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84 /100 208 CARTER DRIVE SUITE 2
“What's with the Levante hate on here! Industrial setting but nice tasting room if not smaller - I guess I was lucky to grab a seat at the bar and had great service. I've had so many by them and finally stopped by their place. Tons on tap and tons to go. A bit pricey, but well worth it. If I lived close, I'd be in trouble.“
hopdog 398 days ago
52 /100 208 CARTER DRIVE SUITE 2
“Not a whole lot else in this area, so if you’re nearby, it’s worth a stop. Otherwise, not so much. Tons of taps, 18 when I visited. Mostly IPAs. Flights of 4 available for $10; c’mon, that’s too much. And I wasn’t impressed with any of the ones I tried - really yeasty, chalky IPAs. It’s a fun place, but I can’t recommend it due to the beer quality.“
mcberko 844 days ago
82 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“stopped in town while attending a wedding this place made the trip so much better 9 beers on tap the food was excellent not very pricey this was our first stop and it was awesome“
unclemike 1543 days ago
72 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Stopped in for dinner. Beer on tap was decent. Nothing awful but nothing standout. My dinner was good and plenty spicy.“
Msdrbeat 1591 days ago
92 /100 208 CARTER DRIVE SUITE 2
“A fantastic visit. Was a bit hard finding the entrance but once we did it was great! Outdoor patio area with a garage door that can open when the weather is nice. There were 9 beers on tap. A flight of 4 for $10 which was a bit pricey. But! My friend and I bought two flights so we could taste 8 of the beers on tap. The bartender was incredibly nice and offered to give us the 9th taster for free. He even poured the flight in the order we should taste it. Great people and good beer!“
Msdrbeat 1591 days ago
92 /100 10 EAST GAY STREET
“The type of place I’ve always felt comfortable in; old building in the heart of town, lots of wood, friendly people, knowledgeable, attentive bartender, good food, impressive tap and bottle list, and moderate prices. Probably enjoyed it more because they were not very busy at the time.“
guzzler67 2293 days ago
76 /100 1347 WILMINGTON PK
“Re-review (original score was a 70) Since opening, the consistency of the food has definitely improved. The service is more knowledgeable now too. Its clear they ha e gotten past some growing pains and improved significantly. Still a chain which im not fond of but not a bad option being so close to home for me. Old review:Stopped in to check out the new location...i wasnt overly impressed. The beer selection was decent enough and the food was just ok...no need to order much of anything besides wings here. Gorgeous staff is probably intended to take your attention away from the fact that the kitchen staff cant seem to cook fries properly. Not as big as i expected...a bit crowded for my taste...dton location is much more spacious. The beer, wings, and ladies are nice but thats about it...downingtown location is far superior.“
reggiedunlop 2620 days ago
80 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Similar description as most of the Iron Hill reviews. Same typical clean and “square” Iron Hill layout. Average Iron Hill size, which means it is a pretty big brewpub. We had food, again, typical Iron Hill food, which means above-average brewpub fare. Just like other Iron Hill locations they have many of their own beers on tap (around 10) and just like other Iron Hill locations the quality was there. Some classic styles and some more experimental brews. Just like other Iron Hills you can get growler fills and they have 750ml bottles for sale at high $. This is an Iron Hill brewpub, if you’ve been to one you know what they fill like. And because each brew their own beers, you want to visit them all even though they all feel a bit the same. I love all Iron Hills.“
Glouglouburp 2651 days ago
66 /100
Giant Food (Grocery Store)
“Fairly nice selection of bottles...very similar to the downingtown wegmans. Neat and well organized. Prices are average/fair for the grocewry store model. There is an attached deli as per PA laws but I didnt eat there. After asking a few random beer questions of an employee stocking shelves, it seemed that they knew the bare minimum to be carrying craft beers...friendly though. I’d stop for a bootle or three if it was on my way somewhere.“
reggiedunlop 2842 days ago
54 /100
BeerMill (Beer Store)
“Pretty standard college town beer store. Selection is decent enough to get a reasonably good craft case but not my first choice around town. Staff is friendly. Parking/accessibility sort of suck given the location...right in the middle of a 5 way intersection.“
reggiedunlop 2850 days ago
80 /100
Vudu Lounge (Restaurant)
