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82 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Third stop on Saturday of RBSG16. Walked here from Grist House, which is maybe 10 blocks away. Small low key somewhat modern industrial space. Seats 50-60 in a small space due to a nice layout and seating along the walls in addition to the bar and roughly 10 tables. Eight beers on when we came, flights of three, or 10oz pours for $5-6. Most, if not everything on tap, is sour or funky. They really get into the wild yeast and I’m assuming the bulk of their beers see time in the koelschip. Staff here was super friendly and knowledgeable. There’s some board games tucked away on the side somewhere and a few people decided to play games as well. Some of the better beers out of the eight breweries we hit over two days, and that’s saying something since there wasn’t much bad beer. Certainly worth a visit. “
j12601 1228 days ago
80 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Dark and wrist-slittingly depressive interior, but crunchy stone gravel outside, was pleasant to sit at picnic tables under the galvanized steel roofing sheets and listen to the noise of a sudden downpour. It’s a pan-Continental feel and brings back the warms and fuzzies in me. Beers seem quite good but I’d like a little more experience before judging firmly. Also expensive and only three samples in a flight, but the cause is worthy and there’s some social potential here. I’d say a must-stop for out-of-towners. [2017.05.21: 80]“
ganache 1281 days ago
88 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Visited with the RBSG group. The place is pretty small inside, but they had seating for probably 40 without getting too crowded. They also had a large patio area with umbrella tables. Predominantly farmhouse and Belgian styles here. They even have a koelschip, so they have a lot of funky, sour beers. 12 or so beers on tap and 10 or more in bottles. Some overlap between tap and bottles. Good prices on everything. Very friendly and knowledgeable servers. I think one was the brewer. Don’t remember for sure. Really fun place. I would come here a lot if I lived in the area.“
JStax 1590 days ago
74 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Visited with the RBSG group. Sort of a warehouse with a showroom set up for perusal. The host was very generous and set up meat and cheese trays and offered us samples of a few beers and put together a raffle for some t-shirts, hats, and a basket of beer stuff. They had primarily cases of beer out to look at, all craft beer. Fun visit if you are in the neighborhood. Grist house is just a few blocks away, so you could easily stop at both.“
JStax 1590 days ago
80 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Smaller space, good selection, flights available that were on the pricey side, a few bottles available, nice stop.“
alexsdad06 1594 days ago
82 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Mostly sours/farmhouse styles that aren’t all that sour. Beers are good though. About 10 or so on tap. Worth a visit.“
jtclockwork 1597 days ago
82 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Quick stop on the RBSG tour. Nice meat and cheese plate for us, free samples of beers and a raffle for prizes at the end. Good variety and prices, must stop when in PGH.“
djd07 1597 days ago
80 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Unique space, with cool decor. Great sour beers with a very friendly knowledgeable staff. Flights available and vintage bottles. Patio area with several tables. A definite stop when in PGH.“
djd07 1597 days ago
78 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Cozy but comfortable and a nice little outdoor area as well. Very nice and knowledgeable staff who will walk you through all the beers. Beer list includes bottles and vintages which seemed to have good stock. Samplers are available but a tad pricey. I am not a huge fan of the beers as they have very Belgian yeast profiles, but if you are into that thing they are pretty good.“
Ferris 1597 days ago
74 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Yet another good re-use of a fairly tight space. Coolship is no longer on site, but used to be in the main bar. Nice natural wood L-shaped bar and wooden tables. Few picnic tables outside with a gravel beach. Beers are all funky and Bretty, all were solid with a couple of stand-outs. Eight beers on when we visited, available in flights of three. Good service. Nice stop.“
Travlr 1599 days ago
80 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Our sponsor for RBSG 2016, many thanks. They put on a food spread for us and had a few beers for us to taste as well. This is sort of a beer showroom, showcasing their best stuff. Nice variety and good prices. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 1599 days ago
84 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Great selection of beers if you’re in the market for a case. Friendly attentive and knowledgeable staff. Prices are on par with the area, and they really focus on the craft market. Provide stock to many regional distributors in the area, too.“
Nate 1599 days ago
