious with a very nice taproom. Definitely a step up. Easy to find location. All their regulars on tap along with some seasonal and some scratch beers. Decent prices for pints and sampler trays. Food was outstanding! Place was packed on Sunday afternoon. Light on Monday evening. Service was good. Will definitely be back on future trips to PA and recommend to everyone.“
MaltOMeal 2203 days ago
76 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Visited early evening on a very busy Friday in March 2015. Traffic was being directed in the parking lot, so that was our first clue. We stood at a tall table and tried two brews (eventually, it was a long queue but they had a system), which were tasty. Can walk around on a self-guided tour of the brewery, but it's just a hallway compared to the entire enormous facility. Crazy busy but worth a stop in. Would return if nearby again. Odd rules for the bottles, must be an American thing. (4/7/12/NA/8/15) 76“
mabel 2231 days ago
78 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Giant handsome facility in Hersey. Dropped wife and kid at gardens and me and the pooch headed here. Dogs allowed only on biergarten but since here at odd time only way to get beer is inside and a ways away so logistically tough as a solo. Decent selection and reasonably priced. I didn't get food but menu seemed decent enough. Obvious spot if in Hersey.“
Jow 2255 days ago
100 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Visited 11.5.16 in the morning. One of the most enjoyable taprooms/ breweries we have visited. A big facility with a huge souvenir room, brewery tour which we didn’t take and a vast taproom/ canteen. We sat by the bar, were served by a knowledgeable person. There are flights and there are experimental, brewery-only taps that were extremely interesting to taste. Food was basic but did the job. Wish we had more time to spend there.“
kerenmk 2611 days ago
92 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“One of my favorite breweries, awesome setup, tons of beer, eclectic but tasty food will come back any day“
BlindGuardianco 2648 days ago
80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Great brewery with lots on tap. The food was really good. Self guided tour or regular tour. Lots of merchandise and beer available in the gift shop.“
BroadestTom 2688 days ago
86 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“I had no idea this place would be so huge. I really mean huge, but very smart as I always felt welcome and service was great. Selection if freakin huge. We didn’t eat. Prices were great and I would happily come back again and again.“
Ferris 2705 days ago
92 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Giant facility off main road. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Food on premises. Gift shop is bigger than most nanos.“
jtclockwork 2705 days ago
88 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“This place is pretty cool. There is a great atmosphere when you get inside. It’s big and open like a cafeteria. There is a pretty good selection of taps (12 on this particular day) and a pretty decent bottle selection. At the bar. We didn’t stop for food, since we were in a hurry, but the staff was friendly and helpful, and it was a great time!“
koleminer20 2730 days ago
86 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Large brewpub with plenty of space, helpful staff, large selection of beer, good food menu, and the flight of 6 was only $8. I expected some better beer, but it’s a good place if you don’t expect the world.“
ebone1988 2731 days ago
84 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Stopped by on the way through Philly, 5/2/2016. Nice open space and outdoor seating near the Hershey Park. For a Monday night, the place filled up fast. Took the self-guided tour and walked around the brewery. Sat down and sooner than I could sit, the waiter showed up and was spot on with recommendations for beer and food. Went up to the concession stand and got some outstanding food. I have not seen anything like this in a brewery before. Pickled selections were top notch. Beer was pretty good. Definitely worth a stop if in the area.“
markwise 2766 days ago
84 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“3-01-2013 - A nice souvenir area, large tasting room, bar and table seating. Did not order any food. They open at 11a.m. and there were already 15 customers at the bar. They have at this time six (6) year-round beers available and one seasonal. A brewery worth stopping at.“
hotstuff 2812 days ago
92 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“This place gets crowded fast, and the availability of brewery tours is very low, but they offer a nice alternative I’d love to see more places give: the ability to do a self-guided tour. It’s considerably shorter and doesn’t show you much of what you’d likely learn walking around with a group of people and a brewery employee, but there are info graphics on the walls at different stations and you can carry your beer or food through the area as you read. The food itself is fantastic. It’s cafeteria style, so you do have to order it and go find a seat in a crowded warehouse-sized room, but the food itself is so far from the typical run-of-the-mill variety you’ll see in some brewpubs that it more than makes up for it. Their variety is everything from small, cheese-based plates to larger entrees that include venison, pork, porchetta, and a number of other German-inspired dishes. The beer itself is great too, but you probably already know that. The brewery is one of the few things of note in Hershey (and maybe the only thing of note in the winter when Hershey Park is closed), so it’s extremely popular. Parking is rough and not that big, but once you’re in, you’ll find a great atmosphere.“
Sirmixsomewhat 2854 days ago
48 /100 325 UNIVERSITY DR
“Sports bar located in the Hershey Lodge. They have several Troegs beers on tap. Unfortunately beers are served far too cold, using frozen glasses. Bartender served me a Miller beer instead of a Troegs Nugget Nectar. The taste was a very unpleasant experience.“
