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82 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Finally we made it to Selinsgrove brewing company, one of the craft brewing pioneers in PA, on 17.11.2018. A great place full of nice people. We met Ben and family and shared our memories of the Salt Pond. The place is quite small and dark but very cozy. The beers were excellent. My favorite was the Cream Ale. They have 2 beers from Evergrain in Camp Hill on tap. The owners showed us the brewhouse which is located in a separate building. Seems they have a small outside area for the summer days. Food was ok and service was fluent in German. We will come back for sure!“
Schlenkerla 1318 days ago
“We came here on 17.11.2018 after visiting Selinsgrove brewery. This is a real nano brewery with super small equipment, all hand made. The beers were ok, around 10 on tap. The dark sour beer was their best in my opinion.“
Schlenkerla 1318 days ago
“Located across from The Susquehanna valley mall, this place is pretty much a carbon copy of the original. Food, beer, and ambience are all lacking in interest or excitement.“
DiarmaidBHK 1416 days ago
82 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Stopped in here last week while on vacation with the family. Old stone building entrance in the back. About 4 tables outside where we sat and maybe twice as many inside with a small bar along the back wall. This place is tiny. Somewhere around 15 on the tap list but almost half were crossed out including everything with Pale in the name. I later found out there was a brew fest in town and maybe thats why their menu seemed so sparse. Anyhow I had a sampler and the beer that was available was top notch! The menu is small but varied and interesting, hummus of the day, and my sandwich were quite good. Great value and attentive staff, I’d be a regular if I lived a bit closer.“
johnnnniee 2171 days ago
76 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Have been twice, first in Aug-2012 and again this past summer. They had about seven taps pouring and provide a sampler of four. The food menu looks great, but I always only think about their chocolate-covered pretzels (from a local artisan). Nice area of town, lots of history in the old house itself. They had a fun indie playlist on but it varies. It’s a nice destination and worth going out of your way to visit, but I didn’t see it as a beer mecca. (5/9/10/8/8/14) 76“
mabel 2374 days ago
84 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“What a great place. It is located in the small town of Selinsgrove in a centuries old buildings basement. Great atmosphere with exposed wood and dim lighting. As great as the atmosphere is the beer is the reason I stopped in and it did not disappoint. All taps were flowing and the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.“
Leafs93 2385 days ago
84 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“There’s a reason this is THE place to be, and it starts with the atmosphere and ends with the menu. By far the best place in the area to get a drink. I only visited briefly, so I can’t speak to how consistent everything is quite like the locals can, but I loved everything they had when I was there and would definitely trust going back.“
Sirmixsomewhat 2388 days ago
66 /100 719 ROUTE 522
“Fairly new Weis market located which features Weis’s expanded beer section which has way more options in pick six and in cooler. They’re always going to have some age issues with some of their stock an they don’t exactly get rarities or special beers, but if you’re looking for some PA craft or national craft flagships then this place is pretty solid.“
DiarmaidBHK 2520 days ago
94 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“What a great place and an amazing find! (yeah "find" Columbus finding America long after a host of others!) What I really couldn’t believe is how long this place had been around with out me ever knowing about it or visiting. They’ve been around forever (in brewpub years for the ’90’s!). So the atmosphere is amazing...stone house on town’s historic main street...outside patio...dark low wood-beamed ceiling inside with fireplace and cool bar! I mean everything is perfect about this place...then you meet the staff...and they’re great. Oh wait...haven’t even mentioned the fantastic food...GastroPub standards. So what am I forgetting...hmmm...oh yeah...the beer! Well go figure...that’s great too! They had like 13 drafts when I was there including the hand pump and a cider. These were "really" great beers. I bought and took home a growler of their IPA...but loved at least a 1/2 doz of the others. You really can’t go wrong here...unless of course you come when it’s too busy to get in...which I would guess happens frequently. Go out of your way to visit this gem!“
PRBeer 2581 days ago
78 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Intimate brewpub in an old townhouse. We visited at dinnertime on a Friday and found the place to be very busy with local diners. We squeezed up against the small bar and were pleased to discover a range of house beers available in $1 taster pours. Unfortunately, their famous kriek was unavailable. The dark beers were tried were very good. Their stout, served on cask, was in excellent condition. We didn’t eat, but the food looked nice. Overall, I found this place to be pretty charming. Worth a stop.“
