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76 /100 325 BRIDGE ST
“We ran in here to pick up some beer take with us to a nearby BYOB restaurant, The Black Lab Bistro, two blocks down from here. It is pricey, but they have some nice sales too. I picked up a 6 pack of Dales Pale Ale for $9.99. Not a lot of places offer that deal. This is more of a bottle shop, but what a selection! Check out the beers on tap and the take out growlers that look like one of the very best values to be found here.“
Cakes 334 days ago
78 /100
Bistro on Bridge (Restaurant)
“Stopped by here a few months ago after eating dinner at one of the local restaurants. Decent beer menu that I was impressed by although a bit busy (prime time Saturday night). Younger almost college type crowd that stared filtering in with a bouncer that was checking IDs ...“
hopdog 455 days ago
70 /100
Sedona Tap House (Restaurant)
“We really enjoyed being able to walk down the hill from our hotel to grab a few beers at Sedona. They have an interesting food menu, but we had already had dinner before we rolled into town. There is a real chill atmosphere, middle class folks not too stuffy, some blue collar workers and a few families eating. They have almost 50 taps, that is what drew us. They have a lot of nice, quality canned beers, but I had two beers that I have never had on tap. Amy was the barmaid and she was great, very helpfu“
Cakes 460 days ago
80 /100 1 N MAIN ST
“Came here on 21.3.2019. Located in a nice suburb of Philadelphia with a lot of restaurants and bars (Iron Hill is close by). Parking and traffic is a bit challenging but should not hold you back to come here. Huge place with large brewhouse, only existing for 2 years. 14 beers on tap including ‘Bine’ an American IPA for which they won the GABF Gold Medal in 2018. Really good variety of different styles: Alt, Kölsch, smoked Porter, Berliner Weiße, Pilsner, etc. Long bar, brewery in a separate room but visible and food can be ordered at a separate counter. Liked all their beers. A really positive surprise !“
Schlenkerla 555 days ago
“We came here on 2.2.2019. A few miles away from Sly Fox another strip mall brew pub. Small brewhouse in the back and a bar in the front. 8 beers on tap. We had the Berliner Weiße and the Mango IPA, both were good, missing a little bit carbonization. Service was very attentive. Wood be a decent stop for Ben, when he is in the area.“
Schlenkerla 602 days ago
64 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“We came here on 2.2.2019. A typical strip mall brewpub. Fermenters behind a glass window, L-shaped bar, 6 TVs showing sport events and a large restaurant area. 20 beers on tap, good mix of different styles. I had the Bitter from the hand pump and the 360 degrees IPA, both were average.“
Schlenkerla 602 days ago
72 /100 230 BRIDGE STREET
“So many planes in Phoenixville now. Stopped by on a weekend - they were busy but the second bar was closed and I as able to get a seat at the bar. Conshy beer ...“
hopdog 750 days ago
66 /100 240 BRIDGE ST
“Nice inside. Smaller tap (well compared to Root Down that I hit before, and average beers. Worth a tick for all the places in Phoenixville now.“
hopdog 750 days ago
84 /100 1 N MAIN ST
“Nice size place. Food was decent - but I would have hoped the bacon app was slabs of meaty bacon v. regular slices (but still, bacon is bacon). Large amount of taps with a bunch above average. Definitely will be back.“
hopdog 751 days ago
72 /100 130 E. BRIDGE STREET
“Of course the beer is first rate, and the food ids good too.There is street parking in this busy town, and they have some small lots available nearby My wife enjoyed her fish and chips and I really liked my Pickled Steer beef sandwich. It was one of the most interesting sandwiches that I have had this summer. Our server was Chassity and she was great. Very thorough and kind. They let you sub salads for the fries. I had an Ore House IPA and it was quite good.“
Cakes 761 days ago
78 /100 240 BRIDGE ST
“Excellent addition to the Bridge St entertainment area in Phoenixville. Comfortable bar seating with great service. The beers were very good, but a little on the pricy side. The flight of four beers was $10 and a full pour were about $6 each. There really isn’t any food here, but oddly enough they invite you to order in from nearby restaurants. The service was very friendly and attentive. It’s worth a visit to check out and add to your new brewpub total.“
obxdude10 1148 days ago
92 /100 325 BRIDGE ST
“I thought the original location at 10th and Pine in the city was awesome, but this newer location tops it three times over. The space is huge with coolers and coolers of beer lined up on the one side of the store. They have warm bottles of really cool beers lined up on nice displays in the middle of the store. They fill growlers and offer samples at a bar in the center of it all. They even have a full-service deli with some awesome looking sandwiches. There are some speciality cheeses and other items, along with some hot sauces and salsas. It’s so much more than just a bottle shop for beer. This is definitely a place you want to stop by and spend some time in. Grab a sandwich and a beer and hang out.“
