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90 /100 36 RAILROAD ST
“Updated 3/2016: After a few more visits in the past several months, I feel I need to update my review and score of this bar / restaurant. I continue to be amazed at the beer selection at the Railroad, especially on draft. They seemed to have increased the number of taps over the last year or so. It’s really difficult to find a beer bar like this in the Philly suburbs. The food has also gotten much better. You definitely have to hit up the lobster fries and take a long look at the big selection of grilled cheese sandwiches. The staff here is unassuming and down to earth. The plethora of pinball machines is also very cool! Kid-friendly too! A "must" destination! Original: It’s kind of hard to truly categorize this place. The ambiance reminds you of a hole-in-the-wall dive bar, but the beer selection forces you to recall menus and offerings of the best beer bars anywhere. On my first trip, I had three new beers that I had never sampled before: Maine’s Peeper Pale Ale, Evil Twin Yang and Rogue’s Juniper Pale. My wife even found something she liked (and she’s a difficult beer-snob to please at times). After a server finally acknowledged our existence, the service was very good and attentive. It just took a while to have someone come over to us at first and take our initial drink orders. The food was, for the most part, pretty unmemorable. I had a very average cheesesteak. My wife had the pulled pork sandwich, which is also your basic, run-of-the-mill type of bbq for this area. The french fries were the best part of the meal. Throw on a little vinegar and some salt, and they were good to go! I wouldn’t necessarily go back just for the food. But the selection of beer is the real draw for this bar. They easily were offering two dozen on draft, with a hundred or so more in bottles. The bar is a little crowded and noisy, but you have to take into account what type of bar this really is: a dive but with really, really good beer!“
obxdude10 2295 days ago
82 /100 36 RAILROAD ST
“This is not your average beer bar, no pretentious bartenders or uncorking ceremonies. This is a dive bar that probably has the best selection and best prices in the western burbs. They have a very large menu that is mostly bar food/grilled cheeses/ sandwiches. They throw great events and you can meet some great people. A lot of beer drinkers, not beer collectors.“
Polorl69 3302 days ago
82 /100 36 RAILROAD ST
“Yeah, this place isn’t the 4 Seasons and is at the other end of the tracks (literally). Yeah, it’s not huge with cloth tablecloths and napkins. But it has a charm to it. The food isn’t great, but I sat for close to two hours today speaking with bartender Mike, and discussed beer to an intellectual level only seen by me at places like Capone’s or Craft Ale or Frank Smith’s. I ended up leaving with 9 rare bottles I would never have gotten my hands on anywhere else, another 2 rare drafts, and had an off duty female bartender offer me a peanut butter cupcake and ask my opinion on midget porn. I also spoke with at least 10 people for 5 minutes-plus each that I had never met before, and left feeling like a family member. You just can’t get that shit anywhere else, and those are reasons I’ll be going back here often. Charles Bukowski, the author of Barfly, would have loved this fucking place. Oh, and for a finisher, they have cans of Billy Beer. This is the place I would buy an interest in and become Norm from Cheers at if I ever hit the lottery.“
DocLock 3752 days ago
84 /100 36 RAILROAD ST
“I really like what the owner is doing with this place. he is turning a former townie bar into a mostly townie bar with great beer. the owner is a nice guy but knows little about beer. i just feel like I am drinking in some body’s garage in high school. it is such a dump. but some how I keep going back. this place is a poor man’s Capone’s. Re-rate. This place has some of the best beers in Mont Co. The food has improved. Family friendly to boot. Best of Philly. The staff is great.“
Macegan75 3759 days ago
100 /100 36 RAILROAD ST
“Great small bar. solid selection, great bartenders. Beer is extremely well priced. I go often and love it. I’m adding a re-rating as i’ve gone here every Tuesday for multiple weeks. This is now my go-to bar. The prices are low compared to the competition. The service is awesome. Some of the friendliest guys ever - especially the Tuesday bartender - Nick. This guy knows me and my father and makes more than competent recommendations each week. He remembers virtually every beer we try. This place is 100/100 in my opinion.“
boxofrane 3785 days ago
78 /100 36 RAILROAD ST
“Chill, seats don’t offer a ton of legroom in front of the bar. But the beer and food is solid.“
egajdzis 3793 days ago
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