jackl 2598 days ago
74 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Nice brewpub in the old towny area of Selinsgrove. A few tables outside for patio seating, small bar and a good amount of dining tables inside. Small and cozy interior with a bit of a weird smell I couldn’t quite place. Friendly enough service. Decent selection of house-brewed beers, stouts were solid. Didn’t try the food but the pretzel looked good. Excellent value on beer with several serving sizes including individual $1-2 4 oz pours. I wouldn’t go out of my way but it’s a good stop if you’re passing by or in the area.“
GenDV138 2607 days ago
84 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Kind of in the middle of nowhere, but worth the trek. Small, intimate bar area and tables in a stone walled basement. Nice ambiance. Bartender was helpful. Flight of all the beers on offer for $13 or so, a good amount of beer. Beers have a bit of a rustic edge to them but are well made and quite good. Did not try the food. Street parking was simple and it looks like they have parking around back, but I wouldn’t know how to get to it. Nice place.“
Drake 2684 days ago
80 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Stopped by after the Bullfrog Grrrz release. Really relaxed log cabin/cottage feel in the quaint city of Selins Grove. Outdoor seating and a nice full menu? Yes please. The service was friendly and the food was good. A little out if the way but a fun beer destination.“
Art 2747 days ago
100 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Stopped in on a Friday afternoon. Not as easy to find as I’d hoped, though not all that difficult; GPS had me in the right area and then it was a matter of looking for signage, so get to know that dog on the treadmill! Late-summer/early-autumn outside seating cramped but beautiful, one of the many old and lovingly restored houses and stores in the tight little downtown, nice stone and vegetation, leveling and shade. Inside is really surprisingly small (especially the kitchen!), but only the bar can feel a bit cramped with the traffic, as the tabled areas are much better described as ’cozy.’ They had some Oktoberfest food specials that I was sure to jump on and yowza they were amazing (and locally-sourced). Beers were as superb as you’ve heard, at the very high end in quality, also strong in creativity and breadth of styles/variety. My server was super-competent and a real delight to talk to -- all things considered, one of the best drinking experiences I’ve had in the States.

They do offer 32 oz growlers along with the standard size, and will fill non-SG growlers. There are different pricing tiers depending on seasonal/specialty status, and overall volume is capped by state law (if memory serves, three 64 oz growlers at a time), but you’re going to want to get one or two to take home.

Feel my effort in detouring to come here was rewarded and I would certainly tack on an extra hour to a journey to make sure I can pass through again. Don’t wait for the Kriek, visit as soon as you can!“
ganache 2829 days ago
82 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Lovely place here. Ambiance was awesome, in an old house, almost catacomb like, with a ice open sharing seating area. Service was firnedly, knowledgable and willing to help. Selections was good, 9 on tap, all pretty solid. Flights were really cheap, food was cheap too, small servings, but very tasty food. Overall if around the middle of the state, go here.“
Beerman6686 2921 days ago
80 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“This is a very characterful old house right on the main drag of a picturesque town right on the river. The bar is in the basement, and there’s a small dining area that opens onto a small patio. Locals and staff alike were very friendly. Several beers were out, but the ones remaining were tasty. You can do any beers in 4 ounce samples, sort of a build your own flight. Food was also good, with creative choices. Nice place.“
Travlr 2935 days ago
88 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“A great, laid-back brew pub in a 200+ year old building. More than a dozen of their well-made beers on tap/beer engine. Oh, tasty soups, salads and sandwiches!“
todd_aka_rhino 3132 days ago
82 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Visited: 6-21-12 I had stopped here for lunch on my way from Harrisburg PA to Buffalo NY. I used to work in this area but could never really find the place. A: When you approach the address, it is an old building located in the heart of downtown Selinsgrove. There is a small sign that leads you down a narrow stairway to the basement on the building. When you enter, it looks like a basement. There is a lot of old wood inside, the seating are is somewhat poorly lit, the ceiling is no more than 8ft, the dining area has about 15-20 tables and the bar area seats about 10-12 patrons. Its not exactly inviting by any means but retains a lot of the old building character. Q: The quality of the beers were pretty solid. While not every beer was a perfect 5, the majority of the beers were at least a 4 or better. S: The bartender was knowledgeable about the beers and attentive. S: They have 9 in house beers on tap and 2 more on cask. It was a nice array between the various beer styles with very little overlapping. F: I had the Chicken Chipotle Wrap with potato salad. It was decent enough but nothing earth shattering. V: I had a full beer flight, a wrap sandwich, cheesecake and a 8oz Kriek for $26, worth the price. Overall, I thought when saw al of their beer reviews that they were just local over hype but this place is legit. The beers were all solid (with few exceptions) and worth the stop when passing through the area.“