obxdude10 1148 days ago
78 /100 325 BRIDGE ST
“Solid beer shop walking distance from Stable 12 and Crowded Castle. Beer located along the center counter as well as in the coolers lining the right side of the store. Some interesting stuff not normally found around DC. Picked up a few PA sours to try. Pretty good bottle selection, you’ll want to make at least a second pass browsing through. About average prices. They also have drafts available for in house consumption, can’t remember if they did growlers. Lowest size looked like 10 ounces unfortunately. Ate prior to coming but they had a solid list of to-order deli sandwiches. Worth a stop if you’re in the area for any of the breweries here.“
GenDV138 1182 days ago
58 /100 240 BRIDGE ST
“Small brewery taproom downtown, walkable from Stable 12 and The Foodery bottle shop. Friendly table service. Around 6-7 of their own drafts to choose from. Strangely enough, their ~10% ABV quad was only available in 10 oz pours and not flights. Beers were about average, nothing really standout. No food other than snack plates but you can order delivery or BYO. Prices are about average. Decent place to tick but can’t say I’ll return if I’m back in the area.“
GenDV138 1189 days ago
62 /100 368 BRIDGE STREET
“Small taproom downtown, walking distance from The Foodery bottle shop and Crowded Castle. Seems like it’s mostly street parking. Free parking in the lot across the street on weekends. Service was okay, bartender seemed slightly annoyed at times for whatever reason. Decent selection of beers though several had noticeable off flavors. Cans available to go. Limited food menu with burgers and sandwiches, Southwestern burger was tasty enough but nothing special. Probably won’t return but it’s at least worth checking out once.“
GenDV138 1189 days ago
76 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Brewpub with a nice menu. Nice selection of taps, plenty of styles, choose your own flight option. Food offerings meant earlier opening times. Kind of quiet, delicious food, decent prices. Staff seemed somewhat knowledgeable.“
stevoj 1316 days ago
68 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“came here with my bro and wife for lunch over the holiday. decent sized place with lots of seating. bar is decent sied but a little small. service was a little slow to replace beer and refill water glasses. had about 8 beers when we visited, multiple styles. almost nothing that could not be found in area distribution (just a single hop IPA was brewery only). food was typical pub grub but okay. Prices were inline with most places.“
UDBeernut 1366 days ago
66 /100 368 BRIDGE STREET
“Great place. Service was pretty mediocre when we arrived. Beers were equally meh. Food slightly better,but still nothing to write home about.“
alobar 1434 days ago
86 /100
Bistro on Bridge (Restaurant)
“Really cool place in downtown Phoenixville. I was only here for a party, so I didn’t have the opportunity to have an ole’ fashioned sit-down meal. The party area was a nice size with plenty of seating and very comfortable. The two waitresses did a great job serving everyone in the room. I took a few trips out to the bar to get some beers that weren’t offered as part of the party deal. The bartenders were really nice, attentive and quick. It was a Friday evening and the place was pretty-well hopping. I have to mark the food an NA because all I really had to eat were some half sandwiches, cheese and other finger foods from the party spread. With this visit, however, I would definitely like to go back and have that sit-down to get the full experience. The selection on draft alone was pretty amazing. They had several double IPAs on, including one from Lagunitas and one from Port. There were a few locals featured, like Sly Fox and Cape May. This first, quick visit definitely warrants another!“
obxdude10 1609 days ago
86 /100 368 BRIDGE STREET
“Stable 12 is absolutely outstanding! The only thing I didn’t experience was the food. So I’ll just get that out of the way. The service was excellent. The CEO’s wife was my server the evening I visited. Rick himself came over several times to talk with me as well. The place wasn’t too busy, but it was a Wednesday night right before New Years. There isn’t anything fancy about the interior at all, but it’s comfortable and welcoming. They had nine beers on draft that night, most of which were great. The barleywine and West Coast IPA were my two favorites. The food was mostly bbq, which I really love. I simply didn’t order anything on my first visit. I was there to basically to sample the beers and take in the experience. These folks definitely know what they’re doing with their beers. I’ll certainly be going back, especially to try whatever new beers they have to offer, as well as the bbq.“