“Really awesome cajun fusion restaurant! Frequently there is live jazz or blues playing. Not a big place but a nice long bar and great service. Food here is excellent...especially nightly specials. Beer list is nice...drafts rotate amongst nice crafts and seasonals. Bottle list is heavily local but has other craft/import...fairly nice. Prices are fair and for food they might be a tad high but portions are very generous. Great place!“
reggiedunlop 2905 days ago
72 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Ambiance was a tightly spaced chain brewpub. Service was solid but nothing great. Selection was pretty good, with a decent amount of solid offerings. Prices were pretty reasonable as well. Worth stopping if you’re in the area, but wouldn;t go out of my way to find.“
Beerman6686 2952 days ago
38 /100
West Goshen Deli (Restaurant)
“Decent little deli...sandwiches (cheesesteaks, hoagies, etc.) Are pretty good and reasonably priced. Breakfast is very tasty. Eat in or take out. Singles are mostly BMC but there is some sammy smith 22pz singles. Six packs include local/regional...DFH, VBC, Flying Fish. Also sam adams and BMC six packs.“
reggiedunlop 2971 days ago
86 /100 10 EAST GAY STREET
“Popped by for after dinner drinks on 25/05/12. Great little bar with a good selection on tap and bottle. I had beers from Moylans (CA) and Dark Horse (MI). Food looked good but didn’t participate. Good crowd and atmosphere, we just squeezed on the end of the bar. This place needs to head to the top of the list for West Chester, quality and selection is streets ahead of the formulaic brew pub selection that is Iron Hill!!!“
Theydon_Bois 3016 days ago
66 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Came here for dinner on 25/05/12. Beers were Iron Hill only, pretty typical brew pub range. I tried two an IPA that was pretty dull and an ok ish Saison. Wasn’t inspired by the beers so overall rating at the lower end. Service was decent enough and every one seemed to be there for the food. Burger was excellent. Can’t say I’d head back here with the Side Bar a few blocks away and Victory and TJ’s 10 or so minutes in the car!“
Theydon_Bois 3016 days ago
90 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Great food, great beer. The rotating seasonal are fantastic, and the house beers are very solid beers on their own. The chefs do a great job making food that pairs well with their beer.“
ShantyBrewery 3059 days ago
72 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“One of our stops on RBSG 2011. Interior is very nice- loved the decor and ambiance. Food was quite eclectic and very delicious. Our service was mediocre to poor. The place was crowded, lively, very hopping. Fun to visit. Beers were very average with a few brewmaster reserves and seasonals that were impressive to excellent. Worth going to, though there a many locations and this is the only one I’ve been to so have no comparison.“
GT 3071 days ago
80 /100
High Street Caffe (Restaurant)
“This is one of the best restaurants in west chester for sure! Awesome atmosphere with a cajun flare, awesome staff, awesome food! The beer here is good but not great but more than enough to satisfy me...about 6 taps of local/regional stuff...good but nothing too aggressive or rare. Well worth the visit...jambalaya and blackened catfish are excellent! The menu is fabulius and theres good enough beer to satisfy beer geek needs.“
reggiedunlop 3204 days ago
70 /100
Spaz Beverage (Beer Store)
“Pretty standard PA beer store...case only. Lots of cold beer, very clean and new store. Reasonable craft and import beer selection with pricing that is competitive for PA. You won’t find much here that is super rare but you can certaiinly get yourself a nice case of drinkable beer. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable enough for their stock.“
reggiedunlop 3242 days ago
90 /100
High Street Caffe (Restaurant)
“Food is awesome, really good beer and wine selection. Donny really has his stuff together.“
MikeSTroupe 3253 days ago
98 /100 10 EAST GAY STREET
“I’ve been here a handful of times and I envy their draft and bottle list. The food is always good and the service is very good. I don’t kow if I can say anything bad about this place.“
MikeSTroupe 3253 days ago
50 /100 445 HANNUM AVE
“Pretty dumpy little pizza place...tiny and crammed and the pizza and other food is edible but not special. It is cheap so you get what you pay for. Lots of crappy 6pk and 40oz beer but a nice tiny selection of craft beer that suprised me when I found it. Nothing rare or overly exotic but nice six packs and bombers of stone, victory, troegs, bear republic, and the like. A reasonable pit stop if its on your way and you need quick drinkable beer.“
reggiedunlop 3254 days ago
72 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“Not a huge beer store but it has some nice hidden gems in the craft section. Some nice imports too. Prices are fair and the staff is very cool. Decntly organized so cases are easy enough to find.“
reggiedunlop 3254 days ago
60 /100 40 E. MARKET ST.
