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“We came here on 24.8.2019 without Ben as he missed Golf this weekend. Really interesting concept: Mexican and Italian food combined with their own beers. One bar to the left with taps and one to the right in front of the kitchen. Brew house at the end with ‘ok’ visibility. 8 beers on tap, 1 Cider, 1 Mead and Sangria. We tasted the tropical IPA and the Gose, both were quite good. Seems they also have live music in the evenings. The Enchiladas we had were awesome.“
Schlenkerla 606 days ago
54 /100 117 N. GEORGE STREET
“We came here on 15.6.2019. Located in York downtown. The highlight is a beer garden on a lawn in the middle of the city. The beers were mediocre at the best. When we came on a Saturday evening they had a live band performing.“
Schlenkerla 676 days ago
64 /100 58 WEST MARKET ST.
“We came here on 15.6.2019.The production brewery is located 100 miles north from York in Danville. Ben did not join us as he is dreaming of Oceancity. 16 beers on tap. The Pale Ale was mediocre, the NEIPA was better. The pub experience was mediocre. Small bar, a large restaurant area an ok Service. The food was excellent - Bratwurst Hot Dog with hand cut fries.“
Schlenkerla 676 days ago
70 /100 21 S BEAVER ST
“We came here on 21.7.2018. New beer bar of Crystal Ball brewery located a bit outside of York. Very small place. No food available. They have all the CBBC beers on tap. Like their coconut porter tapped with nitro the most.“
Schlenkerla 997 days ago
56 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“We came here on 21.7.2018. Nice ambiance with a lot of wood and a long bar. They had 10 beers on tap. Tried the Maibock which had nothing to do with this beer style. Beers are not their speciality and not the reason why you should come here. Food was really good - recommend the Chili - and service super nice.“
Schlenkerla 998 days ago
76 /100 1612 W KING ST
“Came here on 14.4.2018. Brewpub in an industrial area close to York. You can sit in the brewing area, which is a clear plus, at the bar or outside. They have a small canning line between brewhouse and fermentation tanks. They have 9 beers on tap (quite some wheats and lagers). 4$ a pint! Had the Coconut Porter, which was a bit light, but absolutely ok, and the Pilsner, which was good, very distinct. I liked the industrial ambiance, the visbility of the brewhouse and the quite interesting beer selection. Will come back to observe the development of this brewery, as they have potential. “
Schlenkerla 1103 days ago
“Located in downtown York ,though it feels like you go down a couple of back alleys to get here. They do have a nice sized parking lot, and pretty large taproom. Seems like a nice place to hang out and watch a game. The beers were solid, and they had a lot of them, but I'm not sure that many jumped out to me.“
DiarmaidBHK 1178 days ago
74 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“Came here on 30.9.2017. Long bar, 30 beers on tap and a fridge full of mainly Belgium beers. I started with a Brooklyn Oktoberfest, followed by a Thomas Hooker - No Filter IPA and finished with a Helltown Rapture IPA. CO2 and overall tapping quality seems to be ok. A lot of staff behind the bar making sure everybody is serviced very fast. Had a Greek lamb tzatziki burger, which was interesting. Overall a good beer bar with a decent selection and focus on tapping quality.“
Schlenkerla 1299 days ago
76 /100 50 E NORTH ST
“Came here on 23.9.2017. Great small place with a very welcoming atmosphere. Had an IPA and a Saison, both were excellent. Brewhouse is very visible and the bar is extremely convenient. You feel at home here, nice service always willing to give you tasters and full of locals interested in beer discussions. Will for sure come back!“
Schlenkerla 1306 days ago
“Came here on 23.9.2017. Located quite centrally in York PA, plenty of parking available. Long bar, a few tables and a merchandising area. Brewery is next door, limited visibility through some small windows. Ambience is nothing special, could be decorated so much better. When I came they had a lot of Oktoberfest banners. This brewery only exists 1 1/2 years and offers almost 25 beers (including 2-3 ciders) absolutely crazy. Had a Mango session IPA and a regular IPA, both were boring. Do not understand why these new breweries not rather brew a few beers really good before they expand the range.“
Schlenkerla 1306 days ago
74 /100 1612 W KING ST
“i really like this place. a nice selection of about 7 beers. pretty good quality. spot is a little hard to find, but has a nice local feel to it. and very nice prices too.“
Nejhleader 1873 days ago
78 /100 1612 W KING ST
“A tiny place set in a residential area of York. Crystal Ball’s a one man show, so temper your expectations if you’re hoping to find a well appointed tap room. Basically, there’s a small area to congregate by the walk-in cooler and try samples. Ashley was very friendly, quick to hand out small pours and give a tour of the facility. The beers were all pretty decent. The coconut porter was probably the standout of the bunch. No full pours were available onsite, but at $10 per 4-pack of 16oz cans, the takeaway prices were very reasonable. Overall, I’m happy to see places like this plugging along. With some luck they’ll be able to grow and find their place in a competitive market.“