merc7186 3145 days ago
90 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Great brewpub in the basement of the old goveners mansion, great atmosphere, great pastrami sandwich, great beer if kriek or peach Saison is on tap, I’ll be back“
devman171 3294 days ago
90 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“There’s a lot more to the Selin’s Grove Brewing pub than their famous Phoenix Kriek. The Phoenix Kriek was indeed on tap when I visited the pub and as much as I loved it (rated 4.4) I even preferred their pilsner which was simply one of the best American made pilsner I ever had. The pub is located in an old house and it is beautiful. The interior is rustic yet classy. The atmosphere is peaceful and a little dark. The customers of all ages are quietly enjoying their food and beers. This place is the opposite of a dive bar. The food is mostly creative small meals (original sandwiches and the likes) and everything was very tasty. Over 10 taps serving all kinds of different beers, from the session pilsner to the big barrel aged sippers. One of the best brewpub I’ve been to. Highly recommended, but please know that this isn’t a party place.“
Glouglouburp 3372 days ago
92 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“This is my favorite place in the entire universe to drink beer, I don’t know why I have waited until now to write a review. The cellar of this beautiful 18th century field stone home is the definition of cozy. The beers are all solid, but several (IPA, Peche, Framboise to name just a few) are world class. The small kitchen features mainly wonderful deli offerings and one cooked special. The portions are small but you’ll want to save room for the desserts...Baklava this past week. I’m a huge fan of any of their meat pies. When the St Feullian’s meat pie is on I’ll be there. There is always an interesting mix of local folk and beer tourists. I love it that there is no TV to distract from the beer and conversation. I love this place.“
bierkitty 3486 days ago
86 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“My wife and I stopped in here for for the first time for the second time (since the first time we stopped, on a drive back to NY from Michigan, happened to be a day they were closed) on the way to Krame’rs campground brewdown. I managed to try everything on tap thanks to them doing samplers, and had a pint or two as well (hooray for it being my wife’s turn to drive next). Opted for the chili while my wife got one of the specials, which I can’t recall currently, but she rather enjoyed (something with a bunch of fish). The chili was amazing. Nice to find a place that offers a number of vegetarian things on the menu not simply to offer vegetarian options, but because it’s good food that happens to be vegetarian. There was a decent sized crowd here for an early Friday afternoon at lunch time. Loads of locals, all of whom seemed to know a few of the staff and a bunch of the other patrons. Service was great, never felt rushed, never felt like it was a hassle to get the attention of the bar staff. Certainly will be back, and it’s worth coming just for the pretzels.“
j12601 3529 days ago
80 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Very cool place, extremely easy to miss since there is no sign really on the main street there (Market St ?). There is a small sign off the main road that says Brewery & Pub with a piglet. No mention of the actual brewery name. Walk down a garden path behind the unlabeled building and in the basement floor is a secret brewpub called Selins Grove. Ambiance is mega dark, almost lightless inside with old, 1700s tavern feel. Oil lamps, wooden beams, low ceilings, wooden stalls. Tap list is all house beers with quick rotation and a local cider that was very good. Quality level of the house beers was high- excellent witbier, ESB, IPA. Stout and porter were decent. Allows flights of all beers on tap. The organic Pils was very nice. Let me fill up a Tired Hands growler here of anything on tap- I chose the ESB. Bottom filled but not CP filled. Attentive staff, very local vibe with regulars dropping in and out. Family atmosphere in the main dining room. Loved the antebellum decor. For food we had a very good smoked salmon quesadilla with homemade sweet salsa that was boss. Very cool place. Would love to come back for the Pumpkin beer release. Remember there is a small parking lot in the back. On the GPS it only spits you out in front of the piglet sign, which is not very helpful.“
GT 3597 days ago
