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64 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“Large shop, half with wine and liq. the other with beer. Design of place was basic, but clean. Service was good. Very limited singles option biggest minus.“
Radek Kliber 1486 days ago
86 /100 204 MAIN STREET #101
“Wow, what a great addition to the SC beer scene. Gorgeous building, 1890's with lots of exposed wood, wood topped restaurant and bar tables, long wooden bar. Head to the back to find a small deck with two picnic tables, plus the brewhouse with its seven barrel system. Brewer and owner Travis was head brewer at Wicked Weed and got out in the nick of time. He gave us a nice tour of the facilities, including the barrel-room-in-progress next door in a former movie theater. Beers were all very solid, on style, and they had a great variety of styles (not all NE IPAs like many breweries in Charlotte). No flights, but you can do 4 ounce pours of anything (just two at a time because of stupid state laws). Keep an eye on this place, it just may be my favorite brewery in this part of SC/NC.“
Travlr 1591 days ago
56 /100
Southern Spirits (Beer Store)
“Small place on a very busy road, best avoided during rush hour. Decent enough selection, but only a handful of South Carolina breweries were represented, mostly in sixers. Decent Belgian selection though. Fun staff. Lower prices if you pay cash. Worth a look.“
Travlr 2085 days ago
60 /100 3660 HIGHWAY 51
“Place looks like a run down gas station. Beer on metals shelves. I don’t think any one here is aware of what beer is sold here. Interesting Westbrook and German selections available. Some of the German beers had quite a bit of dust on them.“
weihenweizen 2231 days ago
64 /100 3660 HIGHWAY 51
“This place in inside the deli next to the liquor store. Smaller than Frugals, it’s really just half a dozen scruffy shelves, mostly sixers. Better Westbrook selection than Frugals, though, and a few things we hadn’t seen elsewhere. Worth a quick look if you’re nearby.“
Travlr 2437 days ago
70 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“Right off I77 near Carrowinds. Dedicated parking lot with plenty of room. Place is a big warehouse similar to a Total wine and more, but with not as good selection as most TWMs. Pretty reasonable prices and some SC beers, I would go back.“
weihenweizen 2933 days ago
72 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Parking on the street or lot half block away, not busy on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Nice area with a gourmet chocolate place in the complex. Pretty limited bottle selection in a cramped space on the back left. A bar right as you come in with about a dozen taps. Service has been nice. Many of the prices were high, but not crazy.“
weihenweizen 2933 days ago
94 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Have really fallen in love with this place, especially since recently tasting KBS! Dave is so personable and keeps you desiring to come back. Place is very quaint and excellently decorated. Great selection of bottles/cans and often has award winning beers on tap for pints or growlers!“
Busick 2977 days ago
74 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“My second time here, but somehow I never rated it. Massive beer warehouse next to the massive fireworks warehouses next to the amusement park, just across the border south of Charlotte. Selection is not as large as you’d expect based on the size, but they did have a few things not available in NC. One of these was Westbrook Gose, which they had stashed in the back - you had to ask, and there was a one six pack limit. I think this is a really good policy that prevents hoarding. A worthwhile stop.“
Travlr 3017 days ago
80 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“This is a small place in a classier than normal strip mall just of 77. Plenty of parking all around. The left side is filled with wine, plus one wall and a small shelf devoted to singles. Selection is small but varied. The right side is a small bar with eight or so taps, mostly very interesting, a few were unique small btached. They had very tasty bread from the local bakery, cheeses, and other good munchies. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 3017 days ago
78 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Visited: 10-15-11 The grapevine is a small relaxing wine bar/beer bar that is in a small shopping center/neighborhood. The place is very quiet and inviting, the employees were just outstanding to talk to and serve you. They have about 12 taps, about 25 bottles for immediate purchase and have another 100 beers available for sale along with bottles of wine too. It is a nice place to go to and have a relaxing beer after work or meet people out. They have about 8 spots at the bar area and tables out in front of the store too. They did offer small appetizers and cheese offerings for sale too, although we did not try any. Their prices were reasonable too.“