obxdude10 1731 days ago
82 /100 130 E. BRIDGE STREET
“I love Iron Hill. Their food and drink selection are both very good. The beer selection varies widely, depending on what day it is, but their food is always fantastic. It’s a little pricey, but the portions are large and the quality is always top notch.“
Sirmixsomewhat 1748 days ago
72 /100 368 BRIDGE STREET
“Nice, unpretentious place, with extremely friendly service. On a Sunday afternoon there were a good number of people at the bar, but all empty tables. The food was basic but reasonably priced. As for the beer, none was bad but there were no standouts either.“
voyageurmike 1756 days ago
70 /100 368 BRIDGE STREET
“Stopped by on a Friday evening. Handful of people inside. Bartender very friendly, great service. 11 beers on tap - most so-so. Thought the IPAs were decent enough.“
hopdog 1853 days ago
74 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Was up in PA. pickin up some V-dub parts and stopped in for dinner. Plenty of parking, strip mall style. Clean looking place. Large bar with a really boring butcher block bar top, the kind you see in an older house, generic off the shelf Home Depot look.Dont matter i guess? Good service though it took a while to get my cheese steak which was okay. Industrial look. TV,s behind the bar with some weird ass Sinatra esque music in the background. Good selection of beers bottled and draft/handpump. Prices were really fair, food was decent, beers were just okay. Clean pissery. Worth a stop if yer near Kimberton.“
sloth 1855 days ago
78 /100
Fenice Creolo (Restaurant)
“This is located where The Epicurean used to be. They have opened up the bar to be accessible from either side. Modern décor. They have 10 taps (I think). There was a good selection of local and regional beers on tap. I had one from Armstrong brewing which was quite good. There were quite a few bottles to choose from also. The food itself is a fusion of Italian and Creole. We had a couple of appetizers, and they were excellent. A good spice and flavor without being hot. The food was also quite good. We had some Creole dishes, but my daughter has one of the fusions, Jambalaya over fettuccini. Service was quite good. They still have the bottle shop for to go sales, but the selection was a bit limited: not nearly as good as their predecessor. Definitely worth a trip!“
boto 1965 days ago
60 /100
Superior Beverage (Beer Store)
“Decent distributor in Phoenixville. Not quite the vast selection that I have heard from friends and family. Easy to find, lots of parking, good service.“
obxdude10 2101 days ago
78 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Ambiance was sort of a livable barnhouse feel, nothing fancy but acceptable. We had a server named Ray who was really quick with things and very upbeat, we all liked him, great service. The selection was typical Sly Fox stuff. Nothing outlandish, just good beer. The food recommended was the pork and it was pretty great. The food and beer is priced nicely. Overall I would love to come here again if in the area.“
keanex 2316 days ago
“I was surprised to note that the Pickering Creek Inn didn’t have more reviews especially considering that I feel it consistently has the best selection of craft beer in Phoenixville. I think that the previous reviewer categorized it well - it is a modest and unassuming place with a killer selection (draft & bottle ) with friendly family-like service and great prices. The only other things I might add are that they have nice outdoor patio space and that I have had the food many times and it has been consistently good (menu leans more towards a restaurant menu than a bar menu).“
snootch 2335 days ago
94 /100 130 E. BRIDGE STREET
“Awesome place. Very popular with locals. The bar is nice, very friendly service. Dry reasonably priced beers, especially at Happy Hour. The beers are almost all excellent, all brewed on premises. Great selection. Bright, cheerful place, very kid friendly as well. The restaurant is nice, the food was excellent. The nicest thing was that the reserve beers were available for on premise consumption, or to be taken out. You could order from the list, and they offered some of their nicest beers, like the RIS and their Barleywines for sale. Great place.“
tgncc 2484 days ago
“Great little place. I didn’t add this to Ratebeer, but I am the first to rate it. We ended up here after having dinner at iron Hill Brewery, another great place in this cool little town. This is a modest and unassuming little place, but they had some killer stuff, including Port Brewing, great locals like Free Will and Yards, and a nice bottle selection. Very reasonable prices too. Very friendly and attentive service, small town and familiar atmosphere. Didn’t try the food unfortunately. Nice place, worth a visit while walking up and down this cool strip in Phoenixville.“
