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70 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“One of two (soon to be three with a new location in Red Bank) Triumph Breweries in New Hope (other is In Princeton). Decent food...nice décor and atmosphere...beers are generally good...and no more than that. They had 7 when I visited...a decent citra pale an amber, summer boch, cream, IIPA, Witbier, and something with tiger in the name (apologies for not remembering that one). A somewhat corporate small chain...but definitely decent enough if in the area and there aren't better choices.“
PRBeer 1233 days ago
72 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
DSG 1893 days ago
72 /100 116 S MAIN ST
“Place is right on main street with tons of patio space to people watch..... pizza is decent and beer selection as some simple craft and local pa craft which is just fine for chilling on a nice day/night along main street .... really only had the pizza its ny style and tasty along with a few Sierra Nevada porters friends had sandwiches ... overall a nice place in New Hope“
italianjohn 1915 days ago
66 /100
Nektar (Bar)
“Wine, whiskey and beer bar pretty much in the heart of new hope. Probably opened in the last year. Back of the building has a patio right to a creek which is really nice. They offer bar seating front window seats and restaurant style with a second floor below where the patio is. Food looked and smelled great will have to come back. Service was good but this is more of a wine bar. 8 taps and a small but broad selection. Lots of styles represented. Not many good beer bars in new hope so this is a nice option if you forego triumph. Plus it’s loaded with wine so the wife was happy. Place was remodeled too so it’s nice aesthetically.“
italianjohn 1915 days ago
72 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Cute area in New Hope. Very friendly town. The flights are large pours and everything was pretty decent. Food, especially the nachos, were great.“
Msdrbeat 1928 days ago
52 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Too many gays, but that’s New Hope. The beer is decent, and the outdoor drinking area with the couches is pretty nice.“
EvanFriend 2308 days ago
84 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Great looking place with solid service. Excellent food and a solid beer sampler. Will definitely go back again.“
alobar 2312 days ago
70 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Nice big open restaurant with a sort of industrial feel. Service was friendly and attentive. Small selection of house-brewed beer and was able to purchase 2 bottles to go. Food was very good and prices were fine. Enjoyed my trip here.“
conway 2550 days ago
80 /100
Buttonwood Grill (Restaurant)
“Cozy spot on the edge of Peddler’s Village. Nice atmosphere and great service here. Craft beer list had maybe 15-20 selections. Some international offerings, plenty of macros. I was not overly impressed though they did offer growlers. I’m curious if their bottle selection has taken a hit as the waiters pointed out that the list had recently been updated and now contained far fewer bottles than the original list on the menu. Good food, fun spot to hang out.“
jdb288 2659 days ago
88 /100
Buttonwood Grill (Restaurant)
“A fabulous list of more than 45 craft bottles, including some quite exquisite offerings of high dollar imperials and stouts as well as solid pales and IPAs.......everyone was thrilled with the quality and value of the food and we had more than enough brews to choose from. Nicely appointed, the only downside was it was not acoustically efficient and a bit noisy in normal conversation.....but it’s well worth the trip“
Voodoo 2862 days ago
78 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“A nice brewpub in the small town of New Hope. Set in a small shopping mall with pay-for-parking. A very large place with a large bar and upstairs seating. I had a saison and zwickel/keller/landbier when I visited, both tasty. Food is higher end, slightly higher priced too. Worth a stop for the beer.“
LilBeerDoctor 2863 days ago
80 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“2 minute drive over the Delaware River from River Horse. Nice atmosphere indoors and outdoors. Enjoyed lunch outdoors and got to see the old trains chugging by. Food was really good and beer was ok. Ordered the flight for $9.50, and sampled 7 5oz beers, but nothing stood out. Overall staff was friendly, atmosphere was great, and food and drinks were good too. I would definitely go back if I were in the area again.“
Ed5388 3045 days ago
70 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“good burgers,,, good rye beer,, oct-fest too ,,,been going to new hope for years before ANY brewery was in town,,, good place to get a drink,,,“
jerseyjohn71 3123 days ago
90 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Stopped here on a recent beer trip. The place itself is very nice with some pool tables, a big bar, an outside eating area that overlooks a historic railroad. The food is locally sourced. The beers are all solid. The brewer was there when I stopped and gave us a tour. Great place that is walking distance from Riverhorse in a very picturesque area along the Delaware River.“
Cletus 3283 days ago
78 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“This place has a great patio where i get the pleasure of watching moms and dads loading up their kiddies on a scenic railroad built on 90 # rail. I seem to be an expert in this field and would never let my child on an archaic RR. But I digress. The patio is large, the bar in side is large. The food is good and well prepped. Beer selection is all their own. Some is good, some mediocre. Never a unpalatable beer in the mix, which is something that can not be said about all brewpubs. Service is friendly and adequate.“