merc7186 3192 days ago
34 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“• HORRENDOUS SERVICE AND TERRIBLE STRONG ARM TACTICS. Here’s the story: Called the Fort Mill SC location two weeks a head of time to reserve special craft kegs of beer for my wedding. Beer manager (Javier?) totally dropped tha ball. Didnt check on the order and didnt call me indicating any problem. I showed up the day before the wedding to pay and he said, "oh well, he couldnt get the beer." He acknowledged that I ordered the beer and was expecting it. He offered a totally different beer for almost twice the price (of course) but nothing else. This beer wasnt even in the same category as the one reserved. He flat out refused to do anything other than charge me full price for a beer that I did not want. So here it was the day before my wedding, and he was trying to strong arm me and overcharge me thinking that I had no choice but to pay. Javier was so bad that at one point, he walked away from me and hid in the back room. When he came out 10 minutes later, I asked him what was happening. He stated, "oh, I thought someone else was helping you." Needless to say, I went somewhere else. There were two other stores within 10 minutes of Frugal’s that had the beer I wanted. I strongly recommedn you avoid the beer department - its cheaper elsewhere, even in the grocery store. As a side note, the wine manage (Auriel) was so upset about what was going on, he called me later and offered to do something about the situation, but it was too late, they’ve lost my business forever.“
Turbo79 3265 days ago
90 /100
Southern Spirits (Beer Store)
“Bigger and bigger selection every week. Good prices across the board.“
balancebeer 3429 days ago
88 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Nice little place that i can drive my golf cart to.“
mickeykaline 3561 days ago
72 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“I pass through Rock Hill weekly and stop in to fill out my beer needs. I’m limited in Cola SC by our distributors so Frugal fills some gaps. Selection is limited and stock seems to rotate. Prices are inline.“
Garbageman 3564 days ago
80 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Half wine store and half bar with a nice sized patio. They didn’t have a ton of beer but what they had was solid and thoughtful. You could make a pick 6 and it’s 10% off of 6 or more beers. They also have 11 taps of local craft. The prices were very reasonable and there’s plenty of free parking in the back. A very pleasant experience.“
DiarmaidBHK 3626 days ago
42 /100 867 STOCKBRIDGE DR
“Switched from a lowes to a Harris teeter in the last two months. Lots of BMC but also some local and regional craft. Decent fora six pack but definitely not a destination.“
DiarmaidBHK 3626 days ago
90 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Originally reviewed: 7/16/09. Stopped here on my way back from Columbia. Saw it on Beerfly, thought I’d check it out. Wow! This is a freaking excellent beer stop! Walking in, I can tell it’s mostly a wine bar, but tucked in the back corner is a sweet gold mine of a beer section. They don’t carry the largest of quantities, but the quality of beer they do carry more than makes up for it. I saw some from Ballast Point (Sculpin just arrived), Hoppin’ Frog (BA B.O.R.I.S. just came in that day), tons of Stone, Rogue, Southern Tier, Lagunitas, Weyerbacher, Founders, Ommegang, etc. And the prices were all very reasonable; actually much cheaper than my local spot, which shall not be named. If I were local here, I would hit this spot up all the time. I talked to the bartender quite a bit, and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. Told me they have a quick-freezer in the back if I wanted to pull a bottle off the wall and consume there at the bar. Pretty cool. He was telling me all about the tasting he and his buddies host, even showed me the list from their last meeting. Now that’s a man that appreciates good beer. Very cool dude. I will recommend this spot to anybody and everybody that is driving through, or lives around there.“
Onenote81 3755 days ago
82 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“This is a nice little beer shop. Only rare craft beers available and good sized growler station for a small beer section. Wish there were a little more selection but what they have is always good.“
Crompt 3928 days ago
74 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Small beer selection all pretty quality brews which are all available as singles. Nice little growler station with about 7 taps. Nothing rare but nice little selection. Worth a stop, but Vintner’s has a better selection.“
msante79 4132 days ago
