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82 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Came here 16.12.2017. Finally I made it to Yuengling the oldest brewery in the US, founded by a German immigrant in 1829. They offer tours every hour or so (maximum 45 minutes waiting time) through the old brewery including 2 samples at the end (7-8 beers on tap). All for free and really recommendable. You can buy pints for 3$ (In plastic cups which I excuse as this is a tap room for tours only). Tour guide was very engaging and you can see the oldest tradition in the beer history of the country. Really interesting how the brewery survived prohibition. On the other side of the road they have a large merchandising shop with a wide selection. Yuengling has built a larger site in Pottsville recently which is not open to public. An absolute must visit for people interested in beer history.“
Schlenkerla 2175 days ago
64 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“I arrived right at the end of a brewery sponsored 5k run, so my experience was not likely typical. Many streets were closed, so I parked in a covered garage a couple of blocks south of the brewery, free on weekends. The brewery actually sits in the middle of a residential neighborhood just a few blocks from the town center - both are very characterful. Tasting room is actually in the sleek and modern gift shop across the street. There was a four hour wait for tours, so I didn’t partake in the full monty, but had a couple of beers instead. Worth a look. Score is low mainly because of the selection.“
Travlr 2791 days ago
78 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Das Stammhaus in PA. Führung dauert nicht all zu lang. Tasting am Ende ist nett, aber nichts rares dabei“
DrNosha 3006 days ago
74 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Stopped by on a detour thru the area on a Tuesday afternoon. We were there in time for the tour, but didn’t want to commit an hour. The entrance and little gift shop area was gift enough. Just about everything you’d expect from such an historic locale. More power to ’em. (Still don’t like the beer that much, especially after visiting their Tampa place years ago.). (Brewery #664)“
Braudog 3339 days ago
74 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Finally toured Americas oldest brewery and it didn’t disappoint decent a Amount of people in our group some multiple time routers guide very knowledgeable great big gift shop 6 beers on tap glad I took this tour oh and I met Dick Yuengling who posed for pictures“
unclemike 3750 days ago
78 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Went on this tour back in May 2012 coming back from Niagara Falls. People were very helpful trying to figure out town parking (terrible). Tour was an hour long, very informative. My favorite part was the old caves and prohibition stories. Two free samples at the end.“
radio_nowhere 4099 days ago
70 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Free tour was 45 min long and interesting, see brewing on larger scale than some of the small guys. Most people were bmc drinkers and oblivious to the world of proper beer. 2 samples after. What fun.“
UDBeernut 4238 days ago
82 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“The oldest and longest running brewery in the United States, and they still brew here. The building is old and flaunts lots of character, though touches of modernization can be seen in places. The bottling line is relatively new and the canning line newer still. At the end of the tour, enjoy your two free 4 oz samples in the bar.“
BeerandBlues2 4310 days ago
90 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“love the dark on tap and way nthey treat kids!“
Maduro54 4357 days ago
98 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“This has been a dream of mine since I first started drinking Yuengling 20 years ago.This tour is 1 hour long, very informative and interesting. The tour guide was knowledgable, funny and kept our interest. She gave us time to ask questions and take pictures.Best of all, it was FREE!!This is a tour I would have definately paid for.The gift shop was overwhelming, but I got thru it.We got to meet Richard Yuengling, he was just hanging out and spent time conversing with us.This is a must stop if you love beer and history.“
DragonStout 4357 days ago
96 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“I have a hard time figuring out how anyone could fairly rate this tour/location any lower than a 60. If you based your rating on the actual tour and not your personal oppinion of the beer. First of all, its a spectacular 1 hour tour. FOR FREE. I would have gladly paid for it. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable and acommodating. The location/Ambiance alone should be nothing lower than a 10. I mean, come on people, you are in a 200 year old building?!?! We went on a Friday, which I would recommend. We got to see them bottling the beer. We were allowed to get up close and personal and were highly encouraged to take pics. I was and am astounded how family oriented this brewery felt. At the end of the tour we got to meet Richard Yuenglin who chatted with us for quite awhile. I mean, I could have hung out here all day imagining the days when the workers pulled up in the horse and carriage. I will recommend this tour to any history buff or beer geek. There isnt much free in this world today, so that alone is something. The caves were my favorite part. To imagine that all that space was dug out with pick axes and shovels is just mind blowing. Keep your personal oppinion about Yuengling out of the equation, and I think you will find this a spectacular look back into history~“
BeerVirgin72 4371 days ago
62 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“This is an excellent tour if you get the chance do it. 3 Free beers and they will take anyone, including kids on the tour. You even get to walk to the old lagering caves that were hand carved into the mountain. Really neat historical building with a mini-museum attached to the gift shop.“
fata2683 4548 days ago