74 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Perfect location right off the exit with easy return. Medium sized parking lot. Nice Biergarten with tables and chairs and nice shady areas to sit and relax. Inside is a little small but a/c works. Only 5 ales on tap and only a few items in bottles or by the case if you already know what you want. We sampled all of the ales they had at the time and they were pretty good. Maybe not the best but unique enough to be satisfying. Prices are not bad either, fairly reasonable. No food but they had a Fish Taco truck and a cupcake truck show up. They rotate different trucks when available. They had water available and you can bring your own food if you wish. Service was good, very attentive and knowledgeable. I wish they had more items available from their list. Guess I’ll just have to go back again sometime to see what’s new. Overall an enjoyable experience and a relaxing afternoon.“
jsporrer 1927 days ago
74 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Kind of an odd atmosphere here. Reminds me of an old doctors office waiting room. It was cozy though. The beer ranges from mediocre to really nice. Not my favorite place to hang out but worth a stop for their sours.“
Art 2173 days ago
80 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Stopped here on a Saturday evening for a round. Really reminds me of the types of small pubs/breweries I visited in Belgium or France - small seating area, simply furnished with games on the tables, a serving bar area and barrels of fermenting beer right in the seating area - leaving a pleasant estery undertone to the whole place. Service was very attentive and friendly. Beers on tap and in to-go bottles were in abundance (why no growler fills?). No food, but you can bring/order in your own while you drink. Not the best locale, but if I lived in Millvale within walking distance, I’d probably hang out here all the time.“
Nate 2228 days ago
78 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Went to this place for a monthly beer club meeting. Has own parking lot which is a plus in Millvale. Ambiance is very welcoming and cozy. About 6 wood tables and a small bar area with subdued lighting and a german beer basement feel to it. Basically the place is only a sampling room for their beers and not a brewpub, hence why they have short hours and no food. Owners are real upstanding nice guys and I found the beers to be very fairly priced vs. their quality. They are very accommodating and welcome you to bring in your own food. Tasted everything on their flight then they busted out a few very small samples on the house of stuff they were currently working on including a to die for blackberry lambic. Awesome place, hope it takes off.“
roder60 2559 days ago
84 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“This place is great! Nothing like any other brewery i’ve ever seen. The selection needs to step it up, but definetly a nice place. The beers are World Class! When you make beer that good, i dont care what the place looks like. The most important aspect is the beer and theres a lot more "actual" certified beer judges that i have met that have agreed that Draai Laag beers are well noted. I’ve been out of the area for a while and its nice to see these guys doing well. Keep it up Draai Laag!“
SaintD 2629 days ago
66 /100 621 EVERGREEN AVE
“This is a solid beer in the sleepy town just outside of Pittsburgh. It was nicer inside than I was expecting (and well air conditioned on a 90 degree day, thank god!). It does have a dive bar/sports bar feel. It’s a small place with a circular bar, tables in the front, and some tables in a back room as well. Plenty of TVs. They offer a macro or 2, plus your macro-esque craft beers (Harp, Guinness, etc) and then 10 or so solid craft beers (Sierra Nevada, Helltown, Rivertowne, Great Lakes, Shiner). There are overall about 15-20 taps. The food is standard pub grub, with lots of greasy options. Prices were not as good as other raters had led me to believe, ~$5/pint. They offered 16/25 oz for lower gravity beers, and then 5/10 oz for higher gravity. Overall, a decent stop, certainly one of the better options for craft beer in this area. There’s an option for a mug club too.“
LilBeerDoctor 2696 days ago
38 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Wow, not really quite sure where to start with this place. I walk inside an am immediately hit with a strange uninviting castle type theme. Bar has huge wooden chairs to which anyone shorter literally has trouble climbing onto. Place is just ridiculously pretentious. candle lit throughout, classical music playing, fancy books behind the bar, tiny fancy hand made flight glasses and racks, menus that looks like they have been cooked in the oven to appear to be old scrolls, and bartender who are standoffish, not very talkative, and wearing shirt and tie. Even the bathroom is strange with the look of a slaughter house floor combined with Navajo wallpaper. Selection is small, only 5 beers on tap, but they are all at least quality Belgians. No food except "Soup, $25.00" listed on the menu. Not sure if that’s a joke or what. Beers are expensive too, mostly $7 for a 10 oz pour, or $10 for a $10 total flight. Overall not worth the time unless you want ticks and are driving right past the place. Nothing here even remotely attempts to draw in the local crowd either. A real shame because most of the beers are at least solid Belgian entries, they just need to focus on beers and relax on the snooty gimmick.“
Beerman6686 2696 days ago