UDBeernut 3290 days ago
78 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“The beer selection is limited to the 7 drafts, all of which were pretty solid, but not exceptional. I think they also offer a few large format bottles. The food, however, was excellent. They focus on local ingredients, and they have a very talented chef. Great diversity and variety on the menu, and very beer friendly food. Great, attentive service as well.“
scarletfire65 3400 days ago
72 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Of all the locations I enjoyed this one the most. They seemed to have the best selection and tasting beers. Food was good as well.“
Leafs93 3493 days ago
62 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Food was good. The Abience was nice. However, I go for the beers, and every beer was thin and watery. I like my stouts to be real stouts not watery, and my IPA’S need to have a hop bite, not thin and bland. Overall the place was ok.“
MadIndian 3863 days ago
64 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Sat outside along the train tracks which was pretty neat the inside had high ceilings and the industrial look ... beer was average and overpriced although its a buck off on tuesdays and the happy hour specials are ONLY at the bar ... our server was not very friendly and the food was like upscale pub with an organic/natural twist ... reminded me a bit of a iron hill but not as good ... prices were a bit high and the pay parking is self explanatory if you read or ask questions! They had a half dozen brews on tap .... Overall it wasn’t bad, but if your going to have happy hour and specials why just limit it to the bar?“
italianjohn 4100 days ago
84 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Great brew pub, fairly local. Set up like the interior of an old factory, making for a cool ambience. Great selection of top notch beers that they brew. Food is phenomenal, a touch on the pricey side. Growlers to go on everything except stouts. Pay to park lot kind of sucks, but ends early in the night, free after.“
NJBeerman013 4284 days ago
80 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Visited this place a few months ago and ended up getting a parking ticket for the confusing parking situation. Had the oatmeal cookie stout, witbier and something else. The beer was pretty good. Nothing on the food menu struck me as particularly good. The bar wench checked on us quite often and a cute guy behind the bar let me try an interesting sounding mixed drink. On par with most bars with regard to their prices. Nice bar. A few flat screens and a pool table. Seems like a cool place to relax at after work. I’d go back.“
Beerapprentice 4355 days ago
72 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“all their own beers. always a range of selection. usually at least one hand-pump cask ale. monthly "brewers special" keg which is gone when it’s gone. bartenders are friendly but knowledge is variable. wide variety of "urban-chic" food. tends to be pricey b/c of the tourism. paying for parking blows. ...pretty sure they’ll do growlers if you ask... apparently there is a fee.“
iggynelix 4370 days ago
80 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Went here on a Sunday for lunch. Food was very good. The stage is nice too. They had a guy and a guitar, was nice. We had their sampler of beer. 5 beers, all interesting except the American Lite. Tastes like water. Anyway, it’s a nice atmosphere, lots of exposed beams and steel.“
oOJUXEOo 4382 days ago
70 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Agree with pollocknicity2...I usually don’t care for pumpkin ale but theirs is pretty outstanding.“
Bonster 4453 days ago
72 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Every fall, this place makes a great pumpkin ale that’s just amazing. They also make an above average honey wheat beer and a truly awesome coffee and cream stout. The overall value of this place, in my book, goes down for two reasons: they jack up their prices because they’re in a touristy area, and their menu selections aren’t always complementary to a good beer. I like Triumph beers, but the Triumph down in Philly has a much better ambiance and menu.“
pollocknicity2 4454 days ago
68 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“We sat outside and enjoyed a tasty Simcoe IPA. Food was ok. Wasn’t really interested in the food as I was the beer. Seemed to be a pretty low key place, not over the top fancy but not a dive, right in the middle with lots of open space inside. It was quiet so not sure how the place holds up if it gets busy.“
BiddleBrau 4489 days ago
72 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“I’d take this over the Princeton Triumph. I think the beer is a little better. The menu’s small, but good and they can whip something weird up no problem if you ask. Anyway, there’s much better beer right across the river; but if you’re in New Hope, you have to stop.“
wilsomb 4498 days ago
76 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Stopped in on a saturday afternoon after reading about the place. The bartender was really attentive and had good suggestions regarding the menu. I ordered the sampler, and he was also cool enough not to give the old "roll of the eyes" for having to put it together. I picked up 2 growlers of the Bengal IPA to take back home. Good stop. Reccomended.“
thesparrow 4578 days ago
