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68 /100
Gullifty’s (Restaurant)
“Not a lot to say about Gullifty’s.... Kind of a slightly more upscale college bar/family restaurant. Not too many places can host a sorority party and a 9 year old’s birthday party at the same time. Because of the proximity to the colleges they will card everyone. Food was decent (I found the pizzas to be the most consistent), service was below average, beer selection was good although an extremely uninformed staff. If I have to ask for a glass and after 5 minutes all I get is a typical pils glass, you know nothing about beer. The staff could really use some craft brew training, as well as a hard decision about whether it wants to be a beer bar or Friendly’s.“
jmm635 4235 days ago
64 /100
Gullifty’s (Restaurant)
“Decent tap and bottle selection. Food is ok if you know what to order. Service is often poor.“
michael-pollack 5658 days ago
74 /100
Gullifty’s (Restaurant)
“Located in a strip mall. 130+ beer list with 20 beers on tap (had Hop Wallop, Chimay Trippel in addition to a couple other decent tap beers). Beer list is OK. Decent food. Service was great. The club I race for is located across the street (I come here on a regular basis during the summer).“
hopdog 5947 days ago
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