Schlenkerla 2879 days ago
82 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Nice place. Has a factory look with a cafeteria-style set up for food. Mostly standard beers available. ret pretzels.“
alobar 2880 days ago
78 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“2015-03-06. This place is huge, like basketball arena big. I had pictured a tiny little snack bar in the corner. When we arrived on a Friday night there were guys directing traffic in the large but still too small parking lot due to the crowds. The bar has a solid selection of Troeg’s products including a few brewery only release on tap and in bottles. We ended up standing at a table with no chairs. You can walk down the hall for a self directed tour as well. Worth a stop. The bottle shop had a decent selection as well but for some weird reason it was cheaper to buy four bottles than two, and they wouldn’t let me mix the four pack, and not quite laughed at me for asking. I ended up paying a premium just because we didn’t have room in the car/our customs allowance for more. Stupid.“
jercraigs 3024 days ago
86 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“What a way to spend the day. Drop the kids off at Hershey Park and then you can run a couple miles up the street to have a beer. Very large tasting and eating room. Warehouse size. You can go on a guided tour of the brewery or just look at everything through the glass windows. Part of the brewery tour goes over your head in the tasting room. Decent sized gift shop. I enjoyed my visit and if you are anywhere within a 100 miles of it you should make a point to visit.“
puboflyons 3074 days ago
80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“A regular stop whenever we are in the Harrisburg/Hershey area. Biergarten-like atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. Cafe area off to one side of the large bar (where they will page you when your order is ready) that features sandwiches and entree’s. Beer selection included many of their year round brews as well as their scratch series that is always changing. Brewery tours and a large gift shop round out the experience. Nice people, too.“
guzzler67 3110 days ago
68 /100 325 UNIVERSITY DR
“has an okay selection. Food was good enough if I remember. I like the location, but too much of a sports atmosphere for me. If i wanted a really good beer and was in the area i would go to Smoked.“
Nejhleader 3124 days ago
80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Stopped by to see friends on the way back to Pittsburgh over Christmas. Place was packed but still manageable. Very new industrial feel. All the standard stuff with a few special beers to order. Food was decent as well.“
Art 3173 days ago
82 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR

Beer Quality// very good
Beer Philosophy// a half dozen well crafted standards; a half dozen rotating experimental beers (the Scratch series); variety of styles
Serving Sizes// flights; full pours
Growler Situation// 64oz (will fill theirs or others)
Food Situation// smaller plates; sandwiches; kid friendly
Ambiance// industrial chic; modern; large open brewery format
Overall// a must visit destination if you are in the area; solid beer; fun and friendly environment“
callmemickey 3361 days ago
76 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Right next to Hershey Park. This is a big open space that is set up in the German fashion of seating with benches. It had a modern industrial feel to it and was quite noisy and crowded. The food was good. My wife and I both got cod and potato cakes. It was spicy and tasty. I had the three Scratch beers for samplers and all were solid offerings. They have about 6 of their year round offerings that can also be had as samples or full pours. This is a big place and has a lot going on. No wait staff comes to tables so you have to order from one counter for food and another for beer. Very busy place!“
Strykzone 3406 days ago
80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Stopped in before hitting up Hershey Park. Large open space, excellent artwork gives it a good vibe. Despite the name the "Snack Bar" is anything but. The food is excellent especially the fondue. Selection is so-so with all their year round beers and 4-6 Scratch releases (which are very IPA centric it seems) Would have loved to see more variety than 75% Pale Ales/IPAs. Would definitely stop back if in the area.“
vlan1 3447 days ago
90 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Selection is rated too high in this review, but I needed to get the numbers up a little. This was a great experience. The service should o mild be a 12, but it made me stop at 10. Good beer. In credible atmosphere and staff that bends over backwards.“
AndyW68 3455 days ago
82 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Ive been to both the old and new brewery, the new one is a giant open hall with a food counter and separate bar area. Very nicely done, self guided tour area, provate party barrel room, big gift shop, growler fils, cheap drafts, good pub food. great stop“
devman171 3466 days ago
60 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Just beyond the brewery, the hallway makes one feel that they may be lost in a corporate office building. Once inside it is much more hip, with a large bar, and a small cafe setting further in the back. A good variety of taps with almost all of their offerings. They also offered a couple of large format, limited bottles, including a sour. The service was pretty decent, but we went in within an hour of last call, which was very abrupt... very. The 2 giant paintings on the wall were really interesting, especially the black and white Troegenator one. Also the loft behind the bar overlooking the tops of the kettles was very modern-industrial looking, but very clean and well maintained looking.“
Emeister84 3468 days ago