tgncc 2484 days ago
72 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Nice brewpub with a good selection of their own beers. A couple that weren’t canned/bottled, but most of them are available in stores. I didn’t eat here, but those that did thought the food was good.“
jtclockwork 2500 days ago
68 /100 130 E. BRIDGE STREET
“Finally made it back after many years. Nice bar, a little small but plenty of room to talk while standing. Service was good, friendly. Good variety of beers and multiple hop additions to some ipas. Had a pizza (Thanks DocLock) which was tasty. Prices were a bit high for a brewpub selling their own beer.“
boxofrane 2576 days ago
60 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“In a Philadelphia suburb town, located in a commercial area, this is not a pub you hit while walking around in a pub-crawl. You drive there, plenty of parking, large front patio, plenty of space inside, spread out tables, this is not Philly, square feet seem to be pretty cheap in Phoenixville. Very casual atmosphere. About 10 taps and about half were tap exclusive, not bottled/canned. True brewpub lineup on tap with highly sessionable beers, no 12% impy stout to be found there, an surprisingly good selection of lagers on tap, a rarity in North-American brewpubs. They also had their bottles/cans for sale. Very affordable compared to drinking in Philly. We didn’t eat there so I can’t comment on the food but I would assume cheap pub fare. I will remember this place because of the 1.5 pint of Sly Fox Standard Pils I drank there, simply one of the best North-American lager I’ve ever had. I’d say, worth a small detour if you are into session beers, especially good lagers.“
Glouglouburp 2584 days ago
78 /100
Bistro on Bridge (Restaurant)
“Nice place. Went here for warmup for Dad’s birthday celebration. 21 Taps, solid selections, wings were very tasty. The place was not too busy and the bartender was pretty quick considering she was handling the bar and table drinks. Flights were $10 for 4 which I thought was good considering the selection. I wish they opened earlier during the week when i’m off but otherwise, solid.“
boxofrane 2596 days ago
64 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“We had a great tasting and enjoyable meal. Will definitely go back. I especially like their O'Reillys Stout.“
Melanie 2604 days ago
84 /100 130 E. BRIDGE STREET
“Overall a great experience. The server was in training and assisted by another waiter. Both were very pleasant and polite. Beer menu was quite vast including over a dozen available in bottle only. I tasted 6 beers from the tap including 3 before my meal and 3 with dessert. Very accomodating to beer flights, 4oz each. The coffee porter was my clear favorite with the Hefeweizen a close second. I also tasted the pig iron porter, abbey dubbel, witbier. The porter was good, with the witbier and the dubbel just ok, but nice for an american take on the style. The bock went really well with my chocolate cake. $30 for a crab cake sandwich, cake and 6 beers was well worth my experience. Wouldja - yes. I will without a doubt try some of the bottle beers next time I am in town.“
jmalecki05 2661 days ago
74 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Strip Mall location with a nice outdoor patio.... Nothing crazy about the interior long bar, family style seating and the multiple fermenter look through the glass behind the bar .... service was so so, very prompt, but for a saturday night the server didn’t know squat about the beer except that it had hops and it was good ..... the food was great they had a wide variety on the menu .... apps and entrees were all tasty and the local ice cream hit the spot ... the beer menu was basically all of the usual stuff you can get anywhere .... if I was passing by here on a trip to valley forge or by chance i’d stop by ... but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here again ... everything was priced well and overall its a solid brewpub“
italianjohn 2687 days ago
82 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“My first visit for the crowded goat races in 2013, so not utterly representative of a workaday encounter, but impressive nonetheless. Strip mall location, plenty of parking. Away from the events outside, the inside had a very crowded bar section and a seated area that was pretty empty. A little stripped of charm, a little sterile, as many brewpubs are, but the service was fantastic, even with the harried pace, and the diverse menu turned out some good food. Selection and quality are fantastic - couple dozen brews available as a norm, even apart from the special festivities. I will be back every now and then, they left a fantastic impression and there’s even a murmuring sense of community.“