58 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Good beer, decent service, great happy hour prices, and it’s nice and clean. Didn’t even look at a menu, so they get an "N/A" in that dept. Unfortunately, on the day I was there, they only had 4 beers (two flavored wheats, and two lagers) so I can’t give them much in the "selection" category, but I’m really hoping it was an off day?“
HoppityHop 4584 days ago
74 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Visited on a very very cold Saturday afternoon with willblake and dickinsonbeer. Located in a shopping area that is clean and attractive. The interior is quite expansive with lots of brick and open space. Service was just average from the bartender but would not sway me either way about visiting again. Seven house beers on draft with about 3 of them being staples and the other four rotating. The tap list seems to be updated on the website on a fairly regular basis and everything listed was available on the day of my visit. The Oatmeal Cookie Stout was simply awesome and I would drive there again simply to drink more of this fantastic creation. Food was good and is more imaginative and of a higher quality then your standard burger and wings. This place looks like it could be real lively on weekend nights and I wish it was closer then an hour and a half from my house.“
dmac 4653 days ago
74 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
kennydiaz 4658 days ago
78 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Great Beer. One of the best Jersey brewers. It is worth going for a drink and a meal. The menu is quite small, though. Do not expect amazing things in that department. It’s not worth a long drive, but stop by if you’re in the New Hope area.“
nj4christ 4686 days ago
68 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Somewhat pricey, but very good experience ambiance wise. Food was outrageous. Beer actually was the weakest part of the visit and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The beers are better than average it’s just that I’ve had better“
pineybob 4706 days ago
38 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“stopped by on beer tour, 09/01/08. Very nice facility, and I was eager to try thier products. Waited about 15 minutes to be seated at a table (we were told there would be a wait), placed my order for a sampler (iced tea for the wife) and sweet potato fries. Fries and tea came very took about 20 minutes, which seems excessive. Prices also seemed excessive, as fries were $4.00, a new york strip was $24.00 (didn’t mention size) and other items were priced in a similar manner. Beer sampler finally came, and was for the most part well done. My only complaint was concerning the Jewish Rye beer which has to be an acquired taste...and I am loath to acquire it! Still, given the slow service and high priced food, it is not a place I would return. Hopefully they package thier excellent beer in bottles and market it in my area.“
FanwickMike 4793 days ago
36 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Stopped in for a sampler and growler fill the other day and was told that they’ll only fill Triumph growlers for Legal reasons. What a joke. If a place is down to trying to make mney on growler sales you can guess how long they’ll be in business. On other trips here the beer is ok, decent IPA, other than that it’s about what you expect from a chain. Food prices are insane.“
euserphriendly 4884 days ago
68 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Stopped in for a beer. Wond up getting the sampler. Decent brews. I particulary liked the IPA and Belgium Ale. We didn’t eat here lbut ooked at the menu. They had some unique dishes that were somewhat highly priced. Stop in for a beer if your girlfriend or wife drags you to New Hope. But whatever you do don’t suggest visting you will regret it.“
cryfreedmb 4886 days ago
74 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Visited here about a month ago. A very modern and flashy looking brewpub. Located in a cool little town. I did not eat, the food looked like decent brewpub but the prices did seem a little steep, especially for lunch on a weekday afternoon. Got a growler to go, the tap selection was decent, covered a good spectrum of styles. I got the Belgian Red.“
beastiefan2k 4893 days ago
74 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Nice place in a good location. Patio outside is cool but watch out for spiders. A nice big open space, and big bar. Good selection, but some of the beers could be better. I love the growlers that they sell. Food is Awesome.“
persico35 4968 days ago
76 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“I can’t belive I haven’t put a rating in for the New Hope location yet. Beers are always solid. A few house brews and in addition to 3 or 4 seasonals always on. Food is well done. I really enjoy the burger and they have this chocolate chip cookie dessert that is amazing. The New Hope Railroad is right across the way. So if you have kids who like trains...or if you like trains make a day of it and get tickets for a train ride.“
TomDecapolis 5006 days ago
82 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“I visited with my family over the Columbus Day weekend. This is my second time at this location. Very nice looking place. Sort of modern / industrial look with lots of exposed metal and brick. Nice patio out back overlooks the historic train station. Kind of cool watching the old locomotives go by. Service was very good. Selection was good with seven of their beers on tap. I was a little disappointed they had just run out of their pumpkin ale and weren’t tapping another keg until next weekend, which I thought odd on Saturday night of Columbus Day weekend. The beer board is very informative and lists all of the beers on tap, their ABV, and their batch number. Food was very good with a nice varied menu. Parking was a bit difficult on a busy weekend, but other than that, this place is definitely worth a visit.“