74 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“2012-08-17. Stopped in for drinks on a Friday afternoon and there was a decent number of people there. Pretty neat spot in an old building, lots of old stone in the main bar area, which is a bit dark. Small but nice patio outside. We sat in the area with tables which was brighter but has slightly less charm. Tap list was a bit disappointing in that a lot of the more interesting beer options were sold out. The ones we did try were pretty decent serviceable takes on the styles. Beers are available in various sizes at very reasonable prices. Also had Keewaydin Cider on tap. Ordered a bag of chocolate covered pretzels as a snack which are made locally and taste fantastic. Food menu is not extensive but looked good. Server was friendly and a bit like getting served by your friends Mom (and I mean that in a nice way). Not sure I would go out of my way to go back, but its definitely worth a visit. “
jercraigs 3598 days ago
78 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Stopped in on the way to Campground Brewdown 2012. Its a small space that reminds me field trips to old timey forts as an elementary school student. We didn’t eat but did take advantage of their great sampler policy - 2 oz samples are a buck or two, 4 and 8 oz samples are also available. The beer was good enough that I wouldn’t mind stopping here again next time I’m in the area.“
rudolf 3598 days ago
84 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Though its a tiny place, it has a really rustic, homey feel. Thr inside is a bit dark but very communal due to the close proximity of tables. Awesome outdoor seating. Service was excellent! ...even when i annoyingly filled 5 grolwers and during the busy time of a brewfest weekend. Food and beer were pretty damn good...just wish there were more options for both. Pretty fantastic for a small town...a hidden gem for sure.“
reggiedunlop 3624 days ago
78 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Really awesome little spot in the middle of nowhere, economically depressed central PA. Down below what seemed to be the main road in the basement of an old building that looks like it used to be a bank or some such thing. Cute, rustic decor, not overdone with a nice wooden bar. Only tried two tasters because I was driving and hungover but had the apple brandy aged blonde which was very good and the kriek which was absolutely stellar. Good prices, had a damn tasty pastrami sandwich, and filled a couple growlers. Absolutely worth hitting up if you’re driving through PA, particularly if the kriek is on tap.“
craftycarl21 3696 days ago
80 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Another nice oasis in central PA. This is an old, French countryside decorated brewpub below street level. The service was pretty good, complete with the chef coming out to talk it up with some locals he knew. There was no food for us on this stop, so nothing to report there. The dozen or so house beers available were pretty good, though The Kriek still eluded me.“
BeerandBlues2 3796 days ago
90 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“I have been to this place more times than I can count. It is a little hard to find from the main street at first but once you see it you will be fine. Actually drove right by it the first time I was there. Wish I would have found out about the parking lot in the back the first time also. Set in an old building that was once the home of our Governor is this gem of a brewery. Going down a set of steps leads you into the garden and the lower level/basement of the building revealing the actual bar area. The bar is small with seating for 10-12 and a few side tables and more seating in the small dining room. There are a few tables outside in the garden area as well. The food is simple; soups, sandwiches, wraps, etc.; and are made with fresh, local, ingredients. The beer is top notch as well. Not really sure what more quality you would need. The service is good. They only have one server on most days so it can be a little slow but I never really cared that much. Selection is very good. Usually 8-10 beers on at any given time. From their fruit beers, most notably Phoenix Kriek, to their IPA, you would be hard pressed to find something you wouldn’t like to drink. Prices are pretty good, a little high for some of the beers but not too bad. Overall a great brewpub that deserves all the hype it gets. I will continue to go here as often as I can.“
orangesol 3954 days ago
90 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“This was one of the best brewpub experiences I’ve had. Selinsgrove is pretty far out of the way for most people. We had to drive two hours from where we were staying to get here, but it was well worth the trip. On the main drag through town, it’s located in an old stone building. I wish I had asked about the history of the place. You walk down a nicely landscaped path to what appears to be the basement. On entering, you get the old school farmhouse style brewpub feel. Everything is wood with a fireplace off the the side. A smallish bar with several tables throughout. There is also a very nice patio outside with lots of plants and flowers. Inside is VERY dark. Almost too dark to observe the beers, but the ambiance was really good. Very warm, welcoming, and quiet. Our server was very nice, but not real interested in conversing even though it seemed to be relatively slow. She seemed to have a surface knowledge of the beers. The food was very good as well. We all got sandwiches and were more than happy. The beers were awesome. The kriek was world class and the sour red and IPA were both outstanding. The others were OK to good. I took a growler of the kriek home. Overall, I loved it here. Don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ll be thinking about it for a long time.“
