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58 /100 3618 BRODHEAD ROAD
“Updated 8/2014: Too many times I’ve gone here and got the wrong price at the register and they make a big deal out of it if you ask. For example, my latest purchase was for a S/N camp case. On the case it said $33 but they charged me $40 at the register. PMO. Otherwise typical by the case PA retail beer distributor establishment. Has a pretty good selection of micros and imports. Many prices are not marked and you must ask and quite often the prices stated are lower than what they charge you at the register. Quite confusing. Unless however, you wait in line and ask the guy at the register. Owner is pretty friendly but one of the sons is sometimes less patient and rude. I go here only because it’s the closest place to my house. Haven’t seen that mean spirited son lately, will up my score a bit. They also have lots of snacking foods there. I do try to avoid buying my craft beers here because of the ambiguity in the prices but their cheap beers are decently priced and well marked so I buy those here quite often.“
cheap 2314 days ago
76 /100
Bowsers (Bar)
“Not bad! Been going here since Bocktown Monaca closed. Smallish place hidden in the back of a strip mall in Center Township. Frequently they have rare beers here that nobody else has rated. They had at least 10 good craft beers on tap today, a few of them by local brewers. I had the Fort Collins malt monster, first time I ever saw that beer. The food here is local homemade and pretty good with big servings. They have a great fried fish sandwich on Fridays and their multi layered pgh style French fry sandwiches are just as good, if not better than primanties. Also, tho a little expensive for beaver county, they have many coolers of single bottles and cans, at least a couple hundred - at allegheny county prices. .“
cheap 2342 days ago
60 /100 3618 BRODHEAD ROAD
“Nice place to buy cases of beer but JR’S beer warehouse is cheaper and it is just across the bridge.JR’S has a bigger beer selection and the people that work there are great.Try JR’S AS IT IS CHEAP.Beaver County Beverage is in 2ND place as it is also good.“
beerczar69 2625 days ago
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