“The only thing I enjoy about this place is the decent beer selection. Nice crafts at fair prices. But its always packed with youngsters and I’ve been treated rudely by the service there more than once now. Had a decent sandwich there once...no complaints on that. But I pretty much don’t go there anymore...IF I venture out in West Chester...its either Iron Hill or Sidebar. But id much rather take a short drive to TJs or Ron’s or Station.“
reggiedunlop 3254 days ago
62 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Interesting location, this one is a collection of a crowded front bar, then overly spacious rooms running the length with booths/tables sticking out oddly. Selection isn’t Lancaster, neither is food, but still very nice sample deals. Service is mediocre, a bit distant.“
MrChopin 3313 days ago
70 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Another stop on the RBSG 2011 bus trip. Weren’t here overly long, and it seemed as though in spite of the group having made contact with the place ahead of time to let them know we were coming, the were not expecting us. I guess the person who had been contacted wasn’t there that day, and hadn’t actually told anyone else to expect 50+ people all at once. The did handle the group fairly well though all things considered. The place is fairly sizable so they were able to accommodate us all. As we heard a lot of grumbling from the servers going by about everyone ordering samplers, our table opted for full pints of a few things and just made our own super sampler. Worked out well for us as we got our beers rather quickly and ended up with a happy server because of it. Beers were pretty solid, but we weren’t there long enough to get food or anything. I’d stop in again provided that I wasn’t with a huge bus full of people.“
j12601 3350 days ago
84 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Visited during RBSG bus tour 2011. Pretty sweet place and I really wish we had some Iron Hill’s down south. Maybe I could franchise? Great service, above average to great beers, and lots of younger folks. I should move to Philly.“
TURDFERGUSON 3368 days ago
82 /100 10 EAST GAY STREET
“Very nice draft selections...the occasional hard to find tap such as pliny or barrel aged ruination. Nice bottles too. Prices are fair and service is excellent though some of them could learn more about the beer. When is one of the gorgeous female bartenders going to jump the bar and snatch me up and take me home!? Food here is very good too...standard pub fare with some nice specials and chefs specialties. Only thing I dislike about this place is the college crowd...it gets loud, obnoxious, and crowded at times but it is a college town. All in all...nice little beer bar.“
reggiedunlop 3404 days ago
82 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Loved everything about this place. The decor reminded me of a restoration furniture The square bar is very conducive for conversations with random folks. The service at the bar was outstanding. The pizza, especially with barley dough, was flavorful with fresh ingrediants nicely prepared. They had 10-11 things on tap including a cask-conditioned, a couple of belgian styles, some hoppy bastards, and a barleywine. I will definitely come back if I’m in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 3526 days ago
100 /100 40 E. MARKET ST.
“Great rotation of American craft everyweek with plenty of local brews. They always have innovative food special including a street food of the week.“
patoakes7 3556 days ago
82 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“A very good Delaware brewpub with an every changing selection of special house brews and seasonals. Decent food at a good price. 750ml to go bottles and growlers are pricey. The best beer selection of the Iron Hills.“
ROGUE 3568 days ago
78 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“PA Beer store. Cases and kegs. Has a good selection. A friendly informed staff. Went there to pick up some Box Car. Prices were in line with most. I will go back for more beer. Just don’t like the case laws. It is also very easy to find.“
Birdiebeagle 3831 days ago
82 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“I go here often. Generally the service is very good because I heard they take care of their employees. The food is always satisfying, my favorite is the sweet potato fries. Usually a good selection on tap, the most recent one I had was their barleywine. Definitely recommend going their if you’re in town, its right in the heart of West Chester.“
delirium11 3831 days ago
92 /100
Four Dogs Tavern (Restaurant)
“This Tavern is fantastic. Wonderful place to go with friends or family, and for any occasion. Bartenders a well informed, and servers know enough. Selection changes at a good pace, keeping classics in stock. Only problems would be that drafts are out of stock somewhat frequently, and some prices are questionable, but with the ambiance, service, and especially the FOOD being phenomenal, you won’t have a problem paying a slightly higher tab.“
b33pb00p 4028 days ago
74 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Great brewpub, super vibe, and really cool staff. Enjoyed all the brew I had here and the head brewer gave me a 750ml from his personal stash! What a guy! Nice selection of taps lots of cool stuff on. Can’t comment on the food, but it smelled good. Cool place.“
