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90 /100 644 BROADWAY AVE
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon, and it was a pretty relaxed experience. Street parking is available for free. We were able to park just across the street. The place is pretty unique in that it is part bar/movie theater and part brewery. The bar side had lots of diverse tap handles, but I just looked from afar as I was here for the Abjuration beers. They had 8 on tap, which I believe is the norm. All their beers are very small batch, either half or one barrel? I don't remember which, but the whole operation is very much on the nano scale. Talking to the brewer, they have a lot of great stuff in the pipeline. Almost every beer they have here is super creative, and for the most part they turn out well. I really enjoyed most all of them. Prices were good. A flight of all the beers was $16, or $2 per sample. Service was excellent. I would definitely make this a priority stop if you are visiting the Pittsburgh area. It's a little out of the way, but worth the drive.“
JStax 556 days ago
90 /100 644 BROADWAY AVE
“I've rated plenty of beer places but I never expected the pleasant type of unique experience I had here. Easy to find in the classic part of McKees Rocks on Broadway, a brick street. This place shares its space with a refurbished old style movie theater, well done! The entry and lounge area is shared by both the theater and the taproom. Once in, you'll find Abjuration on the left and the film lounge tot he right. The abjuration tap area has a serving bar with taps and stainless steel tables to sit and drink. Although its dimmed a little for atmosphere, each tasting table is well lit. The film lounge on the right has a full service bar with all kinds of drinks and other beer taps. So unique, so different. The affordable beer flights are served in little beakers and they're very affordable. None of the beers tasted like this place was a start up, all solid and on style. The brewers were there serving this Saturday afternoon and were circulating around getting feedback on their beers, very friendly guys! What is really cool about this serving area is that you can go catch a movie if you want as well in the adjoining cinema. There was an old Pesci B&W film Raging Bull playing the day I was there, nice! Overall simply a very good beer tasting experience; cozy, friendly, fun and totally enjoyable with great beers. Interesting place you must check out if in the area.“
cheap 1098 days ago
“Very surprised by this place. Like cheapdark said you could easily pass this place by because of its location. Overall the beers are your typical suspects, but they do have a nice selection of micros and imports.“
nike 3413 days ago
“This is your typical Pennsylvania beer distributor which sells cases of beer. nothing less than 24 bottles in a case. They have a very nice selection of micros and imports. I was really surprised because I went inthere looking for cheap lager and was confronted by all kinds of rare stuff. Their prices are about 10-25% cheaper than the rest of the distributors in the area and the help is really friendly. They are located around the back of a small strip mall so if you miss the sign, you wouldn’t even know they are there.“
cheap 4445 days ago
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