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60 /100
Mickey Finn’s (Beer Store)
“Nice bunch of people running the place, with a big selection of everything. Not a really big beer selection but what they had was diverse. The only negative would be is that they are really over-priced“
glennmastrange 599 days ago
82 /100 1945 W. PALMETTO STREET, SUITE 348
“I normally dislike rating any brewery because it is so subjective. My wife and I stopped here on our way to Florida. We are normally IPA types and the IPAs were very good. I had a Smoked Pecan beer which was excellent. This place is worth the stop. It is a huge former warehouse and the brewer knows what he is doing. kshell of Lancaster, PA“
kshell 1245 days ago
“Came here since there appears to be not much else in town. Pretty busy for a Monday night. After perusing the happy hour deals I understand why. $2 house beers and dirt cheap food. The ambiance is adequate, the service a bit slow but okay. I had one house beer. Many of them, but only one sampled. It was the IPA which was adequate. Food was okay too. I guess I would say I was mostly satisfied.“
UDBeernut 2031 days ago
“This brewpub was just off the I-95 and I-20. The metal building has a beer garden on the outside. Nice brewpub with plenty of tables and room at the bar. Jimmy Denton brewmaster joined us for a discussion about brewing. The 5 Point IPA kicked during the week. They have two 7 barrel fermenters. We talked about the hop shortage and how tough they are to get for small breweries. They are working on a hop farm to support their needs. The food was excellent. I had the soup that was delicious.“
Foxbush 2676 days ago
“Came here early evening since I did not eat lunch and it was near my hotel. Typical chain vibe. About 50 beers on tap, a few macro but everything else was craft with a vast majority being sc locals. Plenty of new ticks avail for me. Service was decent and friendly, but it should be... Place was basically empty. Seemed like prices where average. Would I come back? Probably since there is not much else in the Florence area unless I just wanted to drink gas station malt liquor and pass out in my hotel room... But where is the fun in that?“
UDBeernut 2883 days ago
“Southern Hops is in a huge metal barn off a wide main road (West Palmetto Street) that runs through Florence. There’s a log cabin-like entrance added at the front and they’ve made quite a good job of what could have been a rather soulless place. The brewery is in a room behind the bar and looks quite small, with only four fermentors, but there were four of their own beers on tap plus about 16 guests. We visited around lunchtime and there were a few families dining there (there’s also a large garden for children). We had a bar snack, which was enough to keep us going for the rest of the day. The service was friendly and efficient. (Visited 14 February 2014).“
Boudicca 2946 days ago
“I had actually never been to a Mellow Mushroom before. Basic chain restaurant ambiance. The day we went, they were not on their game. Someone came and took our order and then left us there for like 20 minutes. A second person delivered our food and noticed that we didn’t have plates, but still didn’t bring any plates. We were almost done eating when a third person asked if we needed anything else- again, no plates, I think there was parm on the table but no peppers. Anyway, the beer selection seemed decent- especially for a chain restaurant. Pizza was way overpriced for what it was- not great pizza. I’m sure they probably aren’t usually this dismal, but on our visit, they really weren’t impressive.“
tia 3676 days ago
“Being from Florence, I can say the following comments, it’s a tough town for someone to step outside the box retail or restaurant wise. Whether anyone says its just another Mellow mushroom or not, hey it’s a Mellow Mushroom in Florence, SC. Back in 2005, I opened the largest bottled beer location in the area, if not the state @ 249 different beers called Bambino’s. That was long before the state had popped the cap, and people had never heard of an IPA. SC is already behind the times, but Florence, is way back there and a Bud friendly town. So, thank you Mellow Mushroom and to the owner, Matt Duke, for bringing it here. (Same owner as the Myrtle Beach location.) 48 taps. Bells, lauganitas, bear republic, stone, victory, coast, new south, Westbrook smutty nose, Thomas creek. All good, thank you, MM!“
Jeff_LeVine 3910 days ago
“Located only a minute or two off I-95 awash in a sea of stores, restaurants and hotels. Seems typical of many MM’s, where the atmosphere is primarily sports bar while also trying to be family-friendly. Never thought we would find such an extensive tap selection (48) in this section of the state, but I guess thats the reason for this forum. Beers from Georgia, SC, NC and VA in addition to palate pleasers from other areas of the country. Service at the bar was fast and friendly. Did not eat, but the menu focused on pizza, calzones, and sandwiches. Great spot for a beer or two when in the area.“
guzzler67 4104 days ago
52 /100
Mickey Finn’s (Beer Store)
“Fairly large store, seems to be well stocked and fairly well laid out. Being in SC the store is seperated into two sections; one for beer and wine, the other for liquor. The beer/wine side seems to be geared much more toward wine, only desingating about a row and a half to the beer selection. Now, that row and a half seems to be jam packed with craft beer, but there was nothing that really jumped out at me. Nothing rare or outside of the norm. I asked one of the college kids that was working about a few beers that I was looking for and he had never heard of any of the three. He called his manager over, but unfortunately he was no more help than the kid was. He did say that the Florence market is not all that big of a craft beer hot spot, and he had a hard time moving any product that was not more mainstream. He really only was able to stock more well known craft breweries, and only thier flagship beers at that. “
User96639 4227 days ago
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