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70 /100 410 E WALNUT ST, UNIT 10
“This place is much improved than it used to. Full bar, take out beer and usually food trucks on the weekends. I think change in brewer really made an improvement.“
egajdzis 1105 days ago
76 /100 410 E WALNUT ST, UNIT 10
“Ambiance - very clean and pleasant venue. The taproom is in a nice place, in a nice town. Service - is of a high order. Very knowledgeable, quick, and courteous. Would be hard to top. Selection - albeit the offerings are exclusively from the brewery, save the cider, the selection is vast enough to make it really optimal. Food - the Brewery does not offer food. But does have food truck vendors usually, and that food is of a very high order. Value - was spot on. You felt like you more than got your money's worth. Overall - very good on all fronts. I'd really recommend this place. “
DandyWolfFloyd 1312 days ago
84 /100 410 E WALNUT ST, UNIT 10
“How have I not been to this place yet when it is close to my house (<30min). 17 beers on tap and lots of bottles for sale. Wide range of styles and flights of 4 available. Stopped by on a Saturday, although they were busy, I did not wait long for my beer and was able to snag a table. I see all the ratings are from 2014 and earlier - this place has gotten a lot better since those ...“
hopdog 1908 days ago
64 /100 410 E WALNUT ST, UNIT 10
“Decent place with a solid tap list. No food. Generous samples with growler and bottle purchase options. A few solid beers, but seemed a bit expensive compared to comparable local brewers.“
alobar 2637 days ago
66 /100 410 E WALNUT ST, UNIT 10
“Tiny little brewery trying to make a huge variety of styles. Some good, some not so. Prices are on the higher side of reasonable, but nothing crazy. Service is friendly, they have a crazy amount of stuff on tap, and samples are encouraged......but hanging out in the cellar of a machine shop (even if it IS a brewery) is depressing. They’re trying, and I’ll give them that!“
HoppityHop 2915 days ago
78 /100 410 E WALNUT ST, UNIT 10
“Basement warehouse just getting off the ground. Great place to learn about the brewing process (most of their equipment is homemade!) and try some fun new beer styles. Very friendly. Will pour a growler or just a taste.“
can8ianben 3309 days ago
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