jackl 2164 days ago
“Strange place. It’s fast casual fusion Italian/Mexican joint that also makes its own beer. You enter the restaurant right at the takeout registers and have to cross the service area to get to the bar. There were 8 beers on tap. Most were pretty mediocre, except for the coffee stout. The coffee stout was legitimately exceptional. I don’t know if the brewer fluked this batch, or they habitually kill it with the darker styles. Either way, I was rewarded with one of those truly rare moments when you’re just unexpectedly floored by a beer. Pretty cool.“
jackl 2164 days ago
78 /100 1612 W KING ST
“Pretty small brewery with an unassuming exterior, wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with all the beers being well done. Pretty basic interior with a walk-in cooler and tasting setup at the entrance, brewing system at the other end. Just one staff member on hand, the brewer, who was very friendly and helpful giving out free samples and showing the amped up homebrewing system. Only five beers which were all enjoyable, coconut porter was my favorite with huge fresh coconut. No actual pints/full glasses to drink on-premises, just the free generous sized samples. Growlers and cans available plus some merchandise. Fair prices with discounts on 2 or more canned 4-packs. Limited hours, check their Facebook or Twitter to see when they’re open.“
GenDV138 2174 days ago
“Strip mall joint with Mexican and Italian food and house-brewed beers. Fast casual atmosphere, order at the entrance area if you just want food or sit at the bar in the back left corner for food and beer. Bartender was friendly and attentive. Decent selection of mostly typical styles and a few more creative beers. Some wines and a cider available too. The Morning Impact coffee stout was the best of the bunch and everyone’s favorite, surprisingly well done given my low expectations from the place. Food is mostly Mexican style with burritos, tacos, etc. Italian menu is mostly pizzas and strombolis, somewhat of an afterthought perhaps. Decided on a burrito since the Mexican side of the menu seemed more robust, basic but tasty enough. Reasonable prices on food and beer. Worth a stop if passing by or pub crawling around York.“
GenDV138 2174 days ago
78 /100 1612 W KING ST
“This is a small warehouse style production facility in a semi-residential area on the west side of York. Brewer Ashley was extremely friendly and helpful, fielding questions, doling out free samples and selling cans and growlers to a steady flow of visitors. Everyone just stands around in the front part of the brewery (which is in the back of the building) where five taps come out of the walk in cooler. During a quiet moment Ashley took us in the back to see the five barrel system, a large homebrew setup, with proper fermenters, 10-20 barrels each. He said that demand is high, and they’re close to maxed out just putting the five flagship beers out. All were solid beers, with the coconut porter a stand-out for me. Worth keeping an eye on this place - I hope they expand a bit so they can start making some of their even more creative recipes.“
Travlr 2174 days ago
“Interesting place. Usually a combo like Italian and Mexican signals a mixed marriage where each spouse brings their cultural strength to the joint, which can work fine. Here it’s OK. Looks like a fast food place up front. But we chose to sit at the bar and ordered food from there. Very helpful barman. Regulars coming and going. Seven beers on, one of which was a tasty small batch. Five beers in a flight. We chose a full pour of what turned out to be the best beer of the hose, a coffee porter, one of the better ones I’ve tried. Food was filling and tasty - we all chose Mexican. The pizzas didn’t look as interesting, but you never know. Worth a look, even if just for the stout.“
Travlr 2174 days ago
“Good food, constantly changing tap list.“
joejames 2272 days ago
86 /100
Weis Markets (Grocery Store)
“Very nice selection of single bottles!“
joejames 2356 days ago
82 /100 50 E NORTH ST
“This place is directly across from the ballpark, but the small parking lot seemed to be adequate. The building itself is very attractive industrial architecture. Staff was very enthusiastic about the beers, as well they should be - each one was tasty and interesting. Decent vibe overall made this a good place to visit. I’d like to see longer opening hours, especially on the weekend.“
Travlr 2453 days ago
84 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“This place was one of the highlights of our brief visit to York. It’s a pretty large place, centrally located, an easy walk from other places. The draft list was arguably the best in town. Bottle list was also interesting. Prices were shockingly low. Staff was friendly and attentive. Crowd was light on a Satirday mid afternoon, but I’d like to return when it’s a bit more crowded. Nice place.“
Travlr 2453 days ago
58 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“I was disappointed with this place. The design is interesting enough, long bar with long tables, lots of dark wood, and a deck with its own beach. Parking was a bit challenging, mostly metered street and walking a few blocks. The beers were the first disappointment, but also the service was very slow and inefficient even though we were the only people in the bar (which itself was a sign). Server also made several mistakes on the bill, although she apologized for each and corrected everything. The burgers, when they eventually came, were very tasty, the salads a bit boring. Overall not an experience I’d like to repeat.“
