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78 /100 214 THE ALLEY
“Nice space located in the center of The Alley in downtown Aiken. 48 rotating taps - mainly beer but also a handful of wines, mead, ciders, sodas, kombucha and coffee. It’s self serve pay-by-the-ounce so try whatever you want and drink as much or a little as you like. Good range of regional beers, with a few long-distance selections as well. Some grab and go items are offered, but it’s also bring your own food and there are excellent options in The Alley, many of which will deliver to the taproom. For that matter, The Alley is closed to traffic and fully open container, so grab a fill up, feel free to wander and then come back for a refill (especially nice when there’s live music). Taproom has tables inside and out, board games and a shuffleboard table. Staff is friendly and helpful. Overall a great stop for a quick visit, or stay awhile and find some new favorites.“
Bacchus66 1887 days ago
72 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Drove over here while staying in Augusta for business. It is in a nice old building in the downtown area. High ceilings, brick walls and wooden beams. Looks nice for sure. The brewing equipment is in the storefront windows. The menu is good. Lots of pub fare and some decent entrees. I had the Rasta Pasta, which was jerk chicken, andouille sausage and peppers over pasta in a spicy cream sauce. Very good! The salad was excellent. A good mix of greens and even some walnuts in it. Only had one of the beers, but it was a solid Oktoberfest. I’d definitely go back!“
boto 2039 days ago
58 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Central, Main Street location. Patio and inside areas, including a modest size bar. Flat screens inside. Only 5 ABC beers on tap, and two of these were the same beer excepting a nitro tap. No bad beers but none stellar, although the cream ale was exceptional for style. 3 guest taps. Over-priced flights ($2 each for 2-3 oz more or less). Attentive service. “
chinchill 2288 days ago
68 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“A nice small brewpub in a smaller town across the river from Augusta, GA. Definitely a local feel, with lots of regulars that hang out every day at happy hour. Service was decent, a little slow, but it was pretty busy. Good selection of their beers, about 8 on tap when I was there. Didn’t try the food, but looked like standard pub fare. Beer was cheap, which was good, because there were some flaws in a lot of them; diacetyl problems, a bit of metallic on others, a bock that tasted like it was using ale yeast. If you’re in the area, worth a stop, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek it out.“
jbruner 2390 days ago
68 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Visited multiple times during a recent business trip. Located in the historic downtown of Aiken, atmosphere has a nice small town atmosphere. They don’t have taster flights, but they do have individual tasters for $1.50 each. However the small tasters are served in really stupid, tall, skinny mug type glasses that hold 2-3 oz. Around six beers on tap when I visited. Beers were alright for a smaller town brewpub, but not great. Of the two nights that I visited, one night they had an Irish night and were serving a buffet of Irish food. The food was decent, and the service was pretty good. The other night I sat at the bar, and had absolutely horrible service. It took 10 minutes to get served after I sat down, and it took 15 minutes after I handed the bartender my credit card, to close out my tab; and it was only a Tuesday night. All in all, a decent place for visiting if you are in the area, but probably not worth going out of your way to visit.“
jcnielsen 3075 days ago
28 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Simply horrible. Located downtown, I found parking on a Friday afternoon to be no problem. Decent ambiance. Worn down, but nice enough. I did not try the food, and you couldn’t pay me to after my experience. The beers ranged from average to poor, with some flaws in several of the beers. But customer service was the worst. The bartender was very rude, could not tell me how big the sampler glasses were, and botched up the order of the beers. I think I got them right, but if I got them wrong it’s the bartender’s fault. $8 for a sampler of 8 beers. It’s a damn shame because I chose not to go to another brewery to stop here, since it’s less likely I’ll get to Aiken than to the other town. That was a big mistake. I will not be back here.“
Drake 3464 days ago
56 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Burger and wings are average price. All other foods are way overpriced for the area. The wings and sauce were good, but they weren’t breaded. I like breaded better. The burger was a frozen patty without any seasoning. Nice bun though. The beer is good, but my IPA tasted like a Pale Ale and my West Coast Pale Ale tasted like an IPA. Both were good, but having the styles wrong is lazy that seems to describe the place. More time could be taken to clean it. The wood floors are trashed, the bar smells like old beer. The brew equipment in the front window is fascinating and when it first opened, they gleamed. Now it’s run down looking, no doubt that’s normal with years of use, but it’s the very first thing that’s seen, so it should be a lot cleaner and kept up. As the years go by, it’s turning into a dive bar. I live in North Augusta and it’s the only brew pub in the area... but it’s just not worth the time and gas to make the drive.“
