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68 /100 1009 GERVAIS ST.
“Really busy with two bars. Decent beer choices decent pizza and nice desserts.“
jb 770 days ago
68 /100 705 GERVAIS STREET
“Really good beer. We had a stout French onion soup that was great. Lots of beer styles all brewed onsite. Worth a stop.“
jb 770 days ago
68 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Huge bar, great specials. A couple familiar house beers made by new south. Other decent rotating beers. Decent food. Nothing great but not a bad option.“
jb 770 days ago
70 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Fairly large space, subdivided into several sections, long bar; about 48 taps and some bottles and cans; mixed crafts and macros, few themed flights available (like choose any 4 from SC); good wifi; decent food.“
thorongil2 1342 days ago
70 /100 705 GERVAIS STREET
“Medium large space, industrial decour, full bar. 9 own beers on tap. Flights available. Good wifi. I had the place to myself on weekday at opening time. Beer menu very out of date - bartenders rapid fires all the changes. Good burgers.“
thorongil2 1349 days ago
82 /100 1231 SHOP ROAD
“What a great venue. Plenty of options. Roof bar for adults. A turf field for kids to play cornhole or other sports. A covered area for watching sporting events. The food was excellent. the only weakness was their beer selection was short of more IPAs. The location is near the USC football stadium.“
Foxbush 1381 days ago
74 /100 1402 JIM HAMILTON BLVD
“This is an amazing brewery to visit. Lots of room on the main floor and on the roof. There is plenty of room for group parties. There were games for the whole family. The beer list was small but with reasonable choices. The Curtis-Wright Hanger on Owens field is a cool place to drink craft beers and ales.“
Foxbush 1389 days ago
“Small tasting room near the stadium (just a couple of blocks from Conquest) in a warehoue type building. There was some outside seating, but it was about 100 degrees when we visited. They had about 8 beers on tap when we visited, some inventive beers including a jalepeno lime blonde and an IPA with dates. Beers were all decent. Very friendly staff.“
BeerdedDave 1392 days ago
84 /100 1231 SHOP ROAD
“Nice industrial building with a small inside seating area and a great outdoor area that included covered tables with tVs and a large astro turf area with picnic tables and corn hole games. They also have an awesome upstairs outdoor bar that seemed pretty new when we visite. Beers were all pretty solid and a good selection. Food was pretty good - the hot wings were excellent - smoked and then fried. Freindly staff - I was just enjoying my beer when the bar manager came over and offered me a tour of the brewery.“
BeerdedDave 1392 days ago
72 /100 1009 GERVAIS ST.
“We had dinner here with a group of 6 and a baby on a Friday night when school was out, so it wasn’t too crowded. The service was fine; the young waitress was friendly. The food is always good at MM, and this one is no different. The beer menu at this location was a little weaker than I’ve typically seen at this chain’s other locations. I was, however, able to find a couple interesting locals and others at my table took advantage of the Westbrook Key Lime Gose cans that were available. Overall, not the best store of this chain but worth a stop for good food and a local pint or two.“
phaleslu 2112 days ago
76 /100 705 GERVAIS STREET
“We stopped in here after checking in at a nearby hotel and made it for the end of happy hour, when all house drafts are $2 off. The service couldn’t have been friendlier or more attentive, and they even loved having my 1-year-old sitting with me and my wife at the bar (other places are not as kid-friendly). We didn’t eat anything but the menu looked good. There were about a dozen house taps with good variety. The quality was average. Prices were $5-$7 for house drafts. Nice, clean, new-seeming place. Can’t beat the location if you’re in or near downtown Columbia. It’s worth a visit for all of those reasons. The beer isn’t going to blow you away, but it’s worth your time.“
phaleslu 2112 days ago
84 /100 705 GERVAIS STREET
“This is new brewpub in downtown Columbia. It is easy to find in the Vista area. Parking is more of a challenge for someone new to Columbia. The service was superb. All the beers were excellent. We had four of the beer son tap. We had a bread pudding with ice cream that was GREAT! Kindra, our waitress was very attentive and told us of the history. Check this place out. Back in 2018. This is a seven barrel brewing system. Try the Golden Rye a new ale for October.“
Foxbush 2125 days ago
90 /100 4012 FERNANDINA RD
“This store has grown with the craft beer industry and consumer demand for variety and novelty. I believe this is now the best store in SC for craft beer selection. Loads of single bottles available and a particularly strong list of imports. Good prices.“
chinchill 2216 days ago
80 /100 705 GERVAIS STREET
“Stopped in for lunch. Brewer was behind the bar chatting and giving out samples. Brewery behind glass, slightly sad. Baby back rib special for then bucks? yes please. Flights of four. Great place.“
