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76 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“We came here on 9.2.2019. Fantastic location: one large room with bar and a few more smaller rooms with cool game machines. Great decoration: colorful pictures (a great Misfits picture !!!), long tables and paintings on the wall in front of the bar. Ben would love it here. About 15 beers on tap: good selection of pilsners, brown ales and IPA‘s. The WAI-ITI Pilsner I had was a bit strange, not really a Pilsner style, but not terrible.“
Schlenkerla 513 days ago
74 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Second stop on the Friday portion of the RBSG16 bus tour. Open, well lit (from outside) garage space. Plenty of seating inside at long communal tables. Food menu for their food truck is in chalk on the wall and is easy and straightforward, burger, nachos, catfish tacos, pierogies, pretzels, hummus. Decent stop. “
j12601 1081 days ago
74 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“On the street parking, it seems you cannot park right in front of this place due to a loading zone. Service was good on a slower Monday night. Selection was pretty good, however none of their impy stouts were on. Prices were a little high. I would go back if they had something special on.“
weihenweizen 1364 days ago
80 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Cool place on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Lots of decent beer on tap here and great service. They offer everything in flights and sell a few bottles in sixpack only format. Food looked good but I had already eaten. Must hit in area.“
solidfunk 1375 days ago
82 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Older building done up very nicely. Beer was good, solid selection and prices. Would return for sure.“
conway 1392 days ago
86 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Located in an old garage, or maybe even a fire station. Big two-story high space that has a long bar, and tables, etc. inside and out. The bartender was very helpful and friendly, and the beers were mostly good, with a couple of greats. Flights of 6-4oz for $10.“
rondphoto 1441 days ago
68 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Visited with the RBSG group. The place is a large warehouse located away from the hustle and bustle of anything. Big garage doors open the place up and allow you to partially sit outside. They have some of the sidewalk in front of the building roped off in front of the garage doors to make room for this. It was particularly hot this day, so that didn’t seem to be a popular option during my visit. Lots of weird signs and decorations inside. Funky. The draft list was mostly regular beers, but they did have a couple barrel aged things on for us, which was cool. I did wish their food truck was around for our visit, though. Some of the things on that menu sounded really interesting. Unfortunately we were too early for that. I think it shows up at 4 or 5 pm. This is a cool place.“
JStax 1446 days ago
74 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Large open space with long tables. Beers were served a little on the warm side. Unfortunately, the heat in the place (helped by a hot summer day) meant my beer felt legitimately hot as I got near the end. Beers on tap ranged from just ok to solid, but I’ve had outstanding beers from them as well. Even if not the first place I’d visit in Pittsburgh, I’d happily go back.“
italarican 1449 days ago
72 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Converted firehouse into beer pub. Very hot as there is no fans. Friendly staff that were quick to answer any questions on the beer. Flights for regular lineup and full pours only for seasonal and higher ABV beers. Beers were very nice and would definitely stop by again on a cooler day.“
djd07 1449 days ago
84 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Grungy like in a punk rock way. Pallets used as tables, lots of burning man style art and chalk board paint on the walls. staff was still nice and not like the d-bags over at 3-floyds (which was my first assumption when I came in). food truck wasn’t there so I can’t speak for the food. If you want to try 12 different beers, this is the place to do it.“
AdamChandler 1449 days ago
70 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“A large warehouse like space that gets really hot. Did I mention it gets really hot? Staff was pleasant and helpful. Flights were weird as you could only do the regular line up, not the seasonal so but could order individual seasonal samples and only full pours of barrel. Can get hard if you want the unusual stuff. Prices were OK.“
Ferris 1451 days ago
76 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Neat building, a former fire station. Looks like it was saved from crumbling. Lots of preserved bits that hint at the place’s past. Long bar on one side. Flights available, as well as full pours. Beers were decent, and the barrel aged beers (two when we visited for RBSG) were very tasty. Nice stop.“
Travlr 1451 days ago
80 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Visited for a round on a late afternoon, mid-week. Had the place to ourselves. First, great interior - an old firehouse, still with the cut-outs in the ceiling for the old fireman’s poles. Art & graffiti abound. Lots of natural light. Friendly, prompt staff during our trip, and the beer selection is very nice. Definitely worth a stop if in the area.“
Nate 1461 days ago
78 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Went there on a Sat afternoon 3 Oct 2015. The old firehouse location is very spacious, bigger those many local bars. Plenty of tables and chairs. Walls and ceiling are covered with interesting artwork and board games are available to play. Twelve taps with 6 year round and 6 seasonal selections. Prices are pretty reasonable. A sample of 6 year rounds is only $10. The seasonal are ~ $2.88 each with the tax. They also have some beers in bottles large and small that aren’t on tap. They fill growlers for ~ $15. They have a very nice specialty growler for $37 which includes the beer. They now have their own food truck parked just outside. Menu is somewhat limited. We had some pretzels with honey mustard sauce. Not very impressed with the cold pretzels. Parking in the area is limited. We parked about a block away at a pay meter. They have live music and other events on their calendar. Many more seasonal beers available on the rotting taps. Overall an enjoyable time spent.“
jsporrer 1737 days ago
84 /100 205 E 9TH AVE
“Satellite location for Voodoo Brewery. Really cool space that allows dogs and has garage doors that open in the summer time. The space is a renovated fire house so the history is really cool and you can see it in the ambiance of the place. The tap list has all the flagships and a decent comparison of taps to the main brewery. Now I only wish firkin fridays were there as well.“
Art 1857 days ago
82 /100
Blue Dust (Restaurant)
“Visited March 29, 2013. Wonderful Pittsburgh area corner pub with a super selection of taps (more than 20 at my visit), and an emphasis on the Pennsylvania breweries such as East End, Troegs, Victory and Yeungling. I tried a tasty dark Fat Gary from East End, before going to a Boulder Never Summer (like a colder version of a UK style bitter - yum!). Railway Fans Alert: plenty of loud and beautiful Norfolk Southern locos boom by just across the lane from Blue Dust. I’m told there is outdoor seating in the warmer months, so I will have to come back here and check out the trains with my beer. Extra points for the Railway - highly recommended!“
Mooncattie 2651 days ago
92 /100
Blue Dust (Restaurant)
“The owner Jerry is very knowledgeable about beer. From his times as a sales rep at Brandt’s Distributor to his experience at Roland’s in the Strip. ALL food is homemade from scratch, no freezer or deep fryers. And the beer selection is every bit as good as it was at Chiodo’s (now closed located about a block or 2 from this place). Great selection of beers on tap. A must visit! There is plenty of parking behind his building. A rare occurance in the Homestead area.“
nike 3358 days ago
100 /100
Blue Dust (Restaurant)
“From scratch cooking smoked items on menu " no crap on tap " reviewed in the Washington Post. Vegan menu items local grown produce fresh orchids, local owned a Great Place!“
PatBondi 3760 days ago
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