ganache 2700 days ago
78 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Stopped in for the goat race so this may not be the best time to rate. Friendly service despite the crazy crowd. Had decent selection with some rarities I haven’t seen elsewhere including 2 Eisbocks. I will need to stop by on a normal day.“
tcane7 2700 days ago
72 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Stopped by during 2013 PA/DE beer tour. Had flight of good brews. Place was quite (we did arrive around 11:30am). Staff friendly, didn’t try food. Nothing spectacular about ambiance, open and airy.“
BiddleBrau 2718 days ago
72 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Stripmall location, generic interior but a pretty good vibe. Stopped in to join "Monday night tasting" where local homebrewers and beer fans bring bottles to share. Staff tolerates this as long as they order apps and occasionsl Sly Fox beers. Their own beers are OK.“
Travlr 2728 days ago
90 /100
Bistro on Bridge (Restaurant)
“The bartenders are excellent. The staff is quick. Bistro on Bridge has excellent food-reasonably priced. As of January 2013, there are 21 taps. Beer flights are available. Bottle list is rather large.“
Lashton529 2757 days ago
76 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Ambiance is a bit strange, in the middle of s trip mall, long bar, and german style seating on the side. Service was very good, and knwoledgable about the beers. Selection was solid with several sly fox i hadnt seen before, especially the standard pils, which was just incredible, and beers was really cheap as well. Cool place to visit if around the area.“
Beerman6686 2885 days ago
80 /100
Bistro on Bridge (Restaurant)
“Visited on a sunday for lunch to the bar half...lots of tvs for football but not too loud. Cool atmosphere...nice hard wood and some brick...warm and comfortable. Plenty of seating from bar and hightops to couches in a loungelike arrangement. Food is tasty...asian lettuce wraps and turkey sandwich with brie for me and id order both again. Nice friendly service and a good crowd. Lots of nice bottles and drafts. Only knock on the place is that the music was terrible...seemed to fit a college crowd but the folks in there were late 20s and older. I’ll definitely visit again.“
reggiedunlop 2895 days ago
70 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“One of the stops for RBSG 2011. Inside a nondescript strip mall. Open interior with little to no decor or theme. Open seating, medium to smaller size bar. They allow tasting flights which is nice. Some of their specialties were available in 750mL c&c to go and for consumption inside. Their pilsners are superb and much better fresh on tap than in cans. The Standard Pils we had that day was absolutely amazing and I hope they continue to offer that one. Had some snack food here but I think there is a full menu of burgers and such. Family friendly. Was not very crowded when we went.“
GT 3004 days ago
80 /100 130 E. BRIDGE STREET
“Went here to seek out their cheeseteak egg rolls. Greasy, but delicious. Got a beer 2 samplers so we could try everything, and their darker beers showed much better than the light ones- the lighter beers were light on flavor and had a big "carbonation" flavor. Quad was very tasty, and the bar atmosphere was very comfortable.“
AcctError200505 3006 days ago
74 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Place had a bit of a commercial feel, burger was delicous and because we were splitting, they went the extra mile to cut it in half, put it on two plates, split the fries, and give us each a pickle. Little stuff like that is much appreciated, IMHO. The beer during our visit was underwhelming, seemed like a similar strain of yeast was used in all the beers, giving it a sweet undertone, though I have had they beers in a bottle and did not notice that flavor. Will have to give their drafts another try at some point.“
AcctError200505 3006 days ago
80 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“In a strip mall with an unassuming whitewashed fence surrounding a hidden patio. Underwhelming in appearance, but with a lovely hidden personality that comes out in their beer, food, and staff. Some killer deals like $2 pints during Phillies games, and other happy hour traditions.“
can8ianben 3037 days ago
84 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Went on a Sunday afternoon, so I was expecting great service(it was). Had a nice selection of brews on tap and bottles and cans for take out. The salad I ordered (Greek Chicken), was out of this world in taste and value. I will definitely come back again if I’m in the area, I may even make it a special trip like I did today.“
abcfan 3107 days ago
86 /100 520 KIMBERTON ROAD (RT.113)
“Sly Fox is great. The only issue is that it’s not big enough for the demand at times. Beer is solid, food is great, service is good.“
boxofrane 3220 days ago