Travlr 2291 days ago
70 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“Big store. Lots of parking. Two sides. No singles other than bombers and 750s. They charge more to use a credit card.“
Travlr 2291 days ago
68 /100
Craft and Draft (Beer Store)
“More bar than beer store. Jam packed on a Thursday at 5 PM. Nursing infants at the bar. Flights. Shaker pints. Two InBev beers on tap masquerading as craft, and they were giving away their glassware, points off for the support of an anti-craft company.“
Travlr 2291 days ago
62 /100 900 MAIN ST
“More like a restaurant with a brewhouse behind the bar. Two levels of restaurant tables with a woody and rusty decor. Food was very tasty. Beers were just OK, all five on offer were available in a single flight, which was nice, but included the draft and the cask version of the barleywine as separate beers, so a total of six samples. Worth stopping in for a meal.“
Travlr 2291 days ago
“Two room taproom at the front end of a production brewery. Small bar was in the second room. Very friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff. Beers were solid, including two available as bottle pours for inside consumption or take away. Great stop.“
Travlr 2292 days ago
68 /100 1231 SHOP ROAD
“Pretty basic taproom not far from the stadium. Flights of six beers on offer. Staff were helpful with advice on other beery locations to visit. Beers were OK.“
Travlr 2292 days ago
84 /100
Craft and Draft (Beer Store)
“Rating to get this place more ratings and make it more noticeable to visitors. This was the best place I found in Columbia for draft beers and singles to go. Great selection across the board and friendly service. I would definitely stop here again. Sampler of 4 beers for $8. No food. Their selections outshone Flying Saucer and Sam’s Beer for me.“
BelgianBeerGal 2377 days ago
68 /100 277 COLUMBIANA DR
“wrong checkin...“
devman171 2803 days ago
64 /100 275-D HARBISON BLVD
“I stop in here when I’m passing through Columbia. This store carries a few favorites (Aventinus, Rochefort 10) that I can no longer find locally. It’s a large store, and finding what you want can be a bit difficult. Sometimes a staff member greets you and offers help; sometimes you’re on your own. The layout, to me, makes things a little hard to find. They’ve tried to sort by country, but it isn’t done very well. It took me a few minutes to find what I wanted, and on my most recent trip, no one on staff ever approached me. Overall, a good selection. It’s nice enough, but has more of a supermarket look and feel. PS: the personnel on the liquor side are much more helpful.“
whatalesya 2869 days ago
64 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Nice looking place downtown - food was standard pub - decent tap list. No house beers.“
jtclockwork 2959 days ago
68 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“A large place with a eating area separated from the bar. Old stone and wood it is pretty nice. Their website is wrong, they do not serve their own beer. Server was new and caused more havoc than help, I can’t really blame the place though. Tap list was large and interesting, but only full pours. Food was reasonably priced and decent. Not bad but not for a ticker. EDIT - After we ordered we were told flights were available. I hate new servers.“
Ferris 2959 days ago
70 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Pretty cool vibe here. Mostly local beer on tap and good food. The beer I had was nothing special but I love trying local brews. Cool place.“
EyeAmBaldman 3103 days ago
56 /100 1009 GERVAIS ST.
“Food is really good and a bit expensive. Beer selection in bottle was decent but the tap selection was mediocre at best. Staff was fairly knowledgeable. Decent place.“
EyeAmBaldman 3103 days ago
58 /100 275-D HARBISON BLVD
“Decent selection. Staff was non-existent. I hated how they had everything organized, all by beer type. Drove me nuts, couldn’t find what I was looking for. Decent place but every store in Columbia had essentially the same stuff.“
EyeAmBaldman 3161 days ago
72 /100
Craft and Draft (Beer Store)
“Recently visited Columbia, SC and every beer store sold the same stuff--except this place. This is a new place apparently, but their selection is pretty good. It’s a small store but they have 10 taps for growler fills and drafts. They had a good selection of local beers, too. It was early in the morning, 10-ish and one of owners was working. He was super cool and hugely knowledgeable, which is always good. Definitely will visit again.“
EyeAmBaldman 3161 days ago
64 /100 1231 SHOP ROAD
“New brewery in an industrial park area outside of Columbia, SC. Has an industrial feel inside, cement bar, cement floor, etc. Had 6 beers on tap and were reasonably priced but pretty mediocre. Staff seemed very friendly and talkative but not necessarily super knowledgable. The owner was there drinking beer behind the bar which was nice.“
egg 3232 days ago
56 /100 702 CROSS HILL RD
“Large Whole Foods, plenty of parking. 8 taps with good local selections. The bottle selection left a little to be desired, however. Lots of singles, but mostly very common stuff. Even the locals were only represented by core beers. Not a single employee approached me while i was in the store.“