64 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Thought I had rated this. Back in the day, this was my first ever brewery tour. Typical production brewery, industrial vibe. Free tour with free samples is always nice, and the samples in a nice bar area were ample. Tour guides were very nice. Good tour.“
Drake 4604 days ago
90 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“the oldest continuously operating brewery in the nation which still has hand-dug caves to use for lagering. multi-story tour.. go on a weekday morning when they’re really brewing - it’s worth it. The Yengling family refuses to sell beer from the brewery, deciding to invest in the local distributors and pubs rather than under-cut them. Bless the American Enterprise and being a good producer.“
iggynelix 5144 days ago
70 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Great tour of a great brewery. Worth the trip. Crowdwd on a Friday.“
pal123 5165 days ago
66 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Visited on a busy Thursday. Great tour of a very old brewery! Neat caves under the plant. Reminded me of the Stevens Point brewery in its architecture. The beer was -- well -- meh.“
gws57 5258 days ago
74 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Excellent Place, The tour guide and samples were not the best ive had but the tour itself was very unique. They take you basically every in the brewery and in the old fermentation caves, i highly recommend this place.“
pjbern571 5262 days ago
40 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Extensive tour of a place that is truly Pennsylvania. I especially liked the caves and the free bung souvenir. The sample selections suck, though. But that is Yuengling. They brew what they have been brewing and nothing more. Recommend the tour only.“
wilsomb 5272 days ago
82 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“To date, this is the best brew tour I have been on. The brewery (oldest in US) has a great feel and really lets you be a part of the history. You get to walk through the entire brew process down to bottling and even get to walk through the caves they used to store the beer in. A great piece of history. *Tip - wear closed toed shoes... or else you’ll have to borrow a pair.“
ThatGuySteve 5297 days ago
72 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“The tour of the brewery is superb. They show you everything from start to finish, including their canning and bottling areas. The end of the tour, of course, is the best part. They have a little bar area that seats only about as many folks that are on the tour. I don’t believe you can just walk right in off the street, sit down and have a beer. It’s not like a bar, just a sitting area for folks who took the tour. They allow you a few samples of your choice, anything from their Lager to the Porter or the Chesterfield. They have a nice waiting area before the tour starts with a history of the brewery, which is very interesting and educational. The staff gives you a ton of info about the brewery along the way. It’s definitely one of the best brewery tours I’ve been on. I would highly recommend a trip out there to check it out.“
obxdude10 5365 days ago
90 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Hands down, the best brewery in the world. I would recommend this brewery to anyone and at anytime.“
barleynhops 5416 days ago
“Ahhh the old hangout. Nice hole in the wall bar next to the trendy meat market called "the brass tap" Good bands. Nice dartboard. Decent crowd. Refreshing scene compared to the rest of the Schuylkill Co. area.“
badwhale 5455 days ago
40 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Beer Tour Tour 2008! Extensive tour of a place that is truly Pennsylvania. I especially liked the caves and the free bung souvenir. The sample selections suck, though. But that is Yuengling. They brew what they have been brewing and nothing more. Recommend the tour only.“
nj4christ 5460 days ago
54 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Basically, go for the tour, not the beer. You will get Yuengling samples (2) at the end, but that’s about all. The tour is very cool and pretty interesting. The best part is when they take you under the brewery into the caves. The tour is free and they have a nice gift shop with all kind of merchandise that is reasonably priced.“
machfive55 5489 days ago
68 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Outstanding tour. Everyone who works there is very knowledgeable. The caves are really fun to walk through. They have an outstanding collection of the company’s historical documents, advertising, bottles, and photos. And the price is right! Our tour guide said that Chesterfield is no longer offered on tap due to its low popularity.“
AMN 5804 days ago
60 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Did the tour yesterday. Very old funky place on the steep hillside in Pottsville. Really enjoyed the nostalgia and history related to the old brewery and tour. The hand dug cave is back on the tour for some anniversary reason. I thought it was the best part of the tour. Glad I went. Thought the Chesterfield ale in the tasting room was the least offensive. Actually had to make a face to finish off the other two samples of the Premium & Lager (I was with a friend who got some too). Nice tour but Christ the beer really sucks.“
billk 5817 days ago
78 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“I used to work very close to the brewery and was partial to scheduling my lunch hour around the tour. So I’ll say that I’ve been on the tour enough that I could easily give it. The tour is pared down now (no more cave tours or keg room closeups) but is still a great run through. The two free brews at the end are refreshing after all those steps and hills. The gift shop is first rate and also doubles as a museum. It can get crowded and a bit noisy in some areas but a nice piece of Americana that shouldn’t be missed if you are in the area.“
coldbrewky 6000 days ago
74 /100 420 MAHANTONGO ST
“Good ol’ Yuengling. Went up for the tour a while ago, and didn’t see this place in here so I added it. Tour is pretty cool, huge facility, the old school caves are nice, and you learn a bit about prohibition. Big gift shop and a small tasting room witch has most of their beers on tap.“
Nejhleader 6086 days ago
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