Travlr 2453 days ago
74 /100 50 E NORTH ST
“Liquid Hero is located across the street from a ball field and train/bus station, just outside the main downtown square of York. The interior is all business, functioning brewery located just behind the bar. There is seating for a couple dozen both at tables and the bar. A friendly waitress served us our beer promptly. There was food to be ordered, and the wings smelled amazing, almost enough for me to be hungry enough just after lunch for more food.“
BeerandBlues2 2453 days ago
76 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“This is a large and fairly open tap room located on a corner in downtown York. The wooden floors inside seems as old as the building, creaking under your every move and adding to the rustic charm here. There were two cheerful and attentive servers on when we arrived just after opening on a summer Saturday. The 30 taps are varied, featuring beers local, regional and beyond. There is an accompanying small and thoughtful bottle list and the prices are very reasonable. We had just finished lunch so food was not part of our agenda here.“
BeerandBlues2 2453 days ago
“Visited on 6/17/14 Ambiance: It has the feeling of an over sized Chipotle...but with a bar in the back corner and a separate brewing room;. Bar holds about 16-20 patrons and plenty of tables for food patrons Service: Average service, more like being served by a waitress than a bartender Selection: They had 8 in house beers on tap and the quality was average but their selection was different; the variety of beers was actually different a nice change Food: Decent but about what you would expect from a Mexican/Brick Oven pizzeria, had the seafood burrito which was pretty good Value: 5/6 per pint depending on the style of the beer, some were worth it, others were a little over priced for the quality Overall: a weird place...lol but for something that just got off the ground two months ago with the brewing, they could have something in the future once their system is tweeked and recipes improved/expanded “
merc7186 2484 days ago
68 /100 50 E NORTH ST
“Visited on 6/17/14 Ambiance: A cool old reclaimed building in an old industrial section of town, across from their local baseball stadium. Nice brick interior, bar that holds 6 patrons and tables all around Service: Bartender was prompt and friendly Selection: They only had a 7 beers on tap when I visited and while I only had 3 offerings, nothing special about them. Value: $5 per pint for average eers, nothing mind blowing but not a rip off either. Overall: A nice place but don’t be going there expected to get wow by their beer quality as it was dull and average “
merc7186 2484 days ago
74 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“Great location on the edge of an open market (which usually is not open). Not a big place but they have extended seating on a heated patio. Friendly staff but they can get overwhelmed when busy. They brew their beer so there isn’t a large selection but you can usually find a couple of nice beers on tap. The food is a notch above your standard bar food. A nice place to go.“
samsbinky 2539 days ago
80 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“Excellent selection of beer. It’s a big place so it can seem very empty when only a few people are there. A lot of fun on trivia nights or when a band is playing.“
samsbinky 2539 days ago
88 /100
Spry Beer & Soda (Beer Store)
“Always a nice selection and reasonably priced, I’ve shopped around...always have clearance specials and close to home.“
joejames 2618 days ago
70 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“Service was good. Server knew a little about the brews on tap, but could have been more informative. Food was above average to good, brews ranged from excellent (Irish Red, Dbl IPA) to almost unpalatable (Scotch Ale [much too strong smoke flavor])“
Oginme 2693 days ago
68 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“November 2013. Stopped by for a post-lunch sampler. This is a neat little space in the middle of downtown York. I think we were served by the owner who was attentive and friendly. We didn’t eat. The beers were a mixed bag -- ranging from OK to good. I’d go back next time I’m in town and would like to try the food. Brewery #634.“
Braudog 2694 days ago
84 /100 50 E NORTH ST
“I am surprised this brewery hasn’t been rated yet! I believe they opened in the end of 2011, so they aren’t that new! Anyway, a neat little spot right by the baseball field (minor league I guess?). The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable about the beers. There is a small bar and some tables, plus 2 TVs. There were 7 or 8 beers on tap. Their regulars include an amber ale, IPA, strawberry wheat, and hefe. But they also have some interesting seasonals - a rotating IPA, stout aged in vanilla, and a black IPA were on when I visited. Overall, the beers were very tasty, especially the Adam’s Stout. They seem to rotate fairly frequently. No food as this is brewery only, but I think you are allowed to order in takeout. This is an excellent "new" brewery in York, great beers, a must stop.“
