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54 /100 285 COWESETT AVE
“Average beer,wine and beer store. They have your basic macro beer selection along with craft and micro brews in the cooler. Not a huge selection but if your in a pinch you may find something interesting.“
rjplumer 4004 days ago
68 /100
Joyal’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“I’m beginning to think that most Liquor Stores in Rhode Island that carry enough decent beers to be mentioned are cut from the same cloth. The selection varies in depth, but usually has similar breadth. And what sits on the shelf may be a little older or newer. But, in general, you can usually find the same set of beers. Not a big surprise. Joyal’s definitely focuses on wine and cigars, but there are some beers worth taking a look here for. Oddly, they have very few cold, micro sixers. The good beer is mostly a shelf or two of big singles. Harpoon, Pennichuck, Cisco, etc.“
auerbrau 4774 days ago
42 /100
Joyal’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“A fine wine- fabulous cellar- and cigar place. Brews take a back seat. I work right around the corner and have uncommonly been satisfied with something unique.“
drmachata 5026 days ago
56 /100
Joyal’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“Mostly clean looking, large, pleny of parking. Huge wine selection, huge cigar selection. All local micros are available. Other rarer or hard to find imports and singles selection are not at all as good as i was hoping. But like the previous review says, this is a bud area, most in this town could care less about a Belgium beer or some hard to find or good american beer like Stone. Out of the way for me, but will go back to check out the amazing cigar selection!“
Cryotek 5450 days ago
62 /100
Joyal’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“Don’t let the outside fool you. Plenty of cold six packs of micros and imports wait inside. At the back of the store they have a great selection of cigars, including “legal Cubans”. In this same area, they also have a great selection of singles, especially in RI where west coast micros and imports are fairly hard to come by. They had a great selction of Dogfishhead (Worldwide Stout, 60 IPA, 120 IPA, Apricot, Chicory Stout, Pangea, Fort and Chateau Jiahu) Newport Storm ‘06, Aventinus, Rogue, Black Sheep, Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, lots of Belgians, and several New England micros (Magic Hat, Sam Adams, Otter Creek, etc.). Some of the staff were really knowledgable, others seemed surprised when I rang out at the register and it came to 8 bucks for one beer (they actually though that was the six pack price). They tried and were helpful though, which goes a long way since most of their business is Bud and Coors products and they could have told me to get lost. If you are from RI and a“
kevd193213 5833 days ago
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