84 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Mmmm...Troeg’s. Brings back memories as I grew up in Eastern PA just East of Hershey. Here goes. Its always clean here and I’ve been there several times while it was opened in Hershey. The service is always good, there’s never a dull moment here. There’s a nice self-guided museum. Its always their brews for a selection and never any bland brews as its always great stuff. The food, ha, I was there when they started doing some pretzels and stuff and they’re really good. The value is good because its Southern PA which tends to be better than other parts of the nation. Anyone who argues should try the New England states or where I currently live and then they’ll quickly realize how good they have it in Southern PA. Overall, if you’re in Southeastern PA, don’t pass up on this place.“
Bulk_Carrier 3468 days ago
60 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Visited over Easter. It is essentially a huge warehouse with the tap room and gift shop carved out. Tap room is in spacious warehouse and very loud, lots of places to sit and/or stand. Beer selection was lacking, I was hoping for a few more scratch beers. They had all widely available offering on and only had 2 scratch beers on and also bottles of La Grave and Splinter Brown. I am a little dumbfounded as to why they would not sell the aforementioned bottles in the giftshop...I was bummed I wasn’t able to bring them home. I did not try the food though it looked good. Overall, this seems to be a place that pulls in all sorts as its located next to Hershey Park and the Outlets...it was very crowded. I wanted to rate this higher but it pales in comparison to other breweries doing the same thing...ala Victory.“
Leafs93 3515 days ago
80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Nice, new place right down the road from Hershey Park. Very large with guided and a small self-guided tour available. Main tap room is extremely large with plenty of seating and a very large bar running along the nice brewing equipment behind it. Brewing aromas fill the area in a wonerful way. The place also has a large gift shop. Beer selection is typically 8 on tap with a few special release bottles with continuously releases of their "scratch" beers that rarely leave the taproom. Food is fantastic with a small, open kitchen area with its own executive chef and team. Orders are quick and delicious. Beers and food are a little on the pricey side compared to other places, but the quality certainly justifies the cost.“
sonnycheeba 3628 days ago
80 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Visited: 6-18-12 A: The tasting room is huge...it has a long bar, plenty of standing room, seating and outdoor patio. This place could hold 400+ people easily. Q: They serve about a half dozen of their beers year round, then mix in the seasonals and scratch series beers. S: The bartender was courtious, attentive, and knowledgable about their beers. Note: It wasnt busy when I came in. S: 12 different beers on tap, all different styles plus their own pop line available for the non-drinkers. F: Their snack bar was decent, had the salami sandwich with some aged cheddar and spicy mustard, decent. V: Reseasonable prices on pints, food, and flights. Overall, I love the new facility and again..the tasting room is one of the biggest that Ive ever seen.“
merc7186 3670 days ago
74 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Really fun to finally get here. Took the tour ($5) for 45 minutes, tasted unfiltered HopBack. Excellent london broil special, beer was well priced. They only had 3 beers that are not their all year lineup on tap. That was the only downside; however, Troegs regulr lineup is pretty damn solid and the two scratch beers were nice. Would definitely go back.“
boxofrane 3704 days ago
82 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Ambiance is awesome huge beerhall type tasting room with a huge bar. Service was fast and friendly from the get go. Selection was solid for a brewery, all year rounds, current seasonals, and 3 scratch beers. Got 3 5oz scratch samples for 5 bucks so pretty good deal. Certainly worth going to if in harrisburgh or Hershey.“
Beerman6686 3728 days ago
82 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Huge place, an old warehouse, with bus parking out front. Very clean, friendly and efficient staff make up for the fairly industrial interior. Huge gift shop, massive tasting area. You can do a self-guided or person-guided tour. I chose the self-guided tour of the tasting room. Worth visiting.“
Travlr 3738 days ago
84 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Nice new facility. More about the beer, which is how I think it should be. Stopped by before going to Hershey Park and was glad I made the journey. “
Mibsy 3806 days ago
72 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Imagine a brewery takes 1/6 of its brewing floor and builds a tasting room...you have Troegs. Long bar, communal beer tables that all butt up against the production brewery. No TV’s, but you can watch people working in the brewery. Buy beers at the bar, order food at the snack bar. Efficient system, all under fluorescent light. General Store is a tourist trap with $6 glasses and $20 t-shirts. No big bottles available, but you can buy 12 oz. bottles by the case. Brewery tours by reservation or self guided. If you family drags you to Hershey this summer, drag them to Troegs.“
JFGrind 3850 days ago
82 /100 200 E HERSHEYPARK DR
“Brand new location next to the Hershey factory and Hershey amusement park. Massive interior space, huge gift shop, a giant bar with all of their main beers on tap plus some random Scratch beers on tap and Splinter Gold bottles for on site consumption only. Ample parking. Service for beer was extremely quick and efficient. Flights are properly marked on a spill proof tray. Lots of attention to detail here. There is a snack bar separate from your bar tab to get some small plates or real meals. They have some delicious pork belly and poached egg, oyster poboys, and more. Impressive menu. Prices are very cheap for what was given. My only qualm was that there were not more one-offs on tap.“
GT 3851 days ago