Drake 3318 days ago
76 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“This place is a mixed bag - there is a big selection of beers, the staff is helpful and knowledgeable, but...I expected a lot more South and North Carolina brewery selection, and the fact that they don’t sell 12 oz. singles keeps a traveling guy like me from taking much home. I wound up spending nearly $100, but mostly on Belgian Ales and high end domestics.“
rondphoto 3318 days ago
60 /100 900 MAIN ST
“Small building, and fairly neatly organized with a couple levels of seating. Decor is haphazard and follows no themes at all. Fairly hopping mid-day on a Friday. The bartender was nice enough. Beers were dirt cheap, but sadly, pretty drab. Plenty of street parking and they may have a lot behind. I could see this place getting fairly raucous.“
Drake 3318 days ago
76 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“Pretty good selection except for growler station. Need more taps or fewer dedicated to mediocre selections. “
quasinovo1 3388 days ago
86 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Easily my favourite place in Columbia. Absolutelly no crap on tap and almost all just locals. The shrimp and grits was the best I’ve ever tasted.“
legion242 3448 days ago
66 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“Best beer store I encountered in Columbia. A bit difficult to get to being so close to campus but worth it. Selection is vast; don’t forget to check out the walk in, humidor style closet full of sours, lambics, etc.“
Dixonian 3452 days ago
52 /100 900 MAIN ST
“I wonder what this building originally was because you can tell it’s old. The brewing system is right behind the bar which adds a cool touch. Small upstairs that looks over the entire place. They have 4 taps of house brews; on my visit the ESB and Plain X Stout were my favorites.,“
Dixonian 3452 days ago
64 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Pretty good selection - I had a BA People’s Porter and Curiex on my visit and ate a rib-eye. The steak was decent, the beers were great.“
Dixonian 3452 days ago
98 /100 4012 FERNANDINA RD
“Great beer warehouse. Lots to choose from. Reasonable prices. Also a pretty solid growler station with about 10 taps. All the growlers are priced great.“
egg 3539 days ago
76 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“Good beer warehouse. Lots to choose from. Reasonable prices. Also a pretty solid growler station with about 10 taps. All the growlers seemed reasonably priced. Not as good as the Piney Grove Green’s but still solid“
egg 3539 days ago
86 /100
Burger Tavern 77 (Restaurant)
“This is an excellent place to enjoy burgers and good beers. They feature the South Carolina beers and ales. I enjoyed some the new Conquest Brewery in Columbia’s Medusa Stout. The salads and burgers were all excellent. This was my first trip. I hope my son will take me back. We enjoyed a flight of five beers and well as pints. The bar in back has just been finished with TVs from every angle. We watched the Gamecocks crush the Vols in baseball.“
Foxbush 3639 days ago
88 /100
Morganelli’s (Beer Store)
“Great knowledgeable employees who are very helpful and awesome selection for what is available around here.“
tdmuel 3678 days ago
46 /100 736-F SAINT ANDREWS RD.
“Ok for a Homebrewing shop. Outdated but good when I need something in a hurry. As long as its something simple.“
Garbageman 3719 days ago
46 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“Overall poor. Drive to the other location if you want selection.“
Garbageman 3719 days ago
86 /100 900 MAIN ST
“As one of Columbia’s original and still the best brewery, we love grabbing dinner here. The specials are always the best choice and the rotating brew great.“
Garbageman 3727 days ago
84 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Great food and good rotating beer selection.“
Garbageman 3727 days ago
76 /100 400 ASSEMBLY ST.
“I went here fairly often when I lived nearby, it had a pretty good selection of six-packs. There is usually at least one or two beers that are on super sale that wind up being decent.“
bagalagalaga 3735 days ago
74 /100 828 GERVAIS STREET
“Nice ambiance, great service, decent selection (including a few house brands that are brewed by New South), regionals. Do yourself a favor and order the meatloaf - incredible. Short walk from the Flying Saucer and World of Beer. Parking on street can be a little challenging, but there’s no need to use a pay lot.“
Aurelius 3803 days ago
54 /100 275-D HARBISON BLVD
“Was not impressed. With only two major beverage suppliers in the Columbia area, it doesn’t matter where you go. They all have the same selection. You really have to watch the dates on the beer. Also, I asked basic questions, and got shoulder shrugs and puzzled looks by staff.“
Garbageman 3804 days ago
90 /100 4012 FERNANDINA RD
“My first choice for finding non main stream brews. Prices are ok and there is always a beer nerd on staff to help. The new huge growler setup is nice. Keep up the good selections. Ask for Wes.“
Garbageman 3815 days ago
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