WeeHeavySD 4182 days ago
82 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“i like the dark wood look. bar service is always great...most of those bartenders have been around for a while and they do a great job. food here is very good though a tad on the pricey side. house beers are average but brewers specialties and seasonals are usually very good.“
reggiedunlop 4269 days ago
72 /100
Four Dogs Tavern (Restaurant)
“Fun Restaurant/Bar that tends to have a decent selection of local micros on their taps... Outdoor patio area is fun in the summer, live music on weekends... Food has always been good.... Servers are relatively knowledgable as they are not a beer bar so there obviously is less emphasis on the servers knowing details about all the beers... Prices are not outrageous,...“
jeff789 4344 days ago
42 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“Selection for the area was fine, service was fine, location is good in that it’s across the street from a plaza containing a good independent book store, and just over a mile from an Iron Hill location. I am a little hesitant of rating these beer warehouses in Pennsylvania because of the retarded case laws, but when a hop and a skip from much better (and singles-offering) regional Places in Philly, Maryland, and Jersey, this score has to suffer. Quite a bit of voting fraud below, implies (at least to me) institutional provocation.“
ganache 4356 days ago
84 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“To Newark s twin town for a visit (they really do have a lot in common), and to another IH sibling. Sunday after Christmas and the town was deserted, so no problem with parking. Clean and wooded atmosphere, mood lighting and ambient warmth. Food was typical Iron Hill, i.e., good and tasty but not particularly cheap. Had only one of the commons (the Vienna) and four, yes, four seasonals on rotation. Service was great, knowledgeable, and even somewhat flirty. Felt catered to, had a great time. [2008.12.28: 84 (4.2)]

Has it been more than ten years!? Just a quick stop-in, much the same as last time, breezy and tree-covered outside seating, and the inside is homier than large and corporate might suggest. Selection has expanded! Another great experience. [2019.09.05: (same)]“

ganache 4356 days ago
92 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“Great Selection, seems to have lots of sampelings on their web site. very friendly.....when in chester county it’s a MUST on the visit tour!!“
beergirl2288 4444 days ago
94 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“Not your typical beer store alot of selection, keep it up“
Steveishoppy 4469 days ago
86 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“Fantastic service, unbelievable selection, don’t pass it by when you are in West Chester. employee knowledge is quite impressive too. snack food is lacking but beer is great.“
TomW 4470 days ago
56 /100
Goshen Beverage (Beer Store)
“Your typical beer distributor, but the best one in the area. Has a decent selection of microbrews and some imports.“
NewBelgium5 4535 days ago
82 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Good value for most of the beers (all were under 4.5 / pint). The bartender was pretty knowledgeable and friendly. Did not have any food at this location, but I assume it’s comparable to the other Iron Hills. The setting has a semi-city, semi-small college town feel to it and the remote parking isn’t super convenient (unless you luck out w/ a nearby meter). I wasn’t impressed with the beers here, although the selection was pretty large. All the standard flagship beers, one on cask, and three seasonal / specials.“
User37895 4703 days ago
98 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“One of the Best Brew Pubs that I have ever visited. In my two trips to Iron Hill the Brews and Eats have been Excellent - these guys definitely have figured out how to design a great menu and craft solid beers. As an added bonus visit Baldwin’s Book Barn just a few miles away - you will not be disappointed.“
kyoutz 4805 days ago
92 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Finally made it to Iron Hill after what seems like years of intentions. Having only heard positives about the place, it definitely lived up to my lofty expectations. Surprisingly much larger than I would have guessed. Had the burger, which was excellent. Top notch beers for a brewpub chain as well. I will definitely be returning.“
agl108 4987 days ago
88 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“I was really taken with this place. Very nice setup. Had a mostly college aged kid crowd. I just got a burger, but it was good and they had like 11 or 12 beers on tap, deffiantly worth a stop.“
Nejhleader 4992 days ago
78 /100 3 W. GAY ST.
“Nice looking place that is in the ’happnin’ area of West Chester. Wait time on a Saturday night was nearly 1 1/2 hours for a table. Bar service was good, but very busy. Offerings varied a bit from what was on the website, although I can’t complain with both the porter and APA on cask. Food was very good as always with Iron Hill. My wife really enjoyed it, which says something about a beer place. Low point of the night - My wife orders wine, they give her barleywine, I taste and confirm its barleywine, I have to watch the bartender pour the barleywine down the drain in order to make room for my wife’s wine. Ouch.“
JB175 5037 days ago