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“As stated below this is a garage on the back of West Newton’s fire department, how iconic! People were popping in and out the whole hour I was there. While there, the fire alarm went off and it howled for 5 minutes. I had to hold my ears! Quite an experience in itself. Yes, they do mini growlers and the price is simply great! They do have 25 taps there and they will let you stay as long as you want to taste as many as you please. I did buy a couple growlers for $7 each just to say thank you for all the hospitality. But I must say, this was one great beer tasting experience and even my wife enjoyed it. We stopped there after an afternoon of canoeing on the yawk. They had at least 4 of my favorite beers on tap, the sour wild kind, yummy. What a way to end the day. Thanks for the heads up Froth!“
cheap 1536 days ago
“Its a garage. Nothing to look at. Nowhere to sit. Not really even heated or cooled. Just a place to fill up some growlers. That said, the brewers are really engaging, they have 24 brews on tap and give out free samples of everything. Growler prices are good and they do mini growlers which is a big plus for me.“
FROTHINGSLOSH 1805 days ago
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