beerbill 5122 days ago
78 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Nuke this rating, please.“
ganache 5225 days ago
80 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Been here a few times and everytime I go back I remeber why this is a great brewpub. For it to be a great brewpub they need to have 2 things: Good high quaility beer and Great food. This place has both of them and more. The food is great from appetizers to entrees but this is a beer website so I’ll focus more on the beer. Friendly service and nice atmosphere. They do have a great sampler too: $7 for 7 five ounce beers. Can’t wait till my next trip.“
jason 5323 days ago
80 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“After over a year of trying to find/get to this place I finally made it. Its about 2 blocks off the main drag and as usual for New Hope - THE PARKING SUCKS !!!! However, this is a nice looking place with a good bar and a board that shows not only the current draughts, but whats on deck! Only 7 beers available, but this isn’t as bad as it sounds, as new seasonals seem to rotate in frequently. Pleasant service and the servers knew a thing or two about the beer. Food was pretty good - I highly recommend the Bison sandwich. I will definitely be back here in the near future.“
JB175 5453 days ago
84 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Like their Princeton location, food and beers are both great. Lots of exposed brick with a nice patio outside. May be the nicest tap setup I have seen in a brewpub. service has been very good the couple of times I have been to this location, minus one incident where I ordered a growler of Jewish Rye to go and ended up getting their chico pale ale. Not a very nice suprise when you figure it out after you drive an hour to get home....that said though, they replaced my growler at no cost the next time I was there. I will keep going to both Triumph’s, they are the model business as a brewpub, IMO.“
hophead75 5507 days ago
86 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Upscale american brewpub ambiance. Nothing unusual or exciting there, fits in with its upscale mall location well and yet has that casual man ambiance. Excellent, excellent food, very well matched to beer but rivalling and sometimes exceeding the beer in quality. Perhaps the bar is a bit lower because it’s a brewpub, but probably the best meal I’ve had in a brewpub or bar in a long time. The beer was generally all good with one or two standouts that I would return to but nothing I’ll stay up nights thinking about. The featuring of a smoked beer really got me here and it was a pretty good one. The Amber ale took a clear second place on my visit. Good, fast service, efficient. Mind their own biz which is basically all I wanted. By the way the grilled peaches for dessert are fantastic. Also our entrees were the citrus pork and chichken melba, both excellent. I had a good time and will definitely go back when there are new interesting beers, it’s even a place you can take your girlfriend without much problem since the food is good and you can walk around new hope and lambertville after.“
xproudfoot 5537 days ago
78 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“New Hope. Hi-tech, industrial environment with very distinct, sanitized lines. Beers are very good and so is the food. I very nice place to stop in after hanging out in Lambertville/New Hope. Check out Cross-Country Nurseries in Rosemont NJ, about 15 min away for a whole incredible selection of chiles and tomato plants. This was the annual excursion“
Thaichile 5621 days ago
76 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Interesting building and ambience. Very clean while still being warm. Art for sale on the walls (although some of it looked like stuff I could draw). Food was good, didn’t have time for dessert, and beers weren’t bad either. Service was harried but pleasant.“
Probiere 5738 days ago
80 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“I had a great time at Triumph, New Hope, and have to disagree with the previous opinions. I think the beers here are much cleaner and are more solid all around than Princeton. The IPA wasn’t hoppy enough for me, but I am admitedly a hophead. The Dunkel and German Pils were fabulous. I was also impressed with the beer and cheese pairings and the well informed staff.“
mstecura 5819 days ago
66 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Large dark modern tavern looks. Touristy mall location. Gentle, enthusiast and proud (in a good way) service. No beers were really that impressive, but I’ve seen what they can do at GABF and I imagine the batch of impy just was not their best that day. It’s a nice stop for really bring on the way to Philly for us, but I wouldn’t go any special lenghts any more as this was one of my most anticipated brewpubs in the whole country.“
Rastacouere 5845 days ago
70 /100 400 UNION SQUARE
“Nice little brewpub/restaurant in a small shopping center in cute and popular New Hope village. Service was very courteous and could answer beer-related questions. Beers were somewhat of a disappointment, even the imperial stout. Everything was well-made though, just nothing spectacular in the lineup we had that day. The brick walls decorated with paintings in the room adjoining the high-ceiling bar area gave the place a unique feel to say the least. I hope the Princeton location is better, because we were disappointed by the beers here, considering their reputation.“
MartinT 5851 days ago
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