52 /100 2000 HWY 160 W
“Not a bad place to go have a beer and some pub grub... The food is not bad at all, with the exception of the wings which are bland and unimpressive. And they have some good bottled beer. Unfortunately they only have two or three beers on tap, I would stop by more often if they would add a few taps. The atmoshphere is pretty standard for a sports type bar and the waitstaff seems to be friendly and attentive. Overall, this is a great place to stop by and have a beer, or to bring your kids. But please... add a few more taps!! “
User96639 4232 days ago
92 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Located in the Baxter Village Shopping center in Fort Mill, SC (about 10 minutes south of Charlotte). This is a beer/wine store, the emphasis seems to be on wine, but they do have a semi-respectable beer selection. They also have a growler fill station with some great offerings, and a tasting bar. The owner, Dave, is a terrific guy and seems to know his stuff when it comes to beer. Very nice atmosphere and a dedication to customer service that is hard to find. I think the pricing is a little higher than most places but not overwhelmingly so. Overall a nice place to look if your usual place doesn’t have what you are looking for.“
User96639 4621 days ago
50 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“basically a warehouse with isles of beer and wine. A decent selection of beers, unfortunately not alot of singles. This place caters more to the wine enthusiast, but enough beers, especially southern brewers, to keep me coming back. Not the best beer store in Charlotte, but definately better than most.“
User96639 4621 days ago
36 /100
Southern Spirits (Beer Store)
“This place has a decent beer selection, and I like the fact that they sell singles, but they are not particularly friendly, or helpful. Most of the staff know nothing about beer. Not a terrible place, but based on the service there are other places I would rather spend my hard earned money.“
User96639 4621 days ago
74 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Beer geek on premises stopped by to get a four pack of founders kentucky breakfast and was given a lot of help and info from the staff thanks“
joekinty 4872 days ago
42 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“A large, well-lit beverage warehouse. The selection of domestics and imports was quite impressive. However, there were very few single bottles available, and, unlike almost every other decent beer store I have ever frequented, they do NOT allow you to buy singles from six packs. Too bad. I could easily have spent a couple of hundred dollars in this place, but instead left with a measly collection of bombers and a tab under twenty-five dollars.“
DrDavid 4969 days ago
88 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“A wonderful little place. While traveling, I stopped almost an hour before opening time, and the owner, seeing me peering dejectedly through the window, kindly unlocked the doors and greeted me warmly and with enthusiasm. We had an enjoyable chat about regional beers and other matters. Fine selection. And I cannot say enough about the friendly service, which even included a substantial discount.“
DrDavid 4969 days ago
76 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“Visited this place a while ago, but still have fond memories. Its not much more than a warehouse, with isles of beer, wine and liquor. They had a good selection of things that I can’t get in Tennessee. I stocked up on Victory and Weyerbacher while I was there. Good place.“
nqualls 4970 days ago
92 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“This place is amazing. From the incredible craft beer amd hard-to-find wine selection, to Dave (the owner) being just an all around great guy, it makes me a bit sad that I don’t get up to Fort Mill more often.“
CoachJT 5043 days ago
54 /100 867 STOCKBRIDGE DR
“For a supermarket, actually has a descent selection. Can get some Rogue, Duck Rabbit, Highland, Flying Dog, some other micros and some macro English/Euro brews. All the major junk also, but in a pinch at 11 at night when everything else is closed, could save you.“
timsilvia32 5072 days ago
86 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Dan was very helpful. Selection was small, but presented a more than fair choice of beer type. Dan was knowledgable about his beer and beer in general. Bear Republic and Eel River beers were a must have. Stoudt’s selection was solid as well. I will visit on any trip to Charlotte in the future. A+“
nqualls 5113 days ago
86 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“They have a huge selection of things to drink. Prices are good. It’s the Wal-Mart of Alcohol. It’s in SC so the taxes I think are lower than NC.“
davidvasta 5113 days ago
