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“Linesider has a great beer selection. They have chosen an easily accessible location with a lot of space to accommodate large groups.Inside it is minimalistic and industrial, there are two big TVs where you can catch a game as well. Many breweries in the area do not have this so it's definitely a plus! There are board games and card games out on tables and they invite local food trucks each day so that you can enjoy something to snack on while you try the different beer styles being offered.“
BierDudeOtto 887 days ago
76 /100 1000 DIVISION ROAD
“Definitely a focus on wine, but there’s a thoughtful and decent selection of craft beer in the back. They have a number of the better regional and local micros. The guy at the counter was very helpful with a Riesling purchase (and was right about my tastes). Convenient, but if you’re in this area, the stop is definitely People’s Liquor Warehouse for more selection and slightly better prices.“
auerbrau 4168 days ago
74 /100
Town Line Liquor (Beer Store)
5782 POST RD
“I was surprised by this place. From the outside, it looks like it’s just going to sling Bud. However, once inside and near the beer section, you discover a half-way decent selection of regional micros, some imports, and lots of seasonal. Really nice prices. Some decent singles. I scored some of the older Harpoon 100 Barrel series here and contemplated some imports. If you want seasonals, though, this may be the best place in the area.“
auerbrau 4780 days ago
70 /100 609 MAIN STREET
“This place is alright. A decent wide selection of imports, regionals and some national micro brands. I did find a rather old bottle of Harpoon Kellerbier here (from the 100 Barrel series). The prices were decent, the store spartan, and the clerks drunk on gin. I would swing by here again to see what’s still hangin’ on the shelves or what comes by. Worth a stop, if you’re in the area. *Most important: you can snag a single of anything. Dig around and pull a single out of any six pack. The people that work here are really laid back.“
auerbrau 4780 days ago
74 /100 609 MAIN STREET
“Thorpes is the place to go for suds in Rhode Island. Sadly, Rhode Island laws limit beer availability- given that caveat, Thorpes provides an excellent selection of brews from New England, the US and from around the world. Head to the right and the back for unique suds.“
drmachata 5026 days ago
72 /100 609 MAIN STREET
“Overall the best selection of bombers and US micro’s in northern RI. They have also added some international brews as well, but with that of course the price goes up. Small, but this is definately more of a beer/wine store (if you want liquor you will pay signifcantly more than other RI liquor stores.)“
kevd193213 5438 days ago
68 /100 609 MAIN STREET
“This place has a nice beer section in the rear of the store. They have lots of cases of new england micros. They don’t really have any foreign beers, though. They were selling 6-packs of 3 Floyds there, though. I thought it was totally cool to find that. Other than that, it’s a decent beer sote. I don’t think they do singles either. Sam Adams utopia was there for $120---re-reate 6/23/06...this place has improved big time. They now have specialty singles in bombers as well as bombers of 3Fs like Dreadnaught (they were sold out ehrn I was there). They also dramatically improved their foreign selection. Without a doubt, the best place for beer in all of RHode Island. I did find it weird that they didn’t carry Stone, but they still had a few ciders, plenty of sakes, and some weird stuff like Magic Hat Chaotic Chemistry..“
DYCSoccer17 6341 days ago
68 /100 609 MAIN STREET
“Pretty good selection, worth the drive from South County for a few things Wakefield Liquors doesn’t carry, such as Bellevue and Westmalle.“
desurfer 6534 days ago
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