joeneugs 3964 days ago
40 /100 17 N MARKET ST
“If you’re ever in this area you might have some folks recommend BJ’s as the place to eat. If this happens then feel free to disregard any other piece of advice they may ever give. The food is aggressively mediocre at best. They have all the worst habits: refrigerated glasses, no knowledge of beer, random size glasses (If I can get a 16 and a 10 ounce beer, why would I want a 22.) They’re only included on this site because they have a few, and I mean few, local craft options like Victory and 16 mile. If Selinsgrove brewery is on vacation and you don’t want to waste then night, and Keller’s is closed, then come here. Otherwise don’t bother.“
DiarmaidBHK 4006 days ago
94 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“of all of the places I been to, this is THE place I would model my own brewpub after. Nice small historical building, great staff, top notch beer and fresh simple food. Nothing bad to say about this place, I could live there.“
fata2683 4028 days ago
66 /100
Keller’s Beer (Beer Store)
“For a central PA beer store this place was a real find. It’s clean and well maintained. The beer sits on individual shelves with tags that list abv, ibu levels, and food suggestions. Besides the BMC product they have a number of cases from regional and national craft breweries. I just picked up a case of Dogfish Head Midas Touch which I was not expecting to see within a million miles of here. The kid who checked me out admitted he’d only been working there a month but he said he really wanted to try all the beer in the store and that’s good enough for me.“
DiarmaidBHK 4097 days ago
94 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Small brew pub but great old world charm and the Stealth Triple is amazing!“
jacobm52 4100 days ago
60 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“A beautiful little place. Wonderful atmosphere. The food is interesting and not too pricey though there is a rather small menu. They always seem to be sold out of several beers whenever I get to visit. Service is ok at best. Nice little place.“
FROTHINGSLOSH 4123 days ago
88 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Some of the best tasting beers I’ve ever come across from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. What else is there? That’s all you need to know.“
Zax 4159 days ago
76 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Nice place, good location. ’Treehugger’ menu. The beers is very good and they offer a nice sampler.“
bigrond 4194 days ago
90 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“A local institution. My favorite of their beers, by far, is the stealth triple. They only let you have three in one sitting, but you can switch to other beers. Fantastic ambiance: appropriate for a family outing, dinner friends, or a romantic rendezvous. Not a big place so you’ll need to arrive early, especially on the weekends, to get a table.“
DiarmaidBHK 4196 days ago
72 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Situated in the basement of a very old building, this brewpub has a patriotic feel. The sampling of beers I tried ranged from average to great. Overall, the beer is good. They have a nice menu of salads and deli style sandwiches which were very good. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
MikeF 4199 days ago
82 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Stopped in on the way back up to NY. Cool little place. Down a set of outdoors stairs from the main street. Stepped inside to look around but it was a warm afternoon so we sat out on the patio next to a hop plant on the trellis. The food and service was very good as were the beers. Sampled a few with lunch, but missed the kriek this trip. Service was good.“
Brewbie 4329 days ago
78 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Beautiful old building which consists of a small and cozy patio area and a smaller bar/restaurant area inside. There were 9 beers available that covered a wide variety of styles including their delicious kriek and their beast of a bourbon barrel aged scotch ale on cask. Service was friendly, but there were only 2 servers to cover the all of the tables and the bar so the quality of the service suffered a bit. If they would have had one more person taking orders they would have had adequate coverage. Having growler fills available was a definite plus. Also, they’ll fill any growler, which is not often the case at many brewpubs. Food is veggie friendly, and uses high quality ingredients. The place is a touch out of the way, but very much worth going out of your way for.“
IPFreely 4343 days ago
84 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“great, unique place. Stopped here with puzzl, JoeMcP, maxdaddy and met up with Kramer. Dark interior (which was strange, because it was a bright day outside) but it’s got that comfy, fireplace, old-timey inn feel. A must stop... especially for the Phoenix Kriek (which I picked up a growler of for RBSG). A must stop if you happen to be in Selinsgrove, PA. A little pricey.“
zdk 4348 days ago