90 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Looks like a nice little wine bar. Small but solid selection. Prices are meh, but much of the stuff is high gravity or hard to find. Also that location is natrually going to be a little more pricey. Offered to chill some bottles for me, which is a plus. Will definetely check in here from time to time. Spoke with the owner 2nd time in, he sounds dedicated to giving a quality selection, not wasting any of his limited space. Yes, the Eel River stout was excellent. Good Founder’s selection, nice since I’m from Grand Rapids. 11/09 Growler stations really open up to getting some rare gems. Definetely a must stop now in the Charlotte area.“
timsilvia32 5118 days ago
72 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“Good selection, very good prices for the most part. For really rare stuff you need to go to Brawleys though. For the south side of Charlotte, this is the best hands down. I have noticed old beer here as well. For the most part I wouldn’t care, except a good amount of their beers get way too much sun exposure through their front windows.“
timsilvia32 5152 days ago
84 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“For limited shelf space has a really good selection. Not a single beer purchase would lead you to a drain pour. All highly rated or underrated beers. Dan was very helpful and knowledgeable. I wasn’t given a 1 0z tasting...he split the Bear Republic Racer 5 (1pt.6oz) with me. Now that is service that ended with us both smiling. Has food to go with the tasting but I did not try. Won’t rate the food, can only imagine its top shelf. Will return over and over. Offered to order for me what he could get, at a discount.“
zappafan99 5195 days ago
80 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“Stopped in here today because I saw they had Bear Republic beers. About 45 seconds from 77 at exit 85 you will find them. Nice little shopping area its in. Selection was good, plenty of hard to get stuff that I had not seen out this way before. I will go back. The guy who was at the register (owner?) was very knowledgeable of beers. Nice shop! I also dont know what the fuck the guy below me (who rated 1 place and never logged back into rate beer) was trying to accomplish. This place has a good selection for a town which basically has nothing but Budweiser.“
ross 5195 days ago
58 /100 1012 MARKET STREET
“dave puts forth real thought into his selection of craft beers. bravo“
thefront 5214 days ago
64 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“I used to run a beer and alcohol store. This one is large (read big displays). In 30 or so visits only twice have I been offered help before I got to the register. The selection is fairly good. I think the distributors keep them up on beer..not in- house. They do use Rate Beer stat cards..wise choice. Prices are good. 2nd Rating: add on. I have purchased out of date beer (pilseners and lagers) that have had the best by date ripped off(6 to8 months after best by). These are on 12 dollar six packs, and Brooklyn beer 12 packs. Not cheap. I know this because the 12 pack box date was ripped off, yet the bottle still had the date on it inside the box. All beers should be dated. It is just good food industry practice. It helps whether you are cellaring, or looking for freshness.“
zappafan99 5218 days ago
8 /100
Southern Spirits (Beer Store)
“Ross is right this place sucks a weiny“
00cobraR 5518 days ago
60 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“This is the best beer store in the Charlotte area, and it’s not even in the same STATE. Oh well. Lots of singles to choose from, and a decent pick of NC and SC brews. Wine and liquor sections are far more impressive, but this isn’t a bad place to go for beer. Reasonable keg prices.“
UNCCTF 6671 days ago
66 /100 3630 FESTIVAL DRIVE
“a nice store. they have alot of singles. prices are decent. they have a ton of wine, and a ton of liquor, but very few single malts. this is an ok store, but i prefer southern spirits because of the service. plus this is farther from my house“
ross 6691 days ago
26 /100
Southern Spirits (Beer Store)
“they have good prices on liquior, alot of sc beers, and a pretty good wine selection. employees know about wine and beer- not spirits. don knows beer, frank knows wine and beer. very friendly people. can play lotto too

my original rating is now wrong. this place is a joke. they have a good selection of beer but the people are unfriendly and not willing to help you out. the little clerk behind the counter wouldnt split a six pack up because it was cold and the single shelf wasnt cold (and they had no more singles on the shelf). what a joke. please avoid this place, they havent gotten my business in 5 months, and i steer my friends and family awawy from this place.“
ross 6712 days ago
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