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70 /100 213 WATER STREET
“Great location we sat at window overlooking harbor. Chowder and lobster rolls were tasty. Only had 2 of their own beers on and 2 others. The beer I had was ok but certainly an elusive RI tick. Def with a stop“
Jow 2282 days ago
60 /100 213 WATER STREET
“Bless my wife’s heart, she spotted this as we cycled by. There have been very few places that I have had beer that are more scenic than this one. We both enjoyed the food. I had fried clams and they were tasty and reasonably priced. Ok, the beer. I guess that has to come up here. Subpar. Double bogey. Ok, This brewery puts up snowmen instead of pars. Not good. Its the only brewery on the island, I know. I just wish they would show some passion for the beers they offer.“
Strykzone 3040 days ago
38 /100 213 WATER STREET
“Well locate brewpub right next to the ferry port (the only access point to/from the island). The outside and inside of the pub looks like a an old fisherman diner from the 50 year ago. Family friend atmosphere. Not a pub to get wasted, this is more a family diner with homemade beers, although the place is divided in two sections with a restaurant section and a pub section. They had four of their beers when I was there and they were all bad. Beer-wise this place really blows. Food was simple but affordable and the price/quality ratio was quite decent considering Block Island is overall quite expensive. Visiting Block Island is one of the nicest tourist thing to do in the New-England area, especially if you have bikes and can explore this small island on your bikes. And while being there, may as well visit the only brewpub on the island and have a bit to eat.“
Glouglouburp 3591 days ago
60 /100 213 WATER STREET
“Thought I had rated this one. The service the two times I’ve been here has been pretty terrible unfortunately. Granted, the place was very busy, but the servers were almost downright rude. Whatever, people have bad days. The environment is nice and nicely situated. The beers are okay and the food looks pretty solid.“
auerbrau 4168 days ago
64 /100 213 WATER STREET
“Établissement visité le lundi 19 juillet vers 17h30. Ambiance: L’endroit est séparé en deux et possède plusieurs photos d’archives de l’île. Grande verrière. Musique en sourdine. Service: Très serviable et notre serveur parlait français car sa mère est québécoise. Sélection: 6 bières maisons en fût et quelques bouteilles de macrobrasserie. Nourriture: Nous avons pris le clam chowder et le seviche. (156e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4475 days ago
58 /100 213 WATER STREET
“I visited this place in early June when it still was considered "off-season" in Block Island. It seemed like one of the few bars opened at the time. Very convienent, right off the ferry. Atmosphere is friendly and expected. Food was decent, but the house brews were rather forgettable. They also had a selection of bottled beers and a full bar. I overheard the bartender say that they are only opened from March to October. I think they should spend more time in the off season figuring out how to improve their beers. But then again, maybe they don’t have to, since they figure they have the market covered on the island.“
MaBeer1972 4520 days ago
80 /100 213 WATER STREET
“This place features a rotating tap selection and is an example of what a small brewpub is capable of becoming. The food which consists of a full menu and offers something for everyone is the best on the island. While there, I had their version of Pad Thai and the people I was with had excellent seafood dishes. There is typically a rotating selection on their six house taps, but may be as low as two or one of their own beers depending on how late in the season you’re there. While the beer is mediocre for the most part, their chili beer is the highlight of their selection. The place itself is on the small side like everything else on the island, but is pleasant with a bar area and a restaurant area. The wait staff is friendly and helpful. The waiter who served us was very knowledgeable when it came to the beer. Definitely a must stop if you ever visit Block Island, but not worth going out of your way for otherwise.“
Cletus 5975 days ago
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