80 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“This was our last stop on the first day of our road trip to RBSB and it was totally worth the stop. Met up with Kramer who also showed us a great time (even driving us to ride the roller coasters at Knoebels). Nice ambience inside (although it did feel a little bit dark) with a fairly homey vibe throughout. We were lucky enough to arrive the day after their beer festival so we got to try a nice selection of stuff. The Phoenix was awesome (as expected) and the Baltic Porter was pretty nice too. Our server was quite friendly and the food everyone had looked tasty (although I didn’t eat). Definitely worth stopping if you’re in rural PA.“
JoeMcPhee 4355 days ago
94 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“WOW! What a great place this is! The historic building appears as it did in the early 1800s and you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to an old colonial inn. The ales were absolutely delicious, all of them. Of course my favorites were the Kriek, the Bourbon (Jack Daniels) Barrel Aged Wee Heavy, and the Shade Mountain Stout. The food was amazing. It was so fresh, I swear they went out to the garden, picked it, then prepared it. They are vegetarian friendly with many items available. Had the opportunity to talk with brewmaster Steve for a short time which was very educational and enlightening. I just can’t say enough about this place other than stop, relax, have a few samplers and a bite to eat. You won’t regret it. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.“
TreborWhip 4364 days ago
88 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Sixth stop on the super ultimate OSU vs. Penn State slash beer adventure weekend. This was as far east as we went and was a few hours out of the way, but I’m so glad we went here. Charming little brewpub in an old country cottage. Place is friggin’ packed, and the service remains attentive and friendly. The beers are solid; Pumpkin Ale is the best, while Love Buzz Coffee Stout and Saison de Peche are the other standouts. I ordered the chili changa and it was pretty tasty. Would definitely come back if by some bizarre happenstance I find myself in this part of PA again.“
JaBier 4601 days ago
84 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Tucked away right off the main drag in town. Lots of historic character that creates a great atmosphere. The service was good, we got some samples, some beers and even some advise on what to do around the area. The selection of beer was very diverse although they were having a "keg problem" with the Hop Nouveau which I really wanted to try. Didn’t have any food but it looked great. I underestimated this place and wish we would have had more time to stay and eat and drink more. Best place on our Baltimore/Wilmington/PA/DC trip. The Saison de Peche was so good, why didn’t I bring my growler.“
savnac 4629 days ago
80 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Small, rustic, very quaint place found by going around back and into the basement. Seating both outside and inside. Maybe 20 tables in the whole place, so it fills up rather easily. No TVs at the 8-10 person bar, but a rack on the wall with a bunch of board games. Very friendly staff and excellent service, nice local crowd as well. 8-10 taps, nice variety in style, but often out of at least 1-2 things. Creative veggie-friendly menu mainly of sandwiches, wraps, and salads, which are incredibly fresh and flavorful and rather inexpensive at $7-8 for most dinners. Extreme flexibility in their beer: 4oz samples for $1-2, half-pints, pints, pitchers, and growlers. Fantastic place, one you could make a night out of, and one of the few places that forces drinking to become a social event.“
MrChopin 4699 days ago
90 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“I’ve been here two times while visiting Bucknell University, approx 30mins away. Beer is fantastic, especially phoenix Kreik. Service is good. Food is good and reasonably priced. Games and puzzles available. Ambiance is awesome.. very colonial. Make sure to take a look at the actual brewery in the tiny garage out back.“
Pwn3d 4793 days ago
74 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Located in the basement of a historic mansion. Very small bar and restaurant. Pretty cozy. Tried two beers and both were decent. Wasn’t crazy about the menu...mostly salad and sandwiches. Had a BLT and it was good. Staff was really nice in spite of it being crowded.“
miketd 4866 days ago
72 /100 121 NORTH MARKET ST
“Stopped by on a sunny Saturday in February. Easy to find location, although I didn’t find the lot until I walked down the path from the main street; I parked at a nearby municipal lot. First thing you notice is the homey, dimly lit pub area. There is seating at the bar for maybe 10, some tables in the pub area, and another dining room in the back. It was quite busy for a Saturday afternoon. There was a party of 6 waiting to be seated, and I had to wait for a seat at the bar. Staff was hurried, which is understandable as it was busy. What made the trip worthwhile was the people. Many locals at this little brewpub, all of them friendly and knowledgable about microbrews. The beers were decent, maybe 10 on tap and 2 beer engines. Didn’t get to try the food, looked to be light pub fare, nothing too greasy. Definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area.“
f351c4v 4889 days ago
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