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76 /100 102 UNION AVENUE
“came here mid week, fairly empty which was to be expect. vibe was large warehouse with a clear view of the brewery. Chill staff, okay selection. I had an IPA that was beyond solid. good place.“
UDBeernut 1903 days ago
70 /100 102 UNION AVENUE
“This is a brand new warehouse in the friendly little village of Oakdale. Been waiting for a while for this place to open. Easy parking all over. Outside is typical warehouse and inside you are greeted by two fine horseshoe shaped black granite bars, well done. Tanks were in the middle of the large warehouse floor. Help was so friendly and accommodating. Samples were about $2.50 each for 4 oz glass. Had all 4 that were on tap. Was hoping to taste more of their dozen or so beers but this was the soft opening and they only had 4 on tap at the time, all were solid to their style. Very good overall beer tasting experience. I’ll rerate later after I’ve been here a few times, it’s right down the street from where I work so I anticipate many visits as new releases become available. Thank you Helicon!“
cheap 2033 days ago
34 /100
Pike Beverage, Inc. (Beer Store)
“Been to this place a few times. Small drive thru. No prices marked, you just drive in, tell them what you want and they put the case in your car then pay whatever price they say. If you do ask about prices, you get the stink eye. As with most small PALCB distributors, prices are above average and the craft/import selection is there but nothing special. Not sure why its listed in the RB database. If this place is in the database, we should put every PALCB beer distributor in here.“
cheap 2918 days ago
“Nothing different or unique about this place. They have a decent selection, but nothing unusual. If you request anything, they said they will order it for you. I was looking for a few simple beers Beamish and Anchor Steam...they didn’t have neither. I’ll may stop again, only because it is on my way home from work.“
nike 4082 days ago
“Small with mountains of beer cases surrounding you. Found myself asking where’s this/where’s that versus window shopping on my own because of this.“
yinzerbeernut 4659 days ago
“Typical by the case pennsylvania beer distributor. Plenty of micros and imports. Most of the popular brews are available here. Prices are slightly above average for what I’m used to. Small tighly packed hole in the wall inside a strip mall island. Yep, I saw the boxer there too. Santiago, right down the street, has much better prices.“
cheap 5015 days ago
“Typcial beer distributor in PA. Had any case that I was looking for. What set this place apart was the cute Boxer that was walking around free. By boxer of course, I meant a dog. When I went to pet him he cowered, but when I left he strutted around like he owned the place.“
LinusStick 5383 days ago
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