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74 /100 117 W BROAD STREET
“Thanks to COVID restrictions, my family and I enjoyed our first visit to this brewpub the parking lot. Thankfully the weather was abnormally warm for an October weekend. The experience turned out to be a very enjoyable one! Along with the restrictions of eating outdoors and plenty of other people there, the service was top notch. Our server was right on the spot with whatever we needed. The beers were mostly on the average side, but the food was really good. We started with fried pickles with a spicy dipping sauce. My older daughter loved her burger and my younger daughter really liked the mac and cheese. My burger was cooked almost perfectly, with juices and melted cheese running all over the place. It was definitely a two or three napkin burger. We don't get into the Quakertown area too often, but if we do, we'll be sure to head back here for another meal.“
obxdude10 22 hours ago
54 /100 4 N. MAIN ST
“Tried out this place as part of a Bucks County promo event including many of the local breweries and brewpubs. As far as craft beer goes, the Red Lion Inn has barely stuck its toe in, but it does offer 4 beers of its own. There is also a small guest draught beer list. The interior of the inn, which dates back to the 1740's, is top notch, including the copper bar we did not get to visit. Unfortunately, the patio we were directed to stinks, being adjacent to a busy and very loud intersection. Food was very good, service on the slow side, and the house beers ordinary.“
voyageurmike 429 days ago
68 /100 117 W BROAD STREET
“Almost passed by. Non-descript outside which did not match the inside at all. Burger was decent. Would like to have seen some more styles - although I heard a few of their rotating taps were out at the time and also one of their house IPAs.“
hopdog 1615 days ago
100 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Good beer selection. Hal, Jack and Johnnie are great.“
Markleys2003 2853 days ago
66 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Decent selection, and they host nice beer dinners and various other events. Friendly staff. I’d go more if it were closer.“
egajdzis 3607 days ago
78 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Nothing really special about this place from the outside. Try to sit on the bar side because it is much more lively than the nursing-home style dining room on the other side. I’ve been in a few times and the service has always been great and so has the food. Really good selection of rotating taps and a lengthy bottle list. Certainly worth a reasonable drive to give this place a try.“
jmm635 4148 days ago
68 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Cozy Bar with good selection of Micro’s on tap. Food is better than most bar’s. This has become a favorite spot for me.“
vze1mhay 4186 days ago
70 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Great beer selection. Both in bottles and on tap. The food I had was just aps but it was good and the people I was with said their food is good. Not too high priced. If you order a quality beer you pay for it but that is fair. A nice place with plenty of room.“
Birdiebeagle 4347 days ago
72 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“I can’t believe that I only live 20 minutes from here and it’s taken me this long to get here. Nice tap and bottle selection. Belgians, Amercian Craft beer with a local focus. Bottles to go from the bar. I had these Orange Chipolte wings which were great. Also enjoyed my burger. Nice place to bring the family and they also have special events once a month.“
TomDecapolis 4347 days ago
60 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Got back today from the West Coast Firkin Fest @ Spinnerstown Hotel, so this review is based on just today - our only visit. Here’s my big gripe with this West Coast Firkin Fest - there were two kegs of Sly Fox in the rotation. We hired a sitter, drove 35 miles, drank several decent, but not overwhelming, $4.50 10oz cups of firkin beer waiting for the Port Hop 15 to get tapped. We see the Rogue getting low and start to mill around the beer table. I heard 3 separate people ask what’s next only to be told Sly Fox. WTF - they’re 15 miles from the brewery - hardly west coast. All 3 people were waiting for that Port 15 and the two beer pourers just replied Sly Fox is our boy. Ok - that sucked. Why would you advertise a West Coast fest and stall it out with two local beers? Somewhat disapointing considering how the event was promoted. Oh yeah - that’s for letting me pay $4.50 for that cup of yeast that you had to tilt the barrel to get that last drop out. Then again, sucker me for not saying no way to that sludge cup.“
chronictonic 4420 days ago
78 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Small beer bar and restaurant. Friendly and knowledgable bar staff. Large selection of craft beer. Decent selection of belgians and hard-to-get beers from around the world. They also have beers on hand pump. Meet the brewer events first wednesdays of the month, make reservations ahead if its a popular brewer.“
DrededBrethren 4916 days ago
70 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Quaint historic setting with good food, service, and a very good selection of draft and bottled beers. Worth a trip, and in my mind this place is a true diamond in the rough. I’ve been told they have excellent Sunday brunch. Rerate 9/22/09. Went here a few weeks ago, and although the bottle list is still immense, it was not updated at all, and the draft offerings were somewhat pedestrian. The food also seems to have slipped since the last time I was here, approaching the presentation and flavor of a diner offering. At this point, the Douglasville Hotel is much better than this place.“
DocLock 5304 days ago
74 /100 2195 SPINNERSTOWN RD
“Nice micro selection with very well informed bar staff. Don’t expect your waitress to know a stout from an IPA. Decent food menu with all the usual supsects and quite often a few outstanding specials including wild game. Bottles available for take out but expect to pay resturant prices.“
imzugzug 5467 days ago