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74 /100 140 ANDREW DR
“Free dedicated parking. Cool industrial vibe with big eliptical bar in the main room, we ate in a long room in the front connected to the patio. My chicken salad sandwich and fries are great. Service was quite good. Good selection of beers on tap. Pricing is a little high, but in line with the quality. Hope to come back.“
weihenweizen 1467 days ago
82 /100 140 ANDREW DR
“Fitting in with the rest of Robinson Township, Industry Public House is a giant, clean, and stock bar/restaurant. It is great to at least have a touch of local flair in this area though. There are somewhere around 60 taps with a decent amount of Northeast/Midwest breweries represented. Prices are all over the place, but you can get some good stuff in the $6 pint range. Food is expectedly American bar fare and not too bad. Beer is available to go in growlers as well which may prove handy around these parts.“
NachlamSie 1751 days ago
86 /100 140 ANDREW DR
“Awesome place to either drink or eat. Food is delicious. Everything I’ve had there from appetizers to entrees has been spot on. More taps than I have seen anywhere locally. Don’t remember the exact number but it was either 60 or 100 I think. You can look at the pages of drafts or look up at the realtime flat screen that shows all the taps; their color, price and how much left is in the keg. Great selection of locally made beers as well as some obscure ones that I’ve never heard of. I go here a few times a month and was surprised when I saw I hadn’t rated it yet.“
LinusStick 1958 days ago
94 /100 140 ANDREW DR
“NEW DATA: They now have flights but they are quite expensive. For example, I just had a flight of 5 beers, 4 oz each and it cost me almost $30? WTF? Also this place is so busy any more that you may not be able to find a seat at the bar. So, be prepared. Not going back for a while. Boy, I miss Bocktown. OLD REVIEW: First let me tell you that this is one of the best new beer tasting places near pgh airport, fer sure, they have 60 taps for heaven’s sake, heheh, and some are reserved for local brews, YEAH. However, the odd thing about it is you can’t get flights of brews, not even half pints. Anyhow, I had a great time here. Even after 5000 beers I found so many new beers to taste. The one dude observed that I was there to taste beers so after a draft he said I could taste any beer I wanted for free, COOL! So, I had a few drafts and was able to taste about 12 different beers at no charge! Whew, he kept bringen them, and I kept samplen’em, no questions asked! On the side, the good looken barmaid was observing my tasting technique and asked if I was purposely trying to get drunk on samples, HOW RUDE! But anyhow, it was one of the best beer tasting experiences I’ve had since twisted tongue, nice job industry beer house. The bartender had some sympathy for me after I was done conversing with the maid and said, what ev, do you need another sample, but I said I’m outtah here. I was there on a Friday afternoon around 2 and it was readily accessible, nice warehouse atmosphere with so many beers and so little time! Yes, a really great beer tasting experience, much better than expected. BTW, there is a back wall where you can see all 60 kegs being tapped, so nifty!“
cheap 2313 days ago