76 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Some of, if not, the best Belgian Style Beer I have ever had. Yes pricey, 7-8 a glass, some beers more, but the taste is out of this world! The Girtys is great!“
joecon 2729 days ago
62 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“Interesting place. It’s a warehouse that has an upscale (dare I say pretentious?) bar stuck inside of it. Classical music, literature displayed, very dark lighting. I did not eat though there was one cryptic option on the menu. "Soup 25.00." Maybe that’s some legal loophole allowing them to serve food without serving food? The bartenders were nice enough but standoffish. Beers were generally solid. Prices are very high, especially for the $1.00 per ounce sampler (5 x 2oz.)! Enough parking.“
Drake 2769 days ago
84 /100 621 EVERGREEN AVE
“nice little hideaway in Millvale. Ambiance is nice little divey bar feeling, but not dirty, high ceilings and plenty of tvs to watch local sports. solid draft selection, excellent bottle selection. Service is good for how busy it gets sometimes. Vlaue is definitely a ten. Both the food and the beers are great and are at ridiculous prices for pittsburgh“
Beerman6686 3120 days ago
72 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“I stop here whenever I’m in P-Burgh on business. I stock up on the the Dogfish Seasonals I’m after and they are quick to recommend others. I’ll usually find some good products by Stone Victory or Weyerbacher to pick up while there.“
SamsonAle 3171 days ago
86 /100 621 EVERGREEN AVE
“Hole in the wall with charm, expert bartenders, and a great selection. If you want trendy/classy, go elsewhere. Not only will you be disappointed here, but the patrons of this bar would probably kick your butt. Decent amount of taps, cool beer club mugs hanging above bar, and a sweet growler label. Wings are delicious. Lots of bottles. Seasonals well stocked.“
PGHbeer77 3231 days ago
86 /100 501 E OHIO ST
“It’s a simple start up craft brewery, but these guys are doing it right. Every dollar they earn goes back into the brewery. The ambiance and all that crap is non-existent, because this is a small two barrel brewery selling growlers and cases straight out of the brewhouse. There’s some counters and a tile floor, the owner/brewer standing behind one of the counters with the barrels in the back room. But you know what, the owners and brewers will talk with you as long as you like and the beer is so great. Every time you take a look there’s something new with this place. Check it out. If you follow their twitter account, you’ll find out what they’re doing the coming Friday night. I highly advise doing this since they sometimes will be sold out or on the other hand will sometimes be offering some cool stuff if you show up.“
PGHbeer77 3231 days ago
88 /100 621 EVERGREEN AVE
“Good selection of beer. Great wings. Form available to fill in different beers consumed from different countries to get a tankard with your name on it to keep at the bar.“
dschilberg 3271 days ago
62 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Good place for micros. Not much in selection for imports except Hacker Pschorr and a few Belgium’s. Other than that, a typical beer distributor in Pittsburgh that doesn’t promote itself or offer many discounts. Here is a link to their website:“
nike 3470 days ago
68 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Wholesaler/retailer in Millvale PA. Purchases need to be made at the business office, where they do not take cards and are to be picked up down the road at the warehouse. Business hours are only 9-5 Mon-Fri.“
Beerman6686 3683 days ago
90 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“The best place to buy from. Responsible for bringing in many of my favorites. Knowledgeable staff and they support many great events throughout the area.“
MtnBikerLee 3869 days ago
90 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“This is a great place.......being the beer geek that I am I typically bombard them with phone calls pertaining to incoming selection, and they still treat me with respect and friendliness. The clerk even picked up my case and starting carrying it to my car!!!“
taffurs888 4700 days ago
100 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“The best beer distributor in the pgh. area.Real helpful and they have it all.“
beerczar69 4932 days ago
76 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Went there with Drew even though I am late rating. Someone did actually go to another warehouse for us. The guy helping us was into craft beer and was helpful. We bought many cases and the clerk brought them out to our car.“
Rockinout 5574 days ago
72 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“Single handedly responsible for bringing Bell’s beers into the Pittsburgh area to which I am eternally grateful. I have called and visited Vecenie Distributing. They have been very helpful. They carry very few belgians, but they carry Achel, and they are responsible for handling the Church Brew Works distribution.“
roomtempbeer 5641 days ago
78 /100 140 NORTH AVENUE
“This distributor is located within 5 minutes of The Church Brew Works. Cross the river at the 31st or 40th Street bridge. Service was very friendly - wheeled our cases of beer out to the car and loaded it in our trunk; also had someone bring a case of Yard's up from their warehouse for us. Great Place!“
Drew 6084 days ago
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