hillbillyjones 3618 days ago
64 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Pretty much the only brew pub in the area. Limited menu, decent microbrews but nothing to scream about. Could be a great place if they had some competition to drive them there. Upstairs bar is cool and less crowded.“
SabreSkull 3830 days ago
80 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Small brewpub in downtown Aiken, SC. Always have a variety of brews on tap and quality food at a fair price. My favorite order is the Powder House Porter and a "Big Tony".“
cheme24 4026 days ago
76 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Downtown Aiken about 20 minutes from Augusta. Dine inside or out. Pub type food, wings/burgers po boys etc or salads. Seven beers on tap for this visit, will review later. Atmosphere nice and laid back, fantastic service and decent food and beer.“
beernovice39 4453 days ago
72 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Nice ambiance, set in the quaint downtown of Aiken SC. Tried 6 beers--the Nut Brown Ale was Very good. Kitchen had closed, so I can’t speak for the food. Service was very good. I would definitely go here again.“
DrinkEmUpJones 4460 days ago
“These are no longer the same folks has the one is GA. They have both gone down but at least the one in GA has better service. I walk in, I look for 10 minutes, I leave and never does the kid at the counter look up from TEXTING.“
beernovice39 4492 days ago
86 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“A must stop. Wide variety of beers to choose from all very good. Food was good. A little off the beaten path but a must stop if you are within 50 miles. Finding parking was a little difficult. There was a short wait but you can get a beer and go outside and wait on the side walk. Very friendly staff.“
decaturstevo 4919 days ago
74 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Surprising little gem. Comfortable, cozy and oozing locals charm. Way buzzier and livelier than I could ever have expected from such a sleepy town. Refreshing to see that the most hoppin bar in this equestrian community happens to brew their own. Nice, and food is home cookin too.“
Beershine 4941 days ago
74 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Pretty civilized. Good service, good beer, good food. Raucous bar filled with happy locals. I have to say, this was well worth the stop and I’m sure I’ll find my way back.“
Oakes 4949 days ago
“Pretty good selection for the area. My biggest complaint is only the regular bombers (Rogue, etc.) and a few selected 12 ouncers are available as singles, maybe 20% or so of the total brews available.“
nearbeer 5365 days ago
74 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Aiken Brewing Company was a very pleasant lunch stop. The downtown area in which it’s located is clean and well organized with an appealing historic quality. The service we received was friendly and prompt. All of the food was reasonably priced and I had some difficulty choosing due to a few very appealing selections. I ended up eating a lamb gyro and trying the beer sampler. I’d like to make this a regular stop as my experience was good and according to their website, they change their selection rather frequently. However, it is quite out of the way for me. I’d definitely recommend this for any beer enthusiast in the area.“
NachlamSie 5471 days ago
70 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Sat out on the sidewalk patio, very nice old and small downtown atmosphere. Service kind of slow, as waiter got overwhelmed with everyone wanting to sit outside on such a nice evening. Food good, beer selection probably best in Aiken, but not great. They had 8 brews - a belgian wit that tasted a lot like Blue Moon, two stouts that tasted similar (except one had maple and coconut added!), a nut brown, a cream ale, an EIPA, an APA, and an amber. Only went inside to go to the restroom; looked nice - typical renovated downtown brewpub with dark wood interior, two levels I believe.“
nearbeer 5619 days ago
80 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Small brewpub but in a very attractive area. Quick service. Food selection many appetizers, salad and sandwiches but everything we had was very good. Given this is the only brewpub in the entire Augusta Georgia area, they don’t rest on their laurels. Great food and beer.“
shrubber85 5878 days ago
58 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Food was excellent... beer was decent. Almost all the beers had a high amount of carbonation. They were out of the porter, and the oatmeal stout wasn’t ready yet... But all in all a good expirence. Being that it is the only brewery in the CSRA“
Quiver 6046 days ago
58 /100 104 LAURENS ST., SW
“Descent restaurant/brewery in downtown Aiken. Friendly staff. The House Porter was good.“
bu11zeye 6267 days ago
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