LilBeerDoctor 2817 days ago
70 /100 1200 MOUNT ROSE AVE
“Place is a bit of a dive, but I’m here for the beer. Service is spotty depending on who is working. If you’re looking for help, the best bet is to ask for Lisa. The selection is the best in the York area. What they lack is the space for better organization. Cases stacked upon one another, bottles located at various spots throughout the store, everything is just very random here. If you’re up for an Easter egg hunt, you just might find a hidden gem or two if you’re willing to do some scrounging. Definitely check dates on IPA’s since the lack of organization tends to leave some items sitting around for months collecting dust. Some prices are on par for the area, but most bottles can be found for a couple bucks cheaper at other local shops. It’s conveniently located off 83 if you’re driving by and need to make a quick stop. Great selection, but just wish prices were a little more reasonable and things were better organized. They do growler fills, but bring your own. From my experience, you get plastic milk jugs filled with beer if you don’t supply your own growler. Stay classy York.“
BMart 2826 days ago
62 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“Quite unimpressed. Beer was average. Service was poor. Small place in a small town.“
joromiller 2923 days ago
94 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“Has become my "go to" and all I can say is "it’s about damn time York gives us a reason to have a beer in town!" Tap selection always moving, to the point of "you snooze, you lose". If you see something interesting on tap--get it! The staff gives the place a family vibe and is helpful and courteous. Food is simple and options now include a sandwich shop that works out of the market house one block away and delivers directly to you at the bar! Some days and hours aren’t covered, but given the quality of the grub, it’s a great deal! Prices are more than fair (and are listed, as well as serving size and ABV). Pint beers can also be ordered in half pours for all of you (like me) who enjoy variety when sampling. Defintely worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
Beav42 2966 days ago
90 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“Has a nice cozy, laid back environment. Service is excellent and the staff is becoming more knowledgable of what they are serving and at providing suggestions. Very nice and constantly rotating selection. Bottle selection has increased greatly from when they originally opened. Macro is available, but not advertised or displayed. They also serve wine from a couple of local wineries. Food is good, but has a limited menu with most items coming from vendors at the local market a block away. On the plus side, kitchen is always open. Good draft prices, usually being around $5 a pint. Bottle prices are in line with other shops in the area, which in York tends to be a little on the higher side. Overall this place is something this area has been waiting for. A great establishment that can provide something for everyone.“
BMart 3058 days ago
76 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“Located in downtown York on a block that is slowly being reinvigorated. I found parking on the street. Its a very old corner building that looks like it was a bank in a previous life. Draft beer served in proper glassware is the thing here. They specialize in regional and national craft with a rapidly changing selection. They do some food but they have delivery options as well. What i really like about the place is they try to keep most of their offerings around $5. The vibe is kind of hipsterish and skewers young so you’ll overhear some really stupid conversations at extremely loud volumes. Still it’s a craft beer oasis and thus a welcome addition to the PA beer scene.“
DiarmaidBHK 3104 days ago
92 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“It is a great tap room. Thirty beers on tap with a lot of good rotation. Very friendly.“
Steveglad 3137 days ago
70 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“I thought all six of their beer offerings were good, and the food was tasty as well. For years I’ve been used to seeing a black hole in the offerings between B-more and Harrisburg -- I’m not going to say that this is the best brewpub I’ve ever been to, but it’s great to see something solid in this area.“
argo0 3164 days ago
80 /100 57 W MARKET ST
“A friendly place with a cozy atmosphere on the first floor of the beautifully restored National House building. Friendly service, good prices and a great ever-changing selection of craft beers.“
hoopref 3175 days ago
86 /100 205 S GEORGE ST
“cobblestones has a ton of beers on tap and the food that i have ordered from them is always good.“
ffaoe 3296 days ago
74 /100 1200 MOUNT ROSE AVE
“Average food. Beer selection is the best in York County. Several on tap and they do Growler fills. Highly recommend checkking this place out!“
AdAm84 3320 days ago
68 /100 34 N CHERRY LN
“A quaint place tucked away off the street in York, nicely decorated with a fishing theme. The place was very busy when we stopped in, always a good sign for a newer restaurant. The beers were disappointing; the lack of carbonation was probably the biggest issue. The food was good and served promptly by a cheerful waitress.